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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 46

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Carmen Clovis’s expression was a little bad and he glanced at Duan Xiubo with some embarrassment.

Luo Ding frowned slightly.

He knew Tommy Lee.

Although there were many Asians in Hollywood, there weren’t many Chinese people . However, though the path as actors for Asians was not as good as that of white people, they nevertheless held a unique position in the industry.

Tommy Lee was one of the few prominent Asian artists in Hollywood. Like Duan Xiubo, his path to acting was smoother than that of many Caucasian actors.

Not only did Luo Ding know him, he had also worked with him. The relationship between them was very good, and he knew more about Tommy Lee than an ordinary person would.

Tommy Lee’s father was Chinese and his mother British-Japanese. From his grandfather’s generation his family had lived in the United States to do business. He had many brothers in his family and had been a stubborn person from childhood as such, because he was not willing to suffer at home to fight over the family legacy he entered the acting circle at an early age.

Luo Ding actually admired him very much. This man worked extremely hard. When the two of them had worked together on their first martial arts film, Tommy Lee was already a very popular actor at the time. However, he had never used a stunt double when filming. Before filming had started, he had reported to a Chinese martial arts school and had studied Taijiquan for more than a month, as preparation, in order to master the movements taught by the film’s martial arts instructor in the shortest amount of time. Because this code of conduct was exactly the same as that of Luo Ding, after accepting the film, the two had met each other at the same martial arts hall. After the cast list was announced it then became clear that the opponent during practice was actually a future colleague.

From then on they had become more and more friendly with one another. Luo Ding’s self-imposed rules for making friends probably made this eccentric man feel comfortable. In short, at least in the crew, they were the most talked-about actors.

There was a tinkling sound of crashing metal at the entrance and Tommy Lee’s Los Angeles accent resounded: “What the f*ck is this?”

He was holding a large helmet and appeared wearing a shining armor. His agent, Julie hurriedly followed behind him, her high heeled shoes ringing loudly across the floor.

Tommy Lee had wrinkled his handsome face. Because of the Western genes mixed in his blood, he did not exactly have Eastern features. His brow ridge was prominent yet slightly low so when he was not smiling he naturally looked angry. At the moment he was staring at Camilla, the blond man who was currently concealed in the rockery props: “The armor is too small!”

Camilla shrugged. “Sorry.”

The other party had apologized too quickly so there was nowhere for Tommy Lee to vent his anger. He could only stare at him. Tommy Lee took a deep breath and then turned his eyes to the others in the studio.

“Oh, Duan Xiubo.” He said a few pleasant words in Chinese with a non-standard accent, and then nodded. “Hello, we meet again.” Duan Xiubo responded gently.

Everyone in the industry was aware that Tommy Lee had a formidable background. Acting, for him was just a plaything. Since his debut, he had never been as cautious as a normal small-time star.  However, he had good acting skills and was supported by others as such although he had offended many people, for sake of his pride, no one would jump out to make him unhappy, especially when he was so popular.

No matter who the other party was, Duan Xiubo was always polite.

Tommy Lee’s gaze fell on Luo Ding and swept up and down. When he saw Luo Ding’s face, he vaguely understood something and glanced at Carmen Clovis with a smile.

Clovis quickly explained: “Luo, this is Tommy Lee.”

Luo Ding wanted to laugh in the face of the other’s critical gaze. The first time he had met Tommy Lee in his last life, the other was exactly the same. In the martial arts school, the teacher had assigned him to practice with Tommy Lee so there was no avoiding it. The first time they met, there were definitely sparks.

At that time, Luo Ding had no idea what words to use to describe this man’s personality. Now that he had been using Weibo and had increased his vocabulary, he knew that this was probably the so-called “eighth-grade syndrome”[1].

Tommy Lee snorted: “Who are you?” He asked Luo Ding directly.

Luo Ding spoke Chinese and stretched out his right hand: “My name is Luo Ding, Chinese.”

Tommy Lee did not respond.

