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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 12

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The facial features of this body were unexpectedly suitable for makeup, and even Luo Ding himself was taken aback.

Since his debut, he had succeeded because of his talent and although he was good looking, he still a long way from being considered truly handsome, thus he had never paid much attention to his appearance.

He had been very satisfied with this newly obtained face, which could make a person without a dazzling personality not have to worry about work for a few years. This was a rarity in the entertainment circle where handsome men and women were everywhere.

Although the very cold and haughty makeup artist had suddenly changed his attitude and had become a fan after seeing him and though he had noticed some clues before makeup was applied, Luo Ding was nevertheless surprised when he looked at his reflection in the mirror after his makeup was completed.

Music videos are shot under strong lighting so naturally singers and actors will wear heavy makeup on set. In particular, the parts of the face that require deep contour lines need to be covered with a thick layer of makeup otherwise once the lights hit, no matter how strong your facial features, it would degenerate into a giant puddle of mud.

At this time, the test shoot was not intended to be as intense as actual filming yet in the hands of the makeup artist the final product had emerged on screen.

After applying a thin layer of makeup, Luo Ding’s skin, which was so pale that it was difficult to find his pores, looked like it had been cast in a porcelain kiln. Luo Ding’s high nose bridge was slightly contoured, its shape, perfect, as though it had come from the hands of the most experienced sculptor. His eyelids with its thick eyelashes were just like falling stars in the sky, reflected by the waves of the water. Gentle enough, but in a glance, his prey could not escape the deep springs.

Luo Ding stared at this face with some fascination. In the memories of the original owner, there wasn’t such an intense image. Probably because of their young age, in their MVs, he and Su Shengbai simply walked in the fresh and natural breeze, quietly playing and singing. He didn’t have many opportunities to show his face and Yaxing’s makeup artists were not very skilled, so he never knew he had such good features.

Seeing that the makeup artist had slowly become intoxicated after he opened his eyes and that Pan Yiming also covered her flushed face in excitement after facing him, Luo Ding felt a subtle sense of exhilaration. He had never experienced this ability to crush his opponents purely by the strength of his appearance, so he began to flirt even more brazenly.

After a short period of silence, the studio boiled. All the staff members used various means to break the news to people around them that there was a big and handsome man on set!

In the face of more and more onlookers who pretended to pass by unintentionally, Luo Ding maintained a gentle smile from beginning to end. He had spotted a few people taking photos in the corner with their cell phones but pretended to be unaware. This polite manner will undoubtedly give them a better impression of him.

The MV director, Rong Sen, who was invited by Pan Yiming, was no small figure. As someone who made it to the top of the small music video industry, nearly half of the most famous records in the industry had come from his hands.

Talented people are often a bit arrogant, and Rong Sen was no exception. At the start, when he and Pan Yiming had discussed the shoot, he had clearly stated that he would invite Wu Yuan to make a guest appearance and to play a male character in the MV.

Wu Yuan’s talent in the acting circle was obvious to everyone, and Rong Sen was looking forward to working with him this time. However, before the shoot, Pan Yiming had suddenly changed her mind and said that she had found a new partner. Although he knew that in this circle the unwritten rules had great influence, Rong Sen still could not immediately accept the sudden change and his mood became extremely bad as a result.

He didn’t want to be present at the test shoot at all but Pan Yiming insisted that he come there, and he had decided to concede for the sake of their future cooperation. But he didn’t even want to look at the newcomer who had suddenly been launched into this role, so when he learned that the other party had occupied the dressing room, Rong Sen simply didn’t even go back stage, and sat beside his equipment to adjust the angles.

Many people think that shooting an MV is simple, but the facts are far from this. Without dialogue, relying on body language and the general narration of lyrics to interpret a plot is no less difficult than filming a movie. The subtlety in the actor’s eyes, his expressions, and even differences in position will determine whether a music video is a masterpiece or is garbage.

Although the editing in post-production and special effects may remedy some omissions, it is a limited medium after all. Matching the actions to the song in a way that would have the greatest impact on the audience is a decisive role that can only be performed by an actor.

The reason why Rong Sen was so depressed was that he had considered how much trouble this newcomer who had no foundations will bring him.

As a very demanding director, what he hated most was encountering such a person for whom he had to compromise. Recalling the information about Luo Ding he had previously found on the Internet, calling him an ordinary young man who seemed to have no advantages other than his appearance was the best description.

Suddenly, there was a lot of commotion, Rong Sen vaguely heard someone whispering, “how handsome” and “Oh my God,” so he paused and glanced subconsciously towards the outside of the set.

As if all the colors in the world had faded out, or as though spotlights, twisted in a bunch in the dark had cast down their light, the most dazzling existence, in the eyes of man, was walking in the center of the crowd. He was wearing the most ordinary white shirt and slacks and was leaning slightly to say something to a blonde man walking by his side. His eyes had narrowed a tad as they looked at each other.

Rong Sen did not know how to describe the mystery contained in that gaze. His long eyelashes covered most of the angles from which his eyes could be seen, yet Rong Sen felt as though a torrent of water had surged behind him. Looking at his eyes from the perspective of a bystander, he felt that his legs were sinking, and he was being dragged to the ground by a flood.

Probably realizing that he had entered the recording studio, Luo Ding raised his head and without saying anything, glanced across the room and met Rong Sen’s eyes as the latter stood beside the camera equipment.

Rong Sen was stunned for a while, those eyes … gave the illusion that you could not escape …

Luo Ding recognized Rong Sen, who had also overseen two of his albums in the past. With a sense of familiarity from meeting the old man, he flashed a faint smile.

Rong Sen held onto the camera beside him, dizzy.

