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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 47

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Zheng Kezhen probably lost a pound of flesh this time. Broadcasts during CCTV’s prime time was always calculated by the second. This publicity footage was more than five minutes long and had been broadcasted back and forth after all the hot programs. If this was not a drama being supported by CCTV’s own allied Chinese-language station no amount of money would have been able to achieve this.

However, with the atmospheric filming, the exquisite editing, the beautiful scenes and the excellent emotional interpretation of the actors, Zheng Kezhen’s efforts behind the scenes were not wasted.

At almost the same time that the film teaser was first broadcasted, the audience exchanged exclamations of “fuck” in various the netizen forums.

Among them, the biggest responses were from the three big kings of the gossip world: The Cape Forum, the Hupu Forum and the Weibo forum.

From the announcement of filming, to casting, to the release of the actors’ makeup stills, every big action had set off a huge wave. This time, the long awaited teaser had finally been released, and from the moment they heard the news, many people immediately turned on their TV or Internet streams to watch a publicity teaser that they might not even have watched in the past.

The short clip captured people’s attention. Each of the three characters had their own advantages. However, at the end, it had to be said that the most impressive was Fu Zhu after all.

After a brief silence, Luo Ding’s fans erupted again.

Within 24 hours after the TV broadcast an official “V” posted the clip on weibo and immediately the various forums were overwhelmed with pirated screenshots on their homepages while the clip topped trending lists with forwarding numbers of over seven figures.  

“Looking for a longer, unedited version ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!”

At first glance, the crazy frenzied words may have seemed sharp, but passers-by on weibo were already very familiar with this type of post. You didn’t need to read further to know that this group of people must be fans of Luo Ding.

Tap on the clip to take a look.

Oh? Pretty good.

Then immediately join the discussions about the plot.

Thus, the post went viral immediately.

The saying that “the eyes of the masses are discerning” existed for a reason.

In recent years, a variety of dramas had emerged in an endless stream and their ratings were not bad. Though the audience seemed to buy it, most people were not without complaints. It was just that the market had no choice but to continue to watch these shows in order to pass the time. If this were not the case, this historical drama with its production slogan of “being conscientious” would not have been so topical for so long.

In fact, many people did not hold great expectations for this drama before this. To be satisfied, they had only hoped that this adaptation would be better than the existing ones.

From the details of the teaser, this drama already greatly exceeded the current expectations of the audience. It was comparable to the classics that they couldn’t help revisiting and Zheng Kezhen’s grand intentions for this TV series could be determined merely by seeing the three actors looking at each other through the lens of the camera.

Yaxing Studio had now opened a new mailbox specifically for Luo Ding’s work offers. Recently, more and more jobs had been sent in. Barely an hour after refreshing, the mailbox would be full of new mail. Even more hiring units called the company directly and most offers of this nature were important. At the start, Gu Yaxing did not know how to choose, later, he was able to quickly and resolutely push away some good job offers. This change took only half a day to occur.

“…” Gu Yaxing skimmed through the offers over the phone while Luo Ding, on the other side of the phone line, listened with some consternation.

“Why are they all idol films?”

“How can you look down on idol films?” Gu Yaxing said proudly. “Do you know how long it took before the studio was able to receive even one of these film offers? Besides even if you wanted to you cannot accept these offers. Because your current trajectory is not suited to acting in idol dramas. I can only push these to the other newcomers. It’s very suitable for Hu Xiao, and some time ago … Um. “

Gu Yaxing spoke excitedly, and it was only after catching hold of himself did he realize that he had unconsciously said Hu Xiao’s name in front of Luo Ding.

Luo Ding didn’t mind.

While working in the same studio it was inevitable that he would be entangled with Hu Xiao.  And to tell the truth, Hu Xiao was not inherently bad, he was simply jealous. But was there any need to fear jealousy in the entertainment industry? The only difference between Hu Xiao and the other artists in the company was that the former was open about it.

Luo Ding put away the phone and saw Duan Xiubo walking over with a glass of juice.

“I wanted to take you around for two more days so you could familiarize yourself with local customs.”

Luo Ding was a little embarrassed: “The response to the drama’s publicity teaser has been bigger than expected. But thank you, Duan ge.”

