NEWS: Actor Park Hae Jin to Star in Thriller “Crime Puzzle”

Park Hae Jin , the roving griot

NEWS: Actor Park Hae Jin to Star in Thriller “Crime Puzzle”

After starring in the much maligned 2016, webtoon adaptation, “Cheese in the Trap”, Korean actor, Park Hae Jin, is confirmed to star in another webtoon adaptation in the form of a new psychological and investigative thriller, named “Crime puzzle (Working title)”.

In Crime puzzle, Park Hae Jin will play Han Seung Min, a famed professor of criminal psychology at the police academy in Seoul, who is imprisoned for life after suddenly confessing to killing the father of his girlfriend and fellow police officer, Yoo Hee .

Yoo Hee, also a criminal profiler, doubts Han Seung Min’s confession and re-investigates her father’s death leading to a mental confrontation between the former lovers as they each seek to outwit the other in order to solve the case.

Park Hae Jin has had some experience playing intelligent, calculating and villainous characters.

For instance, in 2014 he took on the role as Lee Jung Moon, a young, genius and psychopathic killer in OCN’s hit series, “Bad Guys”. Likewise, his role as Yoo Jung, in the 2016 webtoon adaptation of Cheese in the Trap, which anecdotally is currently available on Netflix, was equally dark sided.

The upcoming drama will be produced by Studio 329, who also released the YouTube Originals web drama Top Management.

Crime Puzzle is set to be broadcast in the latter half of 2020.

In the meantime, you can find Park Hae Jin in KBS’s recent drama release Forest or in the upcoming MBC drama, Old School Intern which is set to premiere on May 20, 2020.

Have you watched a Park Hae Jin drama? Which are your favorites?

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