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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 45

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When Duan Xiubo arrived at the studio, Luo Ding happened to be recording his dance routine.

An explosive melody that had not yet been released could be heard. The song Luo Ding was humming was neither fast nor slow, yet in just a few lines, Duan Xiubo had gained a deep impression of it. This kind of music, known as “brainwashing music”, was the most popular genre nowadays. Additionally, the song was jam packed with connotative and profound lyrics by He Guan. Even Duan Xiubo, who did not know much about the music circle could also hear the potential of this song.

The staff members who were around were busy so Duan Xiubo leaned silently against the wall and stared at Luo Ding dancing.

He had repeatedly watched the previous video filmed in the practice room countless times. In just a few minutes of that video, Luo Ding had showed his mastery of dance and rhythm, yet the shock of live viewing was too great to be conveyed across a screen.

Each step landed precisely on the beat at just the perfect angle. Luo Ding faced the camera, and after makeup had been applied, his eyebrows had become more and more provocative. His expression was cold, and his eyes held a sense of aloofness.

Duan Xiubo followed Luo Ding’s every action with his eyes. He squatted in the corner without saying a word until Mi Rui sought help after failing to find him anywhere. Wu Fangyuan and Gu Yaxing were shocked. Their remote corner was suddenly lively.

No matter how good the relationship was between Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo, Gu Yaxing and Wu Fangyuan still did not dare slacken their attitude towards Duan Xiubo. Seeing that the great god had been neglected in a corner, they immediately rushed over to invite him to wait in the lounge area.

Duan Xiubo held up a finger to them and motioned for them to keep their voices quiet and not to disturb Luo Ding who was focused on his recording.

He also did not move. Instead, he stood still and solemnly stared at the young man dancing.

The beat stopped. The young man who had just been full of energy came to a halt. After confirming that the filming had been completed, his pose while standing trembled a little, then then he held his forehead and squatted down.

Before Gu Yaxing and Wu Fangyuan could even respond, there was a gust of wind and Duan Xiubo had disappeared from the spot.

“Are you okay?” He previously couldn’t detect it under the strong lights but when he got close to Luo Ding, Duan Xiubo, found that the latter’s body was sweaty. His hair had not been slicked down with gel nor had he doused himself with water, yet he was soaked through.

Duann Xiubo frowned, “What’s going on?”

Gu Yaxing, who was one step behind him rushed forward. He directly unwrapped a piece of candy, lifted Luo Ding’s head and placed it into his mouth. While doing so, he said, “You are seeking death! You are seeking death!!”

Duan Xiubo glared at him angrily and Wu Fangyuan whispered: “He has been eating irregularly over the past two days. Last night, he had a stomachache and went to the hospital for an IV infusion, apparently it was mild gastroenteritis. Today, he said that because there was not enough time and he had already delayed the crew by one day he needed to finish filming.”

Duan Xiubo scolded him: “Did I not tell you to eat well during our shoot the last time?! It’s just an MV, why the need to rush?”

Luo Ding didn’t know how to explain. These days he was busy recording songs and practicing his dance routine as his coach was only here for a short time. He was often hungry during working hours, yet he couldn’t eat too much until after he finished practicing. In his last life, he often did this and had no problems but because this body was too delicate, he vomited everything he ate. No wonder he was as thin as a ghost.

“Four songs need to be recorded in five days. After that, I have to go with Duan ge for the audition of “Blade Warrior”. It’s really impossible to delay any further. The hospital said that it was only a case of mild gastroenteritis and it will get better after eating liquid food over the next few days.

It was precisely because he could only eat porridge in the morning, and the intense exercise from filming during the day consumed too much energy that he needed to take a rest after recording these routines.

After his cold sweat faded away, Luo Ding blinked hard and stood up again with great vigor: “Have you read the MV script?”

After seeing Luo Ding so desperate Duan Xiubo’s gaze was complicated : “I’ve read it.”

“Can you film it today?”

“Your current state …”

“I’m really fine,” Luo Ding patted his belly and laughed. “What do you think of me? I really have to thank you for helping me create momentum this time. Anyway, there aren’t too many shots and I want to finish as much as I can today.” Besides, it’s not good to waste too much of your time, Duan ge”.

