Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 56

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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 56

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“Luo Ding !!!!!!!!!”

Duan Xiubo turned off the TV, and the noise from the speakers ended abruptly. He threw the remote control onto the coffee table and nestled his whole body into the sofa while holding on to his cell phone to look at the time.

This was the most popular awards ceremony ever. For the first time, TV stations which had historically only broadcasted the live show even set up a special time to air a replay of the program. Although some parts of the replay were edited out, the remaining broadcast was enough to satisfy the appetite of most viewers.

The scene of Luo Ding’s appearance on stage was only for a few seconds.

Yet the dance he performed at the awards ceremony was even edited separately into video clip to promote the rebroadcast of the program. It was clear who the hottest character at the awards ceremony was this time.

At the end of the show, Luo Ding had won the music popularity award, the award for best composition and the best lyrics award. Additionally, he had also featured in the MV recording of Pan Yiming’s album which won this year’s award for best music video. Undoubtedly, he had become the biggest winner of the entire party.

There was news about him everywhere in the country and he was interviewed by nearly ten large media agencies the day after the award ceremony. Some of these agencies were fashion magazines, while others were local media outlets that had entered millions of households.

After all, the viewership ratings of the broadcast was so high that his popularity in the real world had also significantly increased as compared to before. Such a wide range of interviews spread at the right time and enabled those ordinary viewers who didn’t know much about him to deepen their impression of him.

Duan Xiubo scrolled over to his Weibo homepage and news about Luo Ding there was overwhelming. Even some well-known directors and big actors in his circle of friends had forwarded some articles related to Luo Ding. Duan Xiubo’s fingers hovered for a long time over the Weibo like button but he clenched his teeth and convinced himself not to press it.

After scrolling through posts on Weibo congratulating Luo Ding who had won three awards, Duan Xiubo quit his main account and ran to his side account. The scene there was completely different.

The users on the homepage of his side account were busy licking their screen.

Most of the fans who were lucky enough to enter the venue had taken professional filming equipment with them.

In this kind of fandom, those who were first to release filmed content for the public good were known collectively as the “front line”, which means that they are at the forefront of the battle.

It was not easy to be in the front line. Professional cameras were expensive. In addition, if you wanted to take good pictures, special lenses were even more essential. Without some financial ability to prepare these things, it was impossible to be a qualified member of the front line. Not to mention that they also needed to have the financial resources to support themselves in terms of transportation costs, food, accommodation, venue tickets, etc.

In this regard, Luo Ding’s fan circle was undoubtedly far superior to that of many similar actors. Because of his age, many members of his fan circle were already economically independent. Therefore, in attendance at this first show were fans who were all qualified front liners. Although the price of an admission ticket was nearly 5,000 yuan, in the end, Luo Ding’s fans still occupied the largest spot in the auditorium.

This led to a spurt of resources in the fan circle after the event.

Dance videos, solo photos … Luo Ding smile under the lens of different photographers was quiet, and his temperament was also different because of the varied moments at which he was captured. However, his aura was always present.

The homepage was full of screaming characters

“Luo Ding our mother-child relationship has been exhausted today! Come out and let’s get married ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!”

“Oh my god, you haven’t seen the real person. You don’t even know how much better he looks! He is so thin!!! He is so tall!!! His legs are so long!!! His skin is white like milk!!! His eyes are so big!!!!”

“When we picked him up at the airport, he answered our questions one by one !!!”

“The camera does not show how good he looks at all !!!”

Tch! What’s so great about that, he gets to see Luo Ding every day. Duan Xiubo pursed his lips and nodded in praise. He glanced at the time and shouted at Mi Rui: “What time do you get off work?!”

Mi Rui was hurriedly finishing up his work. When he stood up, his eyes were fierce. He really wished he could choke Duan Xiubo to death. But no, he had to drive Duan Xiubo to the airport to pick up Luo Ding.

Obviously, the film crew had said that they could send a car to pick Luo Ding up but Duan Xiubo had refused, saying that it was not safe for Luo Ding to come back from the airport alone. It was not safe? Bullshit! Were fans holding grenades? What use were his bodyguards?

Knowing they could now leave Duan Xiubo’s mood suddenly improved.

He had not seen Luo Ding for so long. Their short daily conversations were not sufficient to fill the yearning he had for the other in his heart. The music award ceremony was the main factor. Initially he had just wanted to see Luo Ding at the show, but after watching Luo Ding’s dancing, his entire being started to feel bad. Even his pores were calling out “Luo Ding”, “Luo Ding”. “He couldn’t suppress his feelings so he could only go to meet him anxiously.

