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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 48

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The rest area was busy and staff holding clothes and equipment shuttled past in front of him. Though Luo Ding was dizzy looking at everything going on it still felt better than staying in that lounge.

The thought of ​​not wanting to stay in the same room with Xu Zhen was so strong. Luo Ding hated him yet he did not want to see the old and sloppy appearance of his former lover. When Luo Ding had first seen the other party he could not help recall the fierce dispute that had occurred just prior to his death, as well the horrible explosion which followed. The man, who had witnessed most of his failed life and had helped Su Shengbai cover the truth of the incident, was no longer beautiful in Luo Ding’s heart.

Leaning against the wall Luo Ding sighed. While he was not yet ready to clear up his thoughts, the door near him opened, and Su Shengbai walked out.

“Why won’t you sit inside?” Su Shengbai’s attitude was obviously milder than when they had met before. He smiled and moved closer while still trying to reach out to touch Luo Ding’s shoulder.

Currently, Luo Ding feared him less, so he moved his shoulder to avoid the touch.

Su Shengbai was a bit surprised: “… you …”

“There are people here.” Luo Ding lowered his head, took out the box of cigarettes from his pocket and pinched it in his hand without looking at Su Shengbai.

Su Shengbai looked around for a bit and then immediately accepted the explanation. Smiling slyly, he stood close to the wall next to Luo Ding.

“When did you start smoking?”

“After you left.”

Of course, the original owner did not smoke, but Cao Dingkun had brought bad habits.

When it came to the topic of who left and who stayed, Su Shengbai, who had once left Luo Ding alone, could not help feeling embarrassed. As he had obviously interpreted the statement on another level, Luo Ding’s ambiguous answer had made him happy and somewhat confused about how to address it.

“Sorry,” he finally answered quietly.

Luo Ding realized that Su Shengbai had misunderstood him but did not take the initiative to explain. Let him daydream. Compared to the isolation and helplessness when he had just been reborn, currently he had the ability to protect himself, so though he could easily continue to wear a mask of deep affection there was some resistance in his heart. Now that he could afford to display some ego why should he hide it? It was not clever to continually lower his head otherwise Su Shengbai will never believe him completely.

Luo Ding’s indifference today made Su Shengbai uneasy.

In his mind Luo Ding had always played the role of one who silently guarded everything. Silent, stubborn, and tenacious, he unreservedly took out his sincere heart and blood and held it above his head as an offering. After so many years of interaction, Su Shengbai had become accustomed to the other party’s concessions and doting. As he took these traits as a matter of course, he had no longer cherished them.

The Luo Ding, who he had met again after leaving to go solo, had lost his softness but had sharpened his stubbornness and affection even more purely. Su Shengbai had felt like he was unfamiliar, but he could not help but be attracted to this change. However, subconsciously, he had still regarded Luo Ding as a butterfly in his palm. He could not fly if Su Shengbai broke his wings.

The memories of the past were so strong that he was deeply affected, and he had deceived himself. He had not noticed this looming crisis until this moment.

Luo Ding was not the same as before.

Su Shengbai needed to say something. He reminded himself of this and frequently peeked at the young man standing beside him who had been focusing on playing with a lighter. Luo Ding’s gesture had attracted the attention of many people passing by. If it was not because they were too busy, Su Shengbai had no doubt that they would have taken out their mobile phones to secretly take pictures.

These seemingly indifferent gazes made him timid. There were many topics that could not be discussed, at least not in front of other of people.

Recently, Xu Zhen’s suspicions had become more and more serious. If it was not for the fact that they will be recording a show and that Wu Yuan and Pan Yiming had been in the lounge, he would not have allowed Su Shengbai to leave his side by half a step.

Su Shengbai couldn’t talk about this to anyone and even with Global Entertainment, he did not know what was going on. They had totally ignored him. Because it was supposed to be the period for filming, his agent had helped him to clear up his schedule. Now, however, Xu Zhen had probably said something to them, because everyone only persuaded him to be at ease and to prepare for the audition with Xu Zhen.

