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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 41

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From then on Huo Lianshan was really polite to Luo Ding. He spoke mildly and had even offered his iced drinks to Luo Ding several times.

Luo Ding could tell that this was the type of person who was strong on the outside but weak on the inside. He was a bully, yet he feared hardship. This time, the entire crew was on Luo Ding’s side and this had him scared. As such, while he was uncertain about Luo Ding’s background he had nevertheless bowed his head. However, if Luo Ding had really just been a small fry who could make no waves by now the person crying and trembling would definitely not be Huo Lianshan.

Regarding Huo Lianshan’s apology Luo Ding had completely accepted it. Further, as compensation, Zheng Kezhen had directly changed the camera angle in Luo Ding’s last two scenes to allow him to show his face. Knowing he had made a mistake Huo Lianshan did not dare open his mouth to complain, but he surely harbored grievances in his heart.

Occasionally when Huo Lianshan called his agent he would whisper some things.  

Huo Lianshan and his wife Yan Jingjing shared an agent, Jin Xin, who had worked in the entertainment circle for more than ten years and as a result had a much more accurate vision of affairs. After listening to Huo Lianshan, Jin Xin chastised him: “You were too impulsive. Currently, although our company has a bad relationship with Yaxing Entertainment, what does this have to do with you? Those eighteen-tier actors behaved in this manner to curry favor from the company, why are you trying to learn from them?”  

Huo Lianshan also had his own difficulties. His path in the acting world was narrow and he had a poor image on the silver screen. Although he was well-known, his development potential may not even be as good as those of certain n-tier stars. At minimum, compared to many younger artists in his agency, his endorsements were poorer, and he was invited to few commercial events. Additionally, in films he could only act as a villain thus no one dared offer him other roles. The longer he was imprisoned in this position the more it became a dead end.

Under such circumstances, if he didn’t follow the company’s path closely he would one day be forgotten.

The only thing he regretted was that this time he chose Luo Ding. Though Huo Lianshan thought himself bright, he was not a smart man, yet now, even he had realized that he probably could not fight Luo Ding.

Jin Xin hung up the phone, sighed and glanced at the tall woman who was coming out of the dressing room. Her eyes lit up: “The necklace looks good!”

Yan Jingjing touched her slender neck and smiled slightly: “What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so distressed?”

Jin Xin repeated the story she had been told and Yan Jingjing snorted slightly, raised an eyebrow and smiled sarcastically: “He has not matured at all, I really gave him too much credit.”

Jin Xin sighed: “In any case, you should think of an escape route early.”

Yan Jingjing pursed her lips and nodded slightly after a brief pause.


Recently, Duan Xiubo maintained a once-a-week call frequency with Luo Ding. He did not dare to contact him too often. After Luo Ding left the crew, there was no doubt that his daily life was much less fun. Other than filming and occasionally cooperating with the crew’s publicity activities, like most of the cast members he quietly surfed the Internet or sat in a daze.

On various social media forums, he used Luo Ding’s name as a keyword to search for updates on him every day. Naturally he had also seen the gif of Luo Ding in youthful makeup which was posted by the cast’s makeup artist. He had immediately downloaded the gif and saved it on his laptop. After thinking about it, he had also registered a Weibo account with his mobile phone number and had secretly followed several accounts that posted about Luo Ding.

The venue for this filming was very lively. Therefore, in order to avoid being harassed, several big-name actors had separate lounge areas. Duan Xiubo was no exception. He curled up on a large bean bag in his lounge and silently scrolled through his cell phone.

A new weibo post, from one of the makeup artists Duan Xiubo paid special attention to, jumped out at him: “Hehe, It’s such a cold world. There, there, it doesn’t matter, we all know you have been wronged. Everyone on the crew is on your side. As for some people … Just let it go.”