How could a person be so tempting?!!

Every movement of that face and those hands, the glimmer of moisture on his skin that was captured by the camera, his slightly husky gasping voice in the speakers, and his eyes that had become even more intense with makeup….

Duan Xiubo held up his hands. He felt like he was experiencing a sugar rush and the subtle reactions in his body were increasing exponentially. He quickly distracted himself and started to browse through the domestic entertainment news.

Other than news of Luo Ding, who was the biggest winner of the award ceremony, there was also some hot news that was neither big nor small.

This was about Su Shengbai.

The media had begun to dig deeper into the truth of Su Shengbai’s departure from Yaxing studio. The previous reports of only minor disturbances were completely disregarded. On the red carpet of the award ceremony, Gu Yaxing and Su Shengbai’s near-quarrel had brought their conflicts and grudges to the surface. All viewers showed great interest, especially the news media. They had been given materials to explore so they run faster than anyone else.

All of a sudden, Su Shengbai’s entire journey in the entertainment industry, from his personality to the circle of friends with whom he had interacted were completely exposed. He came from an ordinary background and started working at a young age. However soon after entering Yaxing Studio, he made his debut. He had a good relationship with Luo Ding who was in the same group, and because he appeared more capable, he became the team leader.

The deeper the reports, the more people were unable to ignore the fact that Luo Ding and Su Shengbai had a good relationship at the start. The two took care of each other subtly. Su Shengbai took care of interpersonal relations, while Luo Ding, mostly cared for the details of their life. This was their relationship. However, when Su Shengbai finally left, he didn’t pay any thought to their past relationship. After entering Global Entertainment, he never mentioned Luo Ding again. It was as if the latter was a memory to be buried in a grave and he refused to cooperate with anyone who tried to dig it up.

Originally, people thought that something unpleasant had happened before the dissolution of their duo, or that Luo Ding might have done something that he needed to apologize for.

But judging from the occurrence on the red carpet, that was obviously not the case. The straightforward and clearly hostile attitude of Gu Yaxing, who was known to be an upright person, and Su Shengbai’s response to his censure, clearly showed who held the moral high ground in that dispute.

In fact, recently, a series of news articles about Su Shengbai had caused his original fresh and simple image to crack in the eyes of the public. When these reports came out, it did nothing more than that cause people who originally believed that he had a bad character to be even more certain of their conjecture.  Thus, people were more concerned and interested in the alleged relationship between Su Shengbai and Cao Dingkun.

Cao Dingkun was really a low-key person in the circle. He did not make enemies, did not have any celebrity airs, kind, polite, a gentleman, and a workaholic … for a celebrity, such descriptions could only be described as positive. Additionally, he rarely, whether actively or passively, used scandals as a way to build hype. For three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, whenever he appeared in the public eye, it was bound to only be related to work and making of high quality films. Such a diligent attitude had also added to people’s impression of him.

But what was the relationship between Cao Dingkun and Su Shengbai? Why did he develop a sudden whim to promote a star who had no foundation and no experience? The speculations of the people in the entertainment circle naturally moved towards hidden rules. However, before this speculation could be expanded, another deeper inside story was discovered.

This was the fact that the relationship between Cao Dingkun and the famous director Xu Zhen, did not seem to be as ordinary as had been shown to the public.

Cao Dingkun had desperately worked on films and had become a spokesperson for various endorsements. He was listed on the Forbes list of highest earning entertainers every year. How much money he made, how much he spent, where his mansion was located, whether he owned a private jet … These were the things fans were interested in. But while investigating the personal relationship between Su Shengbai and Cao Dingkun, many media people found a film emperor who was completely different from their imagination.

Cao Dingkun drove a car provided by the company, lived in a suburban villa purchased more than ten years ago, let alone a private jet, there was no swimming pool in the villa! Where did he spend so much money? Why was his life so plain?

The answer was simple.

It was all on the credit page of Xu Zhen’s filmography over the past ten years.

Soon after Cao Dingkun became an actor, he invested a million yuan to shoot a low budget art film. That film eventually failed to reach theaters and was a complete loss. But from then on, every few films, Cao Dingkun’s name will appear in the column of investors in Xu Zhen’s works. It was as if these films that did not bring him any profit could not dispel his enthusiasm for film investing. He threw his money out with no distress.

The investments grew bigger and bigger, and the movies became better and better. Xu Zhen gradually gained popularity, and it was only after a few years of losses that profit gradually appeared.

