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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 44

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All the employees of “Fashion” were unprecedentedly busy.

All kinds of feedback about the new issue surrounded the magazine. Basically, all entertainment-related portals on the Internet were seeking authorization to reprint the issue. Merchants from all walks of life clamored for a restock, publishers were anxiously howling for more time and customers directly called in to purchase the personal pictures of the fashion figures. They even offered inconceivable prices in order to persuade the magazine to comply with their requests …

These days, customer service had been so busy that they had dispatched a supervisor to ask senior management to temporarily transfer people from other departments to help answer the phone. However, they were not aware that people in other departments were also extremely busy.

From this market response it was easy for most people to determine that Luo Ding’s fans accounted for a large proportion of the people who had shown their purchasing power.

No one had expected such a situation. A small celebrity, who they had no hopes for before the publication, had triggered such a violent shock. This situation caused those management personnel of “Fashion” who had focused solely on Duan Xiubo from the beginning to the end to, one after another, reconsider Luo Ding’s true popularity on the Internet. However, after doing so, they became even more confused about the development of society today.

This group of customers had bought twice as many magazines as was usually sold in two days, and maintained a high passion for purchases going into the following week to create the largest sales record since “Fashion” magazine was founded …

The most representative comment was the incomprehensible: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh …”

After so many years, Duan Xiubo had put out countless projects and had achieved excellent results. His fan base was well managed and had been consolidated from the inside out. Although this time it was relatively rare for him to accept a photo shoot in a domestic magazine, he had nevertheless already appeared on the cover of many European and American magazines while he was abroad. Thus, generally speaking, his current cover was not very exciting. Mature fans have many other releases to chew over and pictures to look at. As a result, although they were looking forward to new photos of their idol, they were still in a reasonable frame of mind.

But Luo Ding’s fans were different!

How pitiful it was to be a fan of Luo Ding! Though his fanbase had grown bigger and stronger, and Luo Ding was becoming more and more popular, his active exposure rate was still low. Although he had started shooting for film and TV, none of his work had as yet been released. Everyone had only heard the news. Additionally, Luo Ding’s songs from the past now seemed to be black history. His one highly praised song cover had been repeatedly played again and again and thus, over time, the passion for it had fizzled. Furthermore, Luo Ding had also slowly deleted his old photos on Weibo leaving behind only a few purely personal stories.

Fans who wanted to lick had nowhere to lick! !! !! !! !!

Luo Ding was not at fault for this. After slowly gaining popularity, though none of his work had as yet been released each one was a killing move that could frighten people to death. He first started with the teaser photos from Pan Yiming’s MV, then came the later stills of Fu Zhu, Pan Yiming’s MV release, Luo Ding’s personal EP production team and finally the rehearsal dance video posted on the Internet by his agency. Every piece of work held an aura of anger, as if he hoped to use his own light to blind the eyes of fans. This time, after the two personal photos of Luo Ding were posted on the official website, many fans had a foreboding feeling in their hearts that the rice circle would be ushering in another storm.

The storm came as expected, but its scale was larger than everyone anticipated.

As there was nowhere else to spend their money fans had thrown their wallets directly at Yaxing Studios and headed for Luo Ding ’s first work in a high-quality magazine.

After rushing to the magazine and turning over to the inner pages, saliva dripped onto their feet.

Luo Ding was actually exposed! All! That! Meat! On! Display! The key point was that his small waist, small buttocks, and milk foam-like skin were the main photos on the inside pages?!! What pictures were these!!

What was this feature that Duan Xiubo and Luo Ding had shot? So sexy! So stylish!! The fans were delighted to see this!

The large images from the inner pages were scanned onto the internet and, for the first time, this kind of behavior that all magazines hated most did not affect the sales of the magazine.

Because after seeing this picture, many people who had no intention of buying the magazine at all, had the urge to buy a physical copy and tear off the inner page as a collector’s item.

The idea was so simple. A mature and strong man and a young handsome youth standing side by side while looking at each other was a very suitable for the theme of the collision of years. The picture was however complex. Duan Xiubo’s indulgent eyes and Luo Ding trusting and intimate smile made people experience a strong sour taste that could be felt through the photos and thus they instantly forgot the theme of issue.

Many of the people who were people who screaming and salivating actually knew that this kind of photo was really nothing major in the entertainment circle where there were gay people everywhere and the straight men were no better than dogs.  Larger-scale magazines could be found everywhere, but even those sexually explicit magazines had not received such a warm response.

