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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 36

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Luo Ding’s strong psychological defenses caused him to never fear any standoffs. In the face of the foul wind and the rain of blood online, he still regularly visited his Weibo to read the latest news.

In his opinion, the clamorous personal attacks in the comments was nothing at all. In his early years, anti-fans were much more dedicated. They were very willing to use any means to block people who they did not like, whether or not their interests were affected.  For example, smashing car windows, sneakily throwing shoes and water bottles on the stage during a concert, or fabricating some plausible fake negative stories and passing them off as true, or even more mundane, directly posing as one artist’s fans to attack other artists.

Compared to the anti-fans that were crazy enough to hurt him several times in the past, these boycotts and abusive online comments were so mild that they were not worth mentioning.

An anti-fan is a very scary creature. Just as fans would like an idol and will go all out in chasing that idol crazily. Anti-fans, when they hate a star, will behave even more crazily than a fan.

Of the above-listed ways of discrediting artists, the last one was undoubtedly the most useful. Not only did it leave the impression that “this fandom is brainless” to people who have nothing to do with the fandom, it also made the innocent artists who had been attacked subconsciously reject the celebrity whose fandom was believed to have provoked the fan-wars.

In the internet age, the disadvantage of using online pseudonyms is that no one knew who the other person was on the other side of the internet network. Online trolls had the idea that ​​”they will never be found” and desperately vented their dissatisfaction from their real lives in the virtual world. They also did not avoid being used as weapons by other interest groups who may dislike a currently disfavored celebrity and were always prepared to charge to the front lines of battle anytime, anywhere.

When Cao Dingkun was young, in his second year after debut, he was also randomly condemned.

Carried away by his popularity, for a while, he had neglected managing his reputation. Even when surrounded by the paparazzi he had failed to control his expression in front of the camera. One moment of negligence led to a lifetime of neglect. For many years after this incident, a photo where he had displayed an angry face was used countless times as material to attack him.

In the past, the artist management system was imperfect and more chaotic. It was commonplace for fans of various idols to fight each other.  Poison-tongued fans would be soft and adorable in their own fan circles but when they faced their opponents they will be harsh and mean and won’t stop until they saw blood.

For a period of time, while Cao Dingkun was still embroiled in the fallout of the above mentioned angry-faced photo, an anti-fan, who had claimed to be his fan, attacked senior artists in the entertainment circle and sent them blades and abusive letters.

For him, who at the time was gauche and unsophisticated, the mental impact and the damage to his reputation was incalculable.

This was the first big hurdle in Cao Dingkun’s life. When he was young, he had neither been rational nor strong enough and because he was extremely stressed out by the events, he had hidden under his blankets, gritted his teeth and secretly shed tears.

Yet every time he had thought he would be unable to hold on, life would give him a push him and he was forced to let go of his fears and move on. As he matured, Cao Dingkun experienced more things. After seeing the changes in the world, he could look back on his youthful years and pass things off with a smile.

Therefore, compared with Wu Fangyuan who had never had such an experience, in the face of this online scolding battle, he was abnormally calm.

Wu Fangyuan scrolled through Weibo silently. When he saw some of the posts, he almost wanted to swear. He was so angry. He hated that he couldn’t crawl to the other side of the internet network to strangle the offending party. With trembling fingers, he hid the Weibo page, took a deep breath and then slowly turned to Luo Ding, who was reclining on a lounge chair in his costume.

Distressed for Luo Ding and hating his own incompetence, Wu Fangyuan pursed his lips and quietly pulled his chair closer to Luo Ding. Seeing him with his mobile phone in hand while browsing the internet, Wu Fangyuan was worried that Luo Ding would see the malicious comments. He looked over and asked: “What are you looking at?”

“Weibo.” Luo Ding glanced at him and saw that his face was full of panic after hearing his answer. He could not help softening his expression, “don’t worry so much, It just a little talk.”

Just a little talk!?

Wu Fangyuan’s response to this was that for the first time he gathered courage to seize the mobile phone from Luo Ding’s hands with lightning speed. He then took a few steps back, hid the mobile phone behind him angrily and anxiously: “You … you… what do you think you are doing? It’s not that you do not know yourself well… “

He turned around and looked at the people around him. His face turned red, and he could only draw closer to Luo Ding and whisper, “It’s not good for your mood for you to look at this. Now that you are getting better, you have been able to stop taking your medicine temporarily. What if your depression can’t be controlled and worsens again?”

