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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 28

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“Pan Yiming! Pan Yiming! Pan Yiming! Pan Yiming…”

It was almost time and the atmosphere at the venue was already in full swing. Pan Yiming had made her debut as a pop singer very early on and had accumulated a large number of young fans. Later, as she moved to the television circle, the concerts she held became fewer and fewer and there was consequently less time to interact with fans.

As such this album release event that had finally been organized after much difficulty had attracted a lot of hardcore fans who were recalling their youth. Many of these people were not necessarily looking forward to the album itself, but since they had not seen Pan Yiming in person for so long they had come to find the bright and beautiful idol they remembered.  

“Ah! Did you hear that in addition to Pan Yiming there will also several special guests at this press conference? Earlier they officially announced that there were several artists who had collaborated with Pan Yiming on this album. Do you think Wu Yuan will also be in attendance? “

Wu Yuan was young and handsome and was developing well in the entertainment industry. His image was healthy and uplifting. With his position as one of the “Male gods “his female fans were naturally numerous.  The rumor of his attendance had spread widely and the atmosphere at the venue was even more heated as a result.

Pan Yiming’s company was always thoughtful in doing things and they understood the needs of fans well. Since it has been revealed that several guests will be invited, the likelihood of Wu Yuan’s appearance was naturally very high. This was a pleasant surprise for fans.

“Since there are several guests, it can’t only be Wu Yuan!” Someone excitedly discussed with the new friends around her. “In fact, it is enough to see Wu Yuan on TV. Compared to Wu Yuan, who is always seen, I’m rather looking forward to seeing the handsome guy Pan Yiming posted on Weibo last time. His looks and temperament are really amazing! Do you guys remember? “

“Oh, Insiders! Tell us more …”

“That person was called Luo Ding, right?  He’s popular now. In addition to Pan Yiming’s MV, he burst out suddenly and is also working on a film and TV series.”

“But I like him! His photo stills are really handsome. The last time Pan Yiming posted those pictures he was so good-looking that I used the photos as my cellphone wallpaper. One of my office colleagues saw it and asked me who it was. She commented that he doesn’t look like a small starlet. “

“Please …” Someone who didn’t know Luo Ding looked up and whispered a question, “How can there be such a person in reality, If he looked that good wouldn’t he be at the top of the entertainment industry?”

The girl with the phone wrinkled her brows: “No …”

“If he was really so handsome, why have I not heard of him yet? Several of his photos have gone viral on weibo. Any ordinary person would have had some appearances by now. Have you seen any of his shows? “

“There really aren’t any … not even interviews … there are only a few obscure variety shows he filmed in the past and he does not look as attractive there as he does in the photos …” As soon as this point was raised, others joined in. After all, technology was very well developed now and one could not believe pictures in the media.  

Indeed, there are many of my own photos where my parents would find me unrecognizable. Thus, regarding a good looking little star who had just made his debut, many people would prefer to believe that he is just another piece of fresh meat created by photoshop.

Alas, weibo is weibo. In the future, we will only look at the pictures on weibo. He is so handsome, so looking at him on weibo is also pleasing enough.

In fact, this press conference actually did not require a song performance, but Pan Yiming had long been out of the music scene and thus needed some gimmicks for publicity.

Nevertheless, the theme of the press conference will definitely not change. On the whole, it was not as intense and lively as a formal concert, but rather resembled a meeting with the media with a little official flavor.

Thus, the first thing Pan Yiming had to do was to complete an interview with the album production team and interact with the fans. This interview was to last about an hour, and it was only after eight o’clock that Luo Ding would actually perform.

After dressing up and having his make-up applied, Luo Ding stood in the lounge and stretched his limbs. Later, he would also dance with Pan Yiming. This was the planned program.

Wu Fangyuan squatted by the side and looked on with a bit of worry. From time to time he would reorganize Luo Ding’s stage outfit. He had never seen Luo Ding dance and now he was naturally worried: “Can you do it? You’ve only practiced for a few days. Can you remember the moves well?”

Luo Ding felt that he was in good condition. Although the original owner was not very active, he had never skipped the company’s daily physical training for singers so this body’s limbs and ligaments were well stretched.

For dance, the most important thing is coordination. This depended on the individual’s own understanding of movement. Cao Dingkun did not learn dance for more than ten years in vain. Now, because of this good foundation, Luo Ding could quickly add his own flavor after memorizing the basic steps. In addition, the choreography with Pan Yiming was not very difficult to begin with, so as long as his physical strength could keep up, everything was easy.