Duan Xiubo knew that this man was extremely stubborn when he made a decision. He knew that Luo Ding could not be persuaded. Thus, he could only sigh: “You need not be so polite.”

Luo Ding smiled at Duan Xiubo. Only he was aware that his attitude towards the other party was much closer now than at first. This kind of politeness was only due to his natural instincts. He was not hard-hearted. After repeated tests, with regard to Duan Xiubo’s concern for him, he had long been able to distinguish true from false. This man had really treated him sincerely from the beginning.

Luo Ding was very familiar with this kind of feeling because not long ago he had also taken out his heart and lungs for Su Shengbai like this. He had closed his eyes and treated Su Shengbai like a blood relative.  He was willing to pay for everything and had put aside all precautions. He had just wanted to protect him like a child.  

But he was not the same as Su Shengbai. Su Shengbai was an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. Luo Ding however remembered Duan Xiubo’s every word and deed deeply in his heart.

Regular albums had many lengthy songs, and as such MV’s that only showed the singer singing easily caused aesthetic fatigue. Accordingly, the more special the effects in an MV the better. It was therefore common for performers to have a plot running through their MV’s from beginning to end. For instance, in the MV Luo Ding filmed with Pan Yiming, the final effect was that they became double protagonists thus, Luo Ding’s individual impact as a foil for Pan Yiming was not so obvious.

This was not the same for an EP. EP’s were a type of small informal album made to promote singers. Just a few songs were often added together for a run time of less than twenty minutes. As the run time was pitiful it was not enough for the singers themselves as such there was no more time for invited guests.

The plot of the song featuring Duan Xiubo was very simple. The melody was fast, and the top line was clear. Generally speaking, it was a story of an angel who had become entangled with a fallen angel while stopping a murder. The two people fight until finally justice overcomes evil. Luo Ding played the angel and as Duan Xiubo was stronger than him, he naturally became the perfect candidate to play the fallen angel.

This subject matter was very childish, but at the same time it was very malleable, and if done well, the results will be extremely visually enjoyable. Of course, filming was more difficult than an ordinary MV.

The snow-white angel’s wings though exquisite were heavy. It was like Luo Ding was carrying a suitcase on his back. However, after carefully drawing on his eyebrows, the young man in the lens was very stunning.

Duan Xiubo paid attention to Luo Ding’s state while he changed his clothes. He didn’t need too much by way of costume. His powerful aura was enough to completely turn the pair of feather black wings into a foil. To his three-dimensional facial features only a bit of eyeliner was added, and his eyes became much more vicious. Many times, the staff had to hold their breath on seeing him through the camera lens.

Luo Ding felt like he had returned to the half-month he spent on the “Wolong” set, the suspended wires were really uncomfortable. Coupled with his poor health today, his waist that had been gripped by the safety harness only increased his nausea.

But as soon as the slate was opened, he immediately overcame all his discomfort and concentrated on working. There was no plot in this scene. He and Duan Xiubo acted out a few moves in mid-air according to the original plan. After the filming, their moves will naturally be modified later. Subsequently, a few photos will be taken under the bright lights for publicity later. Despite this, when the final cut was called it was almost 5 pm.

Luo Ding, who was lying on a chair, did not want to move. He swallowed some medicine as his stomach was still heaving.

“I’m fine, Duan ge, you head out first. I’ll just lie down for a while.” He stubbornly waved at Duan Xiubo to let him leave first.

Duan Xiubo grabbed his wrist. The cold skin against his fiery palm were like two extremes. Luo Ding’s face was as white as paper, and his forehead and temples were sweating coldly. Under such conditions, if Duan Xiubo could really leave then he was really hard-hearted.

“Let’s go to the hospital,” Duan Xiubo said firmly. “If you don’t go, you can forget about going with me to the “Blade Warrior” audition in the next few days.”

“…” Luo Ding laughed, “You can’t go so far …”

“You two help me carry him,” Duan Xiubo ignored Luo Ding’s opinions and ordered Wu Fangyuan and Gu Yaxing who were on his left and right, “Put him on my back.”

Gu Yaxing and Wu Fangyuan acted extremely fast this time. They ignored Luo Ding’s resistance and behaved directly in accordance with Duan Xiubo’s instructions. When Luo Ding was pushed onto a warm and generous back he had still wanted to say something but he only heard Duan Xiubo say, “Hold my neck.” Then with a pull of both hands, he clasped Luo Ding’s legs and stood up.


