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“Are you crazy?” After steadily earning 27 times the profit and avoiding the terrible stock market plunge, Xiao Yun had just sighed with relief, but who knew that, at this time, Chen Yuanming would actually rush back into the stock market again. He only felt that his temples were suddenly jumping and he just wanted to discipline the elders of this ignorant boy who seemed not to know the immensity of heaven and earth![1]

Chen Yuanming however refused to say anything and just focused on a particular stock on the market. In such a big drop in the market and despite thousands of daily transactions, only this stock had maintained a steady circle of movement. This seemed extremely improbable.

In this era, not many people would know the reason for this. They would only think that this stock was very reliable and may be a good target for investment, but Chen Yuanming knew that this was the handiwork of someone who was sitting in a bank. In this wild golden era of stocks, it was possible to use money to manipulate the rise and fall of stock prices.

In his last life, when he had entered the stock market, he had happened to meet the collapse of the bookmaker era. He had never really seen those guys who could control the market with a turn of a hand, but he had he had heard stories of a lot of classic operations. This stock was just one of them. In the past two days, the stock market had plummeted and there were so many people crying at the door of the securities company. Many of them would spend their life savings to fight for a way out but in the end they would either be trapped for several years in a bear market or they will simply exit the game prematurely.

Among them, many were overly aggressive, greedy, or had followed general trends but there were also some who were victims of malicious operations.

Looking at the pained and tear-filled faces around him, Chen Yuanming was suddenly filled with a little impulse. What would happen if he reversed the operation against this dealer ….  Though he might not be able to save the market, or the people, or reverse this monstrous situation, but what about those retail investors who would succumb to the malicious operations of this particular dealer, could he change anything?

Almost impulsively, he had rushed back onto the stock market.

“It’s okay.” Just after placing an order, Chen Yuanming got up from the sofa and paced around a few times in the cubicle. “It’s just a sudden impulse I have. I’ll just play with it and leave. It won’t affect the new stock subscription.”

Xiao Yun looked at the young man in front of him but he was not sure what the other was thinking. However, he could see that Chen Yuanming did not seem to be seeking profits this time. On the contrary, his operation seemed extremely bizarre. He was buying stocks at high prices and selling at slightly lower prices and by doing so he was slowly pulling the price of the stock upwards. A large number of retail stocks had flowed through his hands and the stock price had risen from less than 250 yuan to over 300 in one breath.

“What are you thinking…?” Looking at the screen, Xiao Yun whispered quietly. The reason for this query was that strangely, although Chen Yuanming was acting very irrationally, someone was following up on his actions. Every time he sold stocks, someone accepted the order. It was as if someone was watching these stocks closely in order to buy…  

Suddenly there was a flash of understanding, Ah, yes! Someone was manipulating this stock, just like Chen Yuanming was doing. Xiao Yun also inquired. “Is someone operating this stock?”

“You can see it too?” Chen Yuanming smiled. “Yes, there may be several people in a joint operation. The circulation of this stock is pretty small, and the price-to-earnings ratio is high, which is very suitable for manipulation. At present, the other party may have 7 to 8 million yuan in funds, but since the stock market was just launched it’s not possible verify the amount …”

“What are they trying to achieve by doing this? Or, what do you want to do?”

Xiao Yun also slowly pondered. If you wanted to trade stocks, of course, it was best to buy at a low price and sell at a high price. Thus, the other party’s thoughts were not too difficult to guess. After taking in stocks from retail investors they will buy and sell the stocks to one another at a low price, then raise the stock price unreasonably high when new retail investors enter the market.

He did understand such behavior, but Chen Yuanming was doing something else. It seemed that all his actions were not aimed at the broad market or at retail investors, but … at the bookmaker?

“It’s just a difference in timing.” Chen Yuanming smiled. “I am simply betting on their wild ambition. The deadline for the issuance of new shares is still two weeks away. At this time, there are not too many retail investors tracking the market and the rich are working hard to find subscription certificates. But those bookmakers can’t let go of this stock. They must get enough profit out of it before the existing retail investors adjust their investment direction, after which they can then lure those retail investors who have not yet obtained subscription certificates to enter the market to pick up their bait. “

“So, their goal is to stabilize the price of the stock before the end of the subscription period and then absorb more stocks, and you are the one who is causing them trouble?” Xiao Yun scratched his chin, suddenly thinking of a wonderful description, “You’ve dangled a carrot in front of the donkey’s head?”

“Ha! what a metaphor!” Chen Yuanming laughed and shook his head again. “I may not be successful. I believe they have noticed that someone is wrestling with them and are thinking of either taking the initiative away from me or trying to get me to join their big circle.”