“I’m fine.” He took the nougat handed over by Wu Fangyuan and ate two pieces. The rich heat from the milk and peanuts made him feel a lot more energetic. At a glance, it was already 7.45pm…

The production assistant knocked on the door of the lounge and politely asked Luo Ding to wait backstage.

“Luo ge, Pan jie will be performing soon. Please come with me.” He said and smiled respectfully at Wu Fangyuan. “You don’t have to accompany him, Wu ge. Just rest here. I will bring Luo ge back when he’s done.”

Wu Fangyuan was used to keeping a low profile in the entertainment circle, so he was not used to being treated so politely. Fortunately, after accompanying Luo Ding these days, he had been met with this situation several times and now he could respond without making a fool of himself.

Luo Ding gave himself a once-over and made certain that he had not made any careless omissions in his appearance. Then, he allowed Wu Fangyuan to help him put on a studded jacket that he would be wearing on stage.

“Thank you.” He smiled and nodded modestly to the production assistant, who was surprised for a moment after which a smile appeared in his eyes.

He had been so polite to Luo Ding because he had considered Pan Yiming’s status. Secondly, he had seen many entertainers, both big and small. Celebrities like Luo Ding who were highly praised for being handsome or beautiful often had bad tempers. So to avoid disputes one should never conflict with artists. Besides, there were so many big players in this entertainment circle. Those who offend workers like him today will one day be beaten in other ways.

The entertainment industry is a place where you must network while showing emotional intelligence. Intelligence, and connections. Without these two things, no matter how great your talent is you won’t become popular. Lowering your attitude is not very dignified, but everyone appreciates a humble person.  Many times, showing others a little kindness can change a lot of things.

Sure enough, the production assistant took Luo Ding to the stage lift area and called the makeup artist and the wardrobe assistant over: “You should remove half of the rivets on Luo Ge’s clothes, and make his nose contouring a little heavier. Today the stage lights have been changed and the brightness is relatively high. Because the light is too strong, it will obscure his facial features and make the rivets on the clothes too dazzling.” This kind of detail was not his area of operation. It was not his job to determine whether the artist looked good or not but he found Luo Ding pleasing to the eye and so he decided to mention it.

On the stage, Pan Yiming delivered the speech she had rehearsed countless times, including a recounting of all the hardships from  debut to the present. Audience members both on and off the stage were in tears.

The host also appeared emotional. He excitedly held onto the microphone and waved to fans provocatively: “Then let Pan Yiming sing us a song, OK?”

They had finally entered the part of the program that fans were looking forward to, and the atmosphere suddenly became fervent. Everyone began to wave the glow sticks in their hands: “Okay !!!”

Pan Yiming smiled and turned on her headset: “In fact, today I also invited a special guest for this session. He participated in the production of my new album and is a very talented and promising newcomer. Together with him, I will bring this “Heartbeat” to  everyone.”

“Heartbeat” was one of Pan Yiming’s popular dance songs. The entire song had a fast and lively rhythm. With a hot choreography, it was most suitable for the opening performance.

The fans below the stage were all surprised. Guests? Pan Yiming really invited guests! Listening to Pan Yiming’s description, she specifically indicated that the invited guest was a newcomer. Who could this be? Many of the fans who did not pay much attention to gossip were at a loss.

But those who had previously talked about Luo Ding immediately became excited.

Fans were actually not so isolated from the world, and their lives were not dedicated to only Pan Yiming, as such they usually also paid attention to other trending news. Luo Ding was very popular on Weibo and many people had heard of his name or seen his photos. Some were even fans of the role of Fu Zhu and even more people had knelt and licked the handsome guy in the photos when Pan Yiming posted about the release of her new album.

” They really invited Luo Ding ?!” Some of those who had previously joked that Luo Ding might be present were surprised.

“Oh my God! I’m going to die. You guessed it!”

The lights suddenly dimmed and cheers from fans filled the room. The spotlights over the stage gathered together in a bunch and focused on the lift hatchway in the center of the stage.

The rhythm seemed to ring and became more and more distinct, just like a turbulent heartbeat. Each beat pulled on the heartstrings of the one listening.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on that center point. The next second, just at the moment when the prelude sounded, a man sprung up onto the stage from the rapidly rising lift equipment. He bounced into position and landed in a dashing manner after a high jump.  