Su Shengbai despite being tenacious had been forced into near collapse by this isolated state.

Though Luo Ding could not be considered as his only card, he was nevertheless his number one choice of rescuer. Su Shengbai was anxious to get closer to the other party.  He looked at the time and it was almost time for the filming of Luo Ding’s show. He gritted his teeth and was about to say something…

The door on the side was pulled open, and Pan Yiming’s sweet voice entered his ear.

“I didn’t expect you to be so easy-going …”

Su Shengbai hastened to straighten his expression.

Luo Ding had already straightened his posture. When they looked into the room, they saw Pan Yiming pushing Xu Zhen’s wheelchair out slowly. Xu Zhen, sitting in the wheelchair smiled kindly, his relaxed eyelids covered the sharp look in his eyes. He swept his gaze over the two people outside the room. He paused and said with a smile: “Why did you not come in, why stand at the door?”

Luo Ding shoved the cigarette case into his trouser pocket, and smiled: “originally, I had wanted to smoke, but it turned out that this place was non-smoking.”

Su Shengbai saw Xu Zhen’s gaze sweep towards him and his smile slowly faded away. He felt a little flustered: “I had not seen Luo Ding in a long time, I couldn’t help but say a few more words.”

“A few more words.” Xu Zhen smiled and repeated these words. He quietly turned around and patted Wu Yuan’s hand, “You are going to record your show. Don’t worry about me, let Su Shengbai just push me back to my lounge. “

Watching as the three people were led away by the staff, Su Shengbai, who had not gained any useful information from Luo Ding within that short period of time, was somewhat depressed and thus said nothing to Xu Zhen along the way.

Xu Zhen also smiled and said nothing. Occasionally, when someone from backstage greeted him, he nodded his greetings in response.

The moment the door closed, Xu Zhen’s hoarse voice sounded out, “What did you say to him?”

Su Shengbai was stunned, and only after a while did he realize that the other party’s question was directed at him.

“Him? Who? Luo Ding?”

“Don’t feign ignorance.”

“What else could I have said? He is becoming more and more popular now. We are organizing an audition. Though he was invited last time, he has not taken the initiative to contact us. Considering his current popularity won’t his participation in the film benefit us?”

Xu Zhen stared at the young man who had been busily tidying up since he entered the lounge and who had not even looked at him once, and sneered, “Really?”

“What would I lie to you for!” Su Shengbai’s eyes were full of anger.

Xu Zhen didn’t believe him. The last time Luo Ding had met him outside the studio building for the first time, his attitude was very polite and respectful. It only took a short time for differences to appear. It could be argued that he had started to show arrogance after gaining popularity, but Xu Zhen could see that was not the case. At the very least his etiquette had not fallen, and he always spoke using honorifics. But whether it was from his smile, words or deeds, he clearly had no intention of getting to know him better.

Polite yet distant.

This was not an actor’s normal attitude towards Xu Zhen.

If no one had stirred the pot, then Xu Zhen did not believe that Luo Ding will respond to him in such a changed manner within a such a short period of time after their last meeting.

His injury had healed enough for him to stand on his own but the reason why he didn’t get up from the wheelchair was to use his injury to gain the confidence of his enemy.

Su Shengbai folded an item of clothing and turned around.  But before his gaze landed on Xu Zhen, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach from the force of a foot.

The force was so strong that he was pushed backwards and he crashed into the shelf where the clothes had been stacked.  

After clutching his stomach for a long time, Su Shengbai screamed, “What are you doing!”

“Shut up!” Xu Zhen sat back in his wheelchair. His face was somber and frightening. He spoke in a threatening tone, “Don’t think you can be at ease now. I’m not a fool who will be blinded by you all the time. The things you’ve done are enough for you to go into prison 800 times and even when freed you will be condemned by thousands of people. If you don’t want to end up like that, you will give me some peace. When we finish filming, we can start afresh.”

