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June passed in an instant. The new stock market listings were a great success and the market was slowly pulled back by upward trends.

Xiao Yun watched the market every day and felt a bit more comfortable. After Chen Yuanming had conducted his operation on the market once, he had also gradually noticed some clues on the stock market. Certain trades were not normal in volume and price ratio, but current speculators were betting highly on them. However, the rise of new stocks was unstoppable, and no one will do anything stupid under such profitable circumstances.

However, other than the current Shanghai stock market, another piece of news quietly entered his purview.

Within the first ten days of August, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will also imitate Shanghai and hold a new share certification lottery. This time, the lottery in Shenzhen was larger in scale and at a higher grade. It was said that national ID cards could be used. Though the specific price and quantity of the subscription certificates was not yet disclosed, it was however a certainty that an ID card would be required for purchase.

Because of Xiao Yun’s amazing gains in the stock market, some of his relatives and friends had become agitated. Like a prairie that had been disturbed by a gust of wind there was a lot of turmoil beneath the surface.

As early as three days ago, a friend had asked him to accompany him to Shenzhen, but since the Shanghai side was experiencing a good market rally, he was a bit reluctant to leave. He had hesitated for a few days but now, seeing that even the old stocks were generally rising, he finally made a decision.

“Are you going to Shenzhen?” Chen Yuanming looked up from reading today’s newspaper and watched the man in front of him in surprise.

Xiao Yun leaned back on the sofa and exhaled in vexation, “I really don’t know what to say about you otherwise I will go crazy. Are you playing dead or something? How old are you this year? How about you show a little more excitement, ok?”

Chen Yuanming thought for a moment, “I’m 16 years old, if you had not mentioned it I would have forgotten. My birthday passed a few months ago…”

“You!… Forget it! Just tell me, should I go to Shenzen or not.” Xiao Yun waved helplessly. This boy was obviously only a few years older than his own son, but why was he so strange? After buying the new shares he had once again adopted the attitude of an old monk. If he couldn’t buy a stock, he would simply drink tea and keep an eye on the market. Xiao Yun couldn’t be as leisurely and carefree. Now, even telling him such an important thing couldn’t attract his interest. Was this a trader burnout in effect?[1]

“Shenzhen …” Chen Yuanming closed the newspaper in his hand, and his expression sank a little. “Do you really want to go? Are you relying on a lot of ID cards, or do you want to get involved personally?”

“Of course, I have to go. I let things slip Shanghai. Can I afford to also let things slip in Shenzhen? I didn’t sell all the old stocks I had yesterday, and I also plan to have people collect ID cards. I should collect more than 1,000 ID’s which should be enough.”

“Why are you not relying on a relationship? I mean, you should just go if you want to go, however, I think it’s best to give up this hand. I’m afraid you’d be unable to bear it….” Chen Yuanming’s mouth displayed a playful smile. His words were saying yes but his tone was the opposite.

Xiao Yun raised an eyebrow. What did this mean? It didn’t sound right …

“What? This time you don’t have a high opinion of Shenzhen? Isn’t Shanghai doing well?”

“It is because Shanghai is doing so well.” Chen Yuanming replied lightly. “I entered the market with just a little more than 300,000 yuan. How much money do I have now? This subscription certificate lottery is so profitable that it has reached the point of madness. In other words, if capital can gain a 50% profit, people will take risks; if it gains a 100% profit, then people will dare to trample on all human laws; if it has a 300% profit, they will dare commit any crime and even risk being hanged. What is the profit of the stock market now … “

“That’s kind of alarmist, right?” Xiao Yun’s brows frowned tightly but there was still some unwillingness. The profit potential was indeed too high to the point where he couldn’t give up without trying it.

“That’s why I said you can try it if you want, but it is best not to go in person. If possible don’t enter a relationship with any bank or securities company. Don’t become their guinea pig.”

This time Chen Yuanming responded very seriously and without any jokes. Xiao Yun couldn’t help being influenced and sat upright.

“It’s really so serious?”

“Be prepared.”

These questions and answers set the tone. But in the end Xiao Yun decided to give it a try. It was better to attempt it than to regret it in the future. Regarding Xiao Yun’s choice, Chen Yuanming made no comment.

Time passed quickly, and shortly after the third Shanghai subscription lottery in late July, officials in Shenzhen finally confirmed the news. From August 9th to 10th, Shenzhen issued 5 million stock subscription certificates to the general public, with a winning rate of 10%. National ID cards could be used universally, and each person could subscribe for 10 certificates with a single ID card at a price of 100 yuan per certificate. Successful applicants could then purchase 1,000 newly listed shares each.

At this time, the Shanghai stock market was still fiery and the heat of the third lottery was not over. The value of the stock market had finally trickled down from thousands of influential households to the ears of millions of small households. Attracted by such huge profits, countless people rushed to Shenzhen with the frenzy of a gold rush and their ID cards flew into Shenzhen’s big and small post offices like snowflakes.

The situation seemed to be very good, but on August 10th, Chen Yuanming once again sold all the stocks he had in hand and cleared out.

The following day, news of the “8.10 disturbance”[2] in Shenzhen broke out. This time, because of the large number of purchasers and the incidence of serious fraud Shenzhen’s stock subscription certificate failed to meet the needs of the public. On the contrary, because too many investors did not get to participate in the lottery, they were agitated and infuriated, causing huge social unrest. Although by the next day the incident had basically subsided, the impact of this wave was eventually felt on the stock market, and the Shenzhen market plummeted sharply.