Under the lights, he stood in a pair of jeans, riding boots, and a studded motorcycle jacket.

With his black hair facing the camera he held his head down and despite not making any overt movements his aura was crystal clear and difficult ignore.  

This was a riveting act that calmed down the atmosphere at the venue for about a second, after which the media reporters immediately began to focus on shooting.

On the big screen, while the live camera zoomed in on his face Luo Ding took a deep breath and raised his head slowly.

Exquisite facial features, a light smile at the corner of his mouth, and sharp eyes which pierced into the viewer’s heart through the screen.

Let’s go! !! !! !! !!

Everyone sighed in unison, the atmosphere was inexplicably excited.

Photoshop? Photo your mother![1] Do people really look like this in other people’s homes?

Following the applause after Pan Yiming’s  introductory speech,  Luo Ding stood up unhurriedly and made a consummate bow before Pan Yiming in invitation.

Their limbs stretched out instantly, their movements were clean and neat, and the explosive power of the dance routine was so strong that viewers could not help but tighten their muscles that also wanted to move in place.

It felt like a whirlwind was blowing in the very center of the stage leaving barrenness in its wake. As the lead singer Pan Yiming did not have many dance steps in this routine, she mostly echoed Luo Ding’s moves in response.

Unlike orthodox dancing, the rhythmic and beautiful dance steps were very infectious. On the big screen, a man flicked his sweaty hair with every move. Seemingly casual, the sinful smile on the corner of the mouth evoked a pleasant feeling while his controlled aura was incredible.  

All eyes were focused on this man who was not the protagonist.

As the last note of Pan Yiming’s  song landed, Luo Ding smiled and spun around in a circle. With his hands on the headset a clean headshake signaled the end of his dance performance.

The high-definition screen kept his every move under the attention of everyone in the audience. His slender eyelashes cast a thick fan-shaped shadow. The curvature of the bridge of his nose and his jaw seems to be refined. Everything was perfect from his forehead to his slightly raised chin.

Such a young face was at odds with his calm and domineering aura. His soft tousled hair was wet with sweat, and when it fluttered, he took on a burst of masculinity that suddenly caught the eyes of all women present.

The venue was quiet for five to six seconds.

The moment the lights turned on, the spotlights were almost synchronized with the audience’s screams which felt like an overflowing tidal wave.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!!!!”

“Luo Ding! Luo Ding !!!”

“So handsome !!!!!! Look at me !!!”

Luo Ding was not thrown off by these clear and audible flirtatious jokes.  He breathed evenly and the low-pitched gasping sound of his breath was spread by the sound system, causing a frenzied commotion.

Sounds of the camera shutters kept coming in waves, and the flashing lights from the audience below the stage were almost synchronized. Luo Ding stood at the center of the stage without any fear. He bowed towards the audience stage with a smile on his face: “I have made a fool of myself.”

Not at all!!![2]

The women whined, as if eager to climb down from the audience and rush onto the stage to undress him.

Luo Ding laughed in a low voice, the sinful smile he sported while dancing had completely changed into a slightly bashful sun-filled smile.

Pan Yiming didn’t seem to mind that she had been robbed of the limelight. Instead, she applauded and asked the audience: “Isn’t he handsome? It’s a pity that you can’t touch him. While we danced just now I wrapped my arm around his waist!”

“The pink fans’ love has turned to black fans’ hate[3] !!!” The women in the audience laughed.

His appearance shocked almost everyone. Although the media knew that Luo Ding would perform beforehand, they did not prepare many interview questions related to him. But after the scene that just ended, everyone could predict how much news traction Luo Ding’s appearance will generate, so urgently several media persons began to quickly formulate topics for interview.

“Luo Ding, what is your relationship with Pan Yiming?”

“What do you think of your popularity on the Internet now?”

“Your dance is so good, you must have studied it for many years, correct?”

Luo Ding smiled slightly at everyone: “Sorry, this is the press conference for the album release, if you focus on me personally, Pan jie will strangle me after stepping down.”

Pan Yiming coughed and waved her fist: “How could I? I’m such a gentle person.”

Her voice was filled with laughter.

Pan Yiming was relieved, and Luo Ding’s response did not disappoint her. It was not uncommon for special guests to be invited and the event turning into a guest questioning session. Reporters always focus on what will be topical and regular album release news will certainly not sell as well as gossip about the private life of celebrities. It would have been hard for Luo Ding to pull the topic of discussion back on track if he had allowed himself to distracted. Furthermore, both the company hosting the event and everyone involved would certainly have been unhappy.