Relying on posts about Luo Ding, this account had attracted a lot of Luo Ding fans. Recently, other bloggers had posted some interesting tidbits about Luo Ding in the crew thus as soon as this new weibo post came out, everyone was scrambling to find out what had happened.

The makeup artist responded: “Luo Ding is heartbroken but it’s okay, he still has a long path ahead of him. He will have a day of great success in the future.”

Duan Xiubo’s eyes widened immediately. He glanced at his user name and made sure it was his substitute account and quickly posted a comment: “Luo Ding was bullied?!”

But his comment failed to post. He frowned and refreshed the page again. The initial Weibo post had just been deleted and a new one had been posted: “I am also worried about him but as rational fans it is not wise to make trouble with industry seniors. All we can do is to support him silently so that he can rise up to a height where he will no longer be bullied. “

Duan Xiubo immediately exited weibo and called Luo Ding.

Luo Ding was winding up his filming of the last few scenes. Thus, the person who answered the phone was Wu Fangyuan.

Luo Ding had originally tasked Wu Fangyuan with helping Gu Yaxing prepare for the release of the E.P. However, over the past few days,  after Huo Lianshan’s malicious attack Gu Yaxing was not at ease leaving Luo Ding alone in the crew, thus, even though it was only for a few days, he had still insisted on Wu Fangyuan joining Luo Ding.

Wu Fangyuan had been so angry when he learned that Luo Ding was almost injured. Merely, over this period of time, Luo Ding had taught him a lot and he had learned not to vividly display his emotions or his anger. In front of of Huo Lianshan’s assistants he always feigned a smile and did not create any real conflict. However, to be unable to disclose the dispute publicly nor vent privately held left him extremely uncomfortable. The phone call from Duan Xiubo was like a timely rain. Without any need for the latter to inquire Wu Fangyuan told him the whole story.

Duan Xiubo’s face darkened as he listened to Wu Fangyuan on the phone. His brows were twisted into a frown. As soon as he thought of how Luo Ding could have been the one sent to the hospital by a whip instead of the hapless horse his anger could not be relieved. It felt like his lungs were about to explode.

After instructing Wu Fangyuan to take care of Luo Ding who had been working hard over the past few days, Duan Xiubo could no longer rest and he returned to weibo and repeatedly read the makeup artist’s vague post for a while.

Although crew members did not have to be as overcautious as actors, they nevertheless tried to keep from involving themselves in trouble to avoid offending people. So, at this time, for this senior make-up artist to express sympathy for Luo Ding it revealed that almost the entire crew was standing behind Luo Ding. In this way it could easily be discerned how disgusting Huo Lianshan’s behavior towards Luo Ding was.

Although Duan Xiubo became famous very early there was also a period when he was an unknown. His first film was a Hollywood movie. At the time local protectionism in the European and American film markets was very intense. As an Asian with no reputation or background he was naturally excluded. There were many people with deep-seated prejudices who tried to teach Duan Xiubo a lesson. Although Duan Xiubo eventually dragged all those fellows into the water, he was more or less affected by a few of their tricks and thus he knew how it felt to suffer private retaliation.

No matter how strong a person was, he was bound to be angry, let alone such a fragile person suffering this kind of grievance.

How could he lie still? Duan Xiubo immediately got up and paced around the lounge. His expression was gloomy. If he did not have to take into account his upcoming schedule he would have been in a car headed towards Luo Ding right now.

Huo Lianshan …

Duan Xiubo had never heard of this name, but now he had deeply engraved these three characters into his heart.

There was a gentle knock on the door and Mi Rui leaned in, pushed up his glasses and said steadily, “Duan ge, you have guests here to pay their respects.”

Duan Xiubo had altered his expression as soon as the knock sounded. His gentle smile appeared to reach the bottom of his eyes and no one could find a defect in his expression. He and Mi Rui had long reached a tacit understanding, therefore anyone who could cause Mi Rui to ignore his unspoken rules prohibiting visits to the lounge, will certainly not be a minor character.