Su Shengbai froze for a moment.

He couldn’t believe it and his voice trembled: “What end are you referring to? What do you mean?”

“Should I be clearer about what I said?”

“Don’t!” Walls have ears. He hurriedly interrupted Xu Zhen’s words, recovered and lowered his voice: “I don’t know what you else you have misunderstood again … I really didn’t. I’m telling you Xu ge …”

Su Shengbai climbed out of the mess, crawled forward slowly, stumbled towards Xu Zhen and hugged his leg. He raised his head. His eyes were clear and pure, and filled with lingering feelings: “I am sorry, Xu ge …”

Xu Zhen frowned in disgust and kicked him away with his foot. The electric wheelchair turned and moved towards the door.

“Don’t pretend, I know who you are.”

Seeing the door open, Su Shengbai hid in the corner quickly for fear of being seen. When he heard the sound of the door closing, he crawled out in fear.

Xu Zhen’s words had scared him.

Lose all standing and reputation? Live in disrepute? The only thing that could bring him down was Cao Dingkun’s death. Although he had tried to disguise the incident as an accident, there were too many clues, and many of the subsequent external matters had been settled by Xu Zhen.

Su Shengbai had thought he could sit back and relax.

But now he was shocked to realize that that Xu Zhen might have withheld fatal evidence firmly in his hands to control his present, his future, and even his whole life!

What should I do?!! What should I do?!! What should I do?!!

For the first time in his life, he had the realization that he was trapped in his own cocoon.


After the program at the Chinese Language Channel was recorded, Luo Ding participated three additional times in similar programs.

Wu Yuan and Pan Yiming, who had accompanied him for this publicity round, were very impressed by their encounter with the famous director Xu Zhen at the Chinese language station. They often talked about it in their private discussions. Seeing that Luo Ding never participated in these discussions and in addition to his attitude towards Xu Zhen at the Chinese Language Channel, they understood just how much Luo Ding disliked the other.

They tried to restrain themselves a little but inevitably they were worried about Luo Ding’s youthful spirit. It was not a good characteristic for an artist to show his feelings in such a straightforward manner.

Nevertheless, ever since Luo Ding became acquainted with them, his personality often made them forget that this friend was only a young man in his early twenties. Though his introversion and steadiness were not a worry, it was easy for people to think that Luo Ding was too shrewd. Popularity did not mean he was trustworthy. However, after communicating with Luo Ding several times and after the other had decisively shown his dislike of Xu Zhen it had instead made Pan Yiming and Wu Yuan become closer to Luo Ding.

After a few rounds of publicity, the news of the drama had reached a peak.

While the outside world was talking about Luo Ding’s character, Fu Zhu, Yaxing Studio released the news of Luo Ding’s upcoming participation in Blade Warrior III.

The press release was published on all major websites overnight. Gu Yaxing had gradually reached the essence of his plans for publicity. This time the news was released without official participation. Instead, he found a professional online marketing studio to spread vague news of the casting.

He was fishing.

Luo Ding’s popularity had come too early and too quickly. There were far more jealous people in the circle than one would think, and a crisis was never too far away. In particular, in addition to Luo Ding’s own personal adversaries, there was also Global entertainment, a behemoth that specifically targeted Yaxing Studio and had always been a big problem for Gu Yaxing.

Luo Ding’s EP would be released shortly.

Before Luo Ding went to audition abroad, Gu Yaxing had learned some information from a secret channel that left him furious.

Global Entertainment had expedited the production of their Korean idol group “Mellen’s” new album.

What did this mean?

Mellen was one of the hottest singing groups in China today. It belonged to J.F.  the largest idol making group in South Korea. J.F group’s star-making ability had always been indistinguishable from bad news: cruelty towards their artists, regional discrimination, hidden rules, etc. However, it had to be said that their packaging ability was first-rate, and there were almost no singers who had debuted under the group who were unpopular.