“Are you going to join?” Xiao Yun asked. Going according to this bookmaker’s approach, you could make money, but going according to Chen Yuanming’s current method, he would be lucky if he did not lose.

“I said I’m just playing.” Chen Yuanming replied faintly. In fact, his current mood was difficult to describe. Was there anything special about this dealer and this operation? In the Chinese stock market, was there any lack of people who could use large sums of money to make even more money? Why should he take the lead and be the idiot who robs the rich to help the poor? He was really just a fool who couldn’t even actually help anyone … However, perhaps it was because he had earned this money too easily but he had cultivated a reckless mentality.

On this issue, Xiao Yun did not concern himself further. The boy was not a layman. As long as he knew what he was doing, it was better to not talk too much.

Thus, on the broader market, a new round of wrestling began.

On June 5th, the new share certificates were certified by lottery. This time, there was a 50% winning rate that drove the 10,000 participants crazy. Even the odd numbered certificates were included in the range of winning lots. A large amount of funds flowed out of the market again, awaiting the listing of new shares on the stock market. Yet, Chen Yuanming focused on his operation of that stock.

On June 8, the share price of that stock rushed up to the 400 mark. On the 11th, it circled past 450. After three consecutive trading days, the trading volume was scarce. However, on the 16th, the other party began to manipulate the stock and the stock price continued to rise. Taking this opportunity, Chen Yuanming sold off his stocks at a high level.

Because he was buying and selling, Chen Yuanming did not have much stock left in his hands. There was only a day left for this stock to clear and the deadline for new stock subscription was in two days. Although a large amount of money had been placed on that stock, because individual stock investors were still rushing for their last opportunity to make a profit they had no time to enter the market rashly, let alone pick up the offer at this time. Finally, the pressure crossed the warning limit and the dealers burst out of their positions.

Since the dealers were not acting as a team, the stock showed a rather weird performance. There was a sell-off on one side while the other side desperately attempted to shore up the stock. However, as the intensity of the sell-off became stronger and stronger, the other side was finally unable to support the stock and it began to plummet sharply. After, half a month of turbulence, even the most stupid person should have noticed that there was something wrong.  Thus, the price of the individual stocks instantly exceeded the mental expectations of retail investors and caused the stock fall back to its original price range.[2]

Over the next few days, though the trading volume on this stock may have increased, it was due to bookmakers urgently cashing out. This stock could no longer make much money and thus they needed to make sure that at least there would be no problems with purchasing new shares.

This time around, because his trades were too frequent, and the share prices were unreasonable, Chen Yuanming could only say that he did not lose. He had only made a few hundred thousands of income. Compared to the earnings from his previous trades it was obviously not worth the loss.

Glancing at the young man who appeared to have no concerns, Xiao Yun suddenly had a toothache. What could he say about this child? It turns out that he is good at both winning and losing …

“How did it go?”

Chen Yuanming picked up his tea cup and took a sip. Yes, in his memories, the price of this stock had gone up as high as 550 yuan, and the transaction volume was more than 30,000 yuan. Such a big deal had been smashed by him. How many retail investors had escaped this robbery?

“Hehe, it was great.”

That afternoon, a part of the money he had used to make the offer was also pooled in the new share subscription. Having a sufficient number of subscription certificates at hand, Chen Yuanming was not stingy with his principal, and 30 million yuan was actually just thrown out. Compared with Chen Yuanming’s heroic spirit, Xiao Yun who was obviously lagging behind in the number of subscription certificates had no choice but to purchase some old low-priced stocks and wait for further price adjustments. Even if though it couldn’t make him a lot of money, it was more or less an added bonus.

However, on the other side of the city, in the large family room of another securities company someone banged on a table…

“F*ck your mother’s top student! Damn your mother’s big profit!!!” A tall, middle-aged man kicked the sofa next to him and a hole immediately appeared on the leather surface while the sofa’s wooden base rattled and screeched across the floor.

A few people in the room were trembling and obviously did not dare attract the boss’s attention. But how could this angry man let go of this group of idiots? When the man’s gloomy eyes swept over them it locked in on the young man standing on the far edge. In two steps, he approached the young man and asked condescendingly, “Xiao Shen, did you not say that this operation could make more than 10 million yuan? Where is the 10 million yuan now? My own five million yuan, where is it? “

The young man was already sweating, and his black rimmed glasses were already filled with water vapor. He pushed up the frame of his glasses nervously. “Boss Hu, this time someone was really messing with us, that was why …”

“Messing with your mother!”

