Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 16

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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 16

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Su Shengbai stared at Duan Xiubo appreciatively.

He had heard that Duan Xiubo had a good temper, but because of the great disparity between their statuses in the entertainment circle, he had never been able to meet the other. Seeing Duan Xiubo now, he still had a gentle smile on his face even after Su Shengbai’s self-introduction. Rumors are sometimes credible.

Naturally, he had no intention of striking up a conversation. However, Duan Xiubo stood aloof in the entertainment circle and his charisma and appeal were unrivaled. When Su Shengbai started planning this audition, he had considered looking for some heavyweight guests to support it and he was running out of time to achieve this.

He had coveted Duan Xiubo’s popularity for a long time, but he had struggled to find an opportunity to meet him. It had been so easy to meet him today, thus even if he was dizzy, he could not give up this opportunity!

Su Shengbai didn’t know much about Duan Xiubo but he had gotten along with Cao Dingkun, who’s status was not far behind Duan Xiubo’s, thus he could make one or two guesses about his preferences.

For the big names in these circles because they had seen huge profits their hearts had long been eroded by darkness, thus such people mostly yearned for purity and light.

In the beginning, with his flawless simple persona, Su Shengbai had held Cao Dingkun in the palm of his hand. Later, even Xu Zhen could not escape his gentle trap. Now he had also encountered Duan Xiubo, even if he is not so easy to use, he would nevertheless be a good stepping stone. Right?

He thought about it in this manner, his head becoming clearer after he had stopped drinking.

Duan Xiubo’s smile remained unchanged and he stared at Su Shengbai’s simple smile that did not reveal the slightest mistake.

This reminded him of the first time he had seen Luo Ding. Luo Ding also appeared bright, clean and spotless. However, Luo Ding did not pretend to be naive. Although he had a clear temperament, he did not conceal the calm in his every move and there seemed to be some true personality hidden under his disguise. For example, if Luo Ding did not want to talk to him, then he truly would not talk to him.

By comparison, this young man was slightly poorer in his pretense. His body language divulged that he was naïve, but could Duan Xiubo possibly believe that such a being existed in this entertainment circle? Do not make jokes.

Because of his inebriation, Su Shengbai’s speech lacked his usual thoughtful meticulousness but seeing Duan Xiubo’s smile that contained no doubts he timidly asked if they could exchange phone numbers.

Duan Xiubo’s smile remained unchanged yet he suddenly passed him a glass of wine”…” Su Shengbai was at a loss, “… Duan ge ?

Duan Xiubo didn’t want to play this game with him at all: “Have fun.”

Su Shengbai took the cup stupidly. The topic of the audition was still suffocating in his stomach yet he couldn’t say anything and could only watch Duan Xiubo departing back. The moment when Duan Xiubo had handed him the wine glass, his powerful aura made him not dare to refuse, nor could he dare obstruct his departure.

Su Shengbai thoughtlessly drank the liquid in the glass and stood there motionlessly, holding the empty glass, and feeling like his opportunity had grown wings and left.

Su Shengbai’s eyes followed Duan Xiubo, and he soon knew where the latter was headed. In a small circle not far away, Luo Ding, who Su Shengbai had just escaped, was talking and laughing with people with an attitude he had never seen before.

The five fingers, with which he held onto the glass, had turned blue due to excessive force. He covered his mouth and began to look around for a resting spot.

In his last life, Luo Ding had worked with Ji Jiahe and had heard many rumors about this editor in chief of Fashion magazine. He had also heard about Ji Jiahe and his chaotic private life. But Ji Jiahe had a good personality and he had a wide range of humorous knowledge. Additionally, as one of the core characters at this party, he was sought after and in just a few words the atmosphere had become very lively.

When several producers saw Ji Jiahe and his enthusiasm for Luo Ding, they immediately viewed Luo Ding differently. One after another invited Luo Ding to visit their crew in his free time and Gu Yaxing, as a good agent, calmly accepted several audition invitations.