Luo Ding grabbed Duan Xiubo’s shoulder with his heart palpitating. He had no strength in his hands. After a while, his arms slowly slid down, and it really became a “hug” posture.

Lying on Duan Xiubo’s back, Luo Ding’s eyes were a little complicated.

This was the first time he had experienced this sense of being protected. His childhood memories were no longer clear, but for as long as he could remember he had always played the role of protector. Tough, strong, and without weaknesses in order to protect the people around him. From Xu Zhen to Su Shengbai, he had paid too much and had forgotten to ask for anything in return so much so that he had gradually felt that giving was a matter of course.

But this sudden mental exhaustion was not be false.

Duan Xiubo was talking in a low voice as he carried an adult man on his back. Although his face was a little red, he did not appear breathless and he seemed to have no trouble at all: “You are not heavy. Look how thin you are. When you were in the crew before, I could see that you are not a worry-free person, Xiao Gu  and Xiao Wu, were really unlucky for eight generations to have bumped into you. How old are you to still be making trouble …”

A drowsy feeling crept over Luo Ding due to the tirade. His stomach was supported by the other’s back and the nausea was reduced. As the temperature of the other’s body kept flowing to him the chilly symptoms were alleviated by a lot.

He yawned a little and buried his head inbetween Duan Xiubo’s shoulders as his eyelids became heavier and heavier.

Duan Xiubo was still talking.

Half asleep and half awake, Luo Ding felt that he had gone way back in time to half a century ago.  He was sitting at the broken desk and chair at home. His father, whose face was vague, exuded a warm smell, and his voice seemed to come from far away—

-Xiaoding … Xiaoding … Luo Xiaoding!

“Luo Xiaoding!”

Luo Ding awakened from his dream. However, his memory and mind remained at the moment his father had opened his mouth. He stared blankly at the snow-white ceiling for a long time and then he slowly set his sight elsewhere.

The room was small with white walls and white furniture.  The bedding was plain and clean and there was a slight smell of disinfectant in the air.

“Luo Xiaoding.” A fiery hand covered his forehead, and the owner of the voice sounded dissatisfied. “You are awake and you are ignoring me, don’t you know who brought you here?”

Luo Ding looked around and his alert eyes softened immediately: “Duan ge.”

Duan Xiubo smiled and was as gentle as ever: “I didn’t deliberately wake you up. The doctor said that you have to eat and take medicine at a fixed time. It’s six o’clock in the morning.

Luo Ding was startled: “Six o’clock?! How long have I slept?”

Duan Xiubo helped him sit up: “What sleep? You fainted on my back. Malnutrition and gastroenteritis have you confused. Do you know what your name is?”

Luo Ding subconsciously asked: “What?”

Duan Xiubo smiled and stared at him: “You’re called the “self-defeating path”. If you continue like this, you will definitely age faster than an artist of the same age. At that time, your face will be dry, and you will see which director would dare to use you.”

Luo Ding barely heard what Duan Xiubo said, but his heart was strangely happier, and he joked with a smile: “Does Duan ge want to teach me his own exclusive maintenance secrets?”

Duan Xiubo twisted the handle of the thermos jar, and his eyes slowly moved to Luo Ding’s face, staring at him, he smiled for a long while. He sighed helplessly and touched the other’s hair.

“I’ve lost to you.”

The other party got up and went out, but Luo Ding paused for a while and then covered his head and stared at Duan Xiubo’s back until the other party disappeared.

Suddenly there was a particularly delicate emotion in his heart that had started to tremble back and forth violently.

At that moment, the look in Duan Xiubo’s eyes made him experience the feeling of being wholeheartedly cared for after a long absence.

It was like the father whose face he couldn’t distinguish in his dreams or like Xu Zhen, when he was still young so many years ago …

He shook his head and quickly set aside the illogical thoughts in his brain. He raised his hand, picked up the medicine that had been dispensed on the table, poured it into his mouth, and swallowed it with water.