He burst out in rage. The young man whimpered, moved back two steps and almost fell to his butt on the ground.  His handsome face had changed color and taken on a ghostly look.

“Who the hell is a fool here?! I gave you money, but you didn’t make any profit, are you trying to make trouble with me? You are a top student of the University of Finance and Economics but all the books you’ve read have entered a dog’s stomach. I asked you to help me trade stocks, not to fucking play. You said you could do it, yet you lost 5 million in one breath.

Seeing that the other party was preparing to fight again, the young man covered his head with both hands and squatted in panic. “Boss Hu, please, I can really help you earn it back. Really! The new shares will be listed immediately. As long as you can just buy new shares … … “

“Just your mother!” Hearing this, Hu Yongcai stomach was full of fire. If he could get subscription certificates, would he have needed to go to this extent?!! Fine, even if he couldn’t participate in the new share issuance that was ok, yet even the money he had earned had also been lost. Most of the people that he had partnered with had also turned their backs on him and it was being said that he was unlucky …

It’s all the damned fault of this pestilent star … The man’s eyes narrowed fiercely, and he cracked his knuckles, even a few of the guys at his side threatened to encircle him. The young man’s teeth began to chatter, and his legs weakened. Kneeling softly on the ground he pleaded: “Boss Hu, I can really make it back. The new shares will be listed immediately, some people will sell their shares, and others will make an offer. We can really …”

He was really scared. It had only been two weeks but how could things become like this? He had come out just to make a fortune, to live a good life with food and drink, not to tie his entire net worth to this kind of garbage. But now what could he do besides surrender?!!

Gritting his teeth and looked at the hairless boy who had long been on the verge of tears, Hu Yongcai took a deep breath, okay, if he could earn it back, let him do so. Anyway, he had no more cards to play. At least he had made a small profit at the early stage.

With a sneer, Hu Yongcai slowly and leisurely swayed over to the intact sofa next to him and sat down.

“Atoning your guilt by doing a meritorious deed… That is a good sentiment” Hu Yongcai’s raised his legs and narrowed his tiny eyes, “but you better earn it back, otherwise … hum ~”

The young man wiped his cold sweat and got up from the ground, “Yes! I can definitely do it this time!” As if he was uneasy, he added a sentence hesitantly, “But boss, someone really targeted you this time, or else things will not turn out like this. You still need to be careful …”

“Hehe …” Although Hu Yongcai was not entirely convinced, he could see the operation was a little strange. But who was it aimed at? Since the six companies were operating together, who else could pop up? “Just do your own thing, don’t fucking mess with me.”

Stunned by this remark, the young man suddenly lost his voice, swallowed his saliva, and stood aside obediently. However, the flame at the bottom of his heart could not be extinguished. His plans were completely destroyed. He had dreamed of working at the Foreign Affairs, or as a military advisor, all which required no involvement in dangerous situations … one by one these dreams had been crushed to pieces. He was only a sophomore this year and had a bright future ahead of him but just because of this mistake he had lost everything! How could he be reconciled?!!

Over on the side of the color TV, red and green lights were still alternately rotating, but the young man could no longer see these things. His eyes seem to penetrate through the screen and he was staring at the big hand that was manipulating the trades. The enemy who had caused him to fall into this situation.

Don’t let me find you, otherwise, I, Shen Jiankun, will repay you in kind ten times over!

His teeth were still clattering. The young man took off his glasses, wiped away the sweat and tears on his face, and vowed silently in his heart.

The author has something to say: Hey, the butterfly is flapping its wings again ~~ This chapter is a transition chapter, just laying the wire and the following will continue to be cool

Th operation is purely written based on brain supplements. It is estimated that the actual situation did not occur like this. IT’S FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME don’t care about the details … escape

Translator Notes:

Chen Yuanming inadvertently punishing his scum ex made my day. Lol. Apologies for the delay its been hectic.

Also to explain shen Jiankun’s anger. My understanding is that this was supposed to be one single operation after which he leaves Boss Hu and he goes into the workforce but because he lost all that money he now had to continue working for boss Hu, a dangerous man to earn it back.

[1] Idiom – have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities; not to know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is; not to understand things

[2] The operation here was fairly simple. On one side the bad guys were buying and selling stocks to themselves to cause the price of the stock to go up despite it not being worth that much. Their goal was to sell off to the newbies and recoup their losses when new investors entered the market after the second certificate lottery. Chen Yuanming realizing this bought the stock at high prices and sold at low because he did not want the bad dealers to get away with their plans. By doing so all the newbie investors realized there was a problem with the stock and did not buy it causing the price to fall sharply on the subscription deadline

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