Month: August 2020


Three months ago, Ma Lei moved all the dormitories of the freight drivers in his employ out of this small courtyard. Ma Lei had rebuilt a two-story single courtyard in the east of the village. This Courtyard was located closer to Zhuhai City. It was spacious and bright, and each person was assigned a single room. Everyone heartily approved of this arrangement.

The Ultimate Shortlist of Chinese “Economic Reform” Rebirth Web Novels You Should be Reading

Knowing what you know now if you were given the chance to go back in time to the period in history from the early 1960’s through the 1990’s where China first set on its course to open up its economy and switching from a collective socialist/communist based market to an economy fueled by daring private entrepreneurs, what would you do?


Because of his age and the mysterious memories of his past life, Chen Yuanming was very careful to stay away from alcohol in order to control his emotions at any time. He did not drink that much in the afternoon, and temporarily pretended to fall asleep in order to avoid Scarface’s questioning while waiting to completely sober up.

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