Seeing the anxiety and undisguised purpose in Wu Fangyuan’s eyes, Luo Ding’s minor dissatisfaction with having his mobile phone snatched away quickly subsided.

People around them were intentionally or unintentionally casting their eyes over. Luo Ding observed that Duan Xiubo and Yuan Bing, who had been talking to Huo Xie over at the Director’s seat had turned their eyes to their direction. Luo Ding reached out and grabbed Wu Fangyuan’s clothes and dragged him closer: “Come here, shut up.”

“Give it back to me.” Luo Ding sighed when he saw Wu Fangyuan’s aggrieved face as he crouched beside the reclining chair. He rubbed the latter’s blond hair helplessly. “Don’t make a fuss, will those comments disappear if I don’t read them? You should let me face some things by myself. If we are so timid at this early stage what should we do if we encounter greater difficulties in the future?”

“This time the difficulty is already very great.” Wu Fangyuan’s nose was red and his voice was choked. “These people are really over the top. How can they stir up so much trouble based on no credible information? It is really easy for them to discredit a person since they don’t have to take responsibility for what they say. Now with such an incident, your reputation that you’ve worked so hard for has been ruined.”

This incident had really scared Wu Fangyuan. He had known that the entertainment industry was sinister, but that was just peripheral knowledge. For the first time, he had experienced such fast-changing public opinion, and it had rendered him unable to calmly and objectively view the information around him.

Just a while ago, Luo Ding was being praised for his good singing voice yet before long his weibo home page was filled with abuse. Wu Fangyuan had looked at the unsightly words and had nearly collapsed. He had become listless. It felt like the top of his head was being pressed down by a heavy mountain and he had even been deprived of the strength to breathe.  

Still not mature enough … after all, Wu Fangyuan was only in his twenties and was just a fledgling young man. Luo Ding fell back into his chair, took the mobile phone that the other party had handed over and reopened Weibo. After reading two pages, he suddenly said, “Fang Yuan, do you think there are many anti-fans participating in this scolding battle?”

Wu Fangyuan didn’t speak. In fact, he even regretted a little talking so much earlier. The pressure Luo Ding was under was already great and listening to Wu Fangyuan’s complaints undoubtedly only made things harder.  

Luo Ding saw through the true thoughts underlying Wu Fangyuan’s silence and had intended to say a few words to him in explanation when Duan Xiubo’s voice suddenly came from behind him.

“There are only a few people who are really active in online scolding battles of this nature. Particularly, if the words seem to be consistent, organized and disciplined, it is likely that small groups are making trouble together. Most passers-by will only observe and express their neutral views. If participants can chase and pursue 18 generations of your ancestors with such bitter hatred like this  then you can assume they have some  conflict of interest with you.”

“Duan Xiubo was still wearing his costume from filming, and his sleeves and the corners of his robes were swinging slightly as he walked. At this moment, he did not look like the tough and brash Mu Gui from the film, instead, he was gentle and more elegant. “However, although there are only a few people who are creating confusion, they are active and have a clear purpose and thus their posts are more eye-catching. Joined by many neutral parties, their movements appear much greater.”

Duan Xiubo walked to Luo Ding, lowered his head and met Luo Ding’s eyes as he lay on the lounger. He smiled slightly, raised his hand and held down Luo Ding’s shoulder as the latter was about to rise respectfully.

“It’s fine. Just lie down,” Duan Xiubo said. He pulled over a nearby rest stool and sat down next to the lounger. Duan Xiubo waved the cattail leaf fan[1] in his hand twice at Luo Ding and his eyes contained a slight invitation, “How did I do? Am I right?”

“How do I know?” Luo Ding thought to himself. He was not the sort of person who would openly express his own shrewdness. He smiled, turned away and said to Wu Fangyuan, “Learn from Duan ge I think what he said is quite reasonable.”

Pretending to be pure.

Duan Xiubo’s mouth angled down. He clearly hated those schemers in the entertainment circle who always loved to pretend to be clueless. However, he felt that the young man in front of him, who was obviously understood everything but still pretended to be naïve was so cute that he was incapable of averting his eyes.