Although most of these artists’ popularity was short-lived, it was enough for J.F who only considered artists as tools.

Mellen was a fortunate group with eight men and eight women, totaling 16 people. They had first become popular in south Korea and then had entered the field of vision of Chinese fans.

At that time, it had been one of the most difficult periods for Chinese singers. The old singers had retired one after another, and the new singers could not find the right style. The popular music from foreign countries with great power seemed just like an alternative spring breeze. When it blew, it grew out of control.

Global Entertainment quickly collaborated with J.F and gained some control over their portfolio. A local company with first-rate publicity capabilities and an overseas group with outstanding packaging capabilities joined forces. This album was the first Chinese-made regular album that was to be released to fans following several E.P’s, as such it was of great significance.

Sixteen people. Their first album release.

The group’s meticulously planned album which was originally to be released two months later had suddenly accelerated its progress and was ready to be released in advance. What was Global Entertainment planning?

Others were scratching their heads, but Gu Yaxing suddenly noticed their target.

It wasn’t that he took himself too seriously. It was because Global entertainment’s relentless pursuit over the past few years had made him realize how incisively the other party could act. Luo Ding was now the best-selling and most promising trump card in Gu Yaxing’s hand. The various singles in his first EP will inevitably sweep through the major awards. Whether it was a popularity award or a newcomer award, he could only win it once, which would be a great boost to Luo Ding’s resume.

However, if Mellen’s album was launched within the same period, Luo Ding will surely be toppled in all the subsequent awards events.

The combination of sixteen people, the popularity of the group, the internal disputes between individual fans, plus this being the most popular group at present, how fierce the battle will be, Gu Yaxing could already predict.

Too poisonous.

This was consistent with the style of Global Entertainment. When the opponent was still in their infancy, they ruthlessly choked their throat. Stable, accurate, and fast.

Luo Ding urgently needed to expand his popularity before this release was confirmed. He had to try his best to win as much as ground as possible.

Indeed, the marketing accounts’ news releases really stirred up thousands of waves with one stone and sparked off another fierce dispute.

The first time people in the circle saw the posts, they were not jealous or envious, but wondered who Luo Ding had offended?

A newcomer who had not even fully entered the mainstream and who had only jumped to the third tier by virtue of his recent popularity, would be participating in Blade Warrior III? How was this possible?

What did this represent? As a pioneer of grand, magnificent and trend setting productions, as long as Carmen Clovis did not try to self-sabotage his own efforts, then simply based on the accumulation of popularity from the first two installments, any new character that appeared in the third installment would definitely be overwhelmingly popular.  

So how could this be a joke? Even if domestic stars had serious intentions to enter Hollywood, they did not dare rush to make such groundless statements.

However, the outside world did not understand all this. On seeing this gossip, they did not question whether the information was true and accurate. Most of them believed it quickly and spread it. This was how many short-lived “international stars” were hyped for their high status, but without exception, were all soon exposed. After falling to the bottom, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood would only serve as a deadly reminder.

Since news that preparations for the filming of Blade Warrior III were underway had already spread it meant that the cast list will be announced shortly. At that time, it would not matter whether this news was released by Luo Ding or not, after finding out that the truth did not match with reality, the public’s first thought will be that Luo Ding was bragging.

Bragging = low

His good reputation, which he had been struggling to build up, will definitely come to nothing.

Many people even sympathized with Luo Ding.

He was really unlucky, how long had it been since he debuted, and he was already caught in such an extraordinary scheme. Such large-scale publicity was expensive. What was this deep hatred that caused a person to be willing to spend such a large sum of money to pull a little star off his horse?

However, in addition to sympathy, most people inevitability had some schadenfreude.

Luo Ding had risen too fast. No matter how good his popularity was, such smooth sailing was the original sin. So many people who had never met him hoped that he could not stand up after this battle.

Obviously, Global Entertainment thought so too.

Luo Ding had many intellectual fans, but after all, very few of them worked in the entertainment circle. Those who didn’t understand these damaging methods were naturally happy to hear this news.

