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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 37

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The selection criteria for the first video posted was that: the picture should not be blurred, the filming should be smooth, and Luo Ding’s singing voice should be clear. In such a crowd of fans there were not many video recordings that could meet these three criteria simultaneously.

There were many shots that appeared to have a clear view and were filmed from beautiful angles yet were blocked by the occasional hand in the middle of filming. There were also many videos that shook and were blurry yet their sound effect was particularly good because the person filming had stood on the fringes of the crowd and was isolated from the surrounding noise.

The first video posted was the only available recording that satisfied all three criteria and thus under the circumstances it was selected. However, in fact, by comparison its quality was probably not as good as some of the videos which only satisfied one requirement.

Passers-by were not idiots. If the initial video had been edited, why did they not combine the videos with the best visuals and best audio together? Obviously, the original poster did not intend to deceive passers-by with a fake performance and thus they had chosen to upload one original recording.

The extent to which Luo Ding had been badly slandered over the past couple of days could easily be discerned by any perceptive person. However, despite this Luo Ding’s fans were not overly angry and did not scold others. Thus, although there weren’t many passers-by participating in this online battle, those that did invariably had a good opinion of Luo Ding, who was surrounded by such rational fans.

This time too, the fans’ clear and logical clarification on Weibo was also very appropriate. There was no excessive commentary and the wording of the lengthy Weibo post explained issues from a purely objective standpoint and in a way that could touch the hearts of the public.

Further, at the start of their clarification post they apologized for occupying the number 1 trending spot and disturbing readers who were not concerned with this issue. This apology also caused many people to naturally sympathize with Luo Ding.

Now that the Internet was mainstream, more than ever before, the public knew a lot more about the chaotic state of the entertainment industry. As an individual who had never been embroiled in a prior scandal, who maintained a modest public image and who had been so obviously slandered and bullied online, Luo Ding appeared like a weak underdog. It was inherent in human nature to easily sympathize with the weak. Thus compared with the online trolls who were full of sh*t and acted like they had been bitten by rabid dogs, Luo Ding’s camp, be it himself or his fans seemed bright and inspiring.  

What’s more, from his performance in those videos, Luo Ding’s own talent was beyond doubt.

In fact, other than determining the truth and falsity underlying the actual incident, one of the attractive points of gossip for the public were the identities of the Luo Ding’s main fan base.  

During this incident, after some discussion, the fans who had uploaded the videos they had recorded had decided to go all out in defending Luo Ding. One reason for this was to win the trust of the general public and another was to demonstrate that the fan base was not afraid of online trolls. Thus, the fans linked their real life accounts to the videos they had posted on Weibo.

It was these accounts … that triggered another trending topic.

One cannot overstate how how difficult it was to enter the Shanhai Building. Thus all the fans who had quickly gathered at the Shanhai building after finding out that Luo Ding had appeared there were either rich or wealthy.

In fact, these kinds of wealthy fans were often in the minority in any fan base yet this time they had appeared in an unprecedentedly organized manner and gave the illusion that all of Luo Ding’s fans were local tyrants.[1]

These accounts were all verified, with either blue or red “V”’s.[2] Luxury car hobby clubs, travel clubs, equestrian clubs and diving clubs. These money-burning hobbies normally did not appear in the general public’s field of vision yet they were now being listed in a consistent manner. Thus, while browsing through the posts and photos on these fan accounts, passers-by could only use one word to describe their mood at the moment, “blinded by riches”.

In addition, what was more unexpected was that some of these accounts were the official accounts of some large companies and the certified Weibo pages of business leaders. Looking at the titles of the general manager of X company, the shareholder of Y company, and the head of Z organization in the certification column above the usernames of these accounts, passers-by could not reconcile the serious and rigid corporate images with the words that these account holders had written in support of their idol.

Suddenly onlookers developed the same sense of awkwardness and embarrassment one would experience when you were suddenly hit by the realization that your favorite goddess also uses the toilet. Many of these account holders were playfully teased by official bloggers, some of whom even tried to take the highway by making moves to draw closer to these wealthy fans.

The original dark tide of abuse faded very quickly and the anti-fans were seemingly defeated. In such a happy atmosphere, most of the online trolls did not even dare take risks and withdrew after putting their Weibo comment permissions on private.  Occasionally, there were a few anti-fans who refused to give up but at this point one persons’ spittle could drown them.

