Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 10

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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 10

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The word, singing, seriously speaking, was actually a very vague concept.

Some people do have a good natural voice, but the same song sung by a professional is very different from that sung by an ordinary person. Breath control, vocal range, and many similar techniques all needed to be developed through constant training. And after the basic vocal conditions have matured, any further improvement depends on how much the singer understands music.

Therefore, many people often find that when comparing the early work of the same singer with his later work, or letting the same singer sing their early songs in the later period, even if the delivery and rhythm are completely the same, the former will still sound immature. Of course, this is only the difference that will appear in most cases, there are always straw bags [1]in the entertainment circle that have not improved for decades.

The original owner was very talented. In Luo Ding’s view, both his appearance and his voice could only be regarded as excellent. It was just that life that was so vicious to him from an early age and his sentimental nature had hurt him and left him insecure, with an inferiority complex and a poor expression.

Such a character would have found it more difficult to find a trusted friend within the entertainment industry than he would have outside the circle. No one could share his uneasiness, so he indulged in too much thinking and later suffered from depression. As a result, no matter how talented he was, no one wanted to support him.

Additionally, because he couldn’t relax when he performed, he didn’t practice much, thus when he actually started to sing, he lacked the experience to control his live performances. This shortcoming was already large enough to conceal all his advantages.

But it so happened that Luo Ding was best at everything that the original owner lacked.

Show business, a few decades ago, was not like today’s showbiz circle with its auto-tune, lip-synching, stage direction and good lighting. At that time, because television was not widespread enough, almost all popular artists joined the music scene. The threshold requirement of the music circle was much higher than it is now and if you wanted to become famous, it was really indispensable for your appearance to match your talent.

Any weakness would be absolutely fatal. At that time, Cao Dingkun had gone crazy and to stand out he had chosen the most difficult and glorious route in the music world at the time. And he succeeded and became famous for it. In a competition of nearly thousands of soldiers crossing a narrow wooden bridge, he had laid a siege, but the price he paid for success was beyond the imagination of today’s new singers.

In order to progress, even in his dreams, he practiced vocalization and vocal chanting. He also read so many professional books, and with enough talent, even after he had gotten older and had gradually shifted his career focus to the film industry, his position as a classic in the music industry was unshakeable.

Pan Yiming was a popular singer. Her songs were not difficult and with Luo Ding’s ability, it was still possible to professionally control an unfamiliar voice.

Luo Ding’s voice was clear and there were few impurities. He had felt a little emotional, so he hummed slightly and it had caused an almost magical effect. The moment he heard his own voice, even he was a little surprised.

Pan Yiming woke up from her daze when Luo Ding had almost finished his intro and her gaze swept down the stage. She noticed that most of the people around her had been attracted to the stage.

“Time flies, like fleeing horse, and i’ll be here again in a blink of an eye …” Luo Ding’s melodious falsetto was still ringing in the beams with a magnetism that caught people off guard. Although the accompaniment was only the simplest of guitar strings, listeners forgot that it was playing and slowly immersed themselves in the melody.

Pan Yiming was really shocked. She really didn’t think that her droll pop song could even be interpreted in such a deep and sad style. When she sang in harmony her throat was clearly a little hoarse because of her tension: ” Seeing you again, through the distance, but your friends are all estranged …”

Luo Ding hummed the accompaniment as she sang, and Pan Yiming who had subconsciously captured the right soft tone almost forgot the lyrics again. She couldn’t help but stare at Luo Ding with a smile and she had the illusion of being sucked into the black hole that was Luo Ding’s affectionate gaze.

Luo Ding’s skills made up for Pan Yiming’s uncharacteristic performance. The harmony between the two people was surreal, partly because his efforts to salvage the song was beautifully done.

