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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 42

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Duan Xiubo sat cross-legged in the back seat of the car. While wearing a headset, he poked at the screen again to play the video.

In the video, the thin young man’s body movements were so explosive that it could stimulate the nerves of viewers. Duan Xiubo could not help but tighten his muscles again and again to the beat of the music.

Fuck! So handsome, so handsome, so handsome …

Argh! This is killing me. This screen is so small, later I’ll see if anyone in the crew uses a Note 2[1].

Oh, that’s a good move! Oh! this is also good! This is good too. Oh! That is also good.

He couldn’t help grinning and laughing. Suddenly, he was brought back to reality by the sound of a knock on the car window.  

His expression immediately became reserved and he rolled down the car window with a smile. Yuan Bing rolled her eyes at him from the outside and shoved a stack of newspapers through the opening. “Was the Entertainment Weekly publication handled by your people?”

Duan Xiubo paused and he unobtrusively put his phone face down on the seat beside him and responded: “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“What is the meaning of this “Golden Boy and Jade Girl” headline? Who and in what movie will you continue to lead?” Yuan Bing was very irritated. She always made headlines as the love interest of Duan Xiubo in gossip scandals. She was a very ambitious person and was unwilling to attach to herself anyone. Yet whenever she stood beside Duan Xuibo she could only serve as a foil and that was really annoying.

Duan Xiubo took a look at the newspaper. Sure enough, although the description of the relationship between him and Yuan Bing on the front page of Entertainment Weekly appeared objective, one could nevertheless detect a personal bias in the phrasing of the article.

He and Yan Bing had been talked about for a long time. Speculation was speculation. As if he couldn’t see it, Duan Xiubo never responded and never argued about such gossip. Additionally, newspapers and magazines that worked with Triumph rarely published such news, thus at first sight Duan Xiubo also felt the headline was a bit odd.

He accepted the newspaper, smiled at Yuan Bing, and said jokingly, “Yuan jie you are so upright, but you still fear the mouths of the paparazzi?”

Yuan Bing gave him a scathing look: “How can that be the same as this situation? Blind? It depends on who is saying what. When this Entertainment Weekly article came out my sisters immediately called me to ask if we had formalized our relationship.”

Duan Xiubo hesitated for a while. He didn’t quite understand whether she meant to ask whether they were each blind or whether only she was blind, so he only whispered: “… You are blind.”

“You are the blind one! I’m not blind!” Yuan Bing who likely only came over to vent her displeasure, turned away after scolding him as she prepared to leave but was stopped by Duan Xiubo.

“Yuan jie.”

Yuan Bing looked back at him.

Duan Xiubo asked with a smile: “Do you have your phone with you?”

Yuan Bing took out her cell phone, This crazy person. Duan Xiubo glanced at it and asked, “Is your tablet with you?”

“No internet.” Yuan Bing responded solemnly, “What’s wrong?”

Duan Xiubo waved at her and slowly rolled up the window of the car.

Yuan Bing: “…”

His illness cannot be cured!

In the car, Duan Xiubo’s disappointment[2] lasted only for a moment. He then picked up the mobile phone that had been placed face down and rewound the video player back to where it was two minutes ago. The screen was too small and difficult to see. He replayed it twice before he was finally willing to exit the full screen. He then clicked on Luo Ding’s Weibo page to catch up on his latest developments.

After the dance video was released, Luo Ding had posted a cute and soft message to the effect that he would like to thank fans for their support and that he will practice dancing well and not let them down. The picture accompanying the post on Weibo was taken in the same dance room that had appeared in the video. Two hands were pressed, palms together, in front of the camera, to demonstrate a hi-five. Immediately Duan Xiubo recognized the slender fingers and rounded fingernails that belonged to Luo Ding. The other palm, which was obviously coarser and thicker, was likely that of the famous dance coach. Staring at the hands in the picture, Duan Xiubo narrowed his eyes slightly and his smile dimmed.

Duan Xiubo took note of the account he had logged in with and commented seriously: “This is not a nice photo.”

