Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 13

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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 13

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In the past, Luo Ding had a nickname. He was called “the Crazy Man.”

The performing arts path not easy to traverse, and it was even harder for him whose natural disposition was introverted. The reason why he chose this path was not only because he had once agreed with Xu Zhen that they will make a name for themselves but because he really liked to act.

While acting, he didn’t simply follow the script, but regarded himself as the protagonist. He really understood the character from the bottom of his heart and used his soul to bring the character to life.

Because it was just a test shoot there were no other props on set except for a curtain. Usually such conditions have a detrimental effect on getting actors into character, however, Luo Ding assumed his role almost instantly.

Pan Yiming was unprepared and was still talking to her assistant. Although she had heard Wu Yuan describe Luo Ding’s amazing acting skills before coming here, in the end, Pan Yiming did not take the exaggerated description seriously.

She started her career as a singer and within this period she has worked with numerous big-name stars. There are indeed a lot of people with good acting skills, but the level described by Wu Yuan was absolutely unheard of.  

What a joke. Good acting is a matter of opinion, but just how much greater could one be? Isn’t it just filming? Everyone knows it’s fake. We all have the script in mind and in the end all that is needed is to deliver the lines.

However, the moment she raised her head, the unshakeable certainty in her heart was instantly destroyed.

She wasn’t even sure if the person standing in front of her was really Luo Ding. His every move was gentle and soft, but his eyes were completely apathetic, just as though the protagonist in the script had been born into the world simply to meet her in a destined encounter.

Pan Yiming was rooted in place, still holding the bottle of water which had yet to be returned to her assistant. Her mind blank.

Luo Ding’s stood up with a meaningless polite smile on his face as his empty eyes slowly swept across the stage.

Rong Sen captured his eyes through the monitor and could only think that Luo Ding’s entire aura felt extremely delicate.  Clearly, he appeared harmless to people and animals, but he nevertheless emanated an unidentifiably creepy and dangerous feeling.

Luo Ding’s dangerous aura suddenly changed after his gaze touched Pan Yiming’s. He raised his eyebrow slightly, and after a brief moment the smile on his face became more authentic.

For a moment, his quiet eyes that were like a pool of stagnant water rippled while looking at Pan Yiming.

Rong Sen was surprised to find that there seemed to be a fire in his eyes. This strange pseudo-adjective could be used here without any contradiction at all. Enthusiasm was gradually increasing in Luo Ding’s eyes like stoking a fire. Something was brewing.  Growing bit by bit and it was very clear that Luo Ding’s feelings for Pan Yiming were rising madly.

Rong Sen felt like he had just witnessed the birth of a love saint and he could hardly take his eyes away from the increasingly soft expression on Luo Ding’s face in the monitor. At this moment, this handsome man appeared as though he had gathered all the sunlight in the world onto his body. You couldn’t find even a speck of darkness within or without.

Even onlookers were in such a state, thus Pan Yiming, who was at the center of Luo Ding’s gaze was naturally worse off.

The blankness in her mind was slow to fade and when her eyes entangled with Luo Ding’s she felt a clear voice in her heart warn her to quickly wake up and divert her attention, but in fact, she had no energy left in her entire body, not to speak of turning her eyes.

Her palms were gradually soaked with sweat, her breathing began to quicken, and her heart thumped fast.

First love.

The fresh air carried a smell of lemon and mint. Other than the two words “first love”, she could not find more suitable words to describe it.

Luo Ding suddenly moved and gradually approached Pan Yiming.

Pan Yiming held her breath. The water bottle in her hand was crumpled by her unconsciously.

Luo Ding came closer and stood in front of her.

As he came approached, Pan Yiming stared at the surging waves in his eyes while in a trance. His gentle, deep smile made people willing to drown in it.  

Luo Ding reached out his hand, every move elegant and gentle.

“Hello, how are you?” Pan Yiming’s voice trembled slightly. Luo Ding reached out his hand with visible tension. He seemed to want to stroke her soft black hair, but the moment he raised his hand, he appeared to realize that he was too abrupt. His fingers trembled for a short while, and he reluctantly clenched his fists and shrunk back.

“I … I …” Pan Yiming smiled shyly, “Hello.”

“…” Luo Ding stared at her, saying nothing and doing nothing, but suddenly burst into a smile more brilliant than the sun. The affection in his eyes was so thick that it was about to overflow.

A handsome man and woman stood opposite each other, their eyes were intertwined, creating a beautiful picture.