Luo Ding had hung a small smile on his face, but his gaze suddenly sharpened, and he stared into the other’s eyes which was filled with unwillingness, his hand stretched out indifferently.

After about half a minute, the corner of Tommy Lee’s mouth twitched then he also stretched out his right hand to return the handshake.

He softened his manner a bit and turned to ask Carmen Clovis: “Is he here to grab my role?”

“As a matter of fact…,” Clovis was so shocked by his arrogant words that he didn’t know how to answer, so he could only whisper, “…currently the candidate for Alfred’s role has not been decided yet …”

Tommy Lee said, “Do you think I’m not good enough?”

If the first sentence had made it difficult to give an answer, now Clovis really did know how to respond. He could only pretend to ask the staff to fetch the script and keep himself busy.

Tommy Lee curled up his lips. His beautiful red-haired agent carefully advised him not to get angry, Tommy Lee frowned and retorted: “Who is angry? I’m not angry!”

As he spoke, clack clack clack, he took off the armor on his body and stuffed it carelessly into the hands of the costume designer who was ready to help. He paid no further attention to it and left the same way he came.

Clovis then turned around and breathed a sigh of relief. He gave Luo Ding the script he had just received and motioned for Luo Ding to follow him.

He walked in the direction Tommy Lee had just left.

“In the second “Blade warrior” film, it was set that Alston was a survivor of the destroyed Eastern continent. With the exception of Duan Xiubo’s bodyguards, who remained outside the door, nearly ten people were crowded in the small lounge, including several assistants. Luo Ding, Duan Xiubo and Tommy Lee had been arranged to sit on the same sofa. Clovis whispered to Luo Ding and Tommy Lee about the part. “Oh, Luo Ding.” Clovis looked up at Luo Ding with a start, “Have you seen the film? Do you know who Alston is?”

Luo Ding smiled and exchanged a look with Duan Xiubo: “Heir of the Eastern Continent. That’s the role played by Duan.”

Clovis laughed: “Yes, he is very lonely in the second film. Alfred who appears in the third film is a special existence, he is also a survivor of the Eastern Continent. He had grown up in a small country in the Northern Continent, was selected to join the army and had pledged loyalty to Alston. Because of the rarity of Eastern survivors, his existence would be a comfort to Alston’s soul. “

Luo Ding blinked. Why is this setting a little strange?

“Alfred is simple, kind, righteous, and brave. You have to understand that this is a figure without any haze on him.”

He looked at Tommy Lee with some hesitation. In fact, in terms of appearance, Luo Ding was really more suitable than Tommy Lee.

Apparently, Tommy Lee also knew his shortcomings, and stared blankly in another direction.

“Luo,” Clovis waved at the costume designer behind him. “Actually, Tommy Lee’s build is more suitable for this role, but can you put on the armor so I can have a look?”

Luo Ding stood up, took the helmet and put it over his head without hesitation.

The weapons and equipment of the blade warriors were exquisitely made. The surface of the golden helmet had also been engraved with gorgeous and beautiful lines which looked like roaring wolves. These lines appeared to be the totem of a certain nation.

Luo Ding calmly lowered his head and spread out his arms to allow the costume designer to buckle the heavy gold armor. His temperament suddenly changed, and one could no longer find any softness.

Clovis looked at him in daze. After a while, he came back to his senses and stuttered: “Well … this is much better than I thought.”

At the side, Tommy Lee snorted in an unconvinced manner, but Luo Ding knew he was echoing Clovis’s words.

Taking off his armor and sitting down, Luo Ding was keenly aware that the huge gap between Tommy Lee’s seat and his was becoming smaller.

Clovis rubbed his face: “In fact, Alfred does not appear too many times. Luo and Lee, can you act out the allegiance scene. If there is no accident, that would probably be Alfred’s longest scene.”

Tommy Lee shrugged indifferently, Luo Ding lowered his eyes and scanned the opened page again.

Palace, Seated on a raised platform, Alston in formal wear. It’ll be a very gorgeous shot.