Duan Xiubo shoved the drink into his hands, his eyes wreathed in a soft smile: “Okay, go back and take a good rest for a while, promote the EP well, then you can concentrate on filming. Contact me more often. There would always be a room reserved for you here.”

When he said this, his tone was very soft, and every word was full of emotions. Luo Ding’s entire body was filled with warmth and he could not help but give him a hug.

“Thank you very much, Duan ge.” From rebirth to the present day, Duan Xiubo had really helped him a lot.

When boarding the plane, he could not help but turn to look back repeatedly at every step.

Wu Fangyuan couldn’t hide his excitement. After boarding the plane, he did not turn off his mobile phone until the last announcement to power off all phones. Before that, he had been on Weibo. Shortly after the plane took off, he approached Luo Ding and whispered to him: “Your followers have exceeded five million.”

Luo Ding pulled on his sleep mask and turned over: “With so many zombie followers, what’s so good about it.”[1]

Taking off in the afternoon and arriving in the afternoon.

This time Luo Ding actually threw up.

This body was too weak. Although he had restarted his exercise routine, could a shrub that has been decimated by insects regain its vitality overnight?  Irregular organ function, stomach problems, hypotension, hypoglycemia, etc. He needed to address all these issues one by one.

His stomach had been heaving all day and all night and he was no longer able to vomit because of his empty belly. Luo Ding washed his face with running water and looked at his pale face in the mirror, before slowly opening the bathroom door.

Wu Fangyuan greeted him anxiously, “Are you ok?”

Luo Ding shook his head, his steps were still a little shaky as he leaned on him: “Let’s go.”

Wu Fangyuan turned on the phone as he walked and was about to speak to Luo Ding when his attention was drawn by the “ding-ding-ding” reminder sound from his mobile phone.

There were 15 missed calls, and all were from Gu Yaxing.

Wu Fangyuan quickly called back, and Gu Yaxing picked up after only a second had passed: “Are you off the plane? Are you out of the terminal?!”

“No, what’s wrong?”

“Wait! Don’t rush out!  I don’t know how your flight information was leaked but there are a lot of fans at the airport now. Don’t rush out! The company is already organizing a team to pick you up!”

Wu Fangyuan was taken aback for a moment: “But isn’t it normal for fans to pick him up?”

Although Luo Ding was popular now, wasn’t Gu Yaxing’s attitude now too cautious? When the duo had sang in the past, and Luo Ding and Su Shengbai had promoted together they had also been picked up by fans. Wu Fangyuan was very familiar with it. Those fans were good. They chatted with them along the way and gave out snacks and drinks. They usually just took some pictures and then returned home. It was nothing worth taking precautions over.  

“You know nothing !!!”

Gu Yaxing scolded him hurriedly, and quickly said, “Listen to me! understood?”

As Wu Fangyuan was still afraid of Gu Yaxing, he quickly agreed.

But in fact, he still had some doubts, so he left Luo Ding in the waiting area, pulled on his hat to cover his blond hair, and ran out carefully to have a look at the situation.

He walked past the waiting area and around the wall that separated the arrival crowds from those departing.

Damn … Damn it!

There were many people standing outside the arrival aisle at the airport! It was so crowded that even a drop of water could not leak out! These people were staring hard at each and every passenger who came out of the station with their x-ray vision. However, they looked quite disciplined. They didn’t shout loudly and only whispered to each other.

Wu Fangyuan shrank back in shock. There must be thousands of people here, right?!!

Thousands! Unconceivable!!

This was on the same scale as when the most popular Korean idol group came to China for a concert. In recent years, domestic artists rarely received such adulation since it was difficult for foreign fans to follow their idols and a large local fanbase was needed.  

In the past, the biggest pick-up battle that Wu Fangyuan had experienced had only a few dozen people. Now it had surged by two zeros. This scared him so much he almost peed on himself.  

While calling Gu Yaxing, he run towards the waiting area dejectedly. Luo Ding, who had taken some medicine for his stomach, was resting. When Wu Fangyuan returned, he asked, “How is it?”

“I was scared to death! We will be devoured when we go out!” Wu Fangyuan clutched his chest in horror.

Luo Ding frowned. “Are there many people?”

Wu Fangyuan nodded: “At least a thousand! The security guards have been dispatched. Is your physical condition okay? Or should I contact Director Gu so we go out through the VIP exit?”

