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While seated on the sofa, Chen Yuanming flipped through the freshly published newspapers as usual.

In recent days, there had been many aftershocks of the 8.10 incident in Shenzhen and as result TV, radio and newspapers, were all full of long articles. Back and forth, the main social topics were that “the stock market was risky” or that “huge profits lead to corruption” and even the hot Shanghai market, had been affected.

From August 11th, the market had continued to plummet. Within three days, the Shanghai Stock Exchange had fallen from more than 900 points to about 700 points, showing a decline of up to 20%. Even the fourth lottery subscription sale could not stop the downward trend….  

After closing the newspaper in his hand, Chen Yuanming sighed deeply. The time was almost here. In some ways the stock boom was a long- awaited release of savings that had been accumulated over a long period. Thus, was this slump not a factor of the fear and panic caused by the return of rationality?

The first bear market in China’s stock market history and also the big bear market that caused many people to discuss stocks in the future, was finally coming.

At this time, many people came into the big family room one after another. In recent days, the market had fluctuated too much, and some large families hunkered down at the exchange almost every day, ready to buy or sell as soon as possible according to the market situation. Frightened by the volatility of the broader market, there were those who wanted to liquidate as soon as possible, but more people sought to take advantage of the market. To be able to enter the million-dollar family room, one was either a natural businessman or a beneficiary of the early stock market speculation. Such a person is bold but cautious thus, how could they fear the ups and downs of the market.

In recent days, Chen Yuanming had also started to gain some fame in this large family room. Though he had said nothing his two stock clearances were timed at just right moment and his sales were completed at a high point. What level of expertise was this?

At this time, there was no privacy in the big family room. Everyone’s trades could be understood by looking at the movements of the red vest traders. There were also many people who inquired about Chen Yuanming’s identity in private and more who tried to get close to him. Many wanted to get some market information from this little expert.  

For these “roommates”, Chen Yuanming didn’t completely reject them at the door. At this time a knock and conversation every day before the opening and closing of the market was sufficient. There was no need for more communication in order to be more or less familiar with one another. They were all just businessmen thus they needed to maintain some dignity and were not so eager to flatter. A nod of friendship was enough.

“It was not so easy to handle today’s errands. I just want to drink a cup of tea to catch my breath”. A voice around Chen Yuanming rang out.  

“Your reception session is over?”

Hearing the familiar ridicule, Chen Yuanming raised his head with a smile and was thinking of responding, when his eyes were suddenly attracted by the young person next to Xiao Yun.

That was a very handsome boy. Clean and good-looking.

In fact, after returning to this era, apart from the long-lost sense familiarity, Chen Yuanming also experienced a trace of unexpected strangeness: that is a strong incompatibility with current fashion trends.

In the last ten years of his previous life, he had been mixing in factories, mines, and construction sites, and was primarily in contact with those who were farthest away from fashion. Therefore, his eyes were full of ordinary work clothes and white shirts. At most there were some patterned shirts and changes in the length of the fabric on women’s skirts. However, in this life, he was in Shanghai, a city that that was essentially the pioneer of Chinese pop culture.

Thus, the blinding things came.

At this time, there were no fashion magazines and there were not many channels to receive information. The most common trend after reform and the opening of the economy was the crude western worship and imitation. Thus, men’s suits never fit correctly, and their shoulders and waists were as loose as sacks. The makeup on the faces of women was always thick and could even be painted on a wall, except for scarlet lipstick their faces were pale. Additionally, the most popular Hawaiian shirts were those with gunny sack patterns, coupled with shiny faces and hair full of grease … Other than Xiao Yun who was a well-off son from a big courtyard, he could hardly find anyone who was well dressed in this circle until today  

Fresh t-shirt, jeans and a calmly coiffed hairstyle. He was full of the youthful feelings of this era. The corners of his mouth and eyes seemed to hold a cynical smile. Though his gaze seemed slightly frivolous, his eyes were not indulgent. An eye-catching guy.

However, Chen Yuanming’s gaze merely swept back without a word. Those peach blossom eyes were too dazzling.