In such a situation where the tides were instantly reversed, Hu Xiao’s forwarded post was instantly grasped by gossipy passers-by who had nowhere to vent and was used as a tool for their entertainment.

One of the most influential forums with the highest number of hits in the entertainment industry, the Hajiao Forum, had always been filled with people with penetrating insight. They had never let go of any gossip in the entertainment industry. Many of the netizens in the forum had great power because of their large number of followers and were closely watched by the public. Neither big nor small stars could escape their attention.

However, the netizens within the Hajiao Forum also had their own preferences. While the abusive fallout of Luo Ding’s voice manipulation dispute was ugly and insidious, Luo Ding’s fans were so rational and sensible they might as well have been steamed buns. As such, the quarrel between the two camps was akin to bullying. Gossip about bullying was not interesting. Besides, Luo Ding was not a big god-level figure who could generate an explosion of interest. Thus, though many users had clearly seen the incident they were disinclined to discuss it.

But when Hu Xiao joined the melee it was no longer the same!

In public, it was common to witness struggles between anti-fans and celebrities but fights between celebrities themselves were uncommon. In particular, embarrassing actions like Hu Xiao’s slightly emotional response will not be done by any celebrity with high emotional intelligence.

For something like this to occur in the entertainment industry was strange. Thus, most people did not care whether Luo Ding’s performance was real or fake, they just wanted to know how fierce the conflict between Luo Ding and Hu Xiao will be.

Subsequently, as soon as Duan Xiubo and Yuan Bing posted in support of Luo Ding on Weibo, the gossip section of the Hajiao Forum boiled.

Who was Duan Xiubo? He was one of the highest-profile male actors in China. Although he was reputedly very gentle and very kind, he was also very aloof and cold. He never participated in any publicity events, except for brand endorsements, and never accepted any live commercial activities. Though fans had wanted to take privates pictures of him, he was never seen anywhere and although all his social media accounts were active they were practically decorative pieces. He didn’t take selfies and didn’t advertise. Ther were no posts giving chicken-soup for the soul type advice, not to speak of jokes. All posts from him on weibo were work related. This kind of exceptional reticence combined with his on-screen presence always gave the impression that he was earnest in his work. In a fickle entertainment industry such a reputation could be considered very upscale.

But at this moment, after only a few months, how many posts on Duan Xiubo’s Weibo were related to Luo Ding?

When Duan Xiubo had come out strongly in support of Luo Ding following the cast selection debacle, many had thought that his post was just in response to a request from the crew. After all, within the entire crew, Duan Xiubo held the highest prestige and in order to make the audience trust in the quality of the film, it was undoubtedly most appropriate for Duan Xiubo to come forward to affirm Luo Ding’s talent.

But this time the circumstances were completely different.

Not only Duan Xiubo but even Yuan Bing had also stood up in support of Luo Ding. This caused people to begin to wonder about Luo Ding’s origin.

Thanks to these two heavyweights, this fan war, which had not really attracted the attention of the general public, flared up once more just as the dust was about to settle!

After thoroughly analyzing the course of developments from the beginning to the end, onlookers realized that this was indeed a full-scale drama that could not be ignored. While the talent of this little star was actually quite good his background was unknown. Thus, just as this young artist had set foot on the road to popularity some heavenly sticks wanted to bludgeon him back to his original position. Additionally, at the most critical moment of this situation the mutually beneficial relationship with his company senior fell into trouble. However, suddenly, god-level celebrities in the entertainment circle took the initiative to support him…. Tut Tut, the matters behind this affair could probably be used to film a  TV series.

Then at this time, Hu Xiao did another thing that made people even more happy.

He deleted his initial Weibo post, and then quickly forwarded another weibo post that defended Luo Ding from audio fraud accusations with the same caption “hehe”.

The stupidity and insincerity of this attempt to fool[3] the public made onlookers double up in laughter. If he had stood firm and had not withdrawn his previous remark, outsiders could have praised him for his backbone and his integrity. But as soon as news of Duan Xiubo and Yuan Bing’s support for Luo Ding emerged he immediately had second thoughts and his actions simply became wretched.

No one knew who came up with it first but in short, Hu Xiao gained a powerful and domineering new title—

—— “Mighty Leader”.