Unable to resist, Duan Xiubo reached out and stroked Luo Ding’s head. However, he subconsciously frowned at the uncomfortable feeling of the rough wig hair that was completely different from when he had previously touched Luo Ding’s own hair in the lounge area. Recoiling from the uncomfortable feeling, Duan Xiubo withdrew his hand.

The online abuse Luo Ding had received did not surprise him. Luo Ding’s current popularity was mainly only reflected on the Internet. Although he had gained popularity quickly, in comparison to those stars who appear anytime and anywhere in real life, he was not as well known to ordinary people.

So, while his influence rose rapidly among youth groups his popularity among the masses had not increased simultaneously and he appeared like a solitary tower rising from the ground out of thin air. This tower was luxurious and exquisite, however its foundation was laid so quietly that even the administrators of the scenic ground area were not aware of its construction. Such an occurrence will always make people think that the tower never previously existed and had appeared in their field of vison overnight. It was an awkward feeling

Before Luo Ding truly stepped into the view of mainstream audiences, he would always have to accept such face-to-face confrontations.

This was what it meant to be an entertainer. To stand in the bright and beautiful dazzling lights of that stage one must naturally bear the pressure that ordinary people can’t accept. If Luo Ding wanted to persevere in this circle for a long time, he had to learn to summon up the courage to tolerate and ignore these external questioning voices.

However, rationality and emotions always diverge.

Duan Xiubo knew that the best thing for him to do was to let Luo Ding shoulder this burden alone, because if he could not endure such a small setback then he could never survive for long in this circle. However, when he thought of the ferocious pink scars on Luo Ding’s wrist, he couldn’t hold back from worrying about the other party. He still knew too little about Luo Ding and their relationship was not close enough. He didn’t even have the right to ask Luo Ding directly about the cause of his scar.

People who choose to commit suicide likely do not have a good psychological quality. Although Duan Xiubo could not discern any fragile emotions from Luo Ding’s tough and steady temperament, who knew whether he was pretending? His ability to disguise himself was just so high. 

“Do you need my publicity rep to send out some press releases on your behalf? It’ll probably let things settle down faster.” Duan Xiubo sighed helplessly. For the first time he commanded his own reason to take a step back and make way.

“Ah?” Luo Ding’s original intention was to adopt a cold-handed approach and ignore the developing situation. Let those who want to hurl abuse do so, when the album EP was released he could make use good use of this abuse to gain attention and publicize the album. After all, there were only a few people who were causing issues now and the eyes of the audience were discerning. As long as he could grasp the preferences of the public his negative online history could then become a weapon that made people either pity him or feel inspired by him.

After thinking about it for a while he still refused Duan Xiubo’s kindness: “No, I have only just debuted, the media is already scrambling to publish an article from me clarifying this scandal. What’s more, currently I’m in the dark about who is deliberately attacking me. Even if I escape this time the next attack will likely be more fierce.” 

The mobile phone in his hands buzzed with a notification from his Weibo network.

As Luo Ding spoke, he raised his hand and opened his weibo page. His eyes swept across the screen, and he was surprised by the news update. A subtle expression flashed in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing him this way, Duan Xiubo and Wu Fangyuan both leaned over, one on the left and the other on the right, to look at the mobile phone.

Hu Xiao had quoted and forwarded a post from a Luo Ding fan, clarifying that the performance video had been posted on Weibo without any post-processing, with the two words – “He he.”

In the past, when Luo Ding’s phone was under Wu Fangyuan’s management, as fellow artists of Yaxing studio Luo Ding and Hu Xiao had a mutually beneficial relationship. No matter what happened behind the scenes, in front of fans, every Yaxing artist was a good brother with whom they could hold hands. However, now, although the meaning of Hu Xao’s “he he” was unclear, it was obviously not forwarded with any good intentions.

“Fuck! This bastard!” For the first time in his life, Wu Fangyuan burst out into obscenities and his eyes turned red immediately. He jumped up and called Yang Kangding. “Yang ge! What the hell do you mean by this!?”

The furious Wu Fangyuan frightened Yang Kangding, and the latter’s momentum weakened from the start: “… why, what’s the matter?”

