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From the end of November to the beginning of December, after hitting a low point of 300 points, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index experienced a retaliatory rebound. In just half a month, it soared from 386 points to more than 700 points and after a few days of adjustments there was a prelude to another bull market.

The funds pouring into Shanghai frantically became active again and market policies were still loose. Investors who had rushed into the stock market saw the dawn of hope. Though the million yuan large family investors were initially unhappy, the funds rushing into the stock market was not reduced. The entire market displayed a renewed vitality.

However, the few new stocks that were recently listed never reached the glorious records attained during the first half of the year. These stocks often fluctuated and no matter what the dealers did, they could not make enough profit. On the contrary, these stocks instead caused some ambitious individuals to fall into a disastrous situation. However, throughout this period, the eight old stocks and the blue chip[1] stocks from the first half of the year continued to be popular.

Due to the impact of the recent bear market, too many retail investors were still locked in low positions. They were all eager for their stocks to return to record highs, unwind and even make profits. This kind of rigid demand was overwhelming, and not only did it hold up the entire market trend, it also caused those who sought to fish in troubled waters to complain endlessly.  

For this bull market wave, Chen Yuanming naturally did not miss out. Now was not the time to sit still and wait for a pie to fall from the sky. However, in the face of a complex market, the foresight he had always relied on was rendered useless. He could only analyze and judge with the experience of later generations. Nevertheless, in this wild era on the Chinese stock market, his ideas and knowledge were still sufficiently advanced, as such, making money was really too easy. Multiple stocks were traded at the same time through small-scale buying and selling. Although the numbers on the books did not grow quickly, it was still robust.  

On the contrary, Xiao Yun chose to carry out some trades on his own at this time. His principal was abundant enough and he had also accumulated some stock trading experience. He couldn’t always follow Chen Yuanming’s buttocks to pick up ready-made profits. It was also time to learn to fly alone. Fortunately, the upward trend of the broader market had begun, and even though it could not match the record highs, it was still a stable business.

Back and forth, in this way, 1992 turned its last page in a twinkling of an eye. As the Spring Festival approached, the stock market remained hot, but with the spring holiday just around the corner, many large foreign investors had begun to pack up in preparation for another fight in the coming year.

“Well, it’s almost time for the Chinese New Year, do you have any plans?” After the market closed that day, Xiao Yun rotated his shoulder, which was little stiff, and leaned back on the sofa. He was about to go home soon. The phone calls urging him to do so came one after another. No matter how big the temptation was to stay, he could not avoid the family’s calls, thus it was time to go north to Beijing. But what about this boy? Did he … have a home to return to?

Facing Xiao Yun’s searching gaze, Chen Yuanming paused, and casually cleared away the clutter in front of him.

“Of course, I am going home.”

If a wealthy man did not return home, it was like walking in embroidered clothes at night. With his eyes lowered slightly, Chen Yuanming exhaled softly. Two years. It was time to go home.


Because the Spring Festival of 1993 came very early, in mid-January, the streets were already full of shoppers.

At this time, there was still not enough supplies as such it was like fighting a war at the end of the year. It was not easy to grab cheap and desirable products, not to mention the preparation required for frying and cooking at home. It was really tiring.

“If I hadn’t taken a break from work today, I don’t know when I would be able to go …”

Wang Juan wiped the sweat beading across her forehead, labored to pick up the two big bags of new year goods and went upstairs. Although her legs were tired and her waist weak, she still felt like she was full of energy. Yes, in the past, how could their family acquire so many new years’ goods such as, chicken, duck, fish, canned goods, and candy! They could only dream! However, this year she could also dare to stand up without having to look at anyone’s face.

At the thought of the bank card at home, Wang Juan felt that the blood in her body was about to burst into flames. There was still 40,000 yuan in there!

Over the past two years, the family had paid off all the debts they had owed for many years, and still had enough money to help their niece cure her leg problems. Yet even with so much expenditure, there was still 40,000 yuan left! All because of her own smart and capable son! As soon as she thought of how they had also become a “ten thousand yuan household[2]“, Wang Juan could not even mention how beautiful it was.