The members of the Hajiao Forum assembled on Hu Xiao’s Weibo page to praise and worship their new leader while quickly dividing and assigning high-level left and right ministerial positions for themselves.

Taking advantage of this carnival-like atmosphere online Luo Ding who despite being at the center of the storm had remained calm throughout the whole process as though the scolding battle had nothing to do with him, finally spoke out.

“Thank you for everything. I was surprised and terrified that such an unforeseen event could occur before the launch of my new E.P, but fortunately everyone has been willing to believe in me. In order to live up to your trust, I will continue to persevere.”

NEW! E! P!

Anyone who had ever heard Luo Ding sing subconsciously focused on these three words.

The list of participating producers for the New EP was quickly sorted out and posted on Yaxing Studio’s homepage. After a short period of silence, the number of major names that appeared on the list caused people to erupt in excitement.

Lyrics: Ye Zhou

Composition: He Guan

Director: Mao Xiaorun

Producer: Gong Liangguang

MV Cameo: Duan Xiubo

Production: Gu Yaxing.

It didn’t matter how the last name got mixed in. The key was the list of major people in the front.

Was this fake? This was an error, right?? It couldn’t be the people they were imagining, right?

It was understandable for He Guan and Ye Zhou to be named, it was possible for this popular duo to be hired by others in the industry, but Mao Xiaorun and Gongliang Guang … How could such great god-level characters appear for the sake of a newcomer? Mao Xiaorun’s current instructional course was difficult to find. Gong Liangguang was holed up at home and would refuse to discuss work even if offered a high salary. Duan Xiubo was even more busy filming. How powerful was the person who could bring such a group of people together to work hard for a mere E.P that did not even qualify as an album?

Luo Ding, who on earth was he!?

In Luo Ding’s fan circle group chat, many fans were so excited that they shed tears behind the computer screen. They knew that the difficult times had passed.

The response of their idol was so heartwarming that it was beyond words. The good news concerning the upcoming new E.P proved that their idol was fighting side by side with them, and was constantly surmounting his difficulties to achieve success. The hearts of all the fans became more closely linked by this crisis.


Yang Kangding walked around in circles like an ant on a hot pot.

He stared down at a page on his mobile phone. After seeing the neat rows of messages which read “Mighty Leader, Dominate the World” in the comment section, he shook with anger and he turned and smashed the phone on the sofa.

The phone bounced on the springy cushion and fell onto Hu Xiao’s lap as he was sitting on the side.

Hu Xiao dodged for a moment but failed to avoid it, He sat there frowning, his face sullen: “What are you doing? Are you trying to rebel?”

“Ancestor! Ancestor! Would you like me to serve you some light refreshments?!!!” Normally, in order to please Hu Xiao, Yang Kangding would have never dared to raise his voice, but now he couldn’t bear the anger in his heart, and yelled loudly, “You are indifferent? OK? Don’t you see what’s going on weibo now? Are you not worried at all?! Why didn’t you discuss with me before you posted that comment? This matter had nothing to do with you at all, why did you take the initiative to provoke such a mess? Were you trying to join the fun? Were you so unwilling to be left alone? Are you happy now? The Hajiao Forum has joined in now. Do you need me to explain to you how powerful those online mobs are?  Can you even hope for this “Mighty Leader” title to ever be removed in this life?”

Hu Xiao lowered his gaze and did not speak but his facial expression was foul. Did he know? How could he not know? In fact, after posting the comment he had regretted it a little, after all it was not a glorious thing to publicly ridicule a newcomer who had debuted later than himself. After posting it, he had wanted to delete it, but the rapidly rising likes on Weibo had given him the illusion that he was sought after and supported by the public. Thinking that Luo Ding would definitely not be able turn around such one-sided comments he didn’t make any more moves.

As soon as he fell asleep, the world changed.

However, Yang Kangding’s words as he scolded him caused the concern in heart to slowly recede. It took less than 30 hours from publishing to deleting the comment. So, what if he people on Hajiao Forum knew that he had ridiculed Luo Ding?  What was the big deal? Who cared whether one or two of them were aware? As it was none of their business, the public would not care whether he had mocked Luo Ding or not.