“What is Hu Xiao posting on Weibo!? Does he want to be so obvious in adding insult to injury? Everyone knows what that “he he” means! I have seen through you!”

He finished speaking, hanged up the phone, sniffed and felt that he and Luo Ding were isolated and helpless in this current situation. Wu Fangyuan stood in the same spot with his head held low for a while and then he hurried away because he did not dare let Luo Ding see his tears.

Luo Ding’s gaze followed him helplessly. He sighed, looked at Duan Xiubo, and then shook his head at Yuan Bing, who had also come over to ask what had happened.

Duan Xiubo frowned, took out his mobile phone and logged on to Weibo. After searching for Hu Xiao’s account, he found that the number of retweets and comments under Hu Xiao’s latest Weibo post was rising rapidly.

After clicking on the comments, the usernames were all familiar. Each posted a smiley face. The meaning of the posts was nothing more than “Look! Even the seniors in his company don’t want to see him at all. It can be seen how terrible Luo Ding is in private. The eyes of those who like him must really have been eaten by dogs! “

Duan Xiubo couldn’t help being surprised. Wasn’t this artist called Hu Xiao originally a senior of Luo Ding’s agency? This was an eye-opener for him. In fact, celebrities abided by unspoken rules wherein they tried not not to participate in public altercations involving other celebrities.

One could definitely say that a comment such as this concerning the talents of another celebrity was definitely prohibited by the company. Even if one were to make such a comment it would be closer to ambiguous PR statements giving encouragement to the other party. But this Hu Xiao, he did not even know if Luo Ding’s video was post-processed or not yet he was already so clearly opposing Luo Ding…

Such emotional intelligence was simply terrible.

Luo Ding glanced at the time, and his half hour of rest was about to run out. He sat up from the reclining chair with a jump and recovered his mental outlook to its best state in an instant. You could not tell that he had just been lazing on the lounger like a big cat.

“I’m going to touch up my make up.” Luo Ding smiled and nodded at Duan Xiubo and Yuan Bing. After thinking it over he patted Duan Xiubo’s shoulder, “Duan ge, Yuan jie, don’t worry, this really doesn’t bother me. Thank you for your concern.”

Yuan Bing saw Luo Ding’s rare and infectious heartfelt smile and did not hold back and smiled back at him. Watching Luo Ding leave, she frowned and wondered how Luo Ding’s temperament had been cultivated. Then she saw Duan Xiubo seated beside her with a smile on his face.

“Yuan jie, let’s discuss something.”

Yuan Bing looked at him with a contemptuous look, there was no trace of the tenderness and amiability with which she looked at Luo Ding.

From the past to the present Luo Ding had not been a vulnerable person. Until his career reached its peak he had been struggling alone. At that time, he was even worse off than he was now. He wasn’t always cared for by an assistant and there was no agent to work on his behalf. The entertainment industry in Hong Kong was controlled by gangsters and hidden rules prevailed. Even in that kind of crevice, he had survived cleanly, why can’t he survive now?


However, Luo Ding did not expect….

… that in a corner he couldn’t see, there were many people working to fight alongside him.


Luo Ding’s fan base, on the whole, was not very large, but in terms of its quality, he could completely compete with the popularity of artist who debuted alongside him or even some of his predecessors.  

This has something to do with the way he attracted fans. From his debut to the present day, Fans first got to know Luo Ding through Pan Yiming’s album MV photo teasers. Pan Yiming started her career as a singer very early and then transitioned into the television industry where she had been filming for some years. Most of the fans who stayed with her had accompanied her for a long period of time. They were not too young and had a lot of experience as fans. They understood what was taboo in this circle.

The second time he was known was the first bloody fall out of the “Fu Zhu” role casting on Weibo.

The character Fu Zhu was derived from an ancient classical Chinese novel. This book was famous and had been translated into modern vernacular and thus was widely spread. But no matter how interesting it was, it was still a historical book. Compared with ordinary novels, it was much more obscure, and not as full of story-telling as the modern masterpieces with coherent plots. Most of the people who could bear to read it and liked the characters in the novel were people with certain types of experiences.

These two storms molded the temperament of Luo Ding’s first fans.

