Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 15

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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 15

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Luo Ding was stunned when he heard someone call his name.

But his memory had always been good, so he recognized Duan Xiubo’s voice almost instantly and stopped subconsciously.

Gu Yaxing, who was walking beside him was still busy saying hello to the surrounding media people, thus when the latter stopped, he didn’t wait to ask why. However, he saw Luo Ding turn his head to reveal a faint smile: “Duan ge.”

Duan ge?

Gu Yaxing was shocked and immediately turned around. Sure enough, he saw Duan Xiubo waving his hand in Luo Ding’s direction. The smile on his face was familiar and gentle and he was approaching quickly.

Luo Ding frowned slightly. What’s wrong with Duan Xiubo? He clearly remembered that this guy detested communicating with little unknown stars the most. Although his image was watertight, Luo Ding, who had shared the same nature as Duan Xiubo could empathize so he had chosen to leave without saying hello instead of waiting to talk to the other party.

In his opinion, although Duan Xiubo had said a few words to him at Gong Liangguang’s banquet, it was just polite conversation. He had been sure that the other party didn’t even know his name.

But now, Duan Xiubo not only remembered his name but had also called him on the red carpet, right in front of the reporters. Luo Ding could almost predict how the media will react to this.

Sure enough, when Duan Xiubo appeared, the reporters who were merely excited though they couldn’t figure out Luo Ding’s details pressed the shutter even more quickly and there were whispers almost everywhere on the scene. Everyone was discussing what was so special about Luo Ding. Not just the reporters but even the guests could not avoid gossiping.

Duan Xiubo smiled quietly with his eyes narrowed. He felt that amorphous sense of unease again because there was a little bit of indifference hidden behind the seemingly respectful smile Luo Ding showed to him.

If it wasn’t that this was a move he also used often, Duan Xiubo might have missed it.

This fellow.

Duan Xiubo couldn’t tell what Luo Ding was really like. Among the people he was usually in contact with; artists, media people and managing directors, because of his background and status, he was respected, feared, admired and without exception, all these people, more or less, had a hidden purpose.

Even Gu Yaxing who accompanied Luo Ding was the same. Although he hid it very well, Duan Xiubo immediately dug out the tension buried deep in his eyes.

Only Luo Ding was different. From the first meeting, Duan Xiubo felt like the other paid him no attention. In Luo Ding’s eyes he was sure that barring his name he was no different from others. Whether this indifference was true or an act, Duan Xiubo could not tell.

He was not angry about it, he was curious. Because although Luo Ding didn’t seem to want to interact with him too much, on the surface, he was thoughtfully courteous.  

Just like now, although Luo Ding was puzzled by his sudden greeting he did not show any resistance on the surface. Facing Duan Xiubo’s overtures, Luo Ding’s attitude was mild and respectful from beginning to end: ” Duan ge, Good evening, there were too many reporters just now, so I didn’t say hello to you.”

Duan Xiubo’s eyes flickered around Luo Ding’s face without leaving a trace and he felt awe at the other’s superb skills in lying brazenly. Finally, He wrapped his arm around Luo Ding’s shoulders, turned to face the reporters and waved as he entered the arena with Luo Ding, saying: “It’s really fate.”  

Luo Ding immediately averted his eyes and revealed a brilliant smile, and sure enough, in the next second, there were enough flashes to invert day and night.

Duan Xiubo was a very popular man, but entertainment journalists were also well aware that he did not enjoy casual contact with people. In recent years, there were very few friends that reporters had photographed beside him. So, who is this unknown and mysterious young man that had suddenly appeared?

No matter who he was, it was only right to photograph him!

However, Duan Xiubo’s closeness seemed to be just a whim and after entering the hall, he immediately dropped the arm that was resting on Luo Ding’s shoulder.

The spacious and magnificent hall was brilliantly lit and was much grander as compared to Gong Liangguang’s birthday banquet. The crowd was filled with gorgeous and familiar faces standing in small groups of three to five.