Luo Ding considered the proposal then sat up with a sigh. When Wu Fangyuan thought he would agree with his suggestion, he responded: “There are cosmetics in the bag, help me to apply eye liner and a layer of powder.”

“…” Wu Fangyuan asked. “What are you doing?”

“In a short while, we will surely be photographed. I want to appear in the best condition, understood?”


Fans waited anxiously. It had taken less than ten hours from the moment they had learned about Luo Ding’s flight for them to organize the pick-up teams. Netizens from different forums became familiar from the moment they met. The support banner had already been prepared but fans who wanted to bring gifts were immediately stopped by the announcement on the official website of Yaxing Studio prohibiting gifts.

“Ah … it’s a pity.” Some people were a little reluctant. “My brownie and muffins are really fragrant, if only they could be tasted by the male god.”

“Don’t do that,” the people around her persuaded, “it’s good to not to accept gifts, and it’s better to not to give them this kind of food. They would have lowered their vigilance. What if jealous people take the opportunity to inject poison?”

“No way …” Meanwhile in the background, fans at the front holding professional cameras, were also discussing different issues.

“This is a public place. When you see him later, you must remember this fact. Don’t yell when you get excited. If that happens passers-by will be scared, and it is Luo Ding who will be affected. He must be tired after flying for so long so remember to block the younger fans at the back. Don’t let them have a chance to pounce on him. Don’t ask for signatures. Don’t say too much, I will watermark the pictures and share them in the group chat. Later, I will have to bother the mother fans a little bit later to decide which ones to share!”


Although Gu Yaxing had learned the news of the airport pick-up early on and had seen pictures of the group at the airport taken by the fans, he still couldn’t help but be taken aback after arriving on the scene.

The four well-built security guards behind him had been invited temporarily from a security company that cooperated with various film and television companies thus they were experienced. Yet after entering the venue even they couldn’t help but discuss: “I haven’t seen such a big pick-up battle for many years. “

Their presence represented that Luo Ding was about to meet with fans, so the pick-up team was immediately jubilant, and “Ka ka ka” they took photos of Gu Yaxing.

Luo Ding was the face of the agency. Similarly, the brokerage company was also the face of Luo Ding so Gu Yaxing did not show an angry face, but thanked them all along the way. At the same time, he pretended to unintentionally talk about Luo Ding’s physical discomfort with some of the fans who looked like they were the leaders of the group.

Everyone was getting more and more prepared.

When Wu Fangyuan, who was tremblingly guarding Luo Ding, appeared a short cheer erupted on the scene. Shortly after, Luo Ding’s pale complexion and white lips suppressed their boiling excitement.

Luo Ding, who had covered his flushed skin with powder, had become paler under the light, his eyes were large and seductive, his lips were slightly hooked up in a smile as he walked and nodded to the fans outside.

As the makeup was very light, fans didn’t notice it. They were only shocked to find that the person in front of them looked several times better than in photos!

Although he looked faintly ill, his slender frame, and refined brows could not be faked. The natural and refined momentum of his body was even more imposing and caused people to forget to breathe.

As Luo Ding moved, the crowd surged quickly and became more and more excited. The fans at the front of the wall clenched their teeth and held hands to resist the shoving at the back. Luo Ding was protected in the middle by six people. Still, occasionally, he was touched by a fan. Some of the passengers who came out of the station hid at the arrival lounge while watching the scene in shock.

“Thank you, thank you for coming to pick me up. Everyone has worked hard.”

Knowing that his voice could not be heard by many people due to the noise, Luo Ding repeated this sentence all the way, and the loyal mother-in-law fans who were close enough to hear him softened into a ball.

Finally, he was rushed into the car, while the wall of people stubbornly prevented the irrational fans who wanted to jump into the car.

But now that the sky was so big and they were no longer affected by the presence of other passengers, they finally let go of their throats and howled loudly.

“Ah ah ah ah ah !!! Luo Ding you are so handsome !!!!!!”

“Luo Ding, you have to pay attention to your body !!!!!!”

“You have to eat well !!!!!!!!!”

“I really like you!!!!!!!!”

Luo Ding lowered the window and waved to them as he dabbed at his sweat. He maintained a smile and shouted, “Thank you.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah he answered me ah ah ah ah ah !!!”

“Ah, ah, ah, Luo Ding’s smile is so nice !!!!”