Before his death, Cao Dingkun had also invested in Xu Zhen’s new film. However, news of this had not been disclosed to the public. In other words, Cao Dingkun had not been prepared to let the public know of his investment in these films, however nothing was guaranteed and in the end it had been discovered.

The list of Xu Zhen’s work he invested in over the years was almost scary.

Even parents won’t use money for their children in this way! Cao Dingkun had actually known Xu Zhen from so long ago, and their friendship was so good that he was willing to bear losses again and again to give him money. However, in public, they often showed the attitude of two people who only communicated with each other for business purposes …

More importantly, though Cao Dingkun’s clear contribution of resources to Xu Zhen showed that they had a very good relationship with each other, Xu Zhen actions after his death, in comparison, were a bit out of sync!

Except for Xu Zhen’s admission to the hospital as a result of his “excessive sadness ” following news of Cao Dingkun’s death, Xu Zhen did not make any substantial contribution to the deceased. No memorial, funeral, or investigation into the cause of the car accident, and so on was held. There was nothing except the movie audition he was organizing to “complete Cao Dingkun’s last wish.” However, anyone with discerning eyes knew what he was actually focusing on.

It was clear Xu Zhen, Cao Dingkun and Su Shengbai were connected from beginning to end and that the relationship between them was very complicated. It made people want to exert themselves to dig deeper.


Duan Xiubo was actually quite surprised. The news of this had snowballed since it came out. Two of the three people were related to Global Entertainment and based on Global Entertainment’s ability to control public relations such a situation snowballing should have simply been impossible.

He was fed up with the name Su Shengbai! Now he had more or less guessed where the scar on Luo Ding’s hand came from. Su Shengbai and Luo Ding’s past was just like a needle inserted in his heart, poking him till he bled.

What’s more, Gu Yaxing had just informed him about Su Shengbai’s plot against Luo Ding on the red carpet. Looking at the picture of Su Shengbai being chased by the media while he showed a helpless expression, Duan Xiubo could not express his disgust enough.

Xu Zhen’s audition had to be temporarily shelved, and along with Su Shengbai, he also had to minimize going out as much as possible. Because as long as they appeared at any event venue, they will inevitably attract a bunch of reporters.

These natural enemies who held pens had sharp teeth and could ask any question. The thorns were densely layered under traps and if you were a little careless you will be caught unprepared. They were also good at using words to provoke you in order to obtain an unspoken answer. Xu Zhen’s mind was becoming more and more unstable now, and he dared not have too much confidence in his own reason.

The current state of these two people was coupled with the relationship between the three people that was discovered after peeling away the cocoon. Even Duan Xiubo, who had always paid little attention to tabloid news, could see that the whole scene was filled with a desire to cover up something.

While Su Shengbai and Xu Zhen acted out this show, Luo Ding had retreated shortly after this farce began.

He needed to rush back to the United States as soon as possible after his domestic activities were over, because the preparatory activities for “Blade Warrior III” were nearing completion, and the start date for filming was just around the corner. Clovis had arranged many European and American media activities. Thus, before the launch, Luo Ding needed to work with the crew to promote the new movie and then start filming.

The upcoming busyness could not break Duan Xiubo’s good mood.

He couldn’t even wait quietly in the car and went straight to the airport to pick Luo Ding up.

Luo Ding’s flight information did not leak this time. His fans in Europe and the United States also did not have a fanbase and as a result they did not have a good circle of communication and generally, did not participate in pick-up activities. He was safe.

The young man in a black casual jacket and white t-shirt was caught in his sight as soon as he turned the corner.

“Luo Xiaoding!” He waved his arms towards the other while wearing a mask. Seeing that no one nearby had paid attention, he took off his mask with confidence, smiled and strode over to give Luo Ding a hug.

Luo Ding seemed stunned, only to regain clarity after a while. He stretched out his hands and grabbed Duan Xiubo’s waist to try to push him away: “Duan ge! Release me! Let go!”

“I’ve missed you so much.” Duan Xiubo did not hold back at all. Although they had not parted for long, his thoughts were about to drive him crazy. He repeated in Luo Ding’s ear over and over again, “I missed you so much.”

“Duan ge! Let go! Someone’s coming!” Luo Ding was exasperated.

Duan Xiubo paused for a moment: “No, I checked just now, no fans came to pick you up.”

Luo Ding finally took advantage of his stupefaction to tear him off: “Behind me! There are fans following!”