“Okay, okay…” Xiao Yun held the telephone receiver in his hand and his palm was covered in cold sweat. “You have a good rest and don’t rush back. Don’t worry about the subscription certificates. You can rest at ease. Yes … it’s okay, just send the ID card back, don’t worry so much …”

After a brief and tense conversation, Xiao Yun hung up the phone feeling a sense of fear and exhaustion. This time, at the end of the day he did not go Shenzen in person but had asked a comrade-in-arms who had a good relationship with him to help purchase the certificates on his behalf.

However, the tragic situation on August 10 had greatly exceeded his imagination. 1.2 million people had gathered in Shenzhen, and the lottery certificates were snapped up within a few hours. Eventually, tens of thousands of people rushed to the streets, marched, demonstrated, and besieged the government. What a catastrophe!

Although his friend had been accompanied by a team of people, he still suffered a slight hairline bone fracture in the sole of his foot during the squeeze. This was still a good outcome because there was not only one stampede incident, but it was crazy all over the city. It was no exaggeration to call this a riot! Fortunately, he didn’t go in person.

Luckily, the next day, he learned from Chen Yuanming and had sold his stock. Although he had lost about 10%, he was in a much better position than those struggling bookmakers.

It was only that at this time, the biggest winner became that boy again. This could no longer be described as merely smart or genius. it was simply an unprecedented strategizing. Almost supernatural. Was this guy really human?

With a cloud of fog in his head, Xiao Yun leaned against the sofa absentmindedly when suddenly a figure appeared in the corner of his eye. His sword-like eyebrows suddenly knotted together, and he roared loudly.

“Xiao Junyi! Stop for me !!!”

The figure froze in the corridor. After a long pause, he turned back to the door and a young man appeared in front of Xiao Yun. His hair was very fashionably styled, and he was wearing a white t-shirt with jeans and a pair of trendy travel shoes on his feet. His legs were long, his waist thin, and his body strong. His entire being exuded youthfulness. On his handsome face a pair of peach blossom eyes appeared to be filled with anticipation towards life. His seemingly smiling eyes were filled with a teasing light. Only a pair of sword eyebrows that did not quite match his appearance seemed to have been inherited from his family.

“Uncle, I’m still busy.” Looking at Xiao Yun’s bad expression, the youth showed a flattering smile. “A friend is looking for me. I’ll go out for a bit and come back home on time in the afternoon.”

“Hmph!” Xiao Yun snorted coldly through his nose, not moved at all by this dead boy. “Friend? It must be one of your bad friends! How many classes have you missed this year? Are you not afraid that your father will skin you alive if you dare join those brats to play?”

“I’ve missed just one lesson this year, and even then, it was really just a mistake. This is a holiday, so I have to relax a little. I must combine work and rest. Besides, I have only been in Shanghai for a few days, you don’t have to rush me like so…”  

“Rush your as*!!! If I don’t rush you, you’ll just hang around with that group of bastards. Do you want to go racing that motorcycle again? Don’t you know that Zhang Chu’s youngest son just broke his leg? Can’t you find something meaningful to do? Look at others, Chen … “Xiao Yun suddenly paused and stopped talking.

Yes! Why didn’t he think of it earlier! Wasn’t Chen Yuanming still hanging out in the big family room, Whatever the case may be, it was better to let his nephew get in touch with him. Even if he can’t learn the talents of others he can still learn to control his temper. Though he was 21, compared to Chen Yuanming he acted like a kid!

Thinking of this, Xiao Yun flashed a bad smile and looked at this dead boy who was out of control.

“Wait, uncle, don’t look at me like that, I’m getting scared …” Keenly sensing the hidden thoughts behind that smile, the young man suddenly screamed, “Last year, during summer vacation my older brother almost worked me to death. This year, I just came here for an internship, don’t scare me … “

“Good! Sit down obediently and wait to go to the family room with me later!”

“What? Not your stocks again…” The young man showed a sour expression, “Uncle, I know you are making a lot of money, but you can’t talk about it every day, let me go, what can I do there? I’m only going to make trouble.”

“Are you itching for a beating? If I tell you to go, you’ll go. What nonsense!!! When you go with me to meet people, you can learn from them!”  

The big family room, meeting people … The young man’s eyes rolled twice, and then he revealed a playful expression that said, “I understand”, “Isn’t it the child prodigy whose name is always in your mouth? It’s that one who because of him every day you suddenly wish you had a daughter to marry off?”

Xiao Yun’s battered old face blushed. Marry his daughter? That day he had drank too much and his mouth slipped. He slapped the rogue on the back of his head and issued an ultimatum, “Bring out the car keys in your pocket. Don’t even try to escape today, just drive me around obediently!”

People under the eaves have no choice but to bow their heads. In the end, the young man still smiled and nodded. It would be interesting to see the child prodigy. His ears were worn out from hearing his name, but he had never seen the person.

He took out the keys from his pocket and held it in his hand. Xiao Junyi then showed a very clean and peerless smile, “I’ll sell my services to you today, don’t forget to pay my salary.”

The author has something to say:

Hey, the important male pair number 2 is finally here, everyone likes this bah! XD

Translator Notes:

My apologies for the delayed release. Happy Saturday!

[1] For a profitable stock trader their lives are extremely hectic. Even when they aren’t trading, they have to sit down, read charts, analyze the market, find opportunities and then make their moves thus getting burned-out quickly is quite common. See

[2] See link to book passage about the August 10 “8.10” riots in Shenzhen which are described as the most serious disturbance in China since the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. These riots flared up because crowds of investors  had suspected that majority of the 5 million subscription certificates had been sold on the black market by police, bank staff and government officials. See

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