His feet staggered, dragging him back to the world from the den of that monster. Rong Sen turned his eyes away suddenly and patted his chest to regain his self-control, only to realize that his heart rate had exceeded its normal limit.

This man!

Rong Sen widened his eyes, not knowing how to describe the feeling in his heart. His ears were still buzzing, but when he had calmed down a little, he suddenly found a sense of familiarity from the deep impressions in his mind.

This … this person’s face … wasn’t that Luo Ding?!!

But how could this Luo Ding be the same person who’s picture he had seen on the Internet?!! How could the image he had seen and reality be so different? He has been a director for more than ten years, and he has seen the difference between the artist on screen and the artist in private. Most people look more beautiful when they are in person. But a difference like in Luo Ding’s case where they appear to be two different people is unprecedented!

Just before Luo Ding had arrived at the scene, Rong Sen was so disappointed that he had lost all hope. Rong Sen swallowed his spittle. He had been at a loss before but now he was ecstatic.

He could almost understand why Pan Yiming had to change her partner, without any hesitation, on the eve of filming. Such a bold approach would undoubtedly bring her huge benefits! As long as it can be used properly, Luo Ding will definitely become one of the biggest selling points of her record!

He clenched his hand into a fist and trembled slightly.

Luo Ding tapped Wu Fangyuan’s forehead and asked him to go to the rest area to wait. He straightened his collar and stood in front of Rong Sen. His voice was clear and gentle: “Hello, Rong dǎo, I am Luo Ding. In the future, I’ll be needing your guidance. “

Rong Sen couldn’t help but take a slight step back under pressure because Luo Ding’s aura was more compelling at close quarters. After discovering his gaffe, he hurriedly addressed official business: “Have you read the script?”

This is what he really cared about most. Each director had different work characteristics. Rong Sen’s distinguishing feature was to shoot complicated plots with a clear logic. It is not easy to mix these ideas into short films that are less than five minutes long.

Luo Ding’s attitude towards work had always been impeccable: “I have already seen it.”

“Did you understand it?”

“More or less.”

Rong Sen’s heart tensed. The wishy-washy words in Luo Ding’s response made him feel uneasy: “If you don’t understand, just say it, don’t pretend to know.”

Luo Ding smiled slightly: “I understand.”

While Rong Sen talked about work, he was not overpowered by Luo Ding’s aura. He knew how complicated his script was. No matter how good Luo Ding’s visual appearance was, he would not forget the fact that Luo Ding was pretty much a newcomer. In fact, could such a person really interpret the role he had in mind?

Seeing Luo Ding had no fear at all and he could not gain the advantage by staring Luo Ding down, Rong Sen could only wipe his hand over his hair and fiddle with his camera.

“Go to the story board and prepare, we will try the third scene where you and Pan Yiming meet. Just tell me if you do not understand.”

Pan Yiming was still stupefied by Luo Ding’s every move. Hearing Rong Sen mention her name, this silly elder sister froze for a moment and said, “What? Did you call me?”

Rong Sen’s mouth twitched, and Luo Ding didn’t hold back his laugh, the rare open look on face, for a moment, made him even more dazzling than an incandescent lamp.

Frozen again …

Liu Yu sighed and looked, with a little envy, at Wu Fangyuan who was sitting in the rest area, not quite understanding what was happening. How nice, his boss is handsome and easy-going, and he deals with everything himself. But she, also an assistant, has to take care of wiping drool and acting as alarm clock for her boss. As expected, they have different lives.

Luo Ding stood in the middle of the stage, looked at the camera, slightly adjusted his position, and then closed his eyes.

The style of this Pan Yiming MV they were collaborating on was actually difficult to define.

In the MV, Pan Yiming plays a beautiful detective who enters a small town anonymously to conduct an investigation on the frequent homicides there. While looking for clues to the murder in the town, she meets the male protagonist, a café owner and unexpectedly falls in love at first sight. The protagonist’s affection and good looks causes her to sink into her emotions, unable to extricate herself.

The relationship between the detective and her lover gets better and better, and they do not conceal their backgrounds from one another. Whenever there is a breakthrough in the case they discuss it together.

But soon, she discovers that insiders she had contact with had begun to die one after another. All the clues related to the case are also broken one by one. At first, she felt confused, but slowly, she finds some shocking evidence.

She discovers that the male protagonist is the murderer she was hunting. But by then, he had committed countless bloody crimes in order to obliterate the evidence.

The female detective believed that the male lead will kill her too like he did the other witnesses, but after all their cards were laid on the table, he did nothing and left her with a final kiss before dying.

Their sadistic relationship is attention grabbing and tear-jerking and would leave a deep impression in the end.

However, the protagonist’s treacherousness at the early stages cannot be easily interpreted by a newcomer, which is precisely what Rong Sen was worried about.

Rong Sen stared at the monitor, ordered the lights to be dimmed, and nodded towards the stage.


The man at the focal point of all eyes on the stage, gently opened his eyes.

He smiled, his temperament suddenly changed, fresh, as if a gust of wind was blowing on his face. His eyes were full of vitality, he glanced naturally in the direction of the camera and Rong Sen’s eyes sharpened.

Now, despite having the same facial features, this young man and the man he came into contact with earlier were also just like two different people!

T/N Note: I… ! The author used so many descriptive terms. Cries in complex languages

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!

Lol! The director’s moment of gay panic! ????

When it was said that MC’s eyes suddenly connected with the director, suddenly i envisioned the famous “electrical current connection” scenario often used in the 90s HK comedic films… ????

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Rong Sen’s reaction left me ctfu….also the plot of the MV…what kind of song even lolol loved it! Looking forward to next chapter! I also want to get transmigrated into a beautiful person’s body

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Chapter 12 aka everyone falling in love with LD XDD

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Chan chan
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