While wearing sunglasses and a large mask, Luo Ding was wrapped tightly. Gu Yaxing continually reminded him to bury his head down. In addition, Wu Fangyuan was also wearing a hat to cover his blond hair.  The three people received their boarding pass and quickly passed through the passage and walked towards the VIP lounge.

Wu Fangyuan couldn’t hide his excitement: “First class, hey, Luo Ding, have you ever been in first class before?”

Luo Ding was helpless, Gu Yaxing turned around and glared at him: “Why are your thoughts so shallow? Now there are no outsiders but if there were other people here you would have been ashamed.”

Wu Fangyuan was still energetic: “I’m not a fool. Of course, I won’t say this in front of outsiders. It’s just that this time, I get to sit in first class with Duan ge‘s blessing. What’s wrong with being excited?”

Gu Yaxing repeatedly advised Luo Ding all the way: “It was not easy for you to get better. You should really thank brother Duan for taking care of you. This time I will not go with you, I will leave Fangyuan to take care of you. Remember to be careful when you go abroad. Stay with brother Duan at all times. You know, he has bodyguards and translators there, right? It’s a mess in foreign countries so don’t try to get ahead by yourself.”

Luo Ding nodded to indicate that he understood.

Gu Yaxing stopped at the gate, gathered his things and watched Luo Ding and Wu Fangyuan leave. Wu Fangyuan took a few steps and then turned back to wave goodbye to him with a smile.

There was an indescribable anxiety in Gu Yaxing’s heart. Just like a parent watching their children go on a long journey, Luo Ding’s new opportunities made him happy and troubled.

An opportunity to audition abroad was enough for most domestic movie stars to go crazy, but Luo Ding, who was supported by Duan Xiubo, was ahead of so many people because he had direct contact with the director. Seeing the other party go step by step from obscurity to his present status, Gu Yaxing was both comforted and distressed.

Even if Luo Ding had not said anything, he was aware that these big companies in the industry must have sent someone to try to poach him. Especially Global Media, even a lukewarm character like Su Shengbai was readily accepted at that time, not to mention Luo Ding, who now had great potential. Some time ago, when Wu Fangyuan had stopped talking to him he had feared it was because those entertainment companies had privately sent people over to persuade Luo Ding to leave.

This child was independent, calm and had his own way of doing things. The company had not helped him at all. This opportunity today relied entirely on Luo Ding’s own hard work and in all good conscience even if he left, Gu Yaxing had nothing to hate. Luo Ding did not owe him or the company anything. What’s more, Gu Yaxing had become accustomed to having the rough stones he had shaped leaving him one by one away to be polished more carefully at a height he couldn’t touch till they bloom more brilliantly.

But Luo Ding did not leave.

In the company, Luo Ding was not as sleek and sophisticated as he was when he was outside. When he was tired from work, he will be depressed and cranky. Gu Yaxing always felt that the other person treated himself and Wu Fangyuan, with an elder’s tolerance towards the younger generation. Because of this, Gu Yaxing was afraid that he couldn’t help him more. Thus, he had decided that he will do his best to produce the EP that was in his hands.

Now it turned out that his vision was finally correct for once. Luo Ding, who did not talk loosely about loyalty and affection was actually the one who cared about old friendships.

Without Gu Yaxing’s presence, Wu Fangyuan did not dare chatter anymore, the closer he was to the VIP lounge, the more silent he became.

Luo Ding’s busy schedule had also spurred him on. The little fat man had lost more than ten pounds in this period of time. He could already wear size 35 trousers, and except for his blond hair he was not as funny looking as usual. Luo Ding had no complaints about him.

Duan Xiubo was lying on the couch listening to a song. Mi Rui, who was sitting next to him, was slowly eating a watermelon. At Luo Ding’s arrival, his eyes lit up, and he stood up with a wave: “Luo ge, here!”

“Mi Rui,” Luo Ding approached with a smile, “Don’t call me Luo ge, it’s too shameful. You can call me Luo Xiaoding like Duan ge does.”

Mi Rui glanced at his own boss who was full of energy as soon as Luo Ding appeared and smiled at Luo Ding without saying a word. Though Luo Ding dared to be modest, he didn’t dare to take him up on the offer. If he dared call him Luo Xiaoding, Duan Xiubo will stab him with his eyes.

Duan Xiubo turned over and sat up: “How is your health? Better?”