Although it was a loss of face to have been scolded by Yang Kangding he did not have the courage to retort. He picked up the phone silently and looked at the page that Yang Kangding had just looked at. The taunts on the screen caused him to grit his teeth tightly.  He did not hesitate to retreat from his own weibo page and turned to the popular public pages to see if the storm surrounding him had spread widely.  

Then he saw Luo Ding’s new E.P production lineup announcement issued by Yaxing Studio.

The string of names caused Hu Xiao to sit up straight. The sense of discontent within him became more and more intense. They were all artists from Yaxing Studio, why did Gu Yaxing hold Luo Ding in such high esteem? With such a big cake, he didn’t even get to share in a bite of cream? He had produced so many albums, when did he ever see even one person on that list support him?

Yang Kangding didn’t notice Hu Xiao’s movements. He busily recovered his composure and called Luo Ding.

It was Wu Fangyuan who answered the phone. For the first time, this voice, which had been very eager to please Yang Kangding even after Luo Ding changed his agent, ignored him: “What?”

This time, the flatterer was now Yang Kangding: ” Xiao Wu, Hu Xiao’s post on Weibo was really wrong. Truthfully, it was merely a coincidence and he did not mean to discredit Luo Ding. I have deleted that post. Can you take a look soon and post a clarification on Luo Ding’s account?”

“Oh,” Wu Fangyuan thought of Luo Ding’s advice and straightened his back. Learning from Yang Kangding’s previous tone he responded, “I’m sorry, Yang ge, Luo Ding’s account is now in Boss Gu’s care and I can’t make a decision on this. Why don’t you go and discuss it with him?”

Now that Yang Kangding was not on solid ground he couldn’t hide from Gu Yaxing quickly enough. How could he really go and ask Gu Yaxing for this? The corners of his mouth twitched, and the blood vessels on his forehead spasmed, but he still forced himself to maintain a mild tone: “Oh, is that’s so. That’s OK, It’s fine if you are busy.”

After hanging up the phone, he stood still for a while, thinking about how his relationship with Wu Fangyuan had reversed from what it was before Luo Ding became popular. There was no need to mention how bitter he was in his heart.

It was all the fault of that one who had failed to live up to expectations!

He glared at Hu Xiao, and then habitually logged onto the hot trends page to observe the latest developments just as Hu Xiao had done.

Like Hu Xiao after seeing the list of big-name producers for Luo Ding’s E.P, He was stunned.  


Guangling Wang was holding a green leaf, his fingers were flexible and long, and his white skin appeared even more transparent, like a jade statue under light.

The big red outer robe he wore had already become disheveled in the fight. A large opening had been torn into the shoulder of his robe, revealing his satin inner shirt. There was a knife wound near his chest, and the blood stains gradually begun to spread.

His eyes followed Mu Gui, and the subtle flirtation in his smile had faded, yet his gaze still carried the ridiculous conceit that everything was under his control. Combined with his current situation, he appeared even more sad.

Reaching out he covered his wound with his hand, yet his brow did not even wrinkle. He laughed mockingly: “Do you really think you can kill me?”

Mu Gui took a step closer with his sword in hand. his expression was very solemn: “Come nearer.”

Guangling Wang stepped back, tripped on a pebble and wobbled a little.

“I won’t kill you!” Mu Gui frowned even more fiercely, but didn’t dare to step forward anymore, he could only stand anxiously and stretch out his hand towards Guangling Wang. “All public judgments can only be made by the Dali Temple. If you don’t believe me,  I can get rid of my sword? “

Guangling Wang moved his fingertips, and with a wave he threw the last weapon in his hand. However, because of his injuries he had insufficient power and the thin blades fluttered in the air and brushed by the side of Mu Gui’s face leaving no marks on the other side.

“This King will not be judged by anyone! Dali Temple? Public opinion? Pah!.” He stared at his slightly trembling fingers and smiled as if in a daze. His gloomy gaze immediately focused on Mu Gui who had taken a step forward secretly. With ridicule on his face, Guangling Wang said “You want to kill me, but it’s too late.”

Mu Gui saw him turn and immediately widened his eyes out of anxiety: “No!”

“My death will not be by your hands, hah!” Guangling Wang sneered, as if he had finally found a suitable way to solve his current dilemma. He leaped relentlessly towards the sea of ​​flowers under the cliff.