“Oh Lord! How does your face look so good?”

“The real person is even more handsome than in pictures ah ah ah!!!”

While all kinds of screams were ongoing, Luo Ding rolled up the window and gradually calmed down. As the car turned the corner, he suddenly clutched his chest, fell on the back seat and started to retch.

The size of the crowd just now had scared him. In his last life, when he took the idol route, the internet was underdeveloped. When he took the talent route, all his schedules were strictly confidential, so strictly speaking, this was the first time he had encountered such a large-scale pick-up group.

Luo Ding, who had been under great pressure, had forgotten his physical discomfort for a moment. He was crowned with an idol aura at the time and he could only think of presenting his most impeccable side. However, after getting in the car discomfort struck like tide.

In the front passenger seat Gu Yaxing was worried: “Are you okay?”

Luo Ding waved his hand without raising his head. “I’m a little car sick, it will be fine in a while.”

The voice of the security guard was loud and clear: “Handsome guy, you are really popular now! I have been in the company for so many years. Only the Korean guy who came the last time … Park … Park something or the other, is comparable to you now. The hundreds of stars we have in china can’t compare.

Luo Ding smiled. As he folded the handkerchief to put it back into his pocket, his fingers ran across the embroidery of his name at the edges.


The scale of this airport pick-up reached mainstream entertainment reports, both large and small. Compared to the previous internet forums, this was a big improvement.

On the TV, the female hostess on the local TV station broadcasted with smiles the history of Luo Ding’s success in the industry and then the screen was switched to the airport pick-up team last night. The excitement in her voice was hard to hide: ” It’s really a happy thing for our media to have such a popular idol in China. Though Luo Ding appeared tired after taking such a long flight, he still smiled and thanked his fans politely. The fans were also orderly at the scene, which is worth encouraging and praising. In a word, Luo Ding, Jiayou[2]. When the new EP is released, I will buy one copy to support you. Ha ha! “! “

The relaxed and witty hosting style made everyone laugh.

Pan Yiming covered her mouth: “Oh, I’m so jealous. I had thought the pick-up event when I returned to the city from Hong Kong was the most grand. At that time there were only a few hundred people at the scene, and it was very hectic. You see, your fans numbered over a thousand and they have been praised by the authorities for being orderly. What a disparity. “

Luo Ding retracted his gaze, looked out the window, and responded somewhat helplessly: “Don’t make fun of me.”

Wu Yuan touched his shoulder and appeared a little worried about Luo Ding’s body: “Your face is so pale and you still haven’t recovered after a day’s rest. What did you do abroad that was so taxing?”

“An audition.” Luo Ding did not hide it from them, ” for a role in Blade Warrior III.”

“…” Wu Yuan paused for half a minute before speaking slowly, “Would you like to repeat what you said? I feel like I’ve misunderstood something…”

Pan Yiming also gave him a hard look: “I seem to … to have heard something remarkable.”

Luo Ding smiled: “You heard right, but it’s not a role with many scenes.”

“Scum!” Wu Yuan shouted. “I find that you are really more and more in need of a beating. You seem to be appearing anytime and anywhere! Not a role with a lot of scenes? Is this that the point? Ah! This is a Hollywood blockbuster, how did you get the chance to audition!?”

“The last time you saw my audition video, that was when it happened. Director Clovis was also at Shanhai Building at that time, and I made his acquaintance.” Luo Ding avoided the crucial point and did not reveal the full truth. Although Duan Xiubo’s friendship with him could boost his profile, the fewer people who were aware of it, the better, otherwise there will be endless troubles.

Wu Yuan’s eyes were green with envy: “You are so lucky! You went to Hollywood on this trip? How did you feel? Did you meet any Hollywood actors?”

Luo Ding nodded and mentioned what had happened with Tommy Lee. Wu Yuan’s envy decreased by half.

“It’s true that people at home and abroad are similar. People act arrogant everywhere. Forget it, I haven’t had any storms in the domestic film industry, so I don’t want pursue things that are too far away. Luo Ding, I am optimistic about you. The fact that you can audition for blockbusters alone is the starting point for success. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you will have. I have a hunch that you can go far! “

Both Wu Yuan and Pan Yiming did not ask Luo Ding for further details about whether or not the audition was successful. It was not on purpose, but they ignored this problem subconsciously.