Duan Xiubo’s appearance suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

“Go ahead and have fun.” Duan Xiubo took a glass of champagne from the side and handed it to Luo Ding, bowed his head, smiled and then left unhesitatingly.

Luo Ding, while holding onto the wine glass, was unsurprised at his departure and stared at Duan Xiubo’s back pensively.

Gu Yaxing finally released a deep breath after Duan Xiubo left: “Luo Ding, what’s going on? Is Duan Xiubo familiar with you?”

Luo Ding’s social circle was a little unexpected.

“We have only exchanged a few words.” Luo Ding retracted his gaze and glanced at Gu Yaxing.

Suddenly, he spotted a familiar figure in the crowd and immediately looked away.


“He ge, please stop joking …” Su Shengbai smiled and looked at the obscene, middle-aged man standing opposite him. Su Shengbai’s outstretched hands seemed to be casually resisting the wine glass that was passed by the other party. He had drunk four or five cups already. He came here with a mission today and it will be a big deal if he should get drunk.

He Liangshan frowned and threatened: “You are giving me no face? Ah? Don’t you want me to support your audition? Come on, show some sincerity!”

Su Shengbai’s heart shuddered. He clenched his fist and finally accepted the glass and sipped it.

“Great!” He Liangshan laughed and moved closer and his hands appeared to unintentionally touch Su Shengbai’s waist. However, before he could say anything, his attention was immediately drawn away. “Fuck, Duan Xiubo is here!”

Duan Xiubo?

Su Shengbai was dizzy but immediately after hearing Duan Xiubo’s name his spirits were revived. Duan Xiubo’s status was clear to everyone in the entertainment circle. He was a walking headline. If Duan Xiubo could be invited to their audition, it will undoubtedly greatly improve their chances of gaining investments from sponsors.

He looked up instinctively and followed He Liangshan’s gaze, but his eyes could not help but be attracted to another person.

The tall youth stood calmly at the entrance with a modest smile on his face as he accepted the wine glass which was being handed to him. His outstanding temperament and appearance all attracted the attention of others. In the next second, Su Shengbai discovered that the person who had handed the youth the wine glass was Duan Xiubo.

Who is that guy? And how does he have the ability to make Duan Xiubo fetch him wine?!!

Su Shengbai blinked and suppressed his inebriation. The other party seemed to notice his attention and looked up.

A bolt of lightning.[1]

Su Shengbai took a step back in amazement, almost crashing into He Liangshan’s arms, but suddenly stopped when he realized that he was out of it.

He was still stunned.

Because Su Shengbai could recognize the person who had entered the venue even if his temperament had changed.

Why had Luo Ding appeared here!?!!


This was the first time Luo Ding had met a real “old friend” since his rebirth. He recalled so many memories, some belonging to the original owner, and some belonging to him.

Before his death, Su Shengbai’s face, which had been reflected in the light, was twisted like a Rakshasa.[2]. When they had first met, he had a shy smile that was so clear you could see the bottom. Recalling Su Shengbai’s pair of white and slender legs in Xu Zhen car … Luo Ding struggled out of his momentary trance, his fingers trembled, and his hands had clenched into fists, yet the smile on his face remained unchanged.

Su Shengbai seemed to have seen a fierce ghost and his face paled. He stared at Luo Ding for a moment and then turned around and fled.

Luo Ding’s gaze fell on his embarrassed back, and he raised a brow. It seems that Su Shengbai’s psychological defenses were not as strong as he had first thought.

On another side of the hall, as the editor-in-chief of Fashion, Ji Jiahe naturally stood amidst the most important entertainers present. The commotion caused by Duan Xiubo’s arrival was his first hint and when he looked up his attention was unexpectedly drawn by another person.

The young man who came into the hall with Duan Xiubo possessed the most perfect proportions. Although the curvature of his muscles was not obvious from his clothing, this slender body was undoubtedly more popular nowadays.