“Much better.” Luo Ding was pulled down to sit on the sofa. Duan Xiubo touched his forehead and his hands, before smiling and letting the other party go, “You are really okay?”

Duan Xiubo touched the scar on Luo Ding’s left wrist, and his two fingers lingered, with some concerns in his eyes: “It’s all right, you can tell me if you are worried.”

The scar being found was not unexpected by Luo Ding. It would have been unusual for such obvious scars to be concealed all this time. Thus, his attitude was very calm and without even intending to withdraw his hand, he repeated his words with a smile and certainty: “I’m fine, it’s really all better.”

Duan Xiubo couldn’t find anything wrong with him by looking at him. Although he was still worried, he felt relieved.

Duan Xiubo didn’t ask anymore questions and Luo Ding also took advantage to turn the topic and ask for more filming details on Blade Warrior III.

His schedule was still very unsettled because he did not know when Carmen Clovis had actually scheduled for the audition to be held and a small-time artist like Luo Ding could not take the initiative to ask. However, the longer the delay abroad, the more his domestic affairs will accumulate.

All songs on the EP had been recorded. After post-production, it will be released as soon as possible while Luo Ding was currently trending. The drama “Tang Zhuan” will be released the day after tomorrow. In the first episode, there were many scenes related to Luo Ding. Further, the stills for “Wolong” will also be released to the public at the latest by the end of the month. Luo Ding also had to cooperate with their plans for publicity. Of course, this should be left to Gu Yaxing, but on the many occasions where he needed to show up in person, Gu Yaxing could not help him carry it out.  

These small and trivial tasks were the most annoying. On the contrary, Duan Xiubo, because he commanded a high price, did not have to attend such large-scale publicity activities. His job was done after receiving a few high-quality movies each year. If you considered it closely, he really had more time off than most office workers.

Duan Xiubo smiled and stuffed a bunch of fruit into Luo Ding’s hands: “Worrying about so much, if it is not too late, I will take you directly to the audition after a few hours of rest tomorrow.” His personal relationship with Carmen Clovis was very strong as such this statement was full of confidence.

Luo Ding smiled gratefully and inserted a cantaloupe into his mouth. He felt Duan Xiubo’s hand covering his head and rubbing randomly. Although he was a bit uncomfortable, he did not reject it.


Taking off in the morning and arriving in the morning. Luo Ding was confused by jet lag, but he was in good spirits after taking a cold medicine and sleeping on the plane.

The moment he got off the plane and saw many people with various skin tones he had the illusion that he was a world away and he was still that workaholic who traveled around the world.

His back was nudged, and a strong arm wrapped around his shoulder, Duan Xiubo’s voice interrupted his memory: “Go, why did you suddenly stop? Unwell?”

Luo Ding raised his lips: “No, just a bit uncomfortable with the jet lag.”

“There’s no way around it, you must adapt slowly.” Duan Xiubo comforted him. “Xiao Wu said that you have never been abroad before. The last time I heard you and Clovis talking you spoke good English and your communication was 100% okay. So, don’t worry about anything else, just follow me. “

Luo Ding squeezed the hand hanging on his chest.

From the back of his hand down his arm Duan Xiubo felt a burst of itchiness but he remained calm on the surface: “What’s wrong?”

“Put it down,” Luo Ding suggested with a smile, “heavy”

Mi Rui had taken Wu Fangyuan away and on returning with their luggage he found that Duan Xiubo’s face was not right. He had to treat the boss as warmly as the spring breeze, and he asked “Duan ge are you ill?”

Duan Xiubo replied with a smile: “Go away.”

Mi Rui followed behind Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo in an aggrieved manner. While walking beside Wu Fangyuan he looked at the two who were walking shoulder to shoulder and could not resist hitting Wu Fangyuan’s shoulder.

Wu Fangyuan: “?”

Mi Rui pushed his glasses: “Luo ge, how does he usually treat you? Okay?”

Wu Fangyuan scratched his head. He didn’t know how to respond. So, he said “Yes, of course. He usually rushes me to go to bed first when he works late. If he doesn’t eat, he will let me go get dinner first. He never scolds me. He will only reason with me when I make mistakes and he doesn’t resent me. When we go out, he shows me respect and does not shout and call me to drink like the assistants of other artists. So, everyone in the crew is very polite to me. “

It’s really a good life …

Mi Rui’s rear molars clicked back and forth, and jealousy grew like a stubble of wheat seedlings: “How much do you earn a month?”