Duan Xiubo was called on to cooperate. He seemed to naturally recline halfway on the sofa, His arm was propped up on the armrest, his smile became much more arrogant, and his temperament became condensed and tinged with the killing aura from the battlefield.

Tommy Lee’s expression changed, and his smile suddenly became expectant and sunny. He turned and half-knelt on the ground. He raised his head and stared admiringly at the man who was seated upright.

Because the other person’s body was flowing with the blood of his only remaining clansman in this world, The eyes of the Superior which had fallen on the other person’s Eastern face gave off a sense of gentleness.

“Alfred,” his voice was slow and soft, like thick chocolate sauce, “what would you pledge to me?”

Alfred replied firmly: “My life, my body, as long as you need it, sir, I dedicate everything to you.”

The Superior laughed, and his eyes were like falling stars: “I don’t need you to dedicate your life to me. You can stand behind me and share the fruits of victory with me. My… lovely Tribesman…”

Once the scene was over, Tommy Lee quickly got up and dusted his knees. Duan Xiubo quickly broke character smiled and waved to the other side apologetically: “Sorry.”

Tommy Lee ignored him.

Though Clovis looked satisfied, he nevertheless made a gesture of invitation to Luo Ding.

Luo Ding was a little nervous. Tommy Lee’s performance was perfect. Whether it was the mastery of lines or eye contact, it was natural. As a supporting role, this kind of interpretation was enough.

He rubbed his eyebrows, calmed himself down and recalled his understanding and positioning of Alfred. While gazing at the ground, he slowly knelt down on one knee.

Duan Xiubo had restrained his smile and restored his proud look.

His gaze fell on Alfred’s Eastern face, and his heart under its hard shell was soft and turbulent, this was the only remaining tribesman in this life.

“Alfred,” he said softly, “look up at me, what do you want to give to me.”

Alfred seemed a little nervous, but because of the Superior’s words, he looked up expectantly, his fists clenched tightly with excitement.

“… Master,” his gaze fell greedily on the differences in the features of that of Alston and the people of the North Continent. With a choked voice, he said, “My soul, my body, as long as you need it, I am willing to give everything … “

Alston’s eyes were entangled with his, the pride in his face had gradually faded, and then he began to smile fondly.

“I don’t need your life, Alfred.” He stretched out a hand to the other side, his expression more tender than ever. “Stand behind me and share the fruits of victory with me. My lovely … tribesman.”

Luo Ding smiled and gave his hand to him: “Why so nauseating.”

Duan Xiubo stared at him, and the doting look in his eyes was undiminished: “What can I do, those are my lines?”

With little effort he pulled the young man, who was half-kneeling on the ground, directly into his arms.

Luo Ding hurriedly pushed him aside and stood up. He did not take it to heart because he could tell that Duan Xiubo was only making trouble. Sure enough, Duan Xiubo patted the back of his thigh and laughed.

Luo Ding turned his head and saw Clovis staring at him.

He murmured, “Clovis?”

Clovis raised his hand to signal that he should not speak, frowned, covered his mouth and quietly began to think. After a while, he looked at Tommy Lee with apology.

“”Sorry, Lee. You acted well, but Luo’s interpretation seems more appropriate. I mean …”

Tommy Lee didn’t look surprised, and his expression didn’t change much. He just stood up from his seat.

He snorted: “Anyway, this character was not what I wanted at first, I liked Alston better.” He waved to the agent and said, “Julie, bring my things, A few days ago Wolfmann sent an invite, and it’s time for us to go have a look.”

After taking a few steps expressionlessly, he stepped back slowly and looked Luo Ding up and down for a while.

“You’re good.” His two words of appreciation were accompanied by a rare smile. He arrogantly took his cell phone out of his pocket and handed it to Luo Ding: “Leave me your number.”

Sure enough, he had not changed at all. Still so awkward yet straightforward.

Luo Ding laughed, and his gentle gaze stared at the other side, making Tommy Lee’s expression milder.