The door opened and a tall woman wearing a silver figure hugging silk dress stood outside. She had delicate features, a sweet smile, and an upright posture.

“Hi” Yan Jingjing held her hand out to Duan Xiubo with a bit of bashfulness. Her gesture was very reserved: “Brother Duan, hello, I’m Yan Jingjing. I have met with you before and we worked together once.”

Duan Xiubo stared into her eyes for a second. He didn’t remember who the other party was, but on the surface one could not discern the slightest amount of awkwardness: “I remember you. It’s been a long time, you’ve become even more beautiful.”

Yan Jingjing’s ears were stained with thin layer of red.

More than marrying into a wealthy family, Duan Xiubo’s handsome features, his calm temperament, and the hidden addition of a mysterious background, was simply a dream for many actresses in the entertainment industry. After all, most of these wealthy businessmen who could accumulate enough assets to be called “luxury men”, were not young. The obesity, disease, and arrogance brought on by a long and extravagant life required women in such marriages to repeatedly seek psychological counseling for themselves.

By comparison, Duan Xiubo was handsome, tall, strong, young and rich. He had a good upbringing, a gentle temperament and was not difficult to get along with.

With such assets, even though Yan Jingjing was married she still couldn’t help but be tempted.

Naturally, for Yan Jingjing, visiting Duan Xiubo was also intentional.

There was news in the industry that a new Hollywood film was being planned. Whether this was true or not, this underground news had incited both big and small artists in the circle to begin to move. Yan Jingjing had now stepped onto the front lines in China, occupying the last seat among the four major actress. However, compared with the other three experienced seniors, her position was more fragile. She had no major big-name endorsements and no award-winning movie whose key moments were focused on only her. There was not enough intensive exposure to solidify her popularity. As such her seat among the four major actresses could easily be snatched by an up and coming actress.

To develop, first and foremost she needed to expand her resources and marching towards Hollywood was the safest and fastest way to achieve this. Hollywood had now become the best place for domestic film stars to be gilded. Yan Jingjing’s position as one of the major actresses was still far behind the others but as soon as news of her cameo in “Wolong” came out her status immediately rose. Now that she had tasted such sweetness her vision was no longer confined to the country.  

In this regard she envied Duan Xiubo’s abundant resources. The ending of the second installment of the film which starred Duan Xiubo undoubtedly meant that the possibility of a cast change in the third installment was very small. However, if it was true that the crew was currently preparing to film then Duan Xiubo was the only chance for her to come into contact with the crew.

Duan Xiubo had long been accustomed to such interactions. There was no impatience on his face, and his warm and gentle means quickly brought Yan Jingjing under control, yet only he knew how anxious he currently was. As their conversation progressed, he suddenly heard a name he had a deep impression of from Yan Jingjing’s mouth.

“Huo Lianshan?” He looked at the other party. ” I couldn’t tell that Xiao Yan was already married. Your husband is Huo Lianshan?”

Yan Jingjing’s eyes revealed some embarrassment. Her marriage was something that Jin Xin had always told her to talk about at any time. Although she was looking for her next romantic partner, discussing her marriage would impress her loyalty to her current partner on the minds of people in the industry and their trust in her would be greatly enhanced as a result.

However, normally, the question of whether she was married or unmarried would be brushed off with just a smile, yet after hearing Huo Lianshan’s name Duan Xiubo seemed lost in his thoughts which made her feel a little confused.

After drinking a cup of tea, Yan Jingjing’s eyes narrowed: “Well, my husband was not sensible when he was young and did not handle his matters well … Has brother Duan ever heard of him?”

Duan Xiubo laughed, and his evaluation was not polite: “I have heard that he does not have a very good-temper.”

“… What?” Yan Jingjing was puzzled.