Wu Fangyuan told the truth: “More than five thousand.”


Mi Rui instantly calmed down. It turned out that the intensity of work and income were directly proportional. With his current workload, if he received 5000, he would resign the next day without explanation the moment he is scolded!

Agents also have their own dignity!

Luo Ding was obviously past the years of making trouble, but after seeing that Duan Xiubo face could change because of one sentence from him, he had still found it interesting to tease him. After seeing that the other side, had really kept his distance he was a little surprised and secretly looked at Duan Xiubo’s expression while walking.

Duan Xiubo was wearing glasses, and the corner of his mouth was lifted in a kind smile.

“Angry?” Luo Ding nudged his shoulder.

“No.” Duan Xiubo looked straight ahead.

Luo Ding had to apologize: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean so put it that way, I was just kidding.”

Duan Xiubo ’s frustrated pride was gently smoothed, but then he heard Luo Ding say, “But I don’t really like too close physical contact. Duan ge, It’s not specifically aimed at you, it’s the same for everyone, usually including Wu Fangyuan and others, no one will touch me. “

Once his head sank down, Luo Ding’s head was pressed by Duan Xiubo’s big palm and his hair was rubbed: “What about this?”

Luo Ding: “…”

Although I am not used to it, I have to say that it feels pretty good.


Duan Xiubo’s retinue was bigger than Luo Ding had imagined. The four muscular black bodyguards at the airport reception area each stood at about six foot seven meters tall. When Duan Xiubo appeared, he approached them and the first one who was slightly shorter came up and said a few words to Duan Xiubo in a tangled accent that was not English. Luo Ding could not understand.

Duan Xiubo replied in a few words to him, his smile remained unchanged. The other party quietly stepped back and pulled Mi Rui aside and started talking again.  

The voice of Mi Rui was a little louder than that of Duan Xiubo. This time, Luo Ding heard it clearly. They spoke French.

There were a few words that Luo Ding recognized: sir, security, Switzerland.

Seeing that the bodyguards were observing him with inquiring eyes, Luo Ding quietly retracted his gaze that was lingering around their waist. The group seemed equipped with guns?

When he was taken outside the airport he saw the obviously bulletproofed car, Luo Ding could not help but cast a puzzled gaze at Duan Xiubo.

Duan Xiubo opened the door for him personally: “Go ahead.”

When the bodyguards saw him do this, they met Luo Ding’s eyes and were immediately polite.

After Luo Ding got into the car, he saw that the two cars were starting to slowly move in a convoy. He hesitated for a moment, and whispered, “Were they sent to you by Triumph?”

Duan Xiubo frowned: “Yes.”

This company was so good …

Luo Ding was a little jealous. In his last life, he had made so much money for Global, yet his standard team was just one bodyguard and a driver. At that time, he had still felt that the conditions were quite good. Now compared to Duan Xiubo he was simply scum.

The bodyguard sitting in the front passenger seat answered the phone. After a few respectful grunts, he carefully held the mobile phone and handed it to the back seat. After finding that there was a change in the boss’s position in the back seat, he changed directions abruptly.  

Duan Xiubo took the phone and glanced at the displayed name. He directly pressed the hang up button and returned the phone to the bodyguard.

“Shut it down.” A word Luo Ding finally understood.


Luo Ding was taken to his destination filled with all kinds of puzzles and unknowns.

Duan Xiubo was very trustworthy. He had said he would bring him to audition as soon as possible and as promised he did not even account for rest time and took him directly to Carmen Clovis’s yet to be completed set.

Four bodyguards, two were guarding the car and two were following behind them. The staff on set recognized Duan Xiubo’s face thus no one stopped them.

Clovis was instructing the staff to put the props in their place and was running back and forth to see if it met the requirements. It wasn’t until Duan Xiubo shouted his name that he was made aware of their arrival. He immediately gave Duan Xiubo a warm hug.

Luo Ding could smell the sour scent of sweat from far away. He had not seen the other for a long period of time. He was very different from the last time they had met. His hair was currently disorderly, and he was wearing a large iron gray shirt and printed Hawaiian beach trousers. He was dirty from head to foot.