“I only have a Chinese mobile phone number,” he said as he took the phone from the other party and pressed several numbers.  As he returned the phone, he joked. “It’s best to wait for me to return home before you call. Roaming fees in the United States are too expensive.”

“Tch.” Tommy Lee said as he left, “I won’t fight him.”

Luo Ding watched the other party leave, only to find that Duan Xiubo’s smile seemed a little stiff.

“What’s wrong with you, Duan ge?”

Duan Xiubo stared at Luo Ding strangely. He was surprised. He had worked with Tommy Lee in more than one film. Even if the whole crew was attracted by his gentleness, Tommy Lee who was a hard nut to crack had never paid him even lip service. Luo Ding had only said a few words to the other party since he entered the studio, yet Tommy Lee took the initiative to ask him for his cell phone number? This made Duan Xiubo fall into contemplation, his mood out of sorts.

He was not upset at Luo Ding, but he was upset at Tommy Lee.

The guy didn’t like him at all, so he didn’t mind speculating about the other person maliciously. Whether Tommy Lee was being diligent or whether he was planning on committing adultery and trespass, a stranger who suddenly behaved so familiarly to Luo Ding must have a plan.

“Stay farther away from him.” Duan Xiubo didn’t hold back and persuaded Luo Ding. “The entertainment circles in Europe and America are very chaotic. It is no longer news that male celebrities use drugs privately. It may even be more dangerous than that. If Tommy Lee asks you out, you must tell me.”

Luo Ding perceived that the other party was concerned about him, so he nodded with a smile.

As soon as Tommy Lee left, Clovis, who couldn’t understand Chinese, jumped at Luo Ding without concealing his excitement: “Luo, how old are you? It looks like you are only in your teens. Last time you said you were only in your early twenties? Are you a big star in China? Have you acted in many movies? Among actors, your eye-contact scenes are really among the best I have ever seen!”

Luo Ding smiled, and did not conceal anything: “In fact, I have been acting for less than half a year. I have filmed only two pieces of work in China, and neither has been released yet.”

Clovis blinked, and slowly took a step back: “… oh …”

“… the terrible Chinese …”

Terrible Chinese …

Since meeting Duan Xiubo for the first time, Clovis, had once again experienced such a feeling of helplessness.

This film will be shown in China because the second installment accumulated a large number of fans of Duan Xiubo domestically. There was also no need to worry about whether Chinese faces in the film could stir up publicity in Europe and the United States. Since there was no need for concern ver publicity and because Luo Ding’s acting skills, appearance and temperament were suitable for the role, Clovis immediately decided on him.

After leaving the studio and getting into the car, it finally dawned on Luo Ding that he had actually gotten the Hollywood role.

This step was too big. So big, that he could not have imagined it previously.

He had not grappled with threats of danger and difficulties from any of the various powerful enemies in the domestic fight on his way into Hollywood. He still remembered that in his last life, he had had to accumulate a lot of connections and networks in various Hollywood studios under his title as a domestic movie star. This was the normal way for a Chinese star to begin the Hollywood dream. His progress now was abnormal!

Too abnormal!

His heart was full of surprise and emotion but there was no place to vent. He could only stare blankly through the window at the roadside trees passing by behind him. Beside him, Duan Xiubo glanced at the script he had just received and glanced at Luo Ding from time to time.

“Are you in a bad mood?” Duan Xiubo was a little bit confused and didn’t understand what Luo Ding was thinking. Clearly, he had already secured the role, but he didn’t seem happy at all.

Luo Ding shook his head: “No.”

Duan Xiubo closed the booklet, his eyes were gentle. He stretched out his arm to cover Luo Ding’s forehead and rubbed his hair. “then why is that you look unhappy?”

“Am I?” Luo Ding was a little surprised. After twitching the corner of his mouth upwards, he realized that he had forgotten to smile in front of Duan Xiubo.

He sighed in his heart. His old problem had reared its head again.

Luo Ding liked acting and was good at it, but he hated wearing masks in front of those who were close to him. Gu Yaxing and Wu Fangyuan had already seen what he looked like when he was in a bad mood, and now unknowingly, he had classified Duan Xiubo as one of his own.