Duan Xiubo stared at him for two seconds, his eyes widening out of anger. Then he remembered to look across at the gate beyond him. Sure enough, he saw a few fan girls staring at them while holding a camera to their eyes. Looking at Duan Xiubo, they took a few steps back, the expressions on their faces changed from silly to surprise, and then finally they became enthusiastic. Holding the camera, they pressed the shutter in their direction. After shooting, goodness knows how many pictures, there was nowhere to express their excitement, so they hugged their camera and kept doing bunny jumps on the spot.

“Ahhhhh hug !!”

“Ahhhhh hug !!!”

After repressing their shrieks, which were abnormally sharp, they high-fived each other. Duan Xiubo finally noticed something wrong. These fans were not ordinary fans.

He quickly regained his composure, waved his hands at them with a smile, and, without hesitation, put his hands on Luo Ding’s shoulders as they walked out.

Although Luo Ding was a bit angry with Duan Xiubo, under these circumstances he couldn’t push him away. The picture of them hugging must have already been taken and now they were even seemingly more intimate. It was far more reasonable to be a gentleman than to try to avoid suspicion. Many of these ambiguities were originally made up by the human brain. If you did not take it seriously, this was only a matter of contact between ordinary male friends. It’s was not too serious. On the contrary, only those observing from the sidelines may feel a subtle atmosphere.

These fans really were not ordinary fans.

Immediately after arriving at the studio, Duan Xiubo scrolled through the high-resolution photos of him and Luo Ding hugging on the homepage of his alternate account.

The comments on the homepage were unanimous. Everyone was sharing the photos whilst whining and crying that this official sugar was to sweet.

He had to say that the photographer’s skill was really good, the shot was just right, and the picture was clear as if it were posed. Luo Ding’s slightly messy movements were concealed because he was facing away from the camera, but Duan Xiubo gaze seemed particularly intimate because of his true feelings. The caption of the photo said that it was a meeting of friends. However, after being tagged as CP, the scene appeared a little more ambiguous.

CP fans were easily satisfied and tolerant creatures. A little benefit could make them happy for a long time. This time the interaction between the two parties was different from their own made up scenarios in the ordinary fan circle. However, clearly Duan Xiubo’s behavior, where he appeared to take initiative, put an end to those fans who had some complaints about CP fans because of the disparity between Duan Xuibo and Luo Ding’s statuses in the entertainment circle.

Fan tolerance was true tolerance. As long as their idols liked it, they also liked it. Now Duan Xiubo had made it clear that he was good to Luo Ding, so they were also good to Luo Ding.

Duan Xiubo was very pleased. It felt like he had discovered that his mother and her new daughter-in-law were getting along well.

Luo Ding felt tangled by the growth of the CP circle. He knew about the existence of this group; in fact, he was first to reveal it to Duan Xiubo, however, at that time, he had never expected that this group would grow to such a scale today.

In the past few days in China, as fans followed his activities, Luo Ding gradually realized that as soon as he mentioned Duan Xiubo, the cheers and screams in the audience would become extremely warm. This made him more and more cautious. It was the same with media questions. Questions related to Duan Xiubo were always carefully considered before answering.

He was used to being cautious about his sexuality. Over the past few decades, he had kept his sexuality a secret but now that he had encountered such an enlightened response, he did not know how to react to it.

Gu Yaxing asked him not to take it seriously. But that was before things changed. Ignoring it was the way a clear relationship would be handled but he and Duan Xiubo now … their relationship couldn’t be considered clear.

He also began to pay more attention to Weibo trends, as it was the weather vane of domestic tabloid news about himself. He found that the photo of him and Duan Xiubo were on the headlines, but the screaming and questioning comments below made him feel at a loss.

After spending a long time on the Internet, he was almost unable to distinguish whether this was the true voice of the public or purely a niche audience entertaining themselves.

Unlike the fiery enthusiasm of his and Duan Xiubo’s CP circles, Luo Ding found that while the public responses to Cao Dingkun and Xu Zhen or Su Shengbai, appeared extremely harsh.

The love triangle conspiracy theory was so hot that he no longer wanted to see it anymore, so he had read just a bit about it. The current public opinion was mostly critical of Xu Zhen and Su Shengbai for being ungrateful and cold-hearted. Su Shengbai’s stiff smile on the award red carpet and Xu Zhen, who was more and more unfashionable under high-resolution photography, were posted together by several large news portals, and the critique was very fierce.