After thinking about it, he deleted this comment and changed his tone: “Don’t take photos with others next time, let’s take a selfie together instead XD”

This new comment was liked so quickly that even he was surprised. His familiar username was slowly pushed to the top and became the most popular comment. His mood became even more elated than he would be after winning a big award.

After jumping for joy his mood plummeted again.

“Male god come out and let’s get married!!!”

“Male god, why are your hands so good looking! Even your nails look good, I’m not alright!”

“Licking your fingers, licking, lick lick lick…”

“Do you dare show your face, so I can lick you !!!?”

Duan Xiubo found a blogger who had a left a comment “My husband, because of the big change in temperature remember to dress warmly otherwise I’ll be distressed if you get sick”. The avatar used by the blogger was actually Duan Xiubo’s own picture. He enlarged the size of the picture to see the details. That was actually his own fan.

He hummed, and coldly pressed the “Block Fans” option.

Regardless of how inexplicable and inconceivable it was Duan Xiubo’s fan had suddenly found themselves blocked by him.

On the other side, Luo Ding’s dance practice and song recording were progressing very smoothly.

The routine that West had choreographed for him was short and not very difficult but as long as the body movements were executed correctly it will be extremely pleasing alongside the music.

Luo Ding had a dance background so the routine was not difficult to master. Nevertheless, over the past few days, at least 13 hours had been spent in the practice room repeating the movements and basic skills. Anyway, it was not like had anything else on his schedule apart from dancing.

For a long time, the young man in the practice room had propped his legs up against the crossbar. Gu Yaxing stood at the door and looked through the small gap for a while, then whispered to West: “Have there been any difficulties during practice?”

West laughed. “Luo works very hard. Don’t doubt him. He is one of the best students I have ever taught.”

West had given lessons in Europe and the United States for over ten years, and then later after retiring he relied on his reputation to teach students privately. His students were all big-name stars and actors thus Gu Yaxing was definitely honored to receive this praise.

After thanking West, he then asked him to go back to rest first. Gu Yaxing opened the door, and slowly walked towards Luo Ding.

Luo Ding maintained his motionless posture, but his voice rang out: “What’s wrong?”

“I thought you had fallen asleep.” Gu Yaxing stepped up and walked to him with a smile, “Would you like to take a break? There are plans for you this evening.”

The young man slowly raised his head and straightened his waist. His bangs had been pushed up with a hairpin and his delicate and handsome face was completely exposed. The sweat on his forehead which had not completely dried, had slipped down his hairline, down his smooth neck, and had pooled in his clavicle.

Gu Yaxing’s sharp eyes stared at his clavicle and frowned. “You’ve lost more weight?”

Luo Ding yawned: “What event is scheduled?”

Gu Yaxing had to his forget his own question and responded carefully: “Yes, you have a photo shoot with Fashion magazine scheduled. With your current popularity, this was a hard to come by opportunity for exposure. So, although I am very busy, I came down to inform you.”

As one of the top magazines in China there were very few opportunities for a pictorial in Fashion Magazine. Naturally it had not been easy to book. But ….

“Fashion magazine?” Luo Ding glanced at Gu Yaxing with a smile, “Why are you being so vague? It’s not like it’s a cover shoot its only for the inner pages.”  

Gu Yaxing grinned in embarrassment. He was no longer awe-inspiring in front of Luo Ding. At the start, he was still able to say a few sentences with a serious stance. Now, however, if he was careless, his façade will be pierced through and he would be teased. How long did it take for this change to occur?

Luo Ding also knew that it was extremely difficult for him to be able to gain access the inside pages of such a magazine. For the cover, the personages had to at least be on the front-lines of the film and television industries. And if you were from the music world you had to be at the very top. This standard was never lowered.

His slender legs dropped from the crossbar. Luo Ding bent down to massage his feet and rolled his joints. Then he asked, “what time is it?”

Gu Yaxing stood on the side, and quickly answered, “It’s still early. Your schedule is at 6:30pm, and it’s only 11 o’clock now.”

“Then I’ll go back to sleep. Let Fangyuan call me at five in the evening”


He had moved into his new home and although he still lived in someone else’s house, now he had peace of mind. But the house was still too big, and the minimalist decor made the originally large area look even more empty.