In fact, it had not been long since he and Duan Xiubo got to know each other. This man was so powerful, yet he always silently put on an innocuous image in the hearts of people.

Luo Ding had a moment of wariness, but soon, the hand on his head knocked away his concerns again.

He had nothing worthy of the other person’s jealousy, and these naturally intimate actions from Duan Xiubo could never be so thoughtful and disguised all the time.

Sorry to say, Luo Ding actually enjoyed having his head rubbed. Although he was already old, he had never experienced this kind of care since childhood and subconsciously Luo Ding had some regrets about this.

“I’m just a bit surprised that I secured this role so smoothly.” Luo Ding said while raising his hand and covering Duan Xiubo’s, big hand which rested on his head. He patted it gently: “Duan ge, thank you. “

Duan Xiubo looked down at him and smiled. He turned and touched Luo Ding’s palm with his palm and then released it with a pinch.

There was a slight ambiguity to the touch which dissipated before Luo Ding noticed it.

“You need not be so polite.”

Luo Ding had originally thought that they would check in at a hotel, so he didn’t expect the car to keep driving up the mountain.

Seeing that the surrounding area was becoming more and more desolate, Luo Ding resisted the thought of asking and looked out the window quietly. He finally found that the car was driving on a level road after turning.

Birch trees towered into the clouds on both sides and a huge iron gate appeared at the end of a straight road.

As the car approached, the iron gate slowly opened.

Luo Ding had prepared himself, yet he still couldn’t help becoming startled.

Fountains, gardens, paths wide enough for horse riding, green lawns and pruned plants showed traces of daily care. An exquisite statue holding a vase was smiling at the direction of the gate, pouring out endless water.

An old castle that showed traces of time stood behind all this. The view was staggered, and some houses hidden behind higher trees could not be seen clearly.

If this situation was seen in Britain, France, or Germany, Luo Ding would not be surprised, but this was not normal in the young United States.

This was definitely not an antique building built blindly for aesthetic purposes. It had a history of at least nearly 100 years. There are clearly hidden traces of repairs on the wall of the ancient castle.

He glanced at Duan Xiubo.

Such a house must cost a lot of money for maintenance and taxes every year, right? How much did Duan Xiubo earn? His name had never appeared on the Forbes celebrity list, but everyone with a head knew that he must be one of the top earners in the domestic industry. The endorsement fee of the nearly ten luxury brands was enough for many people to be dumbfounded.

Duan Xiubo felt his gaze, and naturally knew what Luo Ding was surprised at, and smiled: “Don’t think about it, this is family property.”

“Are you American?”

“I’m not,” Duan Xiubo said. “The United States has not stipulated that only locals can buy a house.”

Duan Xiubo was vague. Although he seemed generous, Luo Ding also understood that the other party didn’t want to talk more about this topic, so he stopped asking about it. It really didn’t matter to him where Duan Xiubo was from. Besides no matter how rich he was, Luo Ding wouldn’t benefit from it. The two of them were now good friends, too many questions will cross the line.

There were clearly gardeners and servants in the castle, but none of them showed up. Luo Ding happened to see a flash of clothing in a corner, but he couldn’t find anyone. In addition, the castle also gave off a dark feeling. He didn’t dare to think deeper, it just felt eerie.

Mi Rui seemed familiar with the place and walked back and forth to help arrange their lodgings.

Wu Fangyuan had probably been scared by Tommy Lee in the studio just now, and so currently he still looked a little timid. After getting out of the car, he followed Luo Ding.

“Luo Ding should stay in the room next to mine.” When asked about Luo Ding’s lodging, Duan Xiubo responded naturally.

Mi Rui’s eyes were strange: “… ah?”

“If he’s close enough, we can take care of each other.” Duan Xiubo looked upright.

Mi Rui figured that he was thinking too much and was too dirty, so he asked the bodyguard to help carry luggage while despising himself.

