Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 17

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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 17

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Luo Ding leisurely lowered his head and with hitherto unprecedented momentum, his breath wafted over Su Shengbai’s face.

Su Shengbai had never seen Luo Ding like this before, with such a strong masculinity that was difficult to ignore. He was firm, virile, handsome, threatening, yet astonishingly seductive.

Su Shengbai and Xu Zhen had been together for a long time and within this period he had not met such an excellent man. Xu Zhen’s maturity and his stability were another kind of manly charm, but he was old after all and the wrinkles on his face had begun to droop. Su Shengbai was still so young, and occasionally, how could he not be reluctant when he looked at that face when he was in the mood?  

Su Shengbai had never fallen in “love” and this included Luo Ding. With Su Shengbai’s ability, status, gentleness, thoughtfulness, and obedience, when he needed something, he tied his partner up with emotions, when he didn’t need anything then there was no need for romance.

For a long time, Su Shengbai had even thought that he was a hard-hearted person. In his opinion, the heart was merely a thing that existed in legends.

But now, looking at the man in front of him, for a moment, he was not sure of his own assessment.

Su Shengbai’s heartbeat was a bit disorderly and the weighty expression in the Luo Ding’s eyes gave him the illusion that he was insignificant.

Luo Ding’s facial features were so delicate that Su Shengbai was jealous, but the former’s unremarkable temperament had been unable to give full rein to the advantages of his appearance.

However, Su Shengbai did not know what Luo Ding had experienced in these past few years, but he seemed to have transformed as though reborn.  

Su Shengbai felt fear. He had left so determinedly that he could guess how Luo Ding must hate him.

“You are back for revenge.” Su Shengbai curled into the corner of the wall, stared at Luo Ding with deer-like, reddened eyes, and said in choked manner, “You hate me, so you are going to get back at me.”

Luo Ding stared at him profoundly. The complex emotions swirling in his eyes were powerful but not threatening. He suddenly reached out and touched the side of Su Shengbai’s face.

Cool, slender fingers rubbed Su Shengbai’s hair in an agitated manner.

Luo Ding’s eyes were nostalgic and sentimental: “Do you regret it?”

Su Shengbai’s tears fell down, he nodded and sniffled: “I’m sorry, there is no one else like you. No one will hold me and comfort me when I’m sad.”

Luo Ding trembled from head to foot, his disposition suddenly softened, and he murmured in a gentle voice: “Is that right?”

Su Shengbai’s heart stilled for a moment. He lifted his head and glanced at the unveiled nostalgia in Luo Ding’s eyes and he immediately understood how to protect himself.

“Of course!” Su Shengbai’s movements were panicked and as though it was subconscious, he reached out and grabbed the corner of Luo Ding’s clothes while looking up at Luo Ding with his rabbit-like pure eyes, “You don’t know this but when I think of you, I want to come back to find you. Every day, I recall our happy lives when we were together but Cao ge and Xu … they both hate gay people. Now that something has happened to Cao ge, Xu ge is devastated. There’s nothing I can do. I don’t dare aggravate him again at this time. You know they treat me as a younger brother…”

As he ended, his tears flowed more and more, and he leaned against the wall, his posture was so fragile as to be unable to withstand a single blow.

What good acting.

Luo Ding had always known that Su Shengbai had good acting skills. Su Shengbai was the type of person who was naturally talented. Although not as accomplished as Cao Dingkun or the other titans in these circles, he was much better than most other celebrities. It was no surprise that he could beguile this group of people with his improvised performances. If Luo Ding were to be replaced by the original owner of this body, he will be 100% deceived.

Deception. It will all depend on who ends up hoodwinked.

Luo Ding sighed and his fingers that were rubbing Su Shengbai’s hair suddenly tightened, then he straightened his expression.

He pressed his forehead against Su Shengbai’s, staring at him deeply with an unspeakably ambiguous gesture, his eyes were tumultuous, his expressions, and his affections as intense as ever.

The temperature in the narrow space seemed to rise suddenly. Su Shengbai was attracted by this kind of image. The alarm bells in his heart went off, but he still could not restrain his mind. He was a little nervous but also a little bit expectant.

The Luo Ding in front of him was good enough to tempt anyone. He hadn’t met such a such a suitable person for a long time. He was unwilling to see Luo Ding continue to struggle and he understood that Luo Ding still loved him deeply.

This result was better than he expected.

For the time being Su Shengbai no longer cared about Luo Ding’s former self, if its Luo Ding’s current form he wouldn’t mind developing something more with him.

Luo Ding struggled with himself for a long time, but still did not leave the kiss that Su Shengbai was fantasizing about.

Luo Ding’s eyes were blood streaked and tears were looming in his eyes. However, his resolute expression remained the same and except for the slight twitching of his nose and the corners of his eyes, Su Shengbai would not have realized that Luo Ding was struggling fiercely.

Luo Ding let go of him suddenly and then turned and punched the wall.

“Are you still relying on Xu Zhen to produce films?” His voice was deep and hoarse.

Su Shengbai breathed a sigh of relief and he knew he was safe: “Yes, I … I have to take part in his new film. This film is very important to me, so I cannot fall out with him before filming starts.”

Luo Ding didn’t move for a while. Then he suddenly stood up and walked quickly to the door to unlock it.

Turning his head, he gazed at Su Shengbai, his aura changed from resentment to determination.

“Let’s go back.” Luo Ding took a deep breath, and the hand that was not holding on to the doorknob clenched into a fist. “I will one day become a man like him. You wait, I will make it possible for you be with me without worry.”

Su Shengbai looked at him dazedly, Luo Ding reluctantly smiled, his eyes were so soft: “Xiao Bai, you have to wait for me.”