On the other hand, Xiao Junyi frowned. Was this the child prodigy that his uncle talked about every day? Was he not too young? Was he even an adult?  He was completely different from the astute and shrewd person he had imagined, and he could see no trace of temperament or wealth. He was just an ordinary boy. And what was going on with that look just now. Why did he feel like he had just been rejected at first sight …?

Xiao Yun did not notice the gun-sparks between the two young people. He pointed at his nephew with a smile. “My elder brother’s youngest son came to his grandmother’s house to play this summer vacation. He was idle at home, so I brought him out to see the world. Junyi, this is the old brother Chen Yuanming, the stock market wizard, I have told you about.”

Xiao Junyi raised an eyebrow. “Uncle, I really came here for an internship, not for fun and what’s more the seniority here is a little messy[1] …” He pulled out a light and polite smile and held out his right hand to Chen Yuanming. “Hello, my name is Xiao Junyi, how should I address you?”

Chen Yuanming shook his hand gently. “It’s still better to maintain seniority. Please call me Yuanming.”

This introduction was too formal and it was unavoidable that there would be some awkwardness. Xiao Junyi raised his sword-like eyebrows and sat beside Chen Yuanming with a smile.

“Well, you know I have met with a lot of people in the past two days, right? Yesterday Old Li was asking me if you are available to step out for a light meal. The new shares subscription will start in two days. People are panicking.” Xiao Yun said.

Old Li? Was that the one from the Nanjing Military Region? Xiao Junyi’s mouth pouted slightly, this was not a small invite. Who knew that Chen Yuanming would simply shake his head, “I have said all I can say over the phone the other day. This time there are not too many issues with the new shares. We can just leave it be. But brother Xiao, how is your comrade-in-arms doing? “

“Heh, don’t worry, it was just a minor injury. He is still at the Shenzhen[2] Hospital. He will leave for the north in a few days.” Xiao Yun sighed. “Fortunately, he didn’t lose any money. After seeing that that the situation was wrong that day he withdrew. There were not many subscription certificates to begin with and it is estimated that he will not make too much money this time … “

“Well, for the Shenzhen stock market, you can hold the stocks for a while because shares are not likely to fall for much longer.”

As soon as this was said, Xiao Yun’s eyes brightened, “Why? Why won’t it keep falling?”

“Well, people will not sustain the general trend for too long. The market should warm up in November.” Chen Yuanming did not conceal this. Recently other than dealing in new shares the value of entering the market was not great. However, if there were stocks that have not been cleared you could wait for a low position to improve your portfolio. Thus, the next bull market should be mid-November. There was the old man[3]’s speech on his southern tour on the horizon and there was also the temptation of huge profits. From all aspects the stock market will not be allowed to fall forever.

This remark made Xiao Yun feel relieved. Many of his friends had entered the market after it had hit 1000 points. Now a lot of their funds had been locked up. Some people could not bear it and they called for help every day. In such a way a good thing had turned meddlesome. While talking, the stock market opened but both of them were currently in short positions[4] so they only studied the market and some individual stocks for a while. Neither of them planned to act.

Sitting on the side, Xiao Junyi just felt bored. Most of the time these two people talked in jargon. He couldn’t understand eight out of ten sentences. and he was not keen on the subject matter. Xiao Junyi was fed up. He looked at the big screen again and again, the numbers kept coming and going but it was all still a miserable green. People in the room were staring at less than 30 stocks and it looked like they wanted to sink their eyes into it. He had no idea how these people usually lived. Did they want to eat the stock market?  

His uncle seemed to have completely forgotten his existence, and while the little guy had not forgotten he seemed indifferent and had a dull personality. Discussing such a topic for hours showed how tedious his life was. This big family room was completely different from what he had heard. What thrills and high-end western style? It was just like a government office, except that there, people will stare into newspapers, and here they were staring at the TV screen.