Duan Xiubo sat a little further away, and his smile narrowed. “He is currently filming with a crew and my brother is also working in that same crew. The two of them had a little conflict the other day …”

He slowly sipped his glass of water and stared at Yan Jingjing: “When filming, Mr. Huo attacked my brother with a whip.”

The cup in Yan Jingjing’s hand almost overturned and the water in it splashed on her skirt. Fortunately, the colorless mineral water did not did not stain her skirt.

Her face was pale, and her eyes were full of panic: “Well, might there be any misunderstanding in this matter? I … I …” For a while she tried to speak but for some reason she could not continue. Huo Lianshan never shied away from acting like a prima donna. It was not surprising that with his temper and his IQ he would make use of a whip to attack other actors.  

Duan Xiubo’s smile which had faded quickly returned and he immediately waved his hand with some apology: “I’m sorry. I’m not blaming you. Although you are husband and wife, his actions can be distinguished from you. I won’t have any prejudice against you because of him.”

Yan Jingjing flashed a pale smile and her movement of brushing off the water stains from her skirt showed some anger.

Her high heels thumped against the floor of the corridor, clear and crisp.

Though there was no one in front or behind her. Yan Jingjing forced herself to smile though her complexion was unsightly.  

Jin Xin chased behind her, sighing, and thinking of how to comfort her again: “Don’t worry, I think Duan laoshi was just making small talk with you just now, it was definitely not because of what Lian Shan did.”

“What’s the use of saying this!?” Yan Jingjing gritted her teeth. “There was only one chance. Everyone is scrambling for it. Whoever wins a little favor will be the final winner. Brother Duan was polite in order to not embarrass me … If he hadn’t said this I would not have known his brother was also in that crew!”

Jin Xin quickly approached: “Quietly! Whisper … walls have ears …”

Yan Jingjing’s reddened eyes soon returned to normal. She spoke slowly and without a trace of emotion ordered Jin Xin: “Call Huo Lianshan.”


On the front page of the New Weekly Entertainment magazine, was a picture of Duan Xiubo and Yuan Bing holding hands on the red carpet at the Chinese Film Festival.  In the photo, Yuan Bing was wearing a conservative silver-gray two-piece suit, which was generously tailored with an intellectual flair that suited her elegant manners. Yuan Bing had a good reputation in the industry because of her self-esteem and self-respect. In recent years, scandals involving her had become increasingly rare. Except for her excellent movie catalogue, she was rarely seen in public. Additionally, her personal style had become more down to earth and without airs. She was worthy of her title as a superstar actress.

Beside her, Duan Xiubo, was dressed in a simple suit. He was tall and had a gentle smile as he waved at the camera. From the photos, Luo Ding could almost imagine how much this man was stealing the show at the film festival. Look, all the media photographers on the opposite side of the lens had ignored the other guests and had aimed in his direction.

Both of these people were talented and had a good reputation.  Thus, they were very well matched in appearance and achievements.  

Luo Ding’s eyes lingered on Duan Xiubo’s smiling face for a while and hooked up his mouth intently. As Luo Ding had officially been killed in the drama, he was sitting on the lounge chair while Wu Fangyuan on the other side packed his luggage.

Because of the crew’s heavy workload, the farewell party naturally became empty talk. It was only that, as a farewell, Zheng Kezhen, and the two leading actors had called him out for dinner last night. Compared with the departure of other actors, Luo Ding’s send-off could be considered … grand.

The makeup artist was preparing to write his personal phone number on his business card. Meanwhile Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan who had finished filming a scene had come out of the film set and had squeezed beside Luo Ding.

They were not present on the day Huo Lianshan had attacked Luo Ding, but they had become very angry after learning about it. After the matter was exposed it became difficult to address and they had no better option than to keep Luo Ding and Huo Lianshan apart. Now that Luo Ding was finally leaving the group, they were relieved.

Initially, Luo Ding wasn’t supposed to leave so early, but Gu Yaxing had called several times to remind him that he had to rush in the morning.