Of course, she couldn’t spend indiscriminately just because she had money. After all, it was the hard-earned money of her son. But the letter sent back a few days ago had completely ignited Wang Juan’s enthusiasm for shopping. Her son said he was coming back, within the next few days! Counting down with her fingers, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She was filled with an impulse to shop and had the urge to live a good life. She hadn’t seen her son for two years. She didn’t know whether her son was fat or thin. She could not allow him to feel wronged anymore. She needed to prepare some good things for him this time …

Stepping on the last stair tread, Wang Juan froze on the spot. In the narrow corridor, a figure slowly turned his head and came over to her. Still so young. He was a dozen centimeters taller, his shoulders were wider, the flesh growing on his face was no longer so thin anymore. Looking at his eyebrows, what a handsome young man he was! He had grown up …

As the weight in her hand lightened, Wang Juan found out that, at some point, the two big bags in her hands had fallen to the ground and their overflowing contents were leaning outward. The items were about to roll down the stairs, but in the blink of an eye, a wheat colored hand rushed towards her, picked up the bags and put those things back inside.

“Mom, I’m back.”

A voice that was deeper than two years ago. Wang Juan raised her head slightly. Now she also had to look up to see that face. He had matured so much more than two years ago and looked even better. He did not look like the simple and naïve child from his childhood anymore.

That sloppy look was gone … her son, her only sweetheart … Her eyes were heated as if something was about to gush out, Wang Juan sucked a deep breath through her nose, grabbed a big bag from her son, and kicked him as she walked towards the door of the house. The nonsensical chatter that came out of her mouth was: “How silly of you to stand at the door. Don’t you have keys to the house? You should have gone home first to sit and wait for Mom to return.” It felt like, as soon as she stopped talking her tears would break through her eyes and fall to the ground.  

Looking at his mother’s back Chen Yuanming only felt sour. Just now, under the dim lights in the corridor, he had suddenly noticed the deep lines at the corners of his mother’s eyes and the silver hair on her temples. In his last life, how long did he fail to notice that his mother was aging and that her body had begun to stoop? How long did it take him to realize that a deep depression and unwillingness was hidden in her forbearing smile …? But now, her waist was still quite straight, and her words were filled with contentment. No longer was she the laid-off female worker who was crushed by life.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Yuanming clutched the bags, which felt a little heavy, and walked towards the house.

The ten-square-foot room could be walked back and forth within a few steps. However, standing here, Chen Yuanming felt no discomfort. His former depression and sorrow seemed to turn into distant memories. The 15-watt light bulb was still dimly shining. The newspapers on the wall, the curtains hanging on the windows, the uneven concrete floor. Everything was reassuringly familiar, and his mother, standing in the middle of the room was busily moving around a mountain of new year’s goods.

“Mom, let me do it.” Chen Yuanming walked up quickly and put down the bag in his hand. He tried to take the things from his mother’s hand, but who knew he would be pushed to sit down on the bed.

“Don’t make trouble! Sit tight, Mom, will make you dumplings and noodles. You haven’t eaten dinner yet. I’ll make it for you soon, all right!”

While talking, she unceasingly pulled out the pork belly, some dried tofu and a big radish from her bag and then she rushed out of the door. At this hour, it was the peak of cooking time in the evening and she needed to occupy the faucet before the neighbors did!

Looking at his mother’s figure, Chen Yuanming laughed. He squatted, sorted the clutter into categories, and then leaned quietly on the headboard of his little cot. The bed was clean, and the quilt was soft. It seemed that someone had been asked to make a quilt with new cotton this year in readiness for the young master’s return. Now he was back home, so why didn’t his parents seem anxious?

Just come back …


There were too many people buying noodles today. Carrying a heavy bag and a jar of oil in his hand. Chen Jianhua strode up the stairs. His wife had been going crazy at home for the past two days. Just to prepare, he did not know how many New Year’s goods she had bought and yet they did not even know when exactly their son would return home…..

Juanzi they had sold out of the Biaoji[3] powder, so I bought some Teyi[4] instead …” Looking at the scene in the room, Chen Jianhua walked through the doorway and was stunned. He saw that his small room was full of new years’ goods and the little round dinner table had already been set up in the room and now occupied a lot of space. Seated at that table, were his wife and his son, who had been away from home for almost two years …

Chen Jianhua seemed to be frozen in the same place. As soon as Wang Juan saw that her husband had returned, she happily rushed over. “Teyi is fine and the quantity is not bad for the price. Put down the bag quickly, I’ll make noodles, wait a while to eat!”