The biggest reason for this new issue’s success were its two protagonists … so handsome!

Duan Xiubo, was someone who could go beyond the international aesthetic limitations of the Asian race and had long been internationally recognized as handsome. With his strong and handsome features, his gentle temperament coupled with a strong aura, as well as great achievements and the bonus of rich assets behind him, he could, without critique, only be called a god among men.  

Such a man was difficult to control yet, Luo Ding, who worked as his partner, was actually not inferior from his facial features to his aura. The clean lines of Luo Ding’s face made his side profile look as if it was carefully sketched out by a hand-painter. Although his figure was thin, he had no trace of any morbid weaknesses. Standing beside Duan Xiubo with their gazes intertwined, he occupied half the page, yet the people who saw the page could never neglect his presence to focus solely on Duan Xiubo.

Aura was an elusive thing but it existed in reality. For a small-time artist to show such a dazzling style in front of such a prestigious predecessor, except for the word aura, people could not find a more reasonable explanation.

On weibo it could not be determined how popular the news of this photo shoot was. In just a few days, like a slaughterer it carried away millions of enemy troops.  Naturally, among them were fans of both Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo. Because their idols seemed to get along very well in the photos the interaction between the river crabs[1] was also very close. The two groups of fans quickly became familiar with each other. Their mutual love for each other made onlookers who were looking forward to seeing them fight fall into confusion.

The reason for this could be attributed to the wall climbing events[2] involving many of the main fans of the two parties.

Yes … with the promotion from such a big official authority, the fans … climbed the wall, and many of them formed a sad circle …

That is …  the CP fan-circle.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Male god, I can’t match with you and plastic surgery is too painful so please be with Lord Duan quickly!!” 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Male god since I’m not worth you and I am too tired to lose weight, please hurry up and be with Lord Luo!!!!!!

This CP circle was incredible. So many years into Duan Xiubo’s career it was rare for fans to relate with him in such a down to earth manner thus most of his fans were happy to see this development. Further, only a small part of his fandom was online thus their resistance to this development was minor.

On the other hand, Luo Ding’s fans mostly regarded themselves as “mother fans” thus they were more forgiving about their “child” being in love than “girlfriend fans” would have been. Duan Xiubo was handsome and capable. Many people also thought he and Luo Ding fit well together. Thus, as soon as it appeared, this CP circle grew stronger and attracted countless passers-by into the sea.

Of course, their actions were still very low-key. Rational fans knew that this “CP” was just a joke and that if they made a big deal out of it the impact on the artists will be negative.  For the sake of their idols, they seemed to know where to draw the line when they discussed such topics.

However, at present, besides this photo, they had no new interactions to explore. Thus, the magical CP fans began to look back on the past.

Finally, they discovered something extraordinary.

In addition to Duan Xiubo’s Weibo posts which strongly showed support for Luo Ding, a small detail from the video of Luo Ding’s live audition which was posted on the internet was dug up.

It was a video of the man who was protecting Luo Ding from the beginning to the end when he left the martial arts hall.

Although this man was wearing a mask, you could tell from his exposed eyebrows that his appearance was absolutely beautiful. The resolution of the picture was not high, however whether it was the persons shape or temperament… It! was! completely! like! Duan! Xiubo!

In fact, this argument had already been heard on the day the video was posted, but before the CP fan circle was formed, no one had taken this topic seriously. Many people just mentioned it for fun. But now, after adding this incident to the photos the duo took for the inner pages of “Fashion”, It was clear!

Duan Xiubo and Luo Ding had a good relationship, one so good that Duan Xiubo was willing to wear a mask and act as a bodyguard for him privately. A relationship good enough that there have been two official posts about Luo Ding from Duan Xiubo on weibo where he previously only posted about work and had no other interactions with other stars. A relationship good enough that Duan Xuibo was willing to accept an offer to take photos for the inner pages of “Fashion” magazine with Luo Ding!

Duan Xiubo had only slept for one night but when he got up, he found that he had been carted away by his fan circle.

Fan circles were ever-changing and Duan Xiubo had become accustomed to this, but this time the topics on his weibo homepage had him opening his dull eyes, when we woke up in the morning.

The clips and pictures in the circle had been well disseminated and the accounts followed by Duan Xiubo had reached a consensus after a brief confrontation. Solo fans and CP Fan now coexisted peacefully, and the fan circle was happy.