The original homeowner must have lived here for some time thus most daily necessities were very well prepared. Luo Ding was not a person who paid attention to such things. If he didn’t have to he would not change anything. However, what he particularly liked was the grand piano that had been placed at the corner of the room. It wasn’t the Steinway that he used to play in the past but since Luo Ding only played to relieve stress the brand was not very important.

These days, Luo Ding had stretched himself tightly, almost without a moment of free time.  Now that he had suddenly relaxed, exhaustion struck down like a mountain.

Including Gu Yaxing and Wu Fangyuan, no one knew how important it was to him that this album achieve the expected good results. He had become accustomed to concealing negative emotions and others couldn’t easily peer into his true thoughts. His seemingly calm state also affected the people around him causing them to be relieved from their tense state and to do things methodically.  Thus, the heaviest sense of pressure had slipped to his side and he had no choice but to bear it.  

The entertainment industry was changing rapidly. Perhaps the sky was clear now but in the next moment there might be a thunderstorm. Over the years, he had struggled with surviving setback after setback thus he had already learned not to be seduced into relaxing by how smoothly things were going at the moment. Fans seemed to be looking forward to the album, but they may not really pay for it. Major singers around were also eyeing him. Further, European, American, Japanese, and Korean music was currently more popular than domestic music …

All kinds of issues…

Leaning his head up on the sofa, he was assailed by the smell of the genuine leather, so he twisted, rolled onto the carpet and sought out his mobile phone, which was in his pants pocket for comfort.

The encouraging voice of fans on his homepage was like a hot spring pouring into his heart, or a spoonful of honey that was sweet and soft.

The top comment with its seemingly inconsistent username attracted his attention.

“Alessandro?” With such a serious name, the user appeared to be a strong and determined person, but the message was soft, cute, lovely and had an XD emoticon.  

He clicked on the user’s account and glanced at it. It was a new account. Basically, the user had only reposted some posts related to Luo Ding on his weibo page, and Luo Ding was the only person he followed.  

Probably someone’s zombie account?

Luo Ding’s hand hovered on the block button for a moment but did not let it fall as he thought of the other person’s use of the XD emoticon.


Fashion Magazine was so busy all year round.

As the editor-in-chief, Ji Jiahe had been engaged in various perennial social activities, such as annual meetings, annual celebrations, shows, releases, etc. The hard cover edition of the annual magazine had unexpectedly achieved good sales. After face-slapping those who had dismissed this publication with his sales figures, Ji Jiahe was in a very good mood.

The poor worms who had suffered losses for the magazine in the past dared not approach him now. Ji Jiahe had staged a comeback, and no one dared to confront him. Now was the most beautiful time.

At least during this period of time, what he says goes. He had come up with the idea of booking Luo Ding for the inner pages of Fashion Magazine’s new issue. In fact, although the standard for landing on the inner page was much lower than that of the cover, it was still not in a range that Luo Ding could currently touch.  

Compared with most of the popular figures that had been photographed in the past, who were all from the top of the fashion or model circles, Luo Ding’s mainstream popularity was still poor, and he was not as well-known. Furthermore, Luo Ding, was neither a professional model nor a popular actor. Although he was known on the Internet, this was not helpful to Fashion Magazine which was not an E-Magazine.

It’s just that no one dared reject his suggestion since he had brought up the idea. Only goodness knew how badly he has been criticized in private.

To make matters worse, this issue’s cover personality was the famous actor, Duan Xiubo. When comparing him to Luo Ding, many people felt that the status of the two people did not fit in the same issue of the magazine.

Many people knew of Ji Jiahe’s taste in men and women and as such some people were guessing that this was the reason Luo Ding was chosen.

“He won’t be incapable, would he? I have seen Luo Ding’s photos on the Internet, and they look really good.”

“It’s hard to say, haha, between him and Ji Jiahe who do you think will be more effeminate …?”

“”Where is Ji Jiahe and that bottom?”

“That Luo Ding is probably the bottom?”

“Who knows if he’s the bottom,” the person speaking said as she grinned maliciously. “We will find out in a moment.”