Every time a domestic actor participated in a Hollywood blockbuster, there was bound to be a storm. These lucky people were, without exception, the best actors in the domestic movie industry. For someone of Luo Ding’s status, it was extremely rare to even have a chance to audition. Common sense that had been accumulated for a long time told them that the chance of a small actor successfully auditioning in Hollywood was almost zero.

Asking about the result was nothing more than an embarrassing blow to Luo Ding’s pride. As friends, they won’t do such an unvirtuous thing.

Luo Ding opened the window to let in some fresh air as the car started and stopped. The traffic conditions in the city were as bad as ever.

They needed to rush to the Chinese language channel station to record an entertainment program, which usually only invited male and female leading actors to attend. For Luo Ding to appear with Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan was an affirmation of his popularity by official media.  

Being the second-largest official TV station in industry, the Chinese language channel had a very high threshold and the ratings of its major variety shows were big winners in China. Additionally, because the channel paid attention to and extracted the essence of other programs both at home and abroad, every innovative program of the Chinese language channel was capable of setting off a wave of imitation from other domestic TV stations.

Thus, present at the station were the rich, the talented, those with resources, and those with powerful connections.

Crowed in the lounge, Luo Ding had now naturally become one of the characters who could not be neglected. The managing assistant in the background carefully inquired about his personal preferences. Luo Ding smiled and responded: “plain water is fine.”

The other person looked to only be in her twenties. She had a red apple shaped face, almond eyes, and neck-length hair that was scattered across her shoulders.

After looking at Luo Ding with bright eyes and seeing that the other party was in a good mood, she asked nervously, “May I take a picture with you?”

“Of course.” Luo Ding accepted the other party’s request generously.

“In fact, I’m your fan!” The other party, while holding the mobile phone, seemed to be tearing up from excitement. She quickly suppressed her tears and apologized quietly. “I’m usually very professional. I don’t want to disturb you. It’s a great honor to be assigned to help you. I didn’t expect your character to be so gentle … I ’m really … ”

She turned around and ran away.

Sure enough, the follow-up care really increased.

Pan Yiming laughed as Luo Ding opened his lunch box: “Oh! Oxtail soup. The Chinese language channel lunch box is notoriously bad. How many times have I and Ah Yuan been here? Yet we have never eaten this kind of dish.”

Wu Yuan glanced at her and agreed: “To be honest, I rarely meet my fans in the media circle. Luo Ding is really lucky. When I was at the event yesterday, at least three newspaper media people found me backstage and asked me to help them ask you for your signature. “

Pan Yiming obviously also had similar experiences and including Luo Ding, the three of them talked for a long time, but could not really figure out why this peculiar situation was so widespread.”

The lounge door rattled three times.

After consulting with Wu Yuan and Pan Yiming, Luo Ding, who thought it was the managing assistant, said “Come in”

He turned his back to the door, and had just picked up his chopsticks, when he found that Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan, who were sitting opposite him, had an odd look on their faces.

After turning to see the visitor his appetite suddenly fell by half.  

“Hi,” Su Shengbai who pushed Xu Zhen in a wheelchair stood at the door and waved at him with a smile on his face, “It’s been a long time since I saw you, Sister Yiming, Brother Yuan and, Ah Ding. I heard you had come to record the show too and sure enough I caught sight of you as soon as I came here.”

Xu Zhen had a high reputation in the circle, and Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan didn’t dare to sit down anymore. They immediately stood up and nodded respectfully to Xu Zhen: “Hello Director Xu, Ah bai.”

In fact, they were not familiar with Su Shengbai. At most they had met and talked briefly at an event. However, Su Shengbai’s ingenious greeting suddenly brought everyone closer together, and in addition to Xu Zhen’s status bonus, they were happy to pretend to be close.

Luo Ding slowly stood up, and his greeting was far more distant than that of Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan.

In this tepid atmosphere, Xu Zhen was slowly pushed into the lounge by Su Shengbai.

Xu Zhen smiled, seemingly patient, while responding to the various greetings that Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan offered to him, but his eyes were focused on Luo Ding from beginning to end.

Luo Ding didn’t seem to take their arrival very seriously. It was only when Wu Yuan occasionally took the initiative to mention him did he echo a few words. The rest of his time was focused on eating. However, Xu Zhen did not feel that the other party hated him, it seemed more like a kind of indifference and carelessness.