Su Shengbai nodded his headed reflexively. After leaving the bathroom, he stood in the corner, facing the bright lights and guests in the hall, and for a moment he did not know which direction his future should take. Should he go back and tell Luo Ding that he was willing to mend their broken relationship?

Su Shengbai gritted his teeth, tearing the thought apart instantly. Luo Ding couldn’t give him everything he wanted!

He regrouped, and in an instant, he restored his clean and refreshing smile.

Luo Ding rolled his eyes, the affection on his face was long gone. This game with Su Shengbai had practically sobered him up.

When he returned to the washstand, he carefully washed the edges and the corners of the right hand that had just touched Su Shengbai’s hair.[1] He slowly dried off his hands on a towel and while staring at his poker-faced expression in the mirror, he gradually formed a flawless smile.

How nice, Su Shengbai’s visit had conveniently helped him resolve his worries.

Always give the opponent hope.

In the past, how much he had given to Su Shengbai, Su Shengbai would have to return one by one.


The crew of “Tang Zheng” seemed to have passed a bottleneck. After the dust of the casting for Fu Zhu’s character settled, the other characters were quickly selected.

Zheng Kezhen and Deng Jianlian were ecstatic. They were originally prepared to start at least two months later but now they had solved their casting problems long in advance. All was going well, and they had also saved on labor and time.

It was as if everything had fallen into place after Luo Ding appeared. Thus, among the producers, Luo Ding was awarded the title of “xiǎo fúxīng <<little lucky star>>”. This is one of the reasons why Zheng Kezhen and Deng Jianlian were so fond of him.

The start of filming brought together, for the first time, all the actors who were participating in the show and the spacious studio was full of enthusiastic voices. Luo Ding had arrived on set an hour and a half in advance and he could already see the staff running around busily.

Wu Fangyuan had never experienced such a scene before and as he was not very familiar with the situation on set, he was trembling in fear, a little bit. However, he still kept close to Luo Ding’s side out of concern that the latter would be struck by the staff-members who were carrying things.

Luo Ding was not wearing sunglasses. His mouth was slightly raised in a smile, his temperament was bright but steady. After considerable research, this was the image that he had found to be most suitable for him. He had retained some of the characteristics of the original owner but was more sociable. Sure enough, along the way, even the busiest people showed no impatience when he asked them for directions.

Zheng Kezhen, who had shaved his beard, was holding a roll of papers with which he shouted directions at the scene. On seeing Luo Ding, he immediately smiled.

“You this fellow, you’ve made it!” He gently smacked the paper tube in his hand on Luo Ding’s shoulder, and gave Luo Ding gave a thumbs up, ” Good looking and photogenic. I will definitely use you as a focal point in our promotions after filming is completed. How did Pan Yiming’s MV filming go?  Was it smooth?? “

When Luo Ding opened his hands, he realized that he had been handed an entertainment newspaper. The headline on the front page stated, “The Anniversary of Fashion”, Duan Xiubo was in attendance and was intimate with a mysterious guest!”

Beneath the headline were a few large photos. Some of which showed Duan Xiubo waving to the camera with a gentle expression, and some showing him as he held Luo Ding by the shoulders while speaking. What Luo Ding did not expect was for the newspaper to also publish his own photos as well.

Under the light, his handsome facial features were clear and beautiful and even through the pages of the paper, one could feel the calm in his eyes.

The newspaper had dedicated a considerable amount of space to guess Luo Ding’s origins and probably because Luo Ding had a good relationship with Duan Xiubo the editor’s words were mostly positive.

“Entertainment Daily” was the leading publication in the showbiz industry and its influence could be compared to the tabloids. Luo Ding once again recognized Duan Xiubo’s nickname of “walking headline.”

Such targeted exposure was really unattainable for most celebrities.

Luo Ding calculated in his mind that Pan Yiming’s MV was on the verge of completion and will be publicized by the following week, at the latest. While this current headline had still not faded, a new topic about him will appear. As long as he stayed calm, good results were guaranteed and the publicity would also be sufficient to support his image during the release of the makeup stills for Tang Zheng.

Everything had gone better than he had anticipated.

He gave a small smile, folded the newspaper and returned it to Zheng Kezhen: “The MV filming went very well. Pan jie took care of me and the shoot was very interesting.”

Before Zheng Kezhen could speak, a slightly hoarse male voice suddenly sounded behind him: “Zheng Dao, would it not be too difficult to film such an intense scene in the first act?”

Luo Ding turned around and saw a tall man with distinct Chinese features. The other party appeared full of righteousness, with sharp features and slightly tanned skin. Though he was shaking the script with a gloomy face, he was nevertheless a good-looking man in the traditional sense.  

The other party also saw Luo Ding, his eyes, slightly doubtful, glanced twice in confusion and then he looked at Zheng Kezhen who had not responded.

Zheng Kezhen did not answer the man’s query but frowned and introduced Luo Ding: “This is Qin Chun, who will be playing Wei Chigong. In a short while, the two of you will have to act opposite one another, if you don’t know him you should quickly get familiar with him.”

“Acting opposite each other?” Qing Chun was clearly surprised. “Are you …?”

“Hello, Qin ge, my name is Luo Ding.” Luo Ding paid his respects to this unfamiliar actor, smiled and answered, “I will be playing the part of Fu Zhu.”

“Fu Zhu?!” Qin Chun’s brows furrowed suddenly, and looked Luo Ding up and down for a while, all the while feeling depressed in his heart, “…You?”

Luo Ding heard the question in the other’s tone, his lips twitched slightly, and he nodded in confirmation.

[1] Correct social distancing technique. I hope he washed for 2 minutes while singing the happy birthday song twice ?

Translator Note: Luo Ding is so very devious.

There are already aggregator sites stealing my translations :'( . Please do not re-post my translations anywhere!

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