“As Long As You Love Me” Releases New Film Posters

As long as you love me poster

“As Long As You Love Me” Releases New Film Posters

On April 13, 2020, the production team for Hunan TV’s new adaption “As Long As You Love Me” released new individual posters of the show including those of leads Dylan Xiong and Lai Yu Meng.

As Long As You Love Me(爱情的开关) which was released on March 30, 2020 is an adaptation of a novel named Switch of Love, written by Fei Wo Si Cun.

Zhou Yan Zhao is played by Dylan Xiong and Xiao Meng is played by Lai Yu Meng.

Following the death of Zhou Yan Zhao’s father, Zhou Yan Zhao is forced to take over his father’s real estate company. As his lover and childhood friend, Xiao Meng’s mother is implicated in the death of Zhou’s father their relationship is ultimately destroyed.

The drama details how Zhou Yan Zhao’s and Xiao Meng overcome their relationship crisis as well as their varied business related trials and betrayals.

The drama, which was filmed in Shenzen, Taiwan , Shanghai and Vancouver, will span 46 episodes.

As Long As You Love Me is available on Viki Tv and WeTv for international viewers.

Will you be watching?

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