Pan Yiming pushed away the makeup artist who used to be very dismissive, but who was now extremely gentle in front of Luo Ding. She was the closest to Luo Ding. “I will be busy with filming recently and I am not likely to pay attention to entertainment news, if your E.P. needs publicity, you must call and inform me “

Wu Yuan also added: “If you need a guest appearance, feel free to ask me, I will not say no if I have time.”

Besides them, other artists both big and small had a crying expression on their faces as if they wanted to write the words” reluctant” on their visage. It was not ok to be so fake.

Luo Ding nodded and smiled slightly at them: “There will be opportunities to work together again next time, and I will meet everyone later during the press tour. Go back to work, I will visit later to bring you delicious food.”

The crowd cheered. Wu Yuan lifted the box in Luo Ding’s hand and found that it was not heavy. He also cautioned Wu Fangyuan to take good care of Luo Ding and so on, before letting him go.

But then an unexpected person appeared, blocking Luo Ding’s path.

Huo Lianshan’s appeared to want to speak but said nothing in the end. His face was full of the desire to shout “… Hey you! …”

Luo Ding stopped: “?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were Duan Xiubo’s younger brother?”

Luo Ding was baffled. Who was Duan Xiubo’s younger brother? He simply frowned, and they stared at each other: “What do you mean?”

Huo Lianshan opened his mouth. His expression was unsightly and he was so stunned he couldn’t figure out what to say for a long time.

Luo Ding passed by him and left, walking far before he heard the other person shouting behind him: “I really didn’t mean to do it. How much of a fuss do you want to make?”

Luo Ding turned his head in confusion and asked him, “Brother Huo?”

Huo Lianshan, who had been scolded by his wife for a whole night last night, became more and more agitated and began to tremble while standing in place, his mouth was crooked.

Luo Ding and Wu Fangyuan glanced at each other, a little afraid that he would suffer a fit. With the attitude that it was better to see less Luo Ding carried his things and quickly sped away.


This time Gu Yaxing was very enthusiastic. He had devoted almost all his energy to the preparation of the CD’s. In addition to focusing on the E.P. preparations he had also paid a lot of money to invite a dance teacher who trained European and American singers for Luo Ding.

Luo Ding’s film schedule was very strenuous, and Gu Yaxing had also wanted him to rest for two days, but if a small celebrity wanted to climb higher he couldn’t focus on relaxation in the short term. Luo Ding knew this too. Thus, after leaving the crew in the morning he had a good lunch, a good afternoon nap and then quickly rushed back to the company.

He Guan and Ye Zhou were in a meeting. Mao Xiaorun who had originally wanted to withdraw from the production had in the end left his name to gild the production. Thus, the sound of a group of men arguing could be heard clearly through the wall.

“What’s wrong with catering to the market !!!” Gu Yaxing’s sharp voice was easy to identify. “Is this the time to pursue artistry? Let’s think more about Luo Ding! Sales volume! Sales volume! Can elegance bring in sales? What Luo Ding currently lacks the most in the music world is popularity. At minimum, starting from now he needs to build his image!”

Everyone was quiet for a while as Gu Yaxing’s aura was overflowing. The preparatory work during this period seemed to have driven him crazy. A guy who had been polite and soft-spoken was yelling now.  

“Here he is.” Luo Ding’s presence instantly made the sword-tense atmosphere become harmonious. Gu Yaxing led him to a seat, looked at the table full of people as he handed Luo Ding the folder he was holding in his hand: This is the piece He Laoshi and Ye Laoshi have written for you. You can determine for yourself how you feel about it.”

Luo Ding glanced at the table which was full of expectant eyes, looked down and was suddenly surprised.

In recent years, there had been a flood of vapid songs in the singing world. Various talent shows had led to an endless stream of stars. The rash atmosphere of the circle had made it such that some artists who had not even received professional training before debut could call themselves singers. There were fewer and fewer good songs.