The set was still and silent. Rong Sen turned off the equipment, got up and shouted, “Perfect!”

Pan Yiming felt like she had been awakened from her sleep and she looked back at Luo Ding in fright. After coming to, she discovered in shock that she had been acting abnormally.

Just now, after taking a few breaths, she felt like a big mountain had fallen off her head. Luo Ding’s momentum had crushed her to death and she couldn’t find a way out. After so many years of filming, no one has brought her such a shock! He did not seem like a newcomer who had only started to touch the television circle, but an illustrious old senior who had been acting for half a lifetime!

Luo Ding had already broken character when Rong Sen spoke. Thus, he returned to his usual cold appearance and looked at Pan Yiming with one eyebrow raised in inquiry.

His expression suddenly changing from a hot spring to cold water, took Pan Yiming by surprise and she subconsciously backed up two steps.

“Luo Luo Luo Luo Ding!” She was shocked and stared at Luo Ding with astonishment, “You…, is this really the first time you’ve filmed?!”

Luo Ding knew she would ask this question and with a slight smile on his face, he responded: ” Yes. If the audition for “Tang Zhuan” is not counted as one.”

“You must be a monster!” Pan Yiming shook her head. As a senior, she had been crushed by her junior’s acting skills to the point where she utterly lost. She squatted on the ground without a word.

Luo Ding laughed sincerely. To be honest, he really liked Pan Yiming’s character. If only she was not a woman because Luo Ding was born with no thoughts about women.

Rong Sen did not beat around the bush. After seeing Luo Ding’s performance, he made the decision to quickly arrange for filming to begin as soon as possible!

As a result, there was no need for Luo Ding to say anything self-effacing.

The final filming was to start two days later. Because they were filming only one song, Luo Ding’s workload was not large, and he did not need to be on the set all day. Additionally, his current schedule was also light, only “Tang Zhuan” remained and the filming for it had not yet begun. He only needed to participate in the early publicity and make-up photos shoots. Thus, after this MV recording, he even had a little time left for rest.

Luo Ding yawned and leaned back in his seat. The taxi ride was a little bumpy and he was sleepy. From the moment he took over this body, till present, he had been extremely nervous every day and his heart was heavy with worries. Though it couldn’t be described as a torment he could still not rest well.

However, if he wanted to gain fame in the shortest possible time, he needed to pay the price. To not be able to rest is a minor issue. In fact, compared to the path he took in his last life, this life was relatively relaxed.

Wu Fangyuan sat next to him and had been looking at him with uncertain eyes since the end of the test shoot.

He had watched Luo Ding all day and Luo Ding was disturbed by the Wu Fangyuan’s increasingly unbridled gaze. He grunted, “Have you seen enough?”

Wu Fangyuan blinked, only thinking that this young man who was exuding authority in front of him was extremely strange. Between his eyebrows, there was no trace of the past.

Ah Ding …” Wu Fangyuan had grown up with Luo Ding, but at the moment didn’t know what to say, “Your acting skills are so good … why didn’t I know this before?”

Luo Ding didn’t even raise his eyelids: “I wasn’t even aware of it myself.”

Wu Fangyuan thought about it. Indeed, in the past, they had never contacted Luo Ding for any film and television audition opportunities. Unlike Su Shengbai who was sociable, Luo Ding had originally been silent and unwilling to fight for resources.

When the original group was still in existence, most people had focused on Su Shengbai, who appeared livelier. After the duo was disbanded, the company simply did not even ask questions. Under such circumstances, won’t it be difficult for even the most talented person to be discovered?

Luo Ding’s straightforward and unassuming explanation quickly dispelled the confusion in Wu Fangyuan’s mind. Some people were born with a high IQ. Some people were born with a good personality. There must be also be some who were born with acting talent, right?


Thinking of the hardship and the disdain that Luo Ding had suffered in the past, in comparison to the kindness and thoughtfulness of Pan Yiming’s assistant today, Wu Fangyuan felt a little bit guilty.

As an assistant, he did not do a good job and had been unable to quickly obtain more resources. If he was as powerful as Yang Kangding Luo Ding would not have been so dispirited for so long.  

“That’s right.” He reeled back his thoughts and pulled out a small miniature notepad from his pocket, “you will have to go to Starry Sky TV at 11:30 tomorrow morning to record “Entertainment Chaos” and “The Strongest star” and there is also a set of photos you need to shoot …”

“Push it all away.” Luo Ding did not wait for him to finish and waved his hand directly to interrupt him.