Duan Xiubo opened a gif that had been reposted many times. After a long pause he almost fell of the bed.

Was this not from the day when Luo Ding sang at Shanhai Building? How did a photograph of him from then become news now? In the gif, he was wearing a mask and protecting Luo Ding from the side. The gif quality was not clear, but he could vaguely tell that his brow was wrinkled. With Luo Ding there as a comparison, his height and shape could be identified at a glance.

He touched his chin. Was this what had happened that day?

The two of them were quite close to each other and when someone had pushed him, Luo Ding had taken the initiative to hide in Duan Xiubo’s arms …

What he could discover fans, who had actively edited and watched the video frame by frame, will naturally not ignore it. The fans who had re-posted this gif all used cold and haughty emojis, with the caption “haha” to show a clear standpoint –

—— “It’s great to be in love.”

“It’s amazing to have a boyfriend.”

“Single dogs don’t want to watch this anymore.”

“”This is how male gods show affection and no matter the occasion, okay?”

“It turned out that they have been shamelessly loving since then.”

Duan Xiubo ignored these comments and turned to the Weibo page where the initial video was posted and then looked at the comments there. While reviewing the post and comment he again found traces of his own fans.

Compared to Luo Ding’s unruly Mother fans, Duan Xiubo’s solo fans were serious and calm. Most of them were seriously analyzing whether the person appearing in the video was Duan Xiubo. Because the picture quality was not clear, and the eyes and eyebrows not clearly shown. Thus, the controversy was actually still quite lively. Although there was no quarrel, both sides were using their own analysis to compete with each other.

For example, Duan Xiubo had personally revealed that he was also on the scene the day of Luo Ding’s audition. For example, Duan Xiubo’s company was also located in the Shanhai Building where Lu Ding was auditioning, etc. For all these arguments, Duan Xiubo fans’ counterattack was that no one knew whether Duan Xiubo’s statement were merely polite words. To take it a step further, even if he was actually at the scene at that time, maybe he still had other work scheduled? It didn’t mean he was the one escorting Luo Ding. Moreover, Duan Xiubo’s agency was ten thousand miles away from the floor the audition was held, thus even if they were both in the same building it could not be considered an overwhelming argument.

Duan Xiubo looked at the most active fan who was disputing his presence in the comments and curled his lips. How irritating. Everyday you call me male god, male god but you can’t recognize me when the camera is a little bit unclear.[3]

He thought for a while and decided that if he blocked this fan it would make things too obvious. Anyway, he restrained his intentions and left a comment on OP[4]’s main Weibo post: “The two of them are a very good couple. They are great together XD.”  

Contentedly, he put down his mobile phone to wash his face and gargle. His mobile phone rang out with a series of prompts just as he picked up his toothbrush.

Duan Xiubo opened to look and it was actually the OP, the owner of the gif who had personally responded to him

“My dear,” the OP said with an emoji showing a doting expression, as they acted cute while earnestly admonishing, “You should delete your comment, although I am also a CP fan it is best to not leave such a direct comment, It’s all for the good of our idols. If passers-by see this at the top of trending posts, the influence it will have is not good. All the words about showing love are jokes.  We should believe that they are just purely friends or showing the care of a senior for his junior.

Duan Xiubo’s smile was pulled down and he stared at the message for a long time, before resolutely deleting the comment he had just posted.

Duan Xiubo felt that he should still find a loving fan circle, one with a less stubborn fans.[5]

After flipping through several pages of the magazine, Duan Xiubo was hungry so he randomly fried a few eggs to fill his stomach. He had just stepped on the treadmill when Luo Ding called.

When he saw the word “Luo Xiaoding” on the caller id, there was no telling how happy he was, but his voice remained as gentle and as calm as ever: “Luo Xiaoding?”

“Duan ge,” Luo Ding, who was on the other side of the phone line said with an embarrassed smile, “Did you go on Weibo today?”

“Oh?” Duan Xiubo pretended to be puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

“Well … there are some comments,” the usually well-spoken young man found that a lot of his words were not appropriate, so he could only simply and honestly tell the truth, “Some fans have paired us together because of the photos of the Fashion Magazine issue. Mr. Gu said that this kind of thing was a little bit of fun among fans and that it was not suitable for clarification. Thus, its best to treat it as though you haven’t seen it. I still thought I should apologize to you as it seems my fans started this.”

