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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 58

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Alston, armed with his heavy sword and dressed in his magnificent robe, strode aggressively into the bathroom. Almost instantly, his eyes were locked on the young man who was lying naked near the edge of the bath.

Alfred was thin and delicate. His satin-like black hair, which was spread out like the tail of a skirt, floated atop the water. Some hung on his shoulders, and more flowed like water ripples. Alston froze slightly, then his eyes suddenly sharpened.  He walked closer to the pool in two or three steps, and while ignoring Alfred’s astonished and startled retreat, he slashed across the other party’s head with his sword – – –

Alfred sank into the water for a while and when he suddenly reappeared, he was in the middle of the bath. Pale with fright, he tried to slide towards the edge of the pool. Noticing Alston’s abnormal movements, he shouted, “What are you doing!”

The pool was small. Alston jumped directly into the water, splashing out enormous amounts of water and then quickly approached the young man who was ready to flee.

The sword was sharp, and the angle and strength of the chop was obviously intended to put him to death. Alfred did not know why, but his instinct for survival made him begin to fight back. He avoided the blade and aided by the buoyancy of the water he jumped up suddenly to kick Alston in the stomach, but Alston quickly grasped him by the ankle and pulled him towards himself.


His eyes widened and gradually reddened as they became bloodshot. His face was full of panic and disbelief.

The adult he respected and admired most was now trying to kill him! Did he make any mistakes? Did he harm the interests of the army or these grownups?

In an instant, the wind from the blade chopped down from top to bottom.

Alfred gave a low howl, closing his eyes like a calf ready to be slaughtered. His blood was boiling in preparation for his imminent death. He was afraid and unwilling, and even more unable to accept being sentenced in such an unclear way.

His pores were throbbing, opening and closing, and complex patterns appeared slowly from his tail vertebra like a tarot card that had been turned over. It covered his fair skin, and climbed up to his lower back, shoulders, and even half of his belly. The pool of water which rippled with shining light reflected on him as the young man closed his eyes and waited quietly in suffocating silence for his death.

Alston held his sword as its tip slowly pulled back from the other party’s face and was silently tossed aside.

He approached Alfred step by step and stared at the other person’s face. He stretched out his hand, paused for a moment over the other’s slightly trembling eyelashes and slowly descended to stroke the vine-like patterns at the front of his abdomen.

Alfred opened his eyes, “What are you doing!?”

The Forest of the Elves … The blessed magic vine …” Alston ignored him, muttering what he wanted to say to himself. The closer his hands were, the more he began to rub the other’s waist.

Alfred was so scared that he pushed him away and tried to escape. Alston roared at him like crazy: “Don’t move!!! Let me see clearly!!!”

“Master! You’re crazy!!!” Alfred fled towards the bank of the pool with a horrified expression and full of panic. Unexpectedly his hand was caught by the other party, and then he was dragged back with no resistance.

“You let me go !!!” He started screaming and kicking the other: “What are you doing !!!”

Alston became more excited by his shouting; his breathing became quicker and his eyes became more fascinated and focused.

“Don’t move.” He said a second time. Seeing that Alfred still wanted to run, Alston frowned, turned the other party around easily and pressed Alfred’s shoulder against the edge pool, while leaning down and pushing down his legs to fix him in place with his body.  

“Do not move!!”

Alfred was going crazy: “Sir !!!!”

Alston pulled away Alfred’s soft black hair, and gently brushed his hand around from his shoulders to his chest, as he stared at the other side’s back in a near worshipful manner.

His gaze grew more and more fanatical but his movements became more and more gentle. He suddenly choked out: “Magic vine, Alfred, where are you from?”

Approaching Alfred, he gently held the other in his arms from behind: “Where are you from?”

Alfred was trembling all over: “Let me go …”

“Where are you from?” Alston still mumbled. “Tell me, where are you from?”

“I am from the Principality of Saifan …” Alfred sobbed in a low voice, “Please let me go …”

“No, you are wrong. You are not from the Principality of Saifan. You are from the richest land in the eastern continent.” Alston hugged the other party tighter, seeing that Alfred had gradually quietened because of his whispering. He tightened his arms and placed his head tightly to the side of the party’s face, slid his hands down the water, and stroked the other’s waist. “Look, look at these beautiful patterns. Your blood is noble, and you are blessed by the spirits of the elven forest, your parents … … must not have told you this … “

“My father is a farmer …” Alfred replied in confusion.

“They drove you out of their house. They are not your biological parents, they are not even your adoptive parents.”

Alston said, gazing passionately at the other person’s shoulders, lowering his head, and dropping a soft kiss on the skin there.



Luo Ding pushed Duan Xiubo away, and quickly followed the voice from the receiver to move away from the other side quickly, his heart was full of anger.

Duan Xiubo’s hand … under the water just now … He had stood with them facing the wall of the pool, so he wouldn’t be seen?!! How could he be so brave? How dare he touch him in public … Touched his ….

Pushing forward, he staggered for a few steps and almost slipped into the water. Duan Xiubo watched as Luo Ding quickly climbed to the shore. His character’s skin-colored pants were so loose that it stuck to his skin after becoming soaked in the water, drawing out his extremely clear body lines, strong and flexible.

His fists underwater clenched tightly. He watched until Wu Fangyuan placed a bathrobe over Luo Ding’s body and covered the scenery, before he reluctantly pulled his mind back, but his feet could not follow.

The water was cold, but his body was hot.

Luo Ding’s expression was not very good-looking. He was too angry and didn’t want to pretend. Everyone else thought he was just cold. When the painter saw this, he rushed up and hurriedly said, “Be careful not to use too much force when wiping off the water. If the pattern is wiped off, I will have to paint it again. “

With his heavy long hair spreading out behind him, Luo Ding hid near the rest area and poured himself a large mouthful of ginger tea. He felt like there was a large fire in his heart.

Duan Xiubo was becoming more and more wanton! When filming, there was the need to continue acting, so he could not get angry. But so many people were watching. How dare he?!! How dare he touch him like that! He must have done it on purpose! After filming for so many years, he could tell which of his opponent’s small movements were done intentionally or inadvertently! When Duan Xiubo’s hand had covered his waist just now, it was not just as simple as covering there. He also squeezed a few times, and even tried to drill his hand into the waist of his pants. Fortunately, in the end, he only lingered over his abdomen and then drew back, otherwise, Luo Ding would not just be sullen as he was now, he would have beaten him up.

He took a few deep breaths and rubbed his shoulders quietly. It took a lot of effort to suppress the numbness and itchiness that had begun to crawl all over his body from his legs to his stomach.

Clovis, on the other side, stared at the monitor, and the more he watched the tighter his frown became. He felt like something was wrong.

The fighting scene was very good, and the emotions portrayed by both sides were also sufficient. In fact, overall, it was better than he expected. But in this scene … he felt like … the atmosphere was a bit ambiguous.

Especially the last kiss that Duan Xiubo had placed on Luo Ding’s shoulder, this was outside the scope of his discussion with Duan Xiubo on the plot-related action. However, the timing was so right, such that the Alston’s excitement and confusion that was described in the original plot had been vividly displayed.

Across the crowd, he focused his eyes on Duan Xiubo, who was still refusing to leave the pool, and his eyes were a bit complicated.

Mi Rui was dying: “Come on up! The water is so cold, aren’t you afraid of catching a cold?”

Duan Xiubo pinched his arms and twisted his legs, until the heat slowly subsided,while pretending to slowly climb out of the pool steps as if nothing had happened. Mi Rui hurriedly took off his robe and carefully wiped up the water from him without smudging his makeup. He muttered to