His natural elegance and sedate nature belied his age, but this unexpected combination lent him a novel charm. The warm light in the hall struck his well-defined face, and in the shadows his features were clear and beautiful.

After a short exclamation, Ji Jiahe immediately realized that people around him had also cast a look. He reminded himself that he had seen countless beauties, strong, feminine, enchanting, fresh …

But there was no adjective that could be applied to this young man. His temperament was contradictory and complex, but his every move and smile were like luminous bodies attracting people’s minds anytime, anywhere.

“Old Duan!” In the entertainment circle, Ji Jiahe and Duan Xiubo were relatively friendly thus their conversation was unvarnished, and he expressed his curiosity about Luo Ding directly. “Who is that?  Is he in showbiz?”

That was impossible, if there was such a person in the entertainment industry, how would he, as the editor in chief of Fashion magazine, not know about him?!

Duan Xiubo frowned slightly: “Why do you ask?”

Ji Jiahe snorted, “You don’t want to talk about him?”

Duan Xiubo knew about Ji Jiahe and his problems. In the past, Ji Jiahe and his f*cking messes had had nothing to do with him so he had never asked about it but now seeing that he was interested in Luo Ding he felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

“Don’t think about messing with him. Gongliang Shū wants to recognize him as a protegee. You will die if you dare touch him.”

Ji Jiahe shivered when he heard Gong Liangguang’s name. However, he always believed in seizing the day[3] thus his fear was short-lived.

“You are bluffing, aren’t you?” Ji Jiahe stared fixedly at Luo Ding. Not long after entering the hall, Luo Ding and Gu Yaxing were surrounded by several producers and had started a conversation. Ji Jiahe straightened his clothes and left. “I’ll ask him myself. Your mind is too dirty, How messy!”

Duan Xiubo’s smile remained unchanged, his eyes darkening a bit as he stared at the view of Ji Jiahe’s slightly hasty back. His fingers rubbed together involuntarily.

He was still hesitating whether to follow Ji Jiahe or not, when suddenly a timid greeting reached his ear: “Duan … Duan.”

He looked back instantly, his smile so perfect that no one could find anything amiss. Looking around, a pale, young man in a white suit stood beside him.

The young man looked very nervous. After shouting his greeting, he tugged on the corner of his clothes and couldn’t speak, his face flushed. Seeing Duan Xiubo’s smiling gaze, he became even more shy and his expression could only be said to be clean and well-behaved: “Hi, my name is Su Shengbai, and I am your fan.”

Duan Xiubo’s smile remained unchanged and he looked deep into the other’s eyes.

Duan Xiubo was not in a good mood now, and he started to pick at people subconsciously. Su Shengbai’s bashfulness was so perfect that he could find no flaws, but looking at him, he just felt uncomfortable.

[1] 电光火石—diànguāng huǒshí): a saying that basically means an extremely fleeting moment

[2] Rakshasas in Hindu Mythology are wicked spirits; demons

Image credit: wikipedia

[3] YOLO!

T/N notes: Luo Ding working his magic once again.

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3 years ago

The prerequisite is having a god-level face, but it seems the cold, uninterested, don’t try to approach at all approach works best for this uncaring man.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

3 years ago

Luo Ding be attracting attention left and right lol

Thank you for the wonderful translation! ??

3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter ???

Aiiiyyy, this “flower”Ding, attracting bees and butterflies everywhere! ????

3 years ago

actually it was rakshasa, not Rakshas or Rakasha

Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
3 years ago

But now, Duan Xiubo not only remembered his name but had also called him on the red carpet, right in front of the reporters. Luo Ding could almost predict how the media will react to this.

ML declaring his property ???

2 years ago

He’s always attracting every bigshot’s attention!
Gong Liangguang: who is that?
Duan Xiubo: who is that?
Ji Jiahe: who is that?
…And everyone else’s attention too!

2 years ago

Yuckkkkkkk. His name is so disgusting that knowing it will only pollute my braiiin

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