After a these few words, Chen Jianhua was awakened from his stupor. He leaned the oil jar and the noodle bag by the door. He stretched out his hand and patted the surface of the table twice and then sat down heavily.


A bowl of noodles was pushed in front of Chen Jianhua, but the man didn’t look at the rice bowl in front of him. His eyes were wide open, and he looked straight at the boy in front of him. He had really grown up and looked more and more like his mother. His face was pretty good, but … suddenly with a cough, Chen Jianhua finally spoke.

“How’s your job? Didn’t you say you drive a car? You did not have to drive for the new year? “

“You are so realistic!” Wang Juan ran to the table quickly with another bowl of rice. “My son just came back, why don’t you wait till tomorrow?! Doudou[5] ignore him, eat first, eat it quickly!”

Chen Yuanming smiled, “Dad didn’t I say that I have stopped running long distance with my boss. Now I am focusing on doing business with people in Shanghai and trading in stocks.”

“Stock trading is not good. I heard that many people have lost money. That stuff is like lottery, it can’t be done in a serious way …” Chen Jianhua didn’t relax at all, he continued.

“It’s not a bad thing!” Wang Juan slapped her husband’s arm. “Do you have the ability to make tens of thousands of dollars?! Doudou has considered things and sent us money. We have saved it. What are you afraid of?! Doudou ignore your dad and eat quickly. “

Chen Yuanming smiled, didn’t continue to explain, and buried his head to eat. In the past two years, he sent a total of more than 50,000 yuan home. At first, he said that he been paid for driving in Zhuhai, then later he said that he was doing business with friends. Despite this, the amount of money had already caused his family to be concerned. He did not want to take out his stock account that was valued at more than 100 million yuan to scare the old man. He would take his time. There would be other opportunities.

Watching his son bury his head and dig into his meal, Chen Jianhua’s lips moved, but he still didn’t say anything. In fact, towards his son, he actually felt more than just pride and worry. There were more complicated and difficult-to-explain emotions. Of course, he was glad that his son had ventured out and made a fortune, but as the head of the family and the most important labor force in the family, the money he had earned in his lifetime was not as much as his son who had gone out to work for two years. This gap and his feelings of unwillingness were beyond description and overwhelming.

However, looking at his wife’s sweaty but smiling face, and then looking at his son’s tired but worry-free face, Chen Jianhua said nothing, and started eating.

After eating their meal, the family started to sort the new year’s goods again. Currently, the weather was just the right temperature. Even if there was no refrigerator, things will not go bad. Nevertheless, even if it will not spoil, things that must be cooked will be cooked and things that must be fried will be fried. It will be New Year’s day in 3 or 4 days. The goods cannot be left alone. So, the three were busy working until 11 o’clock, before they piled up a bunch of New Year’s goods in the corner of the room.

The room was too small. The smell of fried fish, croquettes and poached meat were all mixed in one place. The aroma was fragrant yet greasy. The wooden bed beneath him was hard and short, and he could not stretch out fully. Nevertheless, amid the smell of food in the room and the high and low sounds of snoring, Chen Yuanming pulled up his quilt and closed his eyes peacefully.

The author has something to say:

Help… It’s been so busy today, so let’s transition the chapter first, and start formally writing the family line tomorrow > _ <

Translator Notes:

My apologies for going MIA. I have no good excuses. I will hopefully return to a slightly more regular posting schedule in the coming year. Have a happy, safe and healthy New Year!

[1] “Blue chip stock” is stock market terminology that refers to high performing stocks

[2] After China opened up its markets and instituted financial reform, one of the key policies announced was the “10,000 yuan household” project where the government announced that every peasant household’s income was to grow by 10,000 yuan. As such after reform, attaining 10,000 yuan in savings meant you could now be considered a remarkable (well off) family.

[3] Appears to be a brand name. Another translation also has Biaoji as standard and Teyi as special. I’m uncertain so I’ll leave as is.

[4] Same as fn 3

[5] CY’s nickname

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