Seeing that Luo Ding didn’t have any ideas of ​​grabbing the limelight, the media people were not inconsiderate. Naturally, they quickly pulled the subject back to the main theme and talked about the new album.

Pan Yiming praised Luo Ding’s state at the time of the MV filming and announced that she had made the song on which she worked with Luo Ding the title song.

Seeing that the fans were excited again after hearing this announcement, Pan Yiming knew that she had made the right move and was therefore relatively more confident about the release.

The title track of the new album would naturally be promoted. In order to drive sales, Pan Yiming needed to let everyone know that the quality of her work had not diminished.

The fans in the venue were very excited to learn that the audio and mv of the new title song would be performed. Everyone was aware that the song that Luo Ding and Pan Yiming collaborated on was the one that was posted on Weibo after the still photos were taken.

Because Luo Ding was to appear in several movies the news of the album had been repeatedly reported about and had already stimulated people’s appetite. In addition, Luo Ding’s appearance today was really too dazzling. Many people also wanted to see as many of his projects as possible.

The lighting at the venue dimmed once again. Only the big screen at the end of the stage shimmered. After the logo of Tian-Media entertainment flashed on the screen the cinematic intro to the album was unexpected. The prelude to the song was not in the same genre as the distinctive dance performed by Luo Ding just now.

This disappointed some people who had originally thought they were going to have a chance to see another new dance, but soon, this disappointment was overridden by the powerful plot of the MV.

The lyrics of this song were not very profound, after all, the route taken by Pan Yiming had nothing to do with an upscale atmosphere.

The female detective in the police station reviewed the victim’s information and found that the deceased had a subtle connection with a small town. She searched for information on the town on the Internet, and discovered that it was a beautiful place that looked calm and peaceful. In order to solve the case, she changed her uniform and put on a fresh and sweet-looking dress and went to the potentially dangerous place.

Holding a map of the streets, she aimlessly searched for a breakthrough when her eyes fell on a sign of a coffeeshop on the side of the street. Probably out of tiredness from walking she turned off the path and followed the direction shown by the signpost.

The flowers on both sides of the road bloomed brightly and beautifully. Pan Yiming’s voice was lowered and her singing was slow and soft like a lover’s whisper.  

At this time, a man appeared in the frame.

The bright sun shone on the red-roofed house behind him. He was holding a coffee pot and wiping it carefully with a fine cloth. He leaned against the fence. The dense trees and flowers behind him seemed to exist only for him and made him look full of lingering sunlight.

The man seemed to hear footsteps and when the chorus sounded, he looked up slightly at the direction of the incoming person and then smiled.

This smile was clear like a polished crystal and the corners of his mouth were curved. His eyes were clean and clear and with the sun behind him his entire being was as if he was born from the haze.

There was a rhythm of heartbeats and the female detective fell into enemy hands.  

The detective and the male owner of the cafe fell in love and the two were inseparable, often smiling at each other. In the garden they sat on the white swing in the flowerbed full of flowers and took a nap leaning hand in hand.

Life was carefree until the murders occured again.

The detective started busily searching for evidence, contacting various witnesses related to the case, and then went home to discuss the matter with the café owner.

Under her relentless pursuit she broke through the case. A witness finally contacted her and informed her that they will reveal something to her the next day. The night was dark, and under the moonlight, the female detective fell asleep with a sweet smile after hanging up the phone. However, the man beside her opened his eyes which were covered in haze.

Everything happened quickly. The next day, the female detective only found the body of the witness in a pool of blood. Everything in their study was burnt down.

Until she found a small, neatly folded piece of paper in the palm of the dead body’s hand.

In her mind, there were a series of clues. From the past to the present, all the details of the case were displayed in front of her eyes.

She returned to the cafe, filled with contradictions and temptations. She pretended to get along with the man as she ordinarily did but her interest had changed.

After telling the man that another witness had details to reveal, the female detective did not really fall asleep. After midnight, in the quiet of the night, she saw the man get up and leave secretly.

The female detective, with tears streaming down her face, followed, and saw an unforgettable scene outside the window of that witness’s house.

The handsome man who had been filled with sunshine was black like a piece of dark ink in the night. He was wrapped in layers of haze, and different from his aura in the daytime, he was full of lingering evil.

He looked down at the witness kneeling down for mercy, his eyes as if he was looking at ants. He sat on a high desk with his toes tormenting the other’s jaw. His tilted head revealed a constant smile.