Apologies are totally unnecessary! Duan Xiubo, who was loving this entire debacle, narrowed his eyes and grinned while staring at the glass of his floor-to-ceiling French windows. His voice was normal despite the sound of his panting from running: “What’s this, Do you think I am so petty? Why, do you mind? “  

When Luo Ding heard that Duan Xiubo didn’t mind, he relaxed and restored his usual calm. He laughed and with a smile in his voice he said, “I am probably the only male artist who can be paired up in rumors with Duan ge. I am honored.”

Although knowing that this was just polite words, Duan Xiubo’s heart couldn’t help but slip into a complete mess.

Luo Ding hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief, Wu Fangyuan who was next to him leaned over and asked, “Are you all right?”

Luo Ding shook his head: “It’s okay.” He then turned on his phone and flipped through the gifs again, increasingly becoming more shocked. These fan editors are crazy. They had turned around once more to add some special effects to the gifs. He had seen the gif just a while ago when it was first posted but this new repost still shocked him till he was incoherent.

Luo Ding tried his best to seek out the “pink” traces from the pictures. How did this CP emerge? Fans nowadays were a little too good at coming up with such things, not so?  

When Wu Fangyuan had come crying this morning, as if the sky had collapsed, to show Luo Ding a weibo post, Luo Ding was really struck by thunder. As a star who had never even opened a Weibo page in his last life, the usual image of fans that appeared in his field of vision was that of excited and uncontrollable, yet soft and cute girls and boys. The mother fans of this life who worried about him on Weibo went a bit beyond the scope of his general knowledge. The girls on his homepage who were shouting about giving birth to his children were even more shocking. He had originally thought that those licking comments were already the limit, but now he knew that a human being was really never too old to learn.

He was gay, and he had married his partner in his last life, but society’s tolerance of homosexuals was too low. Until he had died, the outside world had known nothing about his sexuality let alone that in addition to being good brothers, who had supported each other through the wind and the rain for decades, he and Xu Zhen also had a relationship such as marriage.

But in this life, he had never been ambiguous with Duan Xiubo. Yet the fans were so … actively treating them as… forgive Luo Ding but he really couldn’t think of better adjectives.

His mood basically changed from (⊙o⊙) to =__=.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to care about this at all.” Gu Yaxing was particularly eager to talk on the phone. He hurriedly advised him, “I tell you that there are no stars who don’t sell “rot” now. The market eats this type of thing, and you can occasionally cooperate without losing anything. It’s also good for you and Duan Xiubo doesn’t care. What could be better? Duan Xiubo should have seen all kinds of trials and hardships for so many years after his debut. This is also an opportunity for him to absorb new fans. The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages for you.”

Luo Ding knew nothing about the CP circle, but it could be inferred from Gu Yaxing’s words that it was something that had been going on for a long time. Seeing that no one cared about it, he quickly let go of the issue.

Eventually, he swiped open the homepage of the blogger who had posted the video when a new comment popped up.

“Hehe. As requested, its deleted, take it as you like but girlfriend fans are no good. With regard to the future of my idol I have a clear conscience. CP fans should also pay attention to the main rice circle and promptly delete their weibo post.”  

Luo Ding opened the comments and saw the fans signaling that they would abide by the rules of CP circle, when suddenly a familiar id appeared: “Alessandro[6]

Alessandro said: “girlfriend fans … hehe”.

Luo Ding was a little puzzled by the comment but was very impressed with the name. He refreshed the post and wanted to see the responses to this new comment but then he found that Alessandro’s comment had been deleted.

This CP circle was so chaotic, Luo Ding felt that he was getting farther and farther from the normal crowd.


The sales volume of this magazine was finally counted and everyone, including Ji Jiahe, who had been hopeful of Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo at the beginning, was shocked.

Four times more sales than in the previous period! Four times!

What is this concept?

Ji Jiahe had a wide network of contacts, and there have been many times when he had invited superstars to feature in the magazine. For this year’s annual publication, Fashion had invited the four men with the highest status besides Duan Xiubo and the four women with the highest status besides Yuan Bing and paid a large price for a group photoshoot. The annual magazine also had exquisite posters. Because upper management had rejected his requests to print three times more copies, the magazine had only doubled the number of prints. However, while it was sold out in the end this had only happened four days later.

On the other hand, the issue that Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo cooperated on was snapped up at a crazy speed on the first day of its launch, and the subsequent printing speed simply could not keep up with the pace of market purchases. At the same time, a large number of overseas orders had also caused the printing press to be very busy. Coupled with those who had directly called Fashion to separately purchase a full set of Luo Ding photo books, this was the hardest and busiest battle the company had fought this year.