Tang Zhuan” Ji Jiahe looked surprised. “You are acting in “Tang Zhuan”? To be honest, I have been looking forward to that show since filming began. There are not many well-produced large-scale productions of that nature in China.”

When Ji Jiahe had entered the small circle, from the start, he had appeared particularly enthusiastic and now while talking, he boldly placed his hands on Luo Ding’s shoulders as if the two were close.

Luo Ding knew of Ji Jiahe’s tastes, so he smiled a little and got rid of his groping hand with a very ingenious motion. His attitude was humble: “I was lucky but it’s just a small role.”

Ji Jiahe was upset when he realized that it was difficult to create an opening with Luo Ding. He wanted to get closer and say something but suddenly his shoulders were caught.

He didn’t know who was so thoughtless.

Ji Jiahe had almost turned black with anger, he looked back and saw Duan Xiubo’s gentle smile.

“What were you talking about?” Duan Xiubo naturally squeezed into the gap between Ji Jiahe and Luo Ding and suddenly Ji Jiahe was pushed aside.

Ji Jiahe stumbled, full of disbelief. Duan Xiubo was actually participating in gossip! Obviously, he was not that kind of person! Did Duan Xuibo forget to take his medicine or had he overdosed?

Luo Ding also pretended not to understand the purpose of Duan Xiubo’s move. He laughingly followed Duan Xiubo’s words. Ji Jiahe, who was unwilling to give up, had wanted to move over to Luo Ding’s other side, but once again his shoulder was pressed down by a big hand.

As soon as he looked up, he met Duan Xiubo’s gaze which seemed to be smiling but his eyes were cold and searing.

About four movie offers, two dinners and a big heap of business cards.

Luo Ding’s purpose had been achieved tonight. Looking at Ji Jiahe who had gone to join the lively atmosphere of other groups, he hesitated for a moment and said thank you to Duan Xiubo softly.

In his last life, he escaped these games with his talent. Although the entertainment industry was more difficult to network in this life, he didn’t want to engage in hidden rules in order to climb up. He had a habit of mental cleanliness, not only for his partner, but for himself. If he really paid for success in this manner, the psychological pressure he would have to bear would be enormous.

Duan Xiubo didn’t respond, He patted Luo Ding’s shoulder and moved along with Ji Jiahe.

Ji Jiahe didn’t care for Duan Xiubo much at the moment. He was so angry that he rolled his eyes one by one while no one was paying attention: “Are you protecting your son? I usually don’t see you being so meddlesome!”

Duan Xiubo didn’t understand what he was uncomfortable with, but he was never a person who wronged himself. Since he was unhappy, he had intervened. He was unwilling to suffer regret.

“Why are you so dissatisfied? What could have possibly happened in this hall? Luo Ding is Gong Liangguang’s protegee and Gong Lianguang is my uncle. Do you expect me to watch while he is pawed by you?

“Ji Jiahe snorted lightly: “Who do you think you are lying to? Gong Liangguang is your uncle? Are you being serious or are you joking? We both know what’s really going on.

“Duan Xiubo ignored him completely and turned to talk to others. Ji Jiahe, who had wanted to quarrel with him as a means of venting, gave up.

After parting ways with the two heavyweights in the hall, Luo Ding had undoubtedly become the third most sought-after presence at the banquet. Duan Xiubo and Ji Jiahe had inadvertently caused a halo effect. The hall was filled with elites and there were many friends and many paths, so even if no one knew Luo Ding’s details, they were still many people willing to spend time with him.

Luo Ding was well-versed in communication. Though he was not well known at present, as a newcomer, he only needed to show a little humility and a little talent. With his witty and humorous conversational skills, he was well liked.

But because of this he was forced to drink a lot of wine

Cao Dingkun’s alcohol tolerance was good but Luo Ding rarely had the opportunity to network. He couldn’t fight his body. Thus, even though he had padded his stomach and drank milk before he coming, he soon noticed that he was slowly becoming inebriated.

He didn’t know what his drunken habits were. At the moment he could only retreat and take a break, otherwise he was afraid he’ll make a mistake.

