Five Chinese Rebirth Web Novels You Should Be Reading

Rebirth on the doors of the civil affairs bureau

Five Chinese Rebirth Web Novels You Should Be Reading

There are tons and tons of web novels on the internet, both good and bad, and if you are willing to trawl through the hundreds of daily web novel offerings you will definitely find a few good novels that can keep you occupied for a while on a Sunday.

I will be shortlisting below five web novels written by Chinese authors that I think are worth your time.

To make this easier, this list is restricted to completed Chinese web novels in the romance genre that I have recently read.

The shortlisted novels bear the popular rebirth and transmigration themes, have between 100 – 300 chapters and will span traditional historical romance stories to the more modern boys love novel.

One other thing these novels have in common is fluff, Lots of Fluff:

1. To be a Virtuous Wife

To Be a Virtuous wife Cover

Original Title: 何为贤妻

Author: Butterfly’s Shadow Beneath the Moon (Yue Xia Die Ying)

First on my shortlist is “To be a Virtuous Wife.” At 123 chapters this novel is short but packs quite a punch. Set in ancient china, the novel tells the story of a transmigrated career woman, Qu Qing Ju, who takes over the body of the unloved wife of the Prince of Duan, He Heng.

To be a Virtuous Wife is a short glimpse into the lives of women in various positions in an imperial home in ancient china. It details how the main character, Qu Qing Ju applies her people management skills to take control of the inner courtyard and grasp the heart of her husband who in the process rises to become Emperor.

What makes this novel unique: Qu Qing Ju is the glue that holds this novel together. She is self-assured, calm, rational and a little bit cynical. Unlike vengeful “transmigrators” and “reincarnators” in other similar novels, Qu Qing Ju grants punishment when its due and offers rewards when merited.

She doesn’t expect perfection in her circumstances but she puts herself first in all things while recognizing her limits and giving ground where she needs to in order to progress. Her inner monologues are cynical yet amusing and through her eyes we are also able to see the development and emotional growth of He Heng, the male lead. 

As a plus, the novel is beautifully written and its translation preserves the artistic nature of the original writing.

This novel is a must read for any one venturing into the world of web novels set in ancient china.

Find here: [1] [2]

2. Eight Treasures Trousseau

Eight Treasures Trousseau Cover

Original Title: 何为贤妻

Author: Butterfly’s Shadow Beneath the Moon; (Yue Xia Die Ying)

Similar to my first recommendation, Eight Treasures Trousseau is yet another novel by Butterfly’s Shadow Beneath the Moon that features a transmigrated female protagonist. Unlike The Virtuous Wife however Hua Xi Wan, our protagonist, transmigrates early into her new future home and is raised into a smart, cunning and strong female lead by somewhat unique parents who are more progressive than you’d find in such an ancient setting.

What makes this novel unique: Hua Xi Wan is considered a “calamitous beauty” yet it is her laziness that colors the entire novel and serves as the foil through which we can view the actions of other key characters. Through Hua Xi Wan’s somewhat cynical internal thoughts we gain insight into her views, as well as as that of the male lead, on love and politics. As a plus we are treated to a display of cunning and intelligence by a woman from the inner courtyard.

Like its predecessor, To be a virtuous wife, Eight Treasures Trousseau is written in a simple yet artistic prose style which leaves a lot of the subtext to be deduced by the reader. Nevertheless, the translation again preserves much of the charm of the original writing and makes Eight Treasures Trousseau a great read.

Find Here: [1], [2]

3. Rebirth on the Doors of the Civil Affairs Bureau

Rebirth on the doors of the civil affairs bureau

Original Title: 重生在民政局门口

Author: Grumpy Crab

Rebirth on the Doors of the Civil Affairs Bureau is pure modern, romance fluff. In only 61 chapters, this web novel tells the story of our main character, Yu Dong, who is reborn in front of the civil bureau office soon after she had been jilted by her fiancé just prior to their marriage registration ceremony.

Yu Dong meets the male lead, who also has been jilted by his fiancée under similar circumstances and because the male lead needs a wife and Yu Dong needs a home, the two hurriedly proceed to tie the knot and hi-jinks ensue

What makes this novel unique: Yu Dong, is plucky, brave and uncompromising. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Through her radio show Yu Dong employs the vignettes we see of the lives of her listeners as a vehicle to give readers great life advice.

Best of all, at the end of the day, both leads give their poorly conceived marriage a good college try and happily wind up falling in love with one another.

This novel is refreshing and fluffy and in 61 chapters it is short enough to pad your ribs during a mid week web novel binge session.

Find Here: [1], [2]

4. Epiphanies of rebirth

Epiphanies of Rebirth

Original Title: 重生之豁然

Author: The Reason Why

This is easily one of my favorite BL and/or romance web novels. Set in the early 90’s at the cusp of china’s dot com boom. Epiphanies of Rebirth tells the story of Ling Zhe, who is reborn into his 18-year-old self and who uses the opportunity to make up for his own past regrets and to build an empire while bringing his loyal friends and his chosen family along with him in the process.

What makes this novel unique: This novel is heartwarming. Ling Zhe is calm, smart, cautious and cares for the people around him. He is patient and makes calculated moves while building a business based on his past knowledge of china’s economic development history.

The story is well researched and, though fictional, it captures the sort of daring you’d imagine fledgling entrepreneurs in a newly open china would have. In addition, there is a bonus of an exciting yet mature BL romance that is threaded throughout the story and which peppers Ling Zhe’s empire building efforts.  

All in all, Epiphanies of Rebirth is a worthwhile read. 10/10 will recommend.

Find here: [1]

5. King of Classical Music

King of classical music cover

Original Title: 古典音乐之王

Author: Mo Chen Huan

Lu Ziwen is killed by his lover just prior to his biggest and most important violin performance at the Golden Hall, a performance which would have crowned his many years as a classical musician. He is reborn into the body of Qi Mu, a former classical music prodigy, who had wasted his talent and had died of a drug overdose.

King of Classical Music tells the story of how, step by step, the reborn Qi Mu rises again to the top of classical music world and finds love in the process.

What makes this novel unique: King of Classical Music provides a refreshing setting for the usual rebirth story. It is a well researched piece that will satisfy both lovers of classical music and those who, like me, cannot tell the difference between the violin and viola.

The novel weaves classical music knowledge throughout the story by employing the main character who, despite his amazing talent, does not stint on hard work and continues to learn and improve.

In addition, this boys love novel also gives us a treat in the romance department as we have a black bellied male lead whose thoughts and imperfections provide many lighthearted moments throughout the story.

Find here: [1], [2]


Let me know in the comments if you have read any of the stories listed above and if you haven’t let me your thoughts when you do.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, check out Recapture the Entertainment Industry which is also a modern rebirth romance novel currently being translated here on The Roving Griot.

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