Kaka Kaka Kaka Kaka. The sound of the shutter stopped and in the next second the photographer reviewed the shots he had taken. A group of people gathered around the platform to organize the clothes and straighten them and touch up hair and makeup. Duan Xiubo turned his watch around and smiled at the two girls who had been standing on the periphery carrying things: “Who did you just mention?”

Although they the studio was noisy, they had been standing close to the set and their voices were sharp. Duan Xiubo had heard their conversation.

The two looked at each other in panic, and stuttered, “I … we were talking about the person featured in this issue. He will have a look book on the inner pages of the magazine.”

“”Luo Ding?” Duan Xiubo asked.

The two answered in embarrassment: “… Yes …” The guilt and breathlessness after being overhead saying bad things was indescribable.

Duan Xiubo frowned and his smile slowly narrowed. He ignored them both and stretched out his neck for his collar to be straightened. He had heard the discussion between the two, Bottom? Unspoken rules? That was what they thought of Luo Ding because of his selection. But this was just the inner pages of a magazine it was not like it was some rare thing.

The two people misunderstood Duan Xiubo and thought that he was dissatisfied about appearing in the magazine alongside a small artist like Luo Ding. They immediately gloated, lost their fear, and hid in the corner to discuss Duan Xiubo. If Bo ge is angry, Ji Jiahe will certainly have a hard time.

At this time, someone entered the studio and informed the photographer: “Mr. Hu, Luo Ding and his assistants have arrived.”

Hu Qi responded and glanced at the time on his watch, twenty minutes earlier than he had been told to arrive.

He didn’t arrive too late nor was he too early. This timing birthed a favorable impression in his heart and some of his original dissatisfaction with shooting an unknown actor also subsided. However, looking at Duan Xiubo who was still on set, he still frowned and reprimanded the assistant: “Do you not see that Duan ge is still busy? Let him wait.”

His voice was deliberately amplified, and it was specifically intended for Duan Xiubo’s hearing. Hu Qi had worked with a lot of celebrities and he had some understanding of the private personalities of many celebrities. Despite the fact that celebrities were the focus of attention every day and everywhere, their vanity was no weaker than that of ordinary people. They thought about how to beat their opponents at anytime and anywhere. This kind of competitive spirit was worse when the opponent was another celebrity. Most of the people Hu Qi had met behaved this way. Although he had not worked much with Duan Xiubo and he disliked how dishonorable it was to care about one’s self and dismiss others, he still used this trick to avoid offending him.

Duan Xiubo’s response was somewhat unexpected, as he took the initiative to ask, “Is Luo Ding here?”

Hu Qi hesitated and hurriedly replied, “Yes, but it’s not time for him to shoot yet. You don’t need to worry about him brother Duan, let’s just continue. There is still a set of shots left.”

Duan Xiubo waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, let him in.”

Hu Qi hesitated for a moment. Seeing that the other party was serious he gave the order.

Duan Xiubo’s attitude made him nervous.

This time, Fashion Magazine had erred. Duan Xiubo was not very accessible, and he rarely accepted invitations from such commercial magazines. It was really rare for him to agree to shoot. It is estimated that the magazine only got his promise because of the personal relationship between him and the editor-in-chief Ji Jiahe.

But this time, Ji Jiahe had chosen Luo Ding to go on the inner pages of the same issue.

Who was Duan Xiubo? He was a well-deserved super first-tier male star in China, Hollywood’s most popular Chinese artist, with nearly ten international front-line luxury endorsements. People bought magazines for his aura. But now, when they opened the inner pages to look at his pictures they would see Luo Ding instead. Who is this?

Duan Xiubo’s worth was pulled low.

The personalities photographed on the inner pages were normally not disclosed to the cover star but usually the magazine made a conscious effort to invite people with a similar status. If the status was not appropriate, they will stagger the professional fields to make it impossible for people to compare them.

With Ji Jiahe’s approach this time, Hu Qi was mainly worried that Duan Xiubo would feel slighted and angry.