“Your original wishes have been preserved to this day, may you be cheerful every day, may worthy celebrations fill the road of your life. Without any ups and downs, though it may be a little hard, but take the broadest road…”

Pan Yiming’s voice was getting quieter and quieter, until it was finally soft enough to blend with Luo Ding’s in harmony. While listening to Luo Ding singing intently, she realized she hadn’t been moved by music for many years. This was still her own familiar song, but coming out Luo Ding’s mouth, it had changed completely.

The noisy chatter of the audience had long since disappeared and everyone was staring at the stage in a daze. Under the bright lights, Luo Ding, who was focused on singing, had his eyes closed and looked like a painting.

Duan Xiubo and Gong Liangguang, who had not been paying attention, suddenly became serious at the same time. Gong Liangguang felt that something was wrong after hearing the prelude. When the chorus was partially finished, he couldn’t hold back so he turned around and asked Zheng Kezhen in confusion: “If I remember correctly, Luo Ding told us that he had already debuted for several years, right? “

Zheng Kezhen was immersed in the melodious singing and felt that he had fallen into a trance and returned to his youth where he was riding bicycles with his companions through the streets. This kind of friendship that was pure and without barriers had already bid farewell to his life. He felt heavy regret. So suddenly interrupted by Gong Liangguang, he immediately lowered his head to conceal his reddened eyes: “Yes, yeah. He said he made his debut before he was a teenager and he is only in his twenties now…. What!?. “

Gong Liangguang’s mind was becoming more and more boggled. Luo Ding had repeatedly overturned his presumption of his weaknesses. Outstanding appearance, outstanding temperament, a stable personality, and excellent communication skills. Zheng Kezhen also swore that he was devilishly talented at acting and now he had also witnessed the other party’s impeccable singing performance.

No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t figure it out. Why did such a person fail to gain popularity after debuting for so many years?

The original duet gradually became Luo Ding’s home turf due to Pan Yiming conceding ground. After the song was over, the guitar ended on a whisper and the scene was quiet as though Luo Ding was left alone on stage.

No one clapped or applauded.

Luo Ding took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and swept his gaze across the stage expressionlessly.

After a few breaths there was sparse applause which seemed to awaken the other stunned audience members. A moment later, thunderous applause began to ring in the venue.

” You sang well!” Some people praised faintly while applauding. Luo Ding smiled at the crowd and leaped down from the high stool. In a gentlemanly manner, he held out his hand toward Pan Yiming, who was sitting next to him, and helped her to the ground. His expression was nonchalant, as if the audience members, who were showing him great appreciation, were just ordinary viewers and not well-known individuals and media people whose existence could cause shock.

Thinking that earlier in the chorus Pan Yiming had decided to give up the limelight, not because her singing was suppressed, but to give him the stage, Luo Ding smiled at Pan Yiming with some gratitude.

Pan Yiming blanked out for a moment after that smile and it was only after Luo Ding had stepped down from the stage that she understood his hidden meaning and felt bitter. How naïve was she in Luo Ding’s point of view? They were supposed to have sung a duet, but tonight her performance was terribly dysfunctional and if she had tried to grab the limelight she would have only ended up insulting herself.

She was a well-known female singer who had appeared countless times on the best-sellers list, but just now she was overwhelmed by an unknown newcomer. When Pan Yiming came to this realization she felt a bit sour in her heart but Luo Ding was so considerate to her after singing the song that it immediately swept away that little bit of displeasure

Thinking of the dazzling charm that Luo Ding displayed while playing the guitar and singing, she became even more determined to invite him to participate in her MV filming. As long as it worked properly, Luo Ding will definitely become a super selling point for her new album!

Luo Ding returned to the platform and everyone, including Gong Liangguang, stood up to applaud.

“Okay!” Gong Liangguang could not help but lean down to pat Luo Ding’s shoulder, his appreciation was barely concealed. “You are really … I am at a loss of words!”

“Actually, my performance was wrong.” Luo Ding frowned and said with a hesitant expression, “I seem to be used to singing ballads. This song was supposed to be cheerful and I lowered Pan jiě[2]’s mood.”