He had not experienced this feeling for a long time since he became famous.

Luo Ding was very focused on eating. After eating one item his chopstick picked up another item. When chewing, he stared at the rice in the bowl, his mouth bulging, and his chewing speed fast. His attention seemed to be focused on worrying over which part of the dish he should eat next

The more Xu Zhen watched, the more he couldn’t keep himself from becoming absorbed.

Luo Ding’s small action of eating was really too much like Cao Dingkun. The guilt in his heart struck down like a mountain. The longer the deceased was gone, the more he occupied his mind. Clearly news about the other party had gradually faded out of the public’s sight, but as long as he saw any details related to the other party, he could not help but remember.

Until he touched the scar that prevented him from moving forward.

Xu Zhen’s eyes darkened slightly, and his fist which held the handle of the wheelchair was slightly clenched.

“Luo Ding,” he narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile on his face, “Is it delicious?”

Wu Yuan mistakenly thought he was dissatisfied with Luo Ding’s neglect of himself, and hurriedly tapped Luo Ding’s shoulder to signal that he should stop staring at the table of food.

Luo Ding slowly covered his mouth and spit out a piece of ox bone. His manners were very good: “yes.”

“Hahahahaha” Xu Zhen laughed like he was crazy. After laughing, he was in a good mood. He turned to Su Shengbai who stood behind him and said, “Speak to the assistant and help move our things here. You don’t mind if Su Shengbai and I join you to eat together?”

Of course, Wu Yuan and Pan Yiming did not mind. Actors and directors had few opportunities to contact each other. Now that the other party had offered to eat together, they were too happy to oblige.

Luo Ding who held his chopsticks also did not refuse. But fortunately, he was full, so he did not move any more.

This action was observed by Xu Zhen, who frowned slightly. Although he did not feel any hostility from the other party, Luo Ding seemed to … not like him very much?

He knew that the other party had been Su Shengbai’s group partner. After the two men went solo, he had never heard Su Shengbai speak of Luo Ding. But after Luo Ding returned to the public view, it seemed that he had a good relationship with Su Shengbai.

Xu Zhen had thoroughly understood what kind of person Su Shengbai was. Clearly now he was increasingly pulling Luo Ding to use as a backer to support himself and obviously, he had employed his superb abilities to already grasp Luo Ding in his hands.

Though Xu Zhen did not trust Su Shengbai, he had to tie the other man to his side. Before filming was complete, the fall of either one of the them would injure one and injure all.

But this did not stop him from growing disgusted with Su Shengbai.

The contradictions between them had intensified to the extent that at present any little provocation was enough to cause Xu Zhen’s mind to enter flights of fantasy. Within this period of time verbal conflict had escalated to physical conflict. Xu Zhen could not help but wonder if Su Shengbai had leaked out news of their affairs? Perhaps he had leaked it to Luo Ding?

Otherwise, how could one explain that Luo Ding, an actor who had never met him before, was now naturally resistant to him, a director?  

Xu Zhen’s eyes dimmed but he showed no signs of his feelings on the surface. He spoke to Wu Yuan and Pan Yiming about the details of the publicity for his film’s audition which was also to be held the Chinese-language station and invited them to try to audition if they were free, perhaps there could be a suitable role for them.

Luo Ding whispered, “I’m going to wash my hands”, then he set aside his chopsticks, smiled at the group and left the lounge.

Xu Zhen followed his action closely, while also watching Su Shengbai’s movements.

After a while, Su Shengbai found an excuse to urge the assistant to get some soup and followed Luo Ding out.

Sure enough!

Xu Zhen angrily squeezed his chopsticks. Su Shengbai really had a hand in this!

Fortunately, … he was well prepared.

[1] Zombie followers / fans- is the term used for fake followers that lurk on Chinese social media. … One online store sells 1,000 fake fans for $10.85.

[2] Jiayou – literally translates to “add fuel”  and is used to express support and solidarity. Go for it! Let’s go! All the best! Go Go Go!

Translator Notes:

My apologies for the missed chapter last week. I was unwell. Thanks for staying with me.

Also delayed thank you’s to MC Johnston, MlleAdler, Sanchi and Ko-fi Supporter for their donations. Very grateful. <3

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