As a result of this smile, his eyebrows were a little charming, if you could ignore his cruelty. This was simply the most pleasing scene in the entire MV.

The female detective smashed the window with a stone, entered the room and confronted the man.

The man’s surprised expression and the panic that followed began to settle slowly with the new melodious song.

The man let out a smile of relief and kicked the witness who was still hanging onto his pants and begging for mercy. Holding the sharp knife he approached the female detective step by step. His powerful aura was like the dark clouds that caused people to be breathless.

The female detective closed her eyes to hide the hatred in her gaze. Tears slipped down her cheeks, and her chest was raised waiting for her death.

The man gently took her arm, shoved the handle of knife into her hand, wrapped the back of her hand with his big palm, and grinned in a happy and relieved manner.  Under the horrified gaze of the female detective he slowly moved the tip of the knife and slowly pierced his heart.

While the dense blood seeped into the black fabric his eyes did not leave the female detective’s from beginning to end. The emotions in his eyes were too complicated to be distinguished – comfort, regret, guilt, love.

The last note fell lightly, the melody was low and gentle. The man pierced his chest with the blade, holding the female detective’s face with his blood-stained hands, he kissed her heavily.

The picture turned black and white, the roses quickly withered, and the dead petals fell to the ground.

The female detective dragged her suitcase and left the town as though in a trance. Like a tape rewinding, the scenes from the beginning were replayed.

This was actually a crazy love story. The plot in the beginning was laying the groundwork for the final showdown.

However, because the love that shone in Luo Ding’s eyes was so moving, when the lights at the venue were restored the artists found that all the audience members were in tears.

Perverted love is also love. But because of the different way it was expressed, this kind of feeling that one would rather die in the hands of one’s own lover was instead suffocating.

But the most important point was that this perverted person looked really handsome. He was so handsome that women were willing to ignore his mental abnormality. Human logic was sometimes so easily defeated.

The effect of the MV that played on the big screen would not be the same backstage, so even Pan Yiming was surprised to find some traces of dampness in her eyes.

At this time, she was really embarrassed to shed tears. So she quickly turned her attention, looked at Luo Ding and bowed to the audience.

“Pan Yiming! Pan Yiming! Pan Yiming !!!” The fans in the venue became even more fevered and started to wave their support banners with the same fervor as they did at the beginning of the show. They were even more enthusiastic.   

But there were also slight differences.

In the cheers within this large theater, there have been large-scale defections. In addition to Pan Yiming’s name, some people shouted with red eyes and snot in their nostrils: “Luo Ding! !!!!!! “

Luo Ding beckoned to the audience, showing a grateful smile to Pan Yiming.

Pan Yiming blinked hard and converged a thousand words into one short sentence after, covering the microphone, she asked—

——“— “Luo Ding, do you have tissue paper in your pants pocket?”

[1] This phrase is not accurately translated. From the context it appears to be some kind of expletive. So I filled the gap with the most appropriate phrase I could think of.

[2] Again, not accurate. “丑个球啊” translates into Ugly a ball which makes no sense lol

[3] The slang is kicking my butt. 粉转黑 translates into “Pink to black’. Your guess is as good as mine. (Thanks Jelaza for providing the trans in comments)

T/N Note: The chapters get longer and longer :'(. On the flipside I enjoy these glimpses into the workings of china’s entertainment industry.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!!!

The fans reactions are hilarious.
“U so pretty, i don’t care U crazy” ??
Also, yelling at stars with snot in their nostrils… ??????
The author really didn’t leave them any face… ??????

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Ohhh, I like those little details concerning stage makeup and costumes! And lighting too, it’s incredibly important. For example, tutus that appear pure white on stage are actually made from off-white fabric, because pure white would look sickly and unpleasant under stage light.
Thank you for the translation! <3

3 years ago

The level of detail on the “insider” stories of the entertainment Indu makes me wonder if the author is actually part of the industry. From the story front, GP is eating LD up!!! Thanks for the update.

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For subtitle 3: The pink fans’ love turned to black fans’ hate.

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Thank you so much for the update!

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PY is such a delightful female character. I really like her. Hope she does well. Even if she’s not real hahaha.

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Dang I wish I could watch that MV pwq XD and Luo Ding’s dance and devilish smile. Gosh beauty and excellence is the best (≧∀≦) reminds me of blackpink’s new mv, omfg gotta love these masterpieces :3
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