Cao Dingkun accident, which they had tried hard to bury also began to be repeatedly mentioned. Although the topic did not develop to the extent of questioning whether the car accident was really an accident, Xu Zhen and Su Shengbai’s reaction in their attempt to cover up after the accident was undoubtedly attracting a lot of hate towards them. With the exception of a few who came forward to proclaim that cyber violence was not desirable, the voices of most people were consistent. That is, no matter how high their career achievements were, their character was questionable. After the death of his benefactor, one did not do anything except to post a memorial post on Weibo, and the other did not even hold a decent funeral after the death of a friend who had invested so much in him. Although they were not obliged to do these things, people with a little conscience would not act so despicably, right?

Further, some people pulled this incident towards the emotional relationship between the trio. This was also reasonable if you thought about it carefully. Cao Dingkun was so good to Su Shengbai and Xu Zhen. Xu Zhen and Su Shengbai also seemed to have a close relationship even after his death. Obviously these three people were not all single arrows. The biggest possibility was that one of them was ambiguous or that all three of them were ambiguous.

This conjecture was obviously not accepted by most people. Without Cao Dingkun, Xu Zhen’s face is too impactful. Even people with heavy tastes could not accept a face without beauty, let alone this kind of face. Not to mention his character was also troubling. Some people thought that Cao Dingkun and Su Shengbai were a good match. After all, one was calm and handsome, and the other young and delicate. But when this pair was proposed, the situation was like when a rat runs across the street and everybody cries, “Kill it!”. Put Cao Dingkun and Su Shengbai together?!! Who was being ruined here?  Don’t you have respect for the dead?

As the deceased, Cao Dingkun was the one who suffered the least damage in this turbulent skirmish. His reputation had also been improved because of his selfless dedication to his friends. Most people showed admiration for the simple life he had lived over the past few decades.

Looking these comments that came too late to honor the memory of the deceased Cao Dingkun, Luo Ding suddenly realized that they had barely caused any ripples in his heart. Perhaps it was because the boundaries in his life were too clear. After coming to this body and becoming familiar with his current life, everything in his previous life had become as indistinct as bubbles in a gloomy light.

Besides while there was still applause for him now, there were many differences as compared to before.

Backstage, the makeup artist fluttered a thin layer of highlight on the bridge of his nose.

The opening ceremony of foreign films was much simpler than that of domestic films. Perhaps because the fusion of life and superstition was not as apparent as in China[1], the opening ceremony was just a simple press conference.

Nevertheless, it was also held outdoors.

There was no studio lighting in outdoors and it was thus a test of the actors’ on-site condition. Everyone’s clothing and makeup were prepared with extra detail.

Because the starring actor was of Chinese origin and the supporting actor was truly Chinese, this participation of Asian faces attracted a lot of news media from Asia. Needless to say, all kinds of big online domestic media, including the domestic media giant Xinhua News sent reporters to the scene. It could be seen from their attitude that Chinese public truly supported the entry of domestic stars into Hollywood.

Duan Xiubo changed his clothes and looked at Luo Ding from the doorway for a while. Luo Ding met his eyes in the mirror and his gaze softened briefly.

“So fast?”

When Duan Xiubo heard his voice, he walked in with a smile. Seeing that the makeup artist had picked up her tools, he bent down naturally over Luo Ding’s shoulder and pressed his face against the side of Luo Ding’s face and peered into the mirror together: “Are you nervous?”

Luo Ding coughed to avoid his action. “I’m OK.”

Duan Xiubo looked at him for a moment, smiled, stood up and reached out his hand: “Let’s go.”


Outside, there were many onlookers.

Almost all of these people had Western faces, and the few members with Asian skin were gathered like a flock in one place, carrying cameras, and microphones and organizing their equipment in preparation.

Asians, especially Chinese, had a hard time establishing themselves in Hollywood. In the eyes of most European and American people, this film was a rare classic worthy of great expectation but in contrast to other filmmakers in Clovis’ circle, two Asian stars had been employed, causing a small stir in western public groups.

Duan Xiubo was fine. He had made his debut in Hollywood, became famous, and had gone all the way to win awards. He had already established an unshakable position in the hearts of European and American audiences. Coupled with his handsome face, voices against him had gradually diminished after he shot his third film. Currently no one will disagree with his participation in this new installment due to his ethnicity.