Clovis’s voice was loud: “You are finally here! God knows how excited I was when I received your call last night! Look at the set I arranged for the third installment. It will definitely become a classic!”

Luo Ding said hello to Clovis with a hug.

“I didn’t expect you to really come!” Clovis shook his head at Luo Ding with narrowed eyes. “I need two Asians. There’s no dispute over Duan’s role, so then there is only one opening. This opportunity is difficult to win. Are you sure you want to try? “

There were many Asian stars in Hollywood. Most of these stars had grown up abroad. European and American cultures were more familiar to them and it was easier to communicate. Compared with Luo Ding, who had less obvious advantages, while Clovis valued his appearance he didn’t know much about his talent. He originally made the invitation rashly. But now Luo Ding had really arrived and the relationship between the other party and Duan Xiubo was so good so he couldn’t come here in vain. Clovis was also a little embarrassed.

Luo Ding understood the other party’s thoughts very well. In fact, Clovis’s invitation was out of politeness but to be popular one must be cheeky. After coming, no matter what the result is he would only lose a few days.

Luo Ding smiled and nodded: “I have confidence in myself.”

It was not necessary to be modest in front of Europeans and Americans who are not so implicit. Luo Ding’s determination to show off his strength instead gave Clovis a better impression of him.

“You can change your clothes and try on the beautiful armor. I’d like to see if you can adjust to carrying such a load while filming.” Clovis said as he suddenly thought of something, “Oh, no, Camilla! “

He shouted towards the back, and a moment later a blond man poked his head out of a rock prop in front of the curtain: “What ?!”

“Where’s the small battle armor ?!”

The other party recalled for a moment and replied loudly: “Didn’t Tommy Lee say he was going to try it in the morning? It must be on him, don’t ask me!”

The author has something to say:

I was so surprised when I came back from work to see that many readers were mindful of the media part of the article!

Master Mariko is just joking. Those who have followed Master Mariko know that Mariko is a passionate young man who loves five things, four beauty, and has three loves. There is absolutely no such thing as regional discrimination! In my previous job often, I often traveled between Taiwan and mainland China. Adults have a lot of twists and turns, and usually complain about this sort of talk show’s poor topic selection.  Master Mariko thought no one will mind.

It’s not meaningless to set this plot. It’s paving the way for Luo Xiaoding to march into Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Ouch, My God, Master Mariko is confused. This time, it is probably that Mariko is not fully thoughtful. If it is really not acceptable, then Mariko will modify it at his discretion. Just don’t get me wrong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are one family. We are all compatriots!

Translator Notes:

Looks like the author got flayed for the Taiwan jab in the last chapter. Also, poor DX. One step forward one step back. My Spidey senses tells me there should be a change in their relationship soon.

Also apologies for the delayed release. My day job is pretty demanding and posting without at least some minimal editing is a no-no for me :'(

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Duan Xiubo is slowly working his magic on Luo Ding’s heart. His sincerety and care are probably the only things Luo Ding can comfortably accept now, though I do hope LD’s heart won’t remain dormant forever (because reading about a certain somebody’s one-sided feelings for TOO long is no fun XDDDDD).
Thank you for the translation <3

3 years ago

Thanks for the update

3 years ago

Thank you for your hard work on this story and your dedication to the translation! ???????????????

3 years ago

Thank you for the update!

I was wondering about the height of the bodyguards – you said they were one meter and 9 feet tall?

3 years ago

It’s really nice to see how meaningful things are for LD. I appreciate that DX is very gentle and caring with him. Open your heart once again babyyyyyyy.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

3 years ago

Thank you for the update!

3 years ago


3 years ago

Both in stan life and fiction life I am plagued by ambitious, perfectionist workaholics who don’t understand the words rest and relax and keep working to the detriment of their health ? Ah DX what else must he do win over the heart of our fair mister? The exchange between the agents cracked me up because the moment he heard WF’s salary all his envy melted away lol. I am glad authornim got all the much deserved flack and she saw the light. Thanks for the translation ❤️

3 years ago

What’s up with those guy’s names? Carmen and Camilla are female names…

2 years ago

The naming sense of this author for english names tho 😅

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