Mu Gui’s eyes widened. he quickly stepped forward to stop the other party’s movements, but he could only let the other’s fluttering clothes slip through his fingers. He lay on the cliff edge dumbfounded as he stared at the figure that had floated away in an instant,. He shook for a moment and cried out with grief and indignation, “No!!!”



Huo Xie raised his hand to let the recording play while he frowned and stared at the monitor. After poring over the recording again and again, he finally nodded finally: “Okay, this one has passed.”

All the staff around were relieved and cheered happily.

Duan Xiubo climbed up from his props, drew closer to Luo Ding, who was neatly straightening out his clothes and said, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” The minute details of the scene had already been shot, and with the completion of this current filming all of Luo Ding’s scenes in the film had been shot. It was only two days away for the maximum amount of vacation time that Zheng Kezhen granted him to stay in the “Wolong” crew to be reached.

“Very good!” Huo Xie patted his thigh, and after repeated screenings he stood up and gave Luo Ding a thumbs up. “You are very good. Seriously. When Zheng Kezhen said that he would grant you a 17 day vacation to film, at that time, I thought that it would be necessary to delete a lot of Guangling Wang’s scenes. I didn’t expect that you could really do it. When you worked with Yuan Bing or Duan Xiubo, I couldn’t feel that you were suppressed at all and the results were all very good. If there’s a chance in the future, I hope you can star as the lead in one of my films.”

Luo Ding laughed, with a bit of youthful shyness that was rarely seen in him: “Thank you Director Huo for your praise.”

Huo Xie looked at him appreciatively. It was rare for someone like Luo Ding to be so calm and steady. He didn’t get carried away when praised and didn’t feel slighted when critiqued. His filming was always completed in a down to earth manner. No matter how tiring or hard the work was, when he stood in front of the camera, He could always mobilize his emotions instantly.

And Luo Ding was only in his twenties! With such calmness at such a young age, how outstanding will he be over time?

“It has been hard on you. You have had less than five hours of rest each day during filming.” Huo Xie thought about it and realized that Luo Ding’s rapid pace of filming had saved him no less than half a month. In a generous mood Huo Xie turned turned around and clapped his hands at everyone, “Hey, pay attention. Today Luo Ding has finished filming his scenes. Tomorrow I will give him the day off. Let’s host a farewell party for him tonight!”

Life in this crew was dull and hard and those who were accustomed to living in the colorful entertainment industry had long been fed up with it. Upon hearing the announcement, everyone was astonished and cheered excitedly “The king of Hell also has a kind heart”.

“Long live Luo Ding !!!”

Huo Xie rolled his eyes: “I am the one treating you to food and drinks. It has nothing to do with Luo Ding so why should he live long?”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the surrounding people who were all giving themselves high fives hissed at Huo Xie. Solely due to his foul cursing during filming Huo Xie’s popularity in the crew was definitely lower than Luo Ding’s.


There were not many places for entertainment at the film and television city.

Because the place was crawling with tourists during the day the actors were trapped in a net. The crew could really only go out at night when the sightseeing tours were over.  

Yuan Bing and Duan Xiubo were the actors with the highest profile in the crew and although they usually did not put on any airs, the difference in status ensured that they could not mingle freely with everyone.

Thus, the two walked alongside Huo Xie while watching a group of people scramble to walk shoulder to shoulder with Luo Ding. Yuan Bing felt very happy: “Was Luo Ding always this popular??” Usually things were not so obvious. She had only known that many members of staff in the crew took care of him. Now looking at it privately, it was clear that he had truly penetrated into the masses!

Huo Xie cuttingly responded: “This boy has even successfully won both of you over, why would he be unable to win over this group?” There are so many people in the crew who could tell which direction the wind was blowing and besides Luo Ding also knew how to conduct himself. During this time, news about Luo Ding on the internet was so hot that it was easy to tell he was going to be popular but Luo Ding was humble and could easily cause others to let down their guard with a smile. Even if there were one or two people in the crew who were uncomfortable with how quickly he was gaining popularity, the seeds of jealousy in their hearts were almost eliminated after a few interactions with Luo Ding.  

Huo Xie had been in the entertainment industry for many years yet he had seen very few people with Luo Ding’s level of affinity with others. What was even more rare was that Luo Ding was shrewd yet he did not leave a negative impression on others. During the last online scolding incident Luo Ding did not form a team to clean up after him and prove his innocence. This level of self-awareness and understanding was even more rare than his ability to make good connections.