He had never seen Luo Ding, and he could not really tell what the other person would look like in person from his pictures. After all, re-touching technology was becoming more and more sophisticated, and a hideous person could be turned into a big beauty by software. He just hoped that Luo Ding was a person who knew how to behave. Don’t get in trouble as soon as you come in. If problems cropped up on set things will turn meddlesome.

Many of the people who had just started to discuss Luo Ding’s origin gathered together to whisper and to watch the fun.

The door was pushed open, and a fat blond man walked in first. Although his expression seemed calm, many perceptive people could see the tension in his eyes at a glance. They couldn’t help laughing in their heart. This was the class of a small artist. 

Luo Ding, who was one step behind Wu Fangyuan, also stepped into the studio. Immediately, he took note of the abnormal atmosphere there. He raised his head and glanced around the surrounding area. He looked at the malicious and probing gazes and frowned in his heart. On his face however, there was a smile.

He looks good.

This was Hu Qi’s first impression of Luo Ding. Especially after seeing Wu Fangyuan who had no taste at all, the huge contrast made this senior photographer, who had seen countless stars, have a refreshed feeling.

Many of the malicious looks in eyes of the surrounding ladies also diminished. Luo Ding was not effeminate, He did not dress in an exaggerated or glamorous manner. He sported a low-key, black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. He had a thin frame, was tall and well-proportioned, and exuded a mix of freshness and calmness.

From a professional perspective, his face was small, his neck long, his shoulders flat and broad. His facial lines were clean, his eyes large enough, and his lips full, giving him a photogenic look.

From a subjective perspective, his eyes were clear, his smile was mild, his temperament was generous and humble, and his innocence easily made people feel good.

Whether he had been sneaked in through the back door or not most people still affirmed Ji Jiahe’s vision, such a person was very suitable for photographs and would easily appear amazing in pictures. Most of the models that had been hyped in the fashion circles may privately not even have either his good temperament or good skin.

That didn’t mean they weren’t looking forward to watching the excitement.

Duan Xiubo came down from the set and with his brows slightly furrowed he went towards Luo Ding.

Duan Xiubo rarely had such an expression in public. When a man with a smiley face suddenly frowned, his aura was amazing, and many staff members on the side had their hearts start to beat in fright.

The gleeful people poked one another with their elbows and signaled that there would be some excitement in a short while.

Duan Xiubo stood in front of Luo Ding, and his sharp eyes swept the other up and down.

Then he reached out his hand and slapped it on Luo Ding’s head.

“Did you not eat again? You are as thin as a ghost. Xiao Wu, just how are you taking care of him?”







In the silence at the scene, Wu Fangyuan jumped out with a complaining expression on his face: “I’ve been wronged!! He doesn’t listen to anything we say, you must help me say a few words to him Duan ge. These days, he’s been dancing a lot and exhausting his energy. He eats snickers for three meals and refuses to open his mouth at dinner. Mr. Gu told him to eat at the company at noon, but he deceived people and said he will eat at home. When I went to find him in the afternoon there were several bowls of leftover instant noodles in the kitchen! Do you know how many packets of instant noodles he had bought?! All four cabinets were full of instant noodles!”

Luo Ding’s facial muscles twitched slightly, and his smile was about to stiffen: “You shut up for me.”

Wu Fangyuan had encountered a problem that had touched on his principles. Although he was scared, he preferred to die than surrender: “I won’t! If we can’t control you, can Duan ge also not control you?!”

Duan Xiubo rubbed his palms on the soft hair, his brows frowned even more: “Why are you eating instant noodles? Can’t you eat well?”

“… The dishes don’t taste good.” Luo Ding whispered. He reached out a bit awkwardly and brushed away the palm of Duan Xiubo’s hand which was resting on his head. “There are too many people here, let’s talk about it later.”

Duan Xiubo said: “It doesn’t suit your appetite?”

He carefully recalled the details from the time he had spent with Luo Ding and found that the other party had a good appetite most of the time …

“Do you like spicy food?”

For example, for meals like braised pork, green pepper shredded pork, or sweet and greasy pork ribs with sweet and sour sauce, Luo Ding will put down his chopsticks more often. But the last time they went for a barbecue and he got drunk, he ate half a pot of the spiciest sheep scorpion by himself.