Further, it could be seen from this incident that even among Luo Ding earliest fans to the new fans who had recently joined the fan circle, young[2] fans only accounted for a small proportion.

This was not to say that the power of young fans was not a good thing. Young fans were enthusiastic, simple and loyal to idols, but their shortcomings were also obvious.[3] Because they were too young and lacked the experience to read into issues, they were more likely to be excited than older fans and it was therefore difficult for them to rationally handle the outside world smearing their favorite idols. Their response to this was often to quarrel as a group with personal and family attacks flying together. Though they seemingly had the upper hand such a response served to actually give a very bad impression to passers-by who did not know the truth.

The influence of rational fans in a fan circle was incalculable. Fanbases often affected the impression an idol star will have on outsiders. In this way, it could also be understood that fans were the first public faces of idols.

Luo Ding was very fortunate to have such a group of mother and father fans who were young yet had sufficient experience in dealing with crises.

At the start, when abuse was being hurled, the experienced fans quickly moved into action. Long ago, they had spontaneously established a chat group to facilitate communication and management between fans. The emergence of this crisis roused everyone. The first person to develop countermeasures was the girl whose username was: “Fu Zhu Support Club”.

Fans were forbidden from fighting under any weibo post. Any forwarding of negative news was prohibited. In case of personal attacks, immediately report the post.

From the beginning of the chaotic situation to the order that followed, everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized. Of course, there were some comments to refute the critique that Luo Ding’s video was post processed to autotune his voice, however these responses were only permitted under strict regulations, and the tone of the responses were revised to be as objective as possible. When they encountered people, who acted as though they were confused but actually had ulterior motives, they ignored them. Such a fan response, even if it did not suppress the negative news very quickly, at least left a good impression on the onlookers who were watching the developments.

Then there was the battle between the hardcore fans who were present on the day of Luo Ding’s performance and had filmed the video.  

The video selected to be posted on Weibo was the clearest and best recording from many fan-filmed videos. However, the recordings filmed by everyone in private had nevertheless been backed up separately. Thus, the fans quickly edited the videos taken from different angles by different people and sorted them out. They then gave up their usual method of having a small “v” post and decided to spam these videos.

Each video cut out a portion of recordings from the same time period, and edited them together as a preview so that passers-by who were too lazy to open the video could still distinguish the truth of the situation.

While this operation was in full swing, Fu zhu Support Club suddenly posted a screenshot of a Weibo post in the group chat: “Damn, this man is so cheap!”

The screenshot was a picture of their clarification weibo post which had been quoted by Hu Xiao with “He he”. Qun Li, a fan of Luo Ding, immediately exploded: “Fuck! This person is so shameless, He’s a big “V” and he can’t even tell that the video has not been processed?”.

“I am taller than the sky”: “His face will truly be so ugly when it is slapped numb”

“Xiao Dingding, I am your mother-in-law fan”: “Who is this person? His face is so sour and mean, why haven’t I ever even heard of his name?”

“Fu zhu Support Club”: “Jie, the Tianlei idol drama has been off the air for many years, it’s normal not to know him.”

“I am taller than the sky”: “Everything has been edited and sent to the group e-mail. Everyone should prepare their own copy of the full video recording and post it at six o’clock. We will try to trend the video at seven’ o clock.”[4]







However, this formation was again disrupted by Fu Zhu Support Club.

“Let’s delete it!!!” Her profile picture was a roaring hippopotamus, surrounded by a bunch of exclamation marks, to give it a unique flavor, “Am I wrong? I must have read it wrong!!”

While everyone was wondering what was happening, pia pia[5] she dropped two screenshots.

The group was quiet for a while.

One of these two screenshots was from Duan Xiubo. It was published five minutes ago but the retweets and comments had already passed five thousand: “I was also present on the day Luo Ding sang. The studio where he auditioned was Ma Xiaorun’s music club. At least, as far as I can tell this video is not even as good as hearing him in person. Rumors stop with the wise.”

Underneath the post were comments from fans: “Male god, since you believe him, I believe him!”

“Yeah, some people are really weird. I can’t understand it. It’s really just a practice session and even if his voice was auto-tuned is this something worth so much abuse?”