“… Push it away!?”

“Well, I won’t accept these messy shows in the future.”

Wu Fangyuan was confused, and held his notebook waiting for an explanation.

Luo Ding looked at him lightly, and suddenly reached out and rubbed the other’s blond hair. Although Wu Fangyuan’s concern was not for him, Luo Ding had never felt similar care in his last life. At this moment he felt a little warmth in his heart.  

“General Manager Gu, will explain it to you when you go back.” After he said this, he stopped talking, closed his eyes and tried to take a short break.

He and Gu Yaxing were scheduled to attend the annual “Fashion” anniversary dinner this evening. It was bound to a hard battle. “Fashion” was, one of the top domestic fashion magazines. Gu Yaxing must really want to use him to turn the company fortunes around.

This gala dinner was going to be crowded with stars and if he wanted to stand out, it wouldn’t be easy.

As for programs such as “Entertainment Chaos” and “The strongest star” … They were too popular and short-sighted. Luo ding was forced to attend in the past because it was the only way he could live, but now Luo Ding understood that if he wanted to go further, some current benefits must be abandoned first.

Wu Fangyuan was frozen in place, he could still feel the slight temperature of Luo Ding’s palm above his head.

The car turned a corner and after a slight tremor, it stopped at the gate of Yaxing Entertainment

T/N: Wu Fangyuan was rather easy to convince, wasn’t he?

Also, I have started weighing what other story I should translate next. Leave a comment with your suggestions. It may be a dropped or new novel. Only caveat is that it should be around 200 chapters or less (I’d like to be able to finish translating in this life time lol). No restrictions on genre. Thanks 🙂

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3 years ago

Oh damn those acting skillz! Lol yea, Wu Fangyuan was easy to convince.
I like Pan Yiming she’s not bad. The journey to be film emperor starts now~


3 years ago

How about translating Winter begonia?

3 years ago

His assistant is so sweet. I hope he has good things happen and that LD can have a good life with caring people this time.

I have suggestions for translation!!
Slowly Turning the Hero to the Dark Side

The Villain is a Fluff Fanatic (反派是个绒毛控[穿书])

I honestly have more but feel like I should hold back a bit haha.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

3 years ago
Reply to  The Griot

I understand the struggle all too well. In that case, I have a couple more. Because I kept saving ones I want to do myself and there’s no way I’ll get to them.
Please don’t be thrown by the name.

Anyways, it totally won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t want to do them. One thing to consider is looking on novel updates forum at the pickup requests.

3 years ago
Reply to  The Griot

Okay I promise this is the last suggestion haha. I was just peeking through my reading list at things that weren’t updated for a long time. I’m not sure how you feel about omegaverse, but there’s one called I Like Your Pheromones that I thought was really lovely but suddenly stopped at chapter 9.

Looking forward to more and I hope you find one that really clicks for you!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Kleep

I actually still want to read slowly turning the hero to the dark side but didn’t even look for it in MTL Have you found it?

3 years ago

I know actually want to see Luo Ding act now lol

3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!

Wah..the author’s descriptive words about our MC’s capability… really brings shivers ah!

*light a candle for Ms.Pan the fangirl* ????

3 years ago

This big blonde munchkin is too pure and easy to fool! My inner mother is itching to preserve this innocence… but as an assistant, is he gonna be okay?

3 years ago

Hi! I was just re-reading this chapters and I read your translator notes, so if you want to translate a new novel, can I suggest Rebirth of a CV star? I think its a drop project since its latest update was still last year. The story is really good and it’s also in entertainment setting. So I figured you won’t struggle with translating. Can you consider it? The story is really good and I want to continue reading it and I feel so frustrated when I found it not yet done. Sure, I can just read it in MTL but… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Kari
3 years ago
Reply to  The Griot

Yes please. Looking forward for your thoughts about it. I hope you will like it. ?

2 years ago

Props to your translation skills! How about ‘Counterattack:Falling in love with the Enemy’. I haven’t been able to find a completed t/l of this and would love to finish reading it.

2 years ago

I keep feeling sad for the original Luo Ding. He was struggling with mental health issues, trying to survive in a hostile industry that he wasn’t suited for, and his first and only relationship was with someone who screwed him over.

I dunno, it’d be nice to read a novel where a character like Luo Ding who tried to commit suicide was able to recover and find happiness.

2 years ago

I inda don’t mind if Wu Fangyuan will be the ML BUT as a shou

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