Luo Ding really liked spicy dishes, but there were many singers in Yaxing Studio and in order to protect their voices, most of them ate light tasting food. Luo Ding had done the same thing in his past life. When he was still a singer, for a whole year, he only ate vegetables blanched in salt water and did not dare to touch spicy food. Because of this, after he became an actor, he became very enamored with Sichuan and Hunan cuisine.

If he had never enjoyed such good food before he could probably still bear the hardship. Now … after playing in the mortal world and returning to the monk’s life, he tried to restrain his own taste so he did not dare to eat too much, instead he used instant noodles to solve his craving.

Duan Xiubo didn’t sing nor did he need to protect his throat, but he also loved spicy food, and immediately understood how hard it was for Luo Ding force himself to eat light tasting food.

Not holding back, he raised his hand and touched the other’s head again, and sighed, “Bear with it” Then he dragged Luo Ding’s arm and walked towards the photographer.

Hu Qi stared at the other party and walked forward. He failed to keep his grip on the camera in his hand and it slipped. Fortunately, there was a strap around his neck, so he did not lose a professional instrument. “…”

“… Duan …  Brother Duan?”

Duan Xiubo said: “Xiao Luo is not in good health. Don’t let him wait. Find someone to change his clothes first. We can let him take his shots immediately after I’m done shooting, that way we can finish work sooner.”

Hu Qi nodded like he was scalded: “Oh oh oh okay, oh, Luo Ding, follow Xiao Zheng to change your clothes.” He turned his head and screamed, “Xiao Zheng! Move! Faster!!!!”

A curly haired girl in the back ran out, and Duan Xiubo frowned at the first sight of her. Was this not the one who had been gossiping that Luo Ding was engaging in hidden rules?  Fashion Magazine was really unreliable. The personal quality of this clothing assistant was so cheap, and her mouth was broken. Ji Jiahe too was useless. For many years, though he had been the editor-in-chief of the magazine, there were still several departments that were dissatisfied with him and as a result he couldn’t even deal with these minions. For no good reason, Luo Ding was getting talked about behind his back.  

Xiao Zheng was a little scared. She looked up at the cold eyes of Duan Xiubo and her legs shook, and her stomach cramped. The schadenfreude she had just been relishing had disappeared. Duan Xiubo had heard the bad things she had said behind Luo Ding’s back. The relationship between the two people was so good. If Duan Xiubo punished her for those few words, between a heavyweight guest and one dispensable clothing assistant she did not have to think about who her bosses will choose.

Duan Xiubo stared at the girl for a while, weighed the pros and cons of various responses in his heart, and finally held back his temper.

Luo Ding’s foundation was not yet deep enough, and it was natural for him to be discussed and questioned. If he rushed out of a sense of injustice, public opinion would likely to go towards another unpredictable black spot.

“Go ahead,” he finally said with a smile. He released Luo Ding’s arm and said softly to the girl who had her head down, “Thank you.”

The girl who had turned red from the root of her ears to the neck, bowed to him in shame, turned to Luo Ding, and said, “Brother Luo please come with me.”

Luo Ding observed the unusual dealings between the two and intelligently didn’t ask questions.

After he left, Duan Xiubo started shooting again. The man in front of the camera almost instantly lost all the softness that he had just shown in front of Luo Ding. His narrowed eyes looked directly at the lens and his imposing manner was so strong that it was difficult to ignore.

The gossiping voices deliberately stayed away from the set this time, and the speakers were also half-crouching and whispering, for fear of being seen by Duan Xiubo.

“Who is this Luo Ding? Why is Duan ge so good to him?”

“I don’t know … He’s handsome … He’s likely a rich second-generation son of a big company. He really has that temperament.”

“Yeah, his temperament doesn’t look like a newcomer, and he is so hot on the Internet. His background must be very powerful …”

“It is said that Duan Xiubo’s background is also very mysterious. Do you think that their families are friends? “


A rich second-generation son who was joining the entertainment circle. This evaluation suddenly pulled Luo Ding’s image much higher. Although people always sneered at various rich second-generation children, no matter what the occasion, a real rich second generation was bound to be sought after.