With two consecutive victories, Ji Jiahe had become more important at Fashion and the rivals who had quarreled with him were now in danger.

Even a print magazine had been affected so much, not to speak of Duan Xiubo and Luo Ding who had been featured in the issue.

Duan Xiubo, needless to say was a well-deserved leader in the entertainment industry. This time, the theme of his cover shoot was calm and low-key, but the relaxed man on the inside page had subverted people’s inherent impression of him and had caused him to appear more grounded. Generally, it made fans who were already crazy about him even more crazy.

Though Luo Ding was not the same, he had also benefited from the shoot as well.

Many of the customer groups who originally bought magazines for Duan Xiubo had a good impression of Luo Ding who had taken the inner page photos with Duan Xiubo. Scanning the photos onto the Internet had made many passers-by who were not too concerned about entertainment gossip discover Luo Ding. Additionally, by working with Duan Xiubo to enter the sights of passers-by’s his entire being had been upgraded.  

Many people who are fascinated by his photos will try to review Luo Ding’s previous releases on the internet, such as the most widely spread dance videos, audition videos, makeup photos, etc. They will learn about his past as well and by the time they realize it they are fans.

The injection of new blood into the fan circle was as simple as that. The birth of “ah ah ah ah ah ah” was testimony of Luo Ding’s journey.

And overseas.

In the past, Luo Ding’s Japan’s support team could only rely on his irregular appearances, yet the popularity of his rice circle there had not diminished at all. The management mechanism of the support group which was composed of foreign students and locals had been perfected. From the news that Luo Ding was about to launch an EP, fans were eagerly looking forward to the day the EP was released.

Luo Ding, who was completely different from local Japanese idols, had depended on the follow up online dance videos posted by the company to continue attracting fans in Japan. Although most of these fans could not speak Chinese and thus could not understand the song lyrics, all they knew is that the idol in the video was so handsome!

It was enough to be handsome. Women have always been visual beings. By virtue of the word handsome, Luo Ding who had never conducted any activities in Japan had on several occasions been at the forefront of various popularity awards in Japan.

For domestic stars, this was unheard of.

With the cooperation of the overseas students’ organizations and fans in the fan circle, and relying on the official support from Japan, Japanese fans had collectively bought one tenth of the number of magazines. They had thought it was enough, but after receiving the issue, they discovered it was far from enough!

The fanaticism of Japanese fans was worse than that in China. In Japan, which was the most developed country to fight piracy, it was natural for fans to buy the authentic version. Even after adding cost of postage the magazine was not too expensive and almost everyone wanted to have a copy. After the first magazine was unsealed and the big picture of the inner page was circulated, the support club came back again in shock.

Luo Ding’s photo had reversed the impression that overseas fans have always had on him, as a moody man from Pan Yiming’s MV who was sometimes sunny and sometimes gloomy, or the man with a melancholic face while singing a song cover, or the man who was furious and unstoppable in the dance video There were so many faces of Luo Ding that they did not know what to expect.

Seductive, fresh, and even naive.

The photos that came with the magazine sparked a frenzy of exchange among fans. Luo Ding’s naked back picture on the inside page could be regarded as the main shock-causing culprit.

Most Japanese people lived under pressure, and their pursuit of beauty was rigorous and rigid. Masculine men were usually not very accepting of the male idols pursued by women, and they mostly ridiculed them or found them irrelevant

But changing their minds was easy.

That is, one just needed to find their g-spot.

Luo Ding’s naked back photo, no doubt got hold of a lot of people’s G-spot.

It’s unknown how this big photo which was originally only circulated inside the fan circle, entered the mainstream media’s field of vision.

Then there were the refined pictures obtained by the international students from over the wall of China’s domestic network.

On the Japanese web, after a short period of silence, it began to spread widely with momentum.

“So handsome!” Many nationals who still had an outdated impression of China left comments under various Luo ding photos, “Is he really Chinese? Really?”

“Wow he really is a completely different style from the Japanese mainstream.”

“Awesome. He feels like cherry blossom viewing in Nara. Gorgeous and warm.”

“It’s obvious that he’s like Sapporo’s hot springs. It’s true that the beauty of Chinese stars is very high. You see that the person who he’s posing with is also another type of beautiful male.”