Although there was no official statement, which made some people doubtful, most people were dazzled by joy and happiness. When they first suspected something was wrong they had already forwarded news of his casting.

Three days later, the news was at its hottest moment.

Then, the other party moved.

Ah Ding, I didn’t leak this.” Wu Yuan explained in a hurry over the phone, “Did you just tell me and Ah Ming about this? I just finished filming and called immediately after seeing the news. There have been no outsiders in our crew recently and except for our own private discussions, we never mentioned this to others!”

As long as one had experienced some struggles in the circle, you could definitely see the odd timing of the news and the irrationality of the publicity. No one, including Wu Yuan, could give a better and more reasonable explanation for this other than deliberate targeting. At this time, anyone could be a suspect and as insiders, he and Pan Yiming decided to make a call to clarify in order not to cause misunderstanding.

“I know it’s not you.” Luo Ding had not known of Gu Yaxing’s plan before he had disclosed the news of his audition to the two of them. Now they were anxious and felt guilty, so he comforted them in a soft voice. “I already know who did it. It has nothing to do with you. It is a personal grudge against the boss of my company. Don’t worry, I will be fine. “

He hung up the phone and looked helplessly at Gu Yaxing, who was sitting aside and staring at the computer intently: “How is it going?”

Gu Yaxing turned his head, his eyes looked extraordinarily clear. The rise of Yaxing Studio had probably injected him with new vitality. He looked energetic.

“They swallowed the bait.”

The first person to react was indeed the rich and powerful Global entertainment company.

Gu Yaxing had figured out one or two things from the tone of posts from the marketing studio Global have worked with for a long time. They employed sensational titles, unflattering photos, and online announcements which seemed to be objective but actually deviated from the scripted wording, as well as the skill of hiding half of the words and revealing half to arouse people’s interest.

In the first few days, the direction of the hype was only a bit wrong. The online navy that fished in muddy waters had mixed with Gu Yaxing’s marketing team and had abandoned the initial neutral posts and were openly praising Luo Ding. This obvious flattery was to warm up for their actions in the later half.

What Gu Yaxing had initially released via the marketing company were just some words that “Luo Ding may participate in Hollywood movies”.

However, refreshing the page, the publicity now contained eloquent and strongly affirmative words.

The flip was slow.

First came the list of film stars who have been able to participate in Hollywood movies. This was dug up and published as nostalgia.

Among those famous artists, Luo Ding was very small and poor in terms of value and popularity in comparison.

Such a huge contrast raised some doubts in the audience.

Then there were various reports on Hollywood’s exclusion of foreign actors. These reports focused on how many years domestic actors who have been popular in Hollywood had worked hard for in order to get a firm foothold in big productions. Luo Ding stood out in contrast once again. At this time, doubts about the possibility that he had been cast in a Hollywood blockbuster but had not been announced was raised by some netizens who considered themselves to be like the FBI.

Everything went as they expected the opponent would do.

Gu Yaxing looked at the rapid changes in online sentiment that could almost be discerned by the naked eye, and felt that his old heart must once again be plated with tough armor to engage in such a tense battle.

“Go back and rest.” He told Luo Ding radiantly. “The EP will be released this Sunday at the latest. Take a good rest to ensure that you are at your best condition.”

Luo Ding met his fiery eyes, sighed, and stopped trying to dissuade him. He patted him on the shoulder before leaving: “Have a good rest.”

The monstrous waves came so violently.

Global Entertainment had probably employed all the resources it could use just to target a little star who has not yet set foot on the journey.

The official media of the Internet Media Forum issued a plainly premeditated conspiracy statement the next day.

In the opening example, all kinds of false publicity by infamous past artists were exposed. All of these artists were once famous but ended up in a deplorable situation. After such an intentional summary, in the middle of the article the topic turned back to Luo Ding.