Pan Yiming had wanted to echo the compliment paid to Luo Ding while Gong Liangguang was speaking but she suddenly twitched when she heard Luo Ding’s words. Her artistic conception had been broken … When she remembered that she had been unable to extricate herself from the tender mood created by Luo Ding, she didn’t know whether it was better to be proud of him or to be ashamed of herself.

Gong Liangguang, as an old academic, really loved Luo Ding’s attitude of being strict on himself. He flashed a toothy smile and without concealing his appreciation for Luo Ding, he uttered a few words of encouragement.

Luo Ding could feel the gazes of the other people on the platform as such although he still did not change his expression he could not hold back a long sigh of relief.

Cheerful style? Of course, he knew that this song was a cheerful one and he could have sung it with a cheerful feeling. But what of it? Cheerful songs had fallen out of favor in the record industry and the entire market now favored sentimental songs. Though Luo Ding’s interpretation of the song seemed to deviate from the purpose of celebrating Gong Liangguang’s birthday, had he ever intended to just celebrate a birthday?

He had calculated in his mind that a producer would come knocking on his door within a few days at the latest. Thus, Luo Ding was not moved by the compliments around him. In a natural manner, he met the eyes of others and his calm stirred up a discussion about his age.

Luo Ding naturally would not care about this gossip, but before he could sit down he heard someone whisper his name in his ear.

Looking up, Luo Ding saw Duan Xiubo standing in front of him. Duan Xiubo and Zheng Kezhen had exchanged positions and because he was now standing close, when Luo Ding raised his head his gaze directly met the other’s dark pupils.

Looking at those eyes, Luo Ding’s first reaction was to analyze what the other party was thinking, but for a moment he was unable to find any other intention from Duan Xiubo’s gentle smile.

He grinned unconsciously: “Duan ge?”

“You sing very well.” Duan Xiubo was staring Luo Ding in the eyes, yet he didn’t see any of the veneration ordinary artists would have had within them. His smile gentled further and he even took the initiative to extend his hand, “The younger generation will surpass us in time”

Luo Ding pondered the deeper meaning of these eight words and smiled with a little embarrassment: ” Duan ge is only a few years older, don’t make fun of me.”

A slightly cold palm briefly touched a fiery palm, Duan Xiubo just had time to merely hold Luo Ding’s slender fingers for a squeeze before his palm was emptied. The familiarity of the other party brought Duan Xiubo to a realization, but before he could speak, he heard someone outside the platform shout Luo Ding’s name.

He followed Luo Ding’s gaze, turned around and saw an unexpected person: “Gu Yaxing?”

Gu Yaxing smiled and said hello to him and then turned his attention back to Luo Ding: “Is it really you?”

“… General-Manager Gu.” From his memories, Luo Ding identified the other party instantly – Gu Yaxing, the owner of Yaxing Entertainment. In other words, this was the supreme boss of this body.

Gu Yaxing couldn’t hide his shock. He had his doubts when he noted how powerful Luo Ding currently appeared. Obviously, all his facial features were exactly the same, but Luo Ding’s temperament had made him uncertain of his guess.

Although he didn’t know much about Luo Ding, the other party was also one of the main artists in his company, so he nevertheless had a basic understanding of his capabilities. If Luo Ding really had the typhoon- like singing talent displayed on the stage just now, how could he have stayed in his small temple for so many years?

He was overcome with uncertainty and decided to yell out Luo Ding’s name while readying himself to apologize if he had recognized the wrong person. Unexpectedly, this young man that made him feel so discomfited was really Luo Ding!

There were countless doubts running through his head, but when he faced the pair of clear eyes that were deep and bottomless, he felt like he had been dumped into a puddle of cold water.

Opening his mouth, he finally spoke haltingly: “… Why are you here?”

[1] Useless or untalented people

[2] Title – older sister

T/N NOTE: Hehe, Dun dun dun dunnnnnn … our male lead makes his first move. How’s every one feeling?

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