So began a series of discussions about Duan Xiubo. Some people gradually dug out Duan Xiubo’s position in the international film industry. For the Japanese who did not know the truth, the value of Luo Ding, who was partnering with him, naturally doubled.

Hong Kong and Taiwan eat Japanese and Korean dishes, Japan and South Korea eat European and American dishes, and Luo Ding, who now appeared to have established relations with Europe and America, rapidly saw a qualitative leap in popularity.

Many Taiwanese who followed Japan’s development found that a mainland artist had suddenly appeared in various Japanese newspapers and magazines overnight. At a time when they had never heard of this man, Luo Ding had already been crowned as a national treasure.

How can an artist from a barren land like the mainland be so popular in Japan?

Many Taiwanese programs expressed their disbelief. For a while, in Taiwan, Luo Ding’s name also appeared frequently in various programs, with the number of topics increasing rapidly.

“Wow! Really!” The hostess who was wearing a pink skirt covered her mouth with a shocked expression on the interview talk show. “There are already so many entertainers from mainland China out overseas? How is this possible!”

Even a professor who focused on the mainland’s development shook his head in a meaningful way: “this is one of the misunderstandings of the people on our island. In fact, the entertainment industry on the mainland has developed on a large scale. Don’t you find that the stars from the island love to go to the mainland to hold concert tours? The mainland is rich in resources, and they can make more money than they do on the island. “

The hostess continued to look shocked, and then responded: wow Really! Is this so? What is your impression of the mainland at the moment?” She turned around and swept a gaze across a large row of guests in the background.

One of the guests smiled and answered with a pouting expression, “Just … it’s very poor. Didn’t Ms. Meng say that when she went to the mainland the toilet used over there was a long unbroken stretch of white buttocks for several kilometers?”  

Another guest covered her face pretending to be cute and twisted her body: “Oh, don’t say this on the show.”

“So,” the hostess looked back in shock at the professor, “Is that not true?”

“I don’t know,” the professor shook his head, probably shocked by their stupidity. His expression showed that he found it difficult to answer and responded with a bit of embarrassment. “but there is no record of a large-scale, several kilometers long toilet in the literature I have studied so far.”

The video was cut off and caused laughter on domestic forums.

Netizens commented: “It is true that some media outlets in Taiwan really deserve their reputation.”

Translator Notes:

Lol. What’s a Chinese novel without some east Asian geo-politics. “Hong Kong and Taiwan eat Japanese and Korean dishes, Japan and South Korea eat European and American dishes…” This story is written from the point of view of a mainlander. They see HK and Taiwan as influenced by Japan and Korean entertainment with Japan and Korea likewise influenced by west. It also somewhat describes the difficulties mainland Chinese face in entering the markets of the neighbors. From my dabbles in east Asian entertainment its definitely appeared easier for Korean and Japanese artists to make waves in the region than for Chinese mainlanders to do same. The last bit also appears to be a dig at how Taiwan and HK often look down the mainland as being poor and backward.  

[1] A term for fans

[2] They climbed the wall from being normal fans into CP fans. As a reminder CP fans are those who support two celebs as a couple.

[3] Lmao poor fan. Duan Xiubo so petty always fighting his fans.

[4] OP means Original poster i.e the original person who posted the first gif.

[5]  The text in the last couple of paragraphs were unclear so the translations have been approximations. Basically, Duan ge likes his CP why is everyone telling him to delete. Lol.

[6] As a reminder ‘Alessandro” is Duan Xiubo’s alternate account

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3 years ago

I love the author’s sense of humour!
Duan Xiubo: “I think me and Luo Ding forming a couple is a great idea, but my own fans have abandoned me” (sulkily goes out in search of more supportive fans)
Luo Ding: “The world has changed.” (needs some time to digest the facts and adapt to the new reality)
Thank you for the chapter! <3
P.S. I didn’t expect my guess about the CP fan circle emerging after the photo session to be spot-on XDDD

3 years ago

Thanks for the update

3 years ago

This chapter is hilarious!!!

Thank you for your hard work, Translator-san! ????

3 years ago

The shipper fans cracked me up but it’s depressing af as accurately depicted by the author that fake gay shipped couples sell out magazines and rise to fame but god forbid a celebrity actually comes out as gay. It’s the weirdest discord. But I firmly believe the more exposure and representation in mainstream media, the quicker the world will change. As for the political discourse, not touching that with pole. Thank you for the update!

3 years ago

I want the pics to be real.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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Thank you! I really appreciate all your hard work!

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