Impatiently, Xiao Junyi changed his pose on the sofa, and played with the teacup in his hand in boredom. His mind had traveled eighteen thousand miles away and he was wondering where to go with friends tonight to hang out. As far as entertainment venues were concerned, Shanghai was still far better than Beijing.

Xiao Yi!” After discussing the stock market situation for a long time, Xiao Yun remembered his nephew, turned his head, and discovered that this person was already daydreaming. He couldn’t help but burst into anger again.

“Hey, uncle, are you done?” Xiao Junyi reacted quickly this time, and immediately put on a good-looking smile, “I think it is almost noon soon, I’m thinking about going out for a meal first? “

Right now, it’s not even eleven o’clock! Xiao Junyi had grown up under his eyelids, how would Xiao Yun still not know that this kid must have become impatient again and now wanted to sneak off. However, after looking at Chen Yuanming who still sported an indifferent look, Xiao Yun grinned.

“Yes, Yuanming, you have been in Shanghai for so long, but you haven’t explored much. Look, I have been consulting with you and discussing these business matters, but I can’t understand what kids are up to. Would you like to go out with xiao Yi this afternoon? He is also a half-shanghai resident, and you young people can have fun. Anyway, there won’t be any big moves on the stock market in the next two days so it’s better to go out and relax.”

Xiao Junyi’s peach eyes were rounded in surprise. Wait a moment, why was he suddenly stuck with this kid? However, when he glanced at the other person, he found that the boy’s eyebrows were all wrinkled. Hey! Even I haven’t said anything yet, but you are unhappy? Suddenly he was annoyed. The expression on Xiao Junyi’s face changed immediately, and his eyes were crinkled into a smile. “Okay, I’m familiar with Shanghai. It’ll be good to invite a few friends to hang out with Yuanming in the afternoon.”

Xiao Yun agreed cheerfully. Of course, he could see that Chen Yuanming was not very happy, but it was boring for this child to spend all his time in the big family room every day. It was always a good idea to go out and play with young people. In any case if he could influence his incompetent nephew in the process wouldn’t that be more profitable?

After this was said, it was not appropriate for him to refuse again. Chen Yuanming glanced at those smiling peach blossom eyes once more and finally nodded.

He had been back in this world for a long time. It was not interesting to always keep working. Just play a bit.

More than half an hour later, the market closed for the morning and the two walked out of the door of the securities company. Xiao Junyi shook the car key in his hand. “Should we go out for a meal first? I made a reservation with my friends.”

Chen Yuanming made no comment and just said lightly, “I don’t sit in cars.”

Xiao Junyi raised his sword-like brows, “Although this is not a big deal, but the car is a Bluebird 3s that was only released this year. You still won’t use it?”

“I don’t ride in any cars”

Damn it! This empty container simply had no oil and salt!! From the bottom of his heart, Xiao Junyi almost howled, but he flashed a decent smile on his mouth, “How will you get there then? Using your legs? The hotel is over on the Bund[5] side of town.”

Chen Yuanming raised his finger and pointed, “There just happens to be a way to get there.”

Looking in the direction of his fingers, he saw a bus swaggering away from the station. Xiao Junyi only felt that his teeth were sore. It was better to not meet a famous person. What child prodigy. This was obviously a freak! How could he be so troublesome!

After pointing out the direction, Chen Yuanming stepped forward, while Xiao Junyi followed grinding his teeth behind him. Isn’t he just a little fart boy? He will really accompany him to the end today and see what tricks this boy can play!

Translator Notes:

Our protagonists have finally met …. Its not a happy meeting. Lmao.

My apologies for the delayed post. My day job is more demanding lately. Cries.

[1] Xiao Junyi says this because , his uncle refers to Chen Yuanming (16 years old ) as old brother. Meanwhile Junyi himself is twenty one at this time and older than Yuanming.

[2] Shenzhen, location of a special economic zone in south China

[3] Referring to then president Deng Xiaoping’s speeches delivered on his inspection tour of southern China

[4] A short, or a short position, is created when a trader sells a security first with the intention of repurchasing it or covering it later at a lower price

[5] Bund is a place in Shanghai

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