First the article affirmed Luo Ding’s strength, praised his songs and dances for being infectious and appealing, then pointed out that the speed of his popularity had exceeded the speed of most domestic artists, and finally, with a derisive tone, it told Luo Ding to go step by step, and not to be deluded into thinking he could ascend into the sky in one step.

This statement was too offensive, Luo Ding’s fans collectively burst out as a result of this article.

However, as the publication’s original intention was to let the public know that Luo Ding’s move was so dirty that it had infuriated insiders, how could the former be frightened by such a small noise?

Official entertainment reports continued one after another and had begun to use this subject to suppress Luo Ding’s reputation.

Many people who did not know the truth were watching the excitement, believing that it is true. They had even begun to doubt whether Luo Ding’s popularity was fairly gained. Ironic nicknames such as “Little Hollywood” began to appear more and more.

The issue was in full swing.

The appearance of a post was like ice water falling into the fire extinguished all the doubts and ridicule.

On the 25th of August, at 10:25 am.

Duan Xiubo’s Weibo which had not been disturbed for a long time posted a new message.

“I’m very happy to work with Luo Ding again after the last filming ended. This film came just in time, there are many scenes, so I must remember to prepare well. I wish Luo Ding’s EP to be a big hit in advance. Ps: I have a guest appearance in the EP.”

Such a message was like timely rain, soothing the mother-in-law fans who had been abused to death these days.

The online navy’s actions to discredit Luo Ding stopped almost at the same time.

Except for Gu Yaxing, who knew the inside story, no one knew what was happening.

Those voices of doubt were as if dead, and soon, Gu Yaxing’s counterattack began.

An accurately translated interview from the United States soon spread to all the corners that netizens could see.

The show had been filmed two days ago. In the talk show, Carmen Clovis frankly announced that a new Chinese actor will appear in the new movie. This Chinese actor was young, handsome, and excellent in acting. More importantly, Yes, his name was Luo Ding.

Yaxing Studio officially responded to this issue for the first time and severely condemned those who had attacked Luo Ding without knowing the truth. The forum’s official media that had collected money to conduct such actions naturally became a target of public criticism. In private, based on their personal relationship with Gu Yaxing, the official media quickly posted an apology letter.

The letter of apology was too vaguely worded, and every word pushed the responsibility onto others, as if they had been forced into a helpless situation. Even a simple person could understand after reading the letter of apology that Luo Ding had deliberately been hacked.

This was not the first time since becoming popular that Luo Ding had been hacked.

Fans of Luo Ding, who finally occupied the moral high ground, began to cry loudly about the grievances of their idol. In this world crying children would get milk to eat. Very quickly, even passers-by who had not paid attention to this matter realized that there was an artist called Luo Ding who had been hacked by jealous people because he was too talented.

Luo Ding’s image that was about to fall to the bottom was saved instantly. From a bragging cabbage to a hard-working cabbage, Luo Ding harvested countless goodwill and sympathy points from passers-by. At the same time, the studio released the news of his upcoming EP.

September 1st


“September 1st.”

On the seventy-fifth floor of Shanhai Building, in the innermost office, a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes sat at his desk, shaking his feet and tilting his head to look at the file in his hand.

The assistant lowered his head and stood before him.

Jiang Changfeng sneered and threw the file back on top of the desk

“Useless waste.”

The assistant buried his head deeper: “President Jiang, we really didn’t expect this at the beginning …”

“Shut up.” Jiang Changfeng lazily interrupted his explanation. “I don’t want to listen to these excuses. On August 23, on the highest-rated talk show in the United States, Carmen personally announced this news officially. Why did no one know? How much was invested in this operation? Now it’s all gone.”

The other side murmured an apology.

Another person asked: “then President Jiang, will Mellen’s album still be released as planned to pressure Luo Ding album?”

Jiang Changfeng’s eyes, which sharpened suddenly scared him and he dared not say any more.