This was an era of flashy capitalists, and every collision of money, status, and power led to an attractive spark of gunpowder. Compared with the artists who were struggling purely for internet popularity, even if the rich second-generation child had a playful personality and their road to stardom was not bright, in other fields they were still beyond the reach of many.

Luo Ding, who had inexplicably become a rich second generation son, received extraordinary favor as soon as he changed his clothes.

After being graciously pressed on the soft seat that had specially been brought in for him, he received a bottle of cold mineral water. He looked at the bottle and it was actually Evian.

“Luo ge,” a few staff members who were just gossiping now did not show even the slightest bit of hostility, and their smiling eyes narrowed. “Thank you for your hard work, Brother Duan will be finished in ten minutes. You should rest here first.” Now, even though its busy if you need something please let us know.”

Wu Fangyuan was also pulled aside by many people. They couldn’t find any words to praise him and kept saying that his hair color was well dyed.

After a moment of nervousness, Wu Fangyuan couldn’t hold back a small smug smile. He touched the back of his head and thought of how Gu Yaxing had urged him to blacken his hair a few days ago. Ha! Gu Yaxing thought he had more fashionable cells than him.

Luo Ding also understood that everyone probably had some misunderstandings about his origin. This was a good thing, because he did not deliberately deceive others.

After opening the bottle, He lifted his head and swallowed.

Under the dim light, the young man in a British three-piece suit sat quietly in the corner. He had raised his head and was drinking a bottle of water. His throat rolled up and down as he swallowed. Probably because he drank too fast, the liquid overflowed from the corner of his mouth, and slowly slid down his sharp jaw line, reflecting the bright overhead lights, moist and bright.

Hu Qi, who was looking at photos not far away, came across this scene, and suddenly paused.

He looked at Duan Xiubo, who was tidying up his clothes on the stage, and then turned back to stare at Luo Ding who was looking at the empty bottle after drinking the water it contained to the last drop.

“Brother Duan, would you mind taking some more pictures?”

There was a flash of inspiration in his heart, and he could not help but shout out at Duan Xiubo. After meeting the look cast by the other party, he pointed to Luo Ding in the corner? I have a good idea! “

“How about you two work together to shoot a few pictures? “

[1] Samsung Note 2 generally has a bigger screen

[2] He was disappointed that she didn’t have her tablet with a bigger screen lol

Translator Notes:

The way these gossips were so close to losing their jobs to our resident Mother Hen!!

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3 years ago

“He looked at the bottle and it was actually Evian.” eh is that brand expensive in China or sth? o-o seems kinda amusing cause it was specially mentioned after him getting more favour than usual. I always thought it was quite normal? XD or maybe there’s different kinds that are in different price categories.
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Thank you for the update once again. I love how Duan-ge badly wanted to protect Lou Ding but still had the foresight that it will immensely backfire on LD. Still, I love the changes where the other people perceives him differently. At least, he (both DX and LD) did not deliberately fool them. Also, I hate those gossips so sinister. Not even scared of the consequences. Just lashing out, thinking that everything is just how it is normally. This is why you should keep it to yourself, you opinions and thoughts, especially those that are disgusting and trash. Ugh! Lucky… Read more »

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I just knew they’d end up being photographed together ?

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Even the strong occasionally need somebody to protect them and care for them. Of course, Luo Ding wouldn’t have died because of those people’s unfriendliness and scorn. With his talent and good looks he would’ve probably made them appreciate him in the end. But it’s one more burden, and his load is heavy enough as it is – no need to add to it. So kudos to Duan Xiubo for springing to Luo Ding’s defence XDDDD
And yasssss, taking photos together, it’s going to be a visual feast!
Thank you for the translation <3

3 years ago

They didn’t know how narrowly Death had came for them… ????

Thank you for the chapter update!! ??????

3 years ago

lmaoo DXB trying to retract his thirst

3 years ago

blocked his fan, almost got blocked by his idol

3 years ago

ah i’m excited for the next chapter!!

3 years ago

I am really looking forward to the photoshoot ?

3 years ago

Thank you for all the hard work!

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