He whispered to Gu Yaxing and told him to stand in his stead while he headed to the washroom with a pained expression on his face.

It was not safe to take a break in the rest area. Under such circumstances, it was safest to go to a quiet toilet.

After throwing up all the contents of his stomach, Luo Ding washed his face in cold water, braced his hands on the sink and steadily looked at his pale face in the mirror.

He felt that his resilience was comparable to that of a cockroach. In just a few days, he had completely adapted to this strange face.

He slid his fingers over his cheek for a moment and watched as his eyes sobered up.

The lock on the bathroom door rattled and someone knocked on the door from the outside. Luo Ding said, “Sorry, there is someone in here.”

“… Luo Ding.” The voice outside the door paused for a moment, and continued loudly, “It’s me, open the door.”

Su Shengbai.

Luo Ding smiled slightly and took a deep breath as he thought of the moment when he had passed by Su Shengbai as he was coming in. Luo Ding’s ugly complexion had been just right. Haggard, and yet full of affection.

As soon as the door was opened, Su Shengbai squeezed in as if he was doing something unseemly. He quickly locked the door with the back of his hand.

His eyes were red and his expression was like that of a frightened rabbit, he stared at Luo Ding in panic: “Why are you here?!”

Luo Ding narrowed his eyes. Currently, Su Shengbai was completely different from the clean young man he had known in his last life but he fit the original Luo Ding’s memories. Weak, timid, simple, all good qualities, coupled with his androgynous appearance, it was enough to arouse the pity of any man

“Why do you think I’m here?” Luo Ding paled as if he had been hit hard, he slowly approached Su Shengbai, stretched out his arms and locked him in the corner.

Su Shengbai stared at the man in front of him and the deep feelings in the other’s eyes calmed him down.

Luo Ding’s sudden appearance had undoubtedly placed a lot of pressure on him. After all, he had been Luo Ding’s lover. He knew Luo Ding’s true character and when the two broke up and went their separate ways he had thought that the other would hate him for life.

It could be said that Su Shengbai liked Luo Ding. Although this man was depressed and had poor communication skills, he was gentle, caring and focused. He was the most willing out of all the men Su Shengbai had dealt with but what use does this kind of love have compared to his future?

Because of Luo Ding’s character he was not destined to have any great achievements in his career, but Su Shengbai was different. Ever since he entered the performing arts circle, he had aimed for the top of the pyramid!

Su Shengbai did not regret breaking up with Luo Ding. He was a person who could restrain his feelings. His prosperous career after breaking up with Luo Ding was a constant reminder that his choice was unquestionably correct.

However, in this moment of crisis in his career, a man who had disappeared for a long time had suddenly appeared again! And with such a completely strong and unfamiliar bearing. Su Shengbai was not sure what Luo Ding’s purpose was. Thus, he needed to find out.

The scene, where Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo had a good conversation just now had stung Su Shengbai’s eyes. If Luo Ding really intended to come for revenge, even if Su Shengbai had to try his best, he needed kill his opponent’s future while it was still in the cradle!

He came carrying thoughts of fear and death but Luo Ding’s attitude was beyond his expectations.

Surrounded by his strong breath, Su Shengbai couldn’t help but begin to panic. He looked up and Luo Ding looked at him with a smile.

Under the dim light, the other party’s more mature and profound facial features suddenly slammed into Su Shengbai’s heart.

At this moment, this strange yet familiar man was so fascinating to him.

T/N Note: … and we have action!

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3 years ago

I was not expecting that. I am enjoying how this author crafts their story!

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

3 years ago

Duan Xiubo is already so protective and now we have the ex in the picture….drama!

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MC, destroy that bitch. Hahaha. Thank you.

3 years ago

sounds like the ex might be getting bit by karma soon.

2 years ago

Su Shengbai, do you ‘love’ Luo Ding the same way you ‘loved’ Cao Dingkun and Xu Zhen? No one needs your deadly kind of ‘love’.

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