He Guan and Ye Zhou’s work had become increasingly rare over the years. Occasionally, they would write songs for veteran artists who they had worked with before. Perhaps because they were old and tired they did not want to work anymore. But it had to be said that their status was not in vain. When they took a shot the results could only be called amazing.

He Guan had always used short and delicate words in his lyrics. Some phrases had gone beyond the usual vernacular and was closer to writing poetry because of its rhyming, tone and elegance.

Ye Zhou’s style of lyric writing was more extensive and not limited to a particular pattern. He could control his priorities. As old partners who had cooperated for decades they had a tacit understanding. The work jointly produced by Ye Zhou and He Guan combined their advantages. From Luo Ding’s perspective it was impossible to pick out the slightest flaw.

He turned over the page. There were four songs in total, two fast songs and two slow songs. There was a pop song, a dance song, a ballad and a jazzy song.

Was this an attempt to capture every genre in one net?

Luo Ding raised his eyelids and glanced at Gu Yaxing: “Wouldn’t it be too complicated?”

“It’s not complicated.” Mao Xiaorun said from the sidelines, “You have a wide vocal range and your singing skills have reached mastery. These are all absolutely within your vocal control. The main purpose of this release is for you to create a name for yourself. In the future you can release a CD with one specific genre to more accurately cater to the market.”

“I have already contacted a dance teacher,” Gu Yaxing was also full of anticipation. “If you think it’s OK, we can start training as soon as possible.”

Luo Ding glanced at the lyrics a few more times. He also hummed several times based on his own understanding of the melody, closed his eyes, and then found that the tune of the songs had left a deep impression in his mind.

This was what was needed.

He put down the file and nodded: “Okay, then let’s start preparing as soon as possible.”


After this meeting Luo Ding devoted all his energy to recording the E.P. Gu Yaxing also worked hard alongside his team to focus on publicity.

After the official Weibo account announced that the style of the E.P will be diverse, the voices of fans and the concerns of passers-by’s burst out uncontrollably.

Most people were actually looking forward to Luo Ding’s ballad songs, because when he worked with Su Shengbai they had released popular fast-tempo songs. Many people who had heard his live singing audio had a bit of bias when reviewing his past work. It’s not that there was anything wrong with those songs, it was just that as compared to that amazing song cover, his past releases were too ordinary and had no defining characteristics. Though people wanted to praise them the only evaluation they could give was that “the rhythm was not bad”.

Since it was confirmed that his live audition video was not auto-tuned, it was determined that the reason why his previous work was not good enough was because he was not suited to that genre of music. There was no need for too many arguments on this as the work spoke for itself.

Many passers-by under the official V account expressed their disappointment. They hoped that the two fast-tempo songs would be changed to ballads. Fans also left messages imploring the company to avoid being too inflexible and to allow Luo Ding to follow his own personal style.  

In regard to this, Gu Yaxing’s response was simple and crude … He directly posted a video of Luo Ding’s dance practice.

The lights were dim in a small dance studio within Yaxing Studio. In the background a prelude to a very rhythmic song from Europe and the United States played. Luo Ding, wearing a loose white t-shirt with loose track pants stood under the spotlight. He stood on his tip toes with a dance teacher beside him.

As one of the most popular dance teachers in Europe and America currently, West’s appearance had roused many viewers who knew him. His name had not appeared in Luo Ding’s album production lineup and so many people had not expected Gu Yaxing to actually invite this dance general. Combined with the list of producers announced earlier, many people had the illusion that they were being blinded by numerous stars.

The intro was nearing its end and strains of music accompanied by a roaring drumbeat sounded.

Suddenly the two people in the video also began to move, following the rhythm of the music, every move was full of natural and unrestrained beauty.  

There were no doubts about West’s dancing skills.

However, the most surprising and amazing thing was Luo Ding, who was standing beside him.