“That’s my male god, Since Luo Ding can be appreciated by you he surely he has his advantages, I believe him.”

The second was a screenshot of the weibo homepage of Yuan Bing, who had also squeezed into the ranks of domestic superstar -first-line actresses: “Don’t mind the external voices questioning you, we all know how good you are.”

Although the comments on her Weibo repost were not as hot as Duan Xiubo’s, unlike Duan Xiubo’s female fans, most of her fans were men.

“Ouch, Luo Ding is really a winner in life.”

“Goddess I want to see you, but you are already with someone else, why is life so difficult? …”

In the comments, Yuan Bing used a smiley emoji to answer a comment asking about her relationship with Luo Ding: “Luo Xiao ding is very sensible and cute in private. I treat him as a younger brother, so I don’t want such a good young man to be unnecessarily beaten down by false rumors.”

After that, the comment section boiled. While the men competed to confess to Yuan Bing, they never forgot to add a suffix: “All hail our good queen! Luo Xiaoding! From today you are also my brother!”

After falling quiet, some of the mother-fans in the group could not withstand the shock they had received from their comrade in arms’ post and shouted, one after another, in the chat that they had been blinded.

“My son is so goddamn amazing!”

“God help me! God help me!”

“That’s right. Now Lord Duan’s Weibo will definitely trend No.1 at six o’clock. When it goes down, we can then get our clarification post to the top by staggering the time, so it can be seen by as many people as possible.”

While Luo Ding was focused on filming, unknowingly the wind on Weibo had slowly begun to change direction.

The online trolls whose task it was to hurl abuse were strangely afraid to go to Duan Xiubo’s Weibo page. This was probably because the means by which Duan Xiubo debuted appeared legendary to many people and they could not figure out his actual status. The internet seemed safe and reliable but in fact, there were many insecure loopholes. As long as one had the money and the ability, it was not difficult for the people behind the screen to be tracked and caught.

These people at most secretly ridiculed Duan Xiubo for using his identity to help others but had to wait for the effectiveness of his weibo post to die down before they could stage a comeback.  

However, when they went back to fight for another 300 rounds, they found that after six o’clock while Duan Xiubo had previously overwhelmed the hot trends list, currently weibo’s main page had changed dramatically from what it was before they went silent.

A certified Weibo page named “Member of the Yanghe Yacht Club” with a big yellow v had replaced Duan Xiubo’s post and was now trending number 1 with nearly 50,000 reposts.

“Lip Synching? Auto-tune? True or false? watch the video and determine for yourself. Only some members of the fanbase were contacted this time. Other friends who haven’t been contacted are welcome to post their own recordings on Weibo. Our apologies for troubling the passers-by, who do not want to be bothered by a contradiction between fans and online trolls, please ignore this with a smile…”

The post explained the incident clearly in a few simple words and as far as possible used objective language to guide the focus of the incident towards the details of the unreasonable attack by anti-fans, the unprecedented organized clamor, and the period of time within which these anti accounts were active. At the bottom of post was a string of video links which contained detailed usernames of the persons who had filmed them and noted the details of the filming.

Below the link were as many as twenty gifs, each of which showed moments where Luo Ding’s eyes were closed, where he was gently holding onto the earphones and gently frowning at the end. This young man with his sad and heavy expression glowed under the studio light with a kind of natural charm that was impossible to ignore. Because of the shooting angle, some of the gifs were even more beautiful than the initial pictures which had been selected and posted on the internet.

People who keep on scrolling through weibo are actually bored in their daily life[6] and so with the links being so clear many people clicked in to take a look.

The shooting angles of these videos were different, and the shaking was worse than that of the first time the video was posted, the resolution was also a bit blurred. Occasionally, the surrounding crowd will even block the view of the camera. With such garbage shooting skills, if this was done by a white-water army[7] then it was too unprofessional and could not reflect the charm of the idol.

But starting with the first note in each video, everyone with ears could determine the facts.

If the first video of the Luo Ding’s performance was post-processed then they will gnaw on the corner of their mobile phone/ table / door!

[1] Cattail leaf fan

[2] The author here used a term that translated to Loli/ Lolita fans and I decide to translate as young since loli seems to carry a specific sexual meaning in English which I don’t believe was the intent here.