Duan Xiubo smiled without emotion and stared at the person beside Luo Ding who was constantly trying to put his arm on Luo Ding’s shoulder: “That person is Yan Haoxiang, right?”

Yuan Bing narrowed her eyes, looked for a moment, and frowned: “Not sure. Isn’t he acting as an eunuch?”

“It’s Yan Haoxiang.” As a director, recognizing actors was an absolutely basic skill for Huo Xie, so he immediately gave Duan Xiubo an exact answer. He then asked with confusion, “why are you asking about him?”

“He seems agreeable” Duan Xiubo quietly rubbed his fingers together while clenching his hand into a fist in his pocket. His smile was as gentle as usual.

The Yujia Wharf was built along the inland river within the film and television city. It was a small building with two floors and Tujia – style architecture. Although the taste of the food there was not as good as that of the restaurants outside the film and television city, it was not bad. The key was that it was open 24 hours a day. After welcoming tourists during the day, it welcomed the crew at night and added more memorable moments to the actors’ dull lives during filming.

At the gate, the smell of barbecue made everyone in the crew excited, and the group of people who were walking at the front cheered loudly. In the middle. Luo Ding had been quietly surrounded. From time to time, he helplessly looked back at the last three people walking behind the group.

For the tenth time, he quietly avoided Yan Haoxiang’s arm and shook his head quietly at the other party’s stubbornness. However, what else could he do? With so many people beside him, it was not easy for him to directly ask the other party to stay away from him, right? If that were to happen, everyone will be embarrassed and Luo Ding’s reputation will be negatively impacted. Yan Haoxiang who was also aware of this point had deliberately chosen this time to be unscrupulous. It was clear that his purpose was not only to have a good relationship with Luo Ding, but to gain some repute using Luo Ding’s name.

Having a strong affinity with others was not always a good thing. Many times you will meet people like this and Luo Ding’s status in the circle was currently not high enough to dissuade them. It was insufficient to simply force these villains who were clinging on to him for impure reasons to retreat. Additionally, cold treatment didn’t always work especially when you meet a shameless person.

“Come, let me order for you.” Luo Ding who really hated physical contact with strangers saw a chance to get out of the crowd while avoiding Yan Haoxiang who showed that still wanted to catch up. Luo Ding waved at everyone with a natural expression on his face. “How many people do we have in total?”

His gaze swept through the crowd and he saw Yan Haoxiang, who still wanted to walk towards Luo Ding’s side and was struggling to pull away from the crowd. Luo Ding could hardly hold back his desire to roll his eyes.

Luo Ding was wondering whether he should find a separate opportunity to warn him off when suddenly, an arm was pressed on his shoulder. Immediately, Luo Ding subconsciously wanted to jump aside.

There was a low chuckle from overhead, and Duan Xiubo’s hoarse voice slowly flowed into Luo Ding’s ear: “Asking for trouble.”

“… Duan ge” Luo Ding knew what he was talking about, sighed, and reached out to pinch the other’s arm. “Are you getting fat? Put your hand down. It’s heavy.”

Duan Xiubo didn’t move his arm instead his gaze moved away from Luo Ding, and he smiled at Yan Haoxiang who had finally dislodged himself away from the crowd and was preparing to approach Luo Ding once more.

Yan Haoxiang stepped forward, met Duan Xiubo’s eyes and subconsciously did not dare to go forward any more. He stopped for a moment and suddenly turned in another direction with a smile and hugged several artists next to him.

“…” Luo Ding’s hand which had been pinching Duan Xiubo’s arm lightened.

He hesitated, and then made a choice. Between the arms of a stranger and that of Duan Xiubo, he found that although both options were not good, compared to the other, the more familiar Duan Xiubo was better.

Duan Xiubo smiled. He had won this point: Yeah!

[1] Excessively rich.

[2] On weibo, if you are an organization or a business, the “V” label will be blue. For personal accounts, it will be yellow. Red symbols are for media outlets and celebrities only.

[3] There was Chinese idiom used here which I could not find an approximation for so I went with my understanding of  the phrase.

Translators Note: This chapter was a little late. My apologies. For some reason it was really difficult to translate. I thought I had grasped this author’s style but this was a challenge.

Also Rejoice! Duan Xiubo just scored a point! 😀

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