West’s actions were precise, and every move fell on the beat in the most suitable manner, but Luo Ding was different from him. When he danced he somehow gave people a sense of casual arrogance. This arrogance seeped out of his limb and joints and become a visible aura.

From his very skillful steps it could be seen that Luo Ding had a solid foundation. His movements were very strong and though his eyes did not often look at the camera he gave off a sense of flirtatiousness.

But because of his incredibly powerful charisma many people were unable to turn their attention away from him from the first glance. It was at the end of the video that they noticed that West was also dancing.

His mid-length hair fluttered sharply with fierce movements. A clear and charming dance was interpreted by Luo Ding to show the beauty and decisiveness of men. His pheromones almost penetrated through the screen and diffused into all visible spaces. His white t-shirt occasionally lifted up as a result of his moves and revealed a thin waist under the fabric. The small abdominal muscles that were visible on his waist were even more dazzling.

As the music was nearing the end, Luo Ding made a half-circle rotation in a martial-arts inspired flip. The hip-hop style pacing and the power of Wushu[1] were perfectly combined.  He flashed a slight smile at the camera.  

His bangs were moistened by sweat as it dripped down his temples and slowly slipped down the side of his face and into the neckline of his t-shirt.

After a second, a dark screen covered his face and four unusually bold white and black characters appeared in a very eye-catching manner: “Stay tuned.”

Not again!!!!!

The official weibo page was full of scolding and cursing. What about behind the scenes clips? Why cut off the video? Who wants to see these four words? We don’t need them at all? Why leave us hanging?

After the video was uploaded, the playback record was refreshed again. In a period of just 24 hours, playback of the video had broken through the million views mark and the number of downloads was almost equal to that of the playback record. This was a really rare occurrence.

Many people were no longer just satisfied by leaving a message under the official weibo post, but instead dragged their families to the video site to also lick the screen. They automatically played back the video in a cycle over and over again. Since they were not satisfied they could only re-watch the short dance to find more hot details.

“Management should come out ah ah ah ah ah ah !!! What kind of video editing ability is this. Covering my male god’s face. Come out and fight!!!!!!”

This weibo post from the Fuzhu Support Club was once again popular with countless screaming fans who also cried alongside.

“My male god’s dance is full of color! Please dance more. More is better!!!!”

The voices of the fans were so fervent …

This time, Luo Ding had jumped high in the dance video and had accidentally exposed his waist.

Luo Ding stared at those screen shots of his exposed waist as well as the comments on the screen, such as “licking the male god’s waist”, “licking the male god’s abs”, “my son’s navel is so cute” and so on.

He felt an inexplicable chill on his back as if someone was trying to capture his virginity from thousands of miles away … well, it was really a group of people.

Gosh women were really frightening!

He could no longer preserve his bitter smile.  

[1] 国术 [guó shù] – wushu; Chinese Martial arts; kungfu

Translator’s Notes:

I though it peculiar how personal bias could put blinders on a perosn.

“No matter how strong a person was, he was bound to be angry, let alone such a fragile person suffering this kind of grievance.”- Duan Xiubo would forever perceive Luo Ding as needing his coddling and protection meanwhile Luo Ding had pretty much ground Huo Lianshan under his heel without lifting a finger.

“He had a good upbringing, a gentle temperament and was not difficult to get along with” – Likewise Yan Jingjing thinking Duan Xiubo is Mr perfect yet Xiubo has his own tragic family story and is exceedingly difficult to get along with unless your name is Luo Ding.

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cRows Tlau
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3 years ago

Thank you for the update translator-sama!

It’s really a good read. I just love the development of LD at least its not too sudden. I mean, considering he is someone who as ample of experience so it just fit.

I also love how DX is becoming a mother fan of LD at least at this point, it shows he is low-key crushing on LD and he is yet to realize it.

3 years ago

Thank you for the great translation ♥️

3 years ago

DX creating a stan account to follow LD fan accounts is the cutest

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