[3] Real life example will be the recent drama with Xiao Zhan of The Untamed fame and his fans. 

[4] If you’ve ever participated in an online stan twitter battle. This is exactly like it. Lol. My own black history.

[5] Phonetic spelling to indicate speed e.g. whoosh whoosh in English or shooting sounds like pew pew pew

[6] Drag me author-nim :p

[7] Marketing bots that are hired and paid to promote a celebrity on line by pretending to be fans.

Translator Notes: Wu Fangyuan is so genuine to Luo Ding. He’s the best.

This chapter gives us a peek behind the curtain of what goes on with celebrities who are at the receiving end of online lashings and what happens in fan circles as they scramble to put out fires.

After this chapter I am fairly certain the author is a fan girl and an experienced one at that. Her description of the group chat was spot on. lmao.

Have you ever experienced an online fan battle? Tell me about it in the comments

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3 years ago

I’ve legit never even come close to that world. Barely know anything about the entertainment industry at the present. I’ll just enjoy reading about fake ones.

3 years ago

Luo Ding is so loved >w<
It's interesting indeed. I've personally not seen a lot of online fan battles. From the bits I heard of, it can be quite scary… cause if a huge star is involved, it can be more like a one-sided slaughter than a battle ^^'
Thank you~ owo

3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!
I’ve never been in a fan battlefield, only a melonseed passerby. ?

3 years ago

Being a kpop fan, kind of impossible to avoid them completely, lol. I once commented that while I like BTS, I can’t really call myself their fan because the fandom can be quite toxic at times……and an Army immediately responded that those toxic fans are not true fans, how hard the BTS members worked and how much Armies have been through and that if I hate BTS I should go die or something and I was like……okay then, point proven and you can jump around yourself but I’m out.

3 years ago
Reply to  Dandelion

I have also dealt with this terrible fan wars and hate it brings.I’m sorry someone told you that you should die and I agree Army can be quite toxic. In my personal view I try to see more positive because while there is hate, there is also good and the good for me overpowers the hate. I found people who connect, enjoy and love the same seven boys who continue to be here for army. I found people from all over the world who could understand how I felt and how proud I am of their accomplishments.I found a lot… Read more »

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thank you for the chapter!!^^

The Sun
The Sun
3 years ago

These two statements represents my feelings on most of the hate filled comments celebrities get – “Online trolls had the idea that ​​”they will never be found” and desperately vented their dissatisfaction from their real lives in the virtual world.It’s really just a practice session and even if his voice was auto-tuned is this something worth so much abuse?

3 years ago

Thanks for the update! You work hard again, translator-sama!! bdw, to be honest, I’ve never been to an online fan battle though I witnessed a lot of fans fighting and tearing each other apart. I just stay as a melonseed passerby. Like, seriously. Cause there are times that fan wars are so toxic. Especially in K-pop world that you just want to stay away from it. I’m a huge fan of EXO and so I witness so many fans who will discredit other artist just for the sake it. Like, I hate it but because I’m not a fighter. I’m… Read more »

3 years ago

I’m well past the age of joining fan battles! XDDD Besides, more often than not, even if your opinion is perfectly sensible and expressed politely, you’ll get attacked by brainless fans. It’s useless trying to reason with them – they simply hurl insults at you… Thank you, I’ll see myself out.

Thank you for the chapter! <3

3 years ago

Thanks for the update

3 years ago

Yeah, I’m an army and while I haven’t participated in any fan wars I’ve witnessed some and they can be a little off putting especially to people who want to join that specific fandom, but it’s all good cause why they are horrible fans they are also really good fan.
Thanks for the translation?

3 years ago

I have never been in fan wars, though I think it would be interesting (and…scary?) for me to experience aha~

3 years ago

Also, if I ever did come upon the fan battles, I feel that I would probably just want to inquire ’bout both sides?

3 years ago

Fans are really scary! What happened to (my) Xiao Zhan was unfortunate :(((

2 years ago

I hope there’s more interactions btwn Luo Ding and Wu Fangyuan in the future. I really like his character and I hope that LD can rely on him more. Not getting a lot of that right now 🙁

2 years ago

Sweet of Wu Fangyuan to be conscious and caring towards Luo Ding, especially considering the original’s depression.

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