After a long flight, an audition, and jet lag, Luo Ding had been a bit drowsy in the car. At this time, he was even more sleepy. He didn’t care if his room arrangements were unreasonable. After being led to the chosen room, he washed up casually, changed into his pajamas and fell asleep.

There was a slight “click” inside the closet at the corner.

The wardrobe door was slowly pushed away from the inside, and Duan Xiubo crept out of it.

Only the middle of the wide bed was sunken in. He stepped lightly and took a closer look. Luo Ding’s saliva was almost flowing down as he slept with his arm on the pillow,

Duan Xiubo sat on the bed, stared greedily at his sleeping face, and recalled the moment during the audition when Luo Ding had actively put his hand into Duan Xiubo’s palm, his fist clenched tightly.

Suddenly he realized that feelings were really difficult to control, but he had only just noticed the danger and it was already too late for him escape.

Luo Ding did not wake up until the following day.

He covered his groggy head and got up to open the curtains. Outside it was still a dark blue night sky. The time on the mobile phone showed that it was now afternoon in China.

There was a feeling of dizziness and nausea after taking a nap, and Luo Ding wrinkled his face. He couldn’t help thinking that the earth was too big and troublesome.

His mobile phone vibrated just then and then hung up.

Luo Ding glanced at the number, Gu Yaxing?

He took the initiative to call back and to his surprise the call connected even before ringing. Gu Yaxing’s voice was strangely excited: “Hey!? Luoding?!?”

Luo Ding hesitated before answering, “… It’s me.”

“Ahhhh!” Gu Yaxing’s voice became more and more abnormal. “Are you up?! How about the audition?”

Luo Ding wanted to answer but the other party rushed forward again: “No matter what, return home soon! The drama publicity film has already been broadcast. This time, it was broadcast directly during CCTV’s prime time. You don’t know how big the response in China is now!”

Luo Ding’s spirits rose suddenly: “Really?!”

“Really really! Zheng Kezhen is so interesting! More than one third of the scenes are yours this time. In short, the effect is really good. Now many directors have contacted the company. Luo Ding you are popular now, I am not sure if you are aware, but you are on fire!”

Luo Ding’s laughter sounded clear in the silent night: “I know.”

Gu Yaxing’s violent voice stopped suddenly, and he sounded choked with tears: “I’m not ashamed anymore.”

“Good for you.” Luo Ding replied incongruously[2].

Gu Yaxing was benefiting. Luo Ding’s popularity was leading Yaxing Studio’s development. According to the current progress, the company’s scale will gradually increase. His dreams and ambitions had finally taken the first step.

His gratitude to Luo Ding was no less than that of Luo Ding’s to him.

“Come back early.” He didnt know what to say, so in the end Gu Yaxing only whispered such a sentence.

“Ok.” Luo Ding promised softly, and suddenly seemed to remember something before hanging up, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got the role. They will probably announce it soon so you can have someone prepare the draft in china.”

“…” There was no sound from Gu Yaxing.

With a click, there was only a “beep” from the dial tone in the receiver.


The video clip was the first step in hot speculation and just like the first shot in battle it needed to be loud and eye-catching. It was best to arouse a wide range of discussions the first time around as it would contribute to the success of the second and third installments. When the popularity of the TV series opens and the feature film is released, it would be time to harvest the fruit.

Therefore, Zheng Kezhen and the others boldly and resolutely added a lot of the scenes of Fu zhu which did not appear much in the film and employed their contacts to push the clip to broadcast during prime time. What they wanted was to show that Fu Zhu’s role had not been reduced during filming.

Sure enough, the results were as expected.

The clip really exploded like a torpedo thrown into the water. It caused a big splash. The subsequent evaluations were far more harmonious than the crew imagined.

Almost one-sided praise.

The Emperor Wuyi played by Wu Yuan is handsome, Pan Yiming’s Empress is righteous and beautiful. The crew had spent a lot of money on the details of the costumes, creating a low-key and luxurious aesthetic. It was definitely one of the best among TV drama’s in recent years.