“So smart yet you still have to ask this question now.” Jiang Changfeng tapped his finger on the surface of the desk. “Now on the Internet, don’t tell me that you have not seen the condemnation against “the person behind this incident “. The news about Mellen’s advance release was secret but it’s out now. Regarding this matter, you cannot forgo pressing Luo Ding, unless you want be universally condemned by 1000’s of people because I don’t want to”.

The assistant received his order and walked out with a pale face. It was inevitable that Jiang Changfeng would not pay attention to Mellen. The order to speed up the production of albums could have been stopped as soon as he gave the word. Because the work was rushed, and the period of time for the end of production was approaching, some details were lacking. It was now impossible to perfect.

This album was bound to fail to achieve the expected good response. He just hoped that the enthusiasm of the fans will exceed their estimates. As long as sales went up, it was not impossible to overshadow Luo Ding’s limelight.

In the office, Jiang Changfeng gently clicked the mouse to pull out a hidden file. After entering the password, he opened the picture folder inside.

“Oh.” His feelings after losing in his opponent’s hands for the first time was a bit mixed. Compared with the current Gu Yaxing, his facial features in the photo as he smiled cautiously at the camera were much more youthful. This was a scanned photo and the picture quality was not good. But Jiang Changfeng could not turn his eyes away. 

He had really grown a lot.


At 10:00 a.m. on September 1, Luo Ding’s first batch of E.P’s was placed on the sales counter.

Translators Notes

Su Shengbai and Gu Yaxing eating themselves up is most pleasing to me. Luo Ding need not even dirty his hands.

Also Xu Zhen is scum but having all these top actors push him in his chair when 1) he can walk and 2) the chair is electric is a true power move.

Could J.F entertainment be likened to S.M entertainment? Thoughts.

In the end Jian Changfeng v. Gu Yaxing is a lover’s spat? Poor Luo Ding caught in the crossfire.

Finally for those who didn’t understand the publicity wars, a primer: To ensure that Luo Ding gets good publicity before his release Gu Yaxing attempted a complex maneuver. He let out vague news that Luo Ding may be acting in Hollywood knowing that people would doubt it and that Global will use the opportunity to destroy LD. Sure enough Global spent money to tarnish Luo Ding’s repuation by pushing the idea that Luo Ding was lying about going to Hollywood. Appearances and character are everything in China. Once the issue was trending, Gu Yaxing released Carmen’s interview and then followed up with the album release date announcement in order to benefit from the trend. This way Global actually paid for Luo Ding’s publicity costs lol. Checkmate.

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JCF get over it man. Ruining someone is not a good love confession.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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Yeah, he’s such a b*stard! Ok, you had your fair share of disagreements, you parted on bad terms, is there a need to undermine Gu Yaxing’s very existence?! Or is it a very long-term plan to make him come back? Ha!

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Thanks for the translation! Also thanks for writing all my thoughts in this chapter! Man it’s all lovers spat, what a twist ? what I’m concerned the most is LD’s health…

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The whiplash between idol LD all suave and gentlemen-ly and a cabbage costume wearing LD is too much!!! I busted my gut from laughing so hard ????

Thank you for the chapter! ????

3 years ago

I finally caught up and fell in love with this novel!

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thanks for the hard work <333

i truly thought jf is supposed to mirror sm, i even checked on the keyboard to see how close are the letters “j, f” to “s, m” haha. i guess it could have been “x.k” for more closely related naming convention lmao

gu yaxing and luo ding played the long (ish) game and won it too

3 years ago

Gu Yaxing played his cards beautifully, the scheme was such a delight to read about! And the fans’ actions are hilarious – crying over the injustice their dear baby cabbage has suffered! XDDDD
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Thank you for the update!

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Oh, I didn’t expect that. Are we having come kind of past lovers drama going on with the Global group’s boss and Gu Yaxing?

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As a pioneer of grand, magnificent and trend setting productions, as long as Carmen Clovis did not try to self-sabotage his own efforts, then simply based om the accumulation of popularity from the first two installments,
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