However, Luo Ding was different. According to Clovis, this young man was only in his early twenties! Although Clovis had assured the public that his looks and acting skills were excellent, fans of the first two films were still upset about it. Even aside from ethnic prejudice, how could a young man in his early twenties who had been born and raised in China, be capable and outstanding?  Chinese- accented English sounded weird to them, not to mention acting skills. Only a few prodigies like Duan Xiubo could be found in Hollywood. Could such a monster be mass produced in the East? How was this possible! What they wanted to see was a continuation of a classic, not a popcorn blockbuster with a chaotic theme where one would have no idea what was even being played!

This issue was viewed importantly in many people’s hearts! The world building in the Blade Warrior films was too realistic, and they would rather continue to believe that this world exists, so it could not be ruined by the inexplicable entry of a newcomer!

Below the stage, heads were crowded together whispering. The publicity poster for the new film on the big screen was very eye-catching. On the starring list below, Luo Ding’s pinyin name was behind that of Duan Xiubo.

Another Chinese who could not afford an English name.

Pinyin[2] looked awkward, but Luo Ding’s move[3] made many people begin to feel good about his personality.

News of the cast’s entry begun to spread and the people at the scene immediately started to stir. The spokesperson of the cast first took the lead to appear from backstage, calmed down the noise at scene and expressed the casts’ feelings about the opening ceremony.

The reporters listened in boredom.

After chattering, the man atop the stage finally cut to the issue that everyone was interested in.

“Let’s welcome the director and the crew!”

The audience below the stage widened their eyes, stared at the gap in the entrance, and did not look away even for a moment.

Carmen Clovis took the lead on the stage, and Duan Xiubo was one step behind him, waving at the crowd with a gentle and calm smile.

He walked out for a few steps, and then suddenly turned around said something towards the back. He then stretched out his hand towards the corner.

Under the gaze of all eyes.

A young man who was smiling slowly walked out of the dark corner, his posture naturally pushed away Duan Xiubo’s action of seemingly wanting to hold hands. His eyes turned to the shooting team below and his smile remained unchanged.

This must be Luo Ding!

Those on the scene could not help but let out a few exclamations. This young man was much more handsome than they had imagined!

The ordinary men’s black suit, on him, drew attention to his thin and flexible waistline. His legs were very long, and he was tall and slim.

A fresh and handsome man from the East. Different from western men, his smile and movements, like a spring breeze caused people feel extremely softhearted because of his presence.

Oh … this was unexpected …

The media people in the audience softened their discussion subconsciously, and during a break between the photo shoots, they took time to talk to the colleagues around them.

The focus of the topic had unknowingly shifted from “that inexplicable Asian actor” to “He looks really good, don’t you think?”

Translator Notes:

Raging at how Cao Dingkun’s name is being dragged through the mud by Su Shengbai and co.

Also, cheating on Cao Dingkun who had given him everything from his heart to all his money Xu Zhen was really scum. For Luo Ding to be able to carry on his life without actively seeking revenge, he is a better person than I would ever be.

This chapter was interesting to me as the author somehow touched on his perception of how the Chinese public believe the west views Asian actors. Looking at how star wars fans reacted to the inclusion of minorities to the star wars cast this sort of doubt and xenophobia is not an exaggeration.

Also the bit about shippers (CP fans) is absolutely accurate. One direction is long gone but Larries still exist lol.

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[1] Couldn’t find a good description but on Chinese film sets the cast and crew hold a ceremony for luck before filming. See

[2] Pinyin is the Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciation. In Mandarin Chinese, the phrase “Pin Yin” literally translates into “spell sound.” In other words, spelling out Chinese phrases with letters from the English alphabet

[3] To keep his Chinese name and not adopt an English first name

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2 years ago

It’s sad that this racist mindset isn’t really an exaggeration at all. The sweet and very much not composed DX is really great though.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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Thank you for the update!
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Thank you for the chapter <3 You raise an interesting question about prejudices and xenophobia, but I think the picture is a bit more complex than that. I’m all for art being created by people of different ethnicities, genders and backgrounds – the more the merrier. But I dislike it with a passion when the creator’s ethnicity or gender becomes more important than their talent/skills, as is the case with Misty Copeland, for example. Misty Copeland is a mixed-race dancer promoted to principal by the American Ballet Theatre. Now, I’ve been watching (and doing) ballet for years and I can… Read more »

2 years ago

I do like it if LD will make an small secret acct and make a mysterious post.. That CD death is not an accident but a murder… CD was betrayed.. Something like that.. Just to scare the shit of those two..

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so happy to hear that duan xiubo is finally making his moves on luo ding!! Your translations are amazing!! Thankyou!

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