As a director of a professional documentary films Zheng KeZhen had a different sense of the lens. From the beginning of the clip, a bird’s eye view overlooked the whole palace, giving the tone of the entire film a deep connotation.

The scene was warm, full of the passing of time, and in the heavily guarded forbidden palace, the Emperor stood with his hands held on high. His eyes penetrated through the hall and fell on the sky outside the door.

The gorgeous Empress was dressed in royal robes. Her hair was filled with beads and hair pins and her makeup was exquisite. Her gaze that inadvertently swept through the lens was so sharp that viewers couldn’t help trembling.

In this dim atmosphere, a crisp bell suddenly sounded.

The universe changed to a bamboo forest, and the back of the man in white robes was thin yet tough. The breeze in the forest lifted his long black hair.

There was no need for further introduction because everyone could see at a glance that this was Fu Zhu.

Fu Zhu’s body moved slightly, as if he had noticed a gaze behind him, then he turned his head slowly.

“Elegant like an immortal” “Otherworldly”

The two adjectives from the novel jumped out of the text so vividly that it had turned into real visual enjoyment.

The Emperor, the Empress, and Fu Zhu, the three of them, looked out at different angles and in different directions. After editing, there was the illusion that they had penetrated through the years and distance into eternity.

At the same time, they were confronting each other with daggers.

The flute stopped abruptly, and the light sound of the strings of the pipa being plucked could be heard.

A strong male voice rang out: “Fu Zhu xiānshēng[3] is a famous minister and other officials have heard of him, but his origins are unknown, he cannot rashly enter the dynasty for fear of future trouble!”  

Strains of music accompanied by one hit of a drum.

The Emperor’s reproach was full of majesty: “Retreat! My will is determined!”

The scene passed quickly, moving from the eaves of the Forbidden Palace, and into the hall full of people.

The faces of the whispering officials flashed past, and the discussion grew softer and quieter.

The drums kept on beating and the more they were hit, the more urgent they were and the more intense they became.

In a white robe, Fu Zhu’s bottomless gaze was like a cold lake and he approached step by step over everyone’s gaze, step by step toward the high throne.

The music was as rapid and as turbulent as his heart.

All the hustle and bustle finally returned to tranquility at the last minute.

Between the heavens and the earth, there was only a voice that was so clear it seemed like a stream.

“I have seen Your Majesty.”

This short five-minute film included scenes of family resentment, love and hatred, and until the advertisement was broadcast, the audience in front of the screen could not stop their passionate emotions.

Except for the word wonderful, no more words could be found!

Translators Notes:

Two key moments

  1. DX realizing that emotions can’t be controlled. Growth. I had thought his little spiel in the past about being able to remain friends naïve. An intelligent king realizing the error of his ways.
  2. Luo Ding realizing that unwittingly he considered DX one of his own. secondary king of growing.

Lowkey the description of the film from the birds eye view to the description of the scenes reminds me of the first episode of The Rise of the Phoenixes featuring Ni Ni and Chen Kun.

[1] Zhong Er / Zhōng èr / 中二 n. meaning – Eighth grade syndrome or A full-grown adult who acts like a high schooler, someone who never grew out of adolescence.

[2] English can be so dry. The Chinese phrase here is  牛头不对马嘴 [niú tóu bú duì mǎ zuǐ] which means “ to be as incongruous as the mouth of a horse on the head of an ox; or literally “Horses’ jaws don’t match cows’ head”. So colorful.

[3] Title Meaning Sir

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3 years ago

Like translaternim pointed out, I really appreciated the relationship growth between DX and DL, both of them in their own way realizing they had let the other in much closer than they had realized. The tides are turning. Looking forward to the next chapter, thank you! I love the nuanced explanation at the end and yes, English truly is dry lol

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Development on all fronts! A “new” old friend, better career prospects and, last but not least, feelings quietly stirring. Now that his foundation is more secure, Luo Ding can start paying a little more attention to his heart. I’m looking forward to him and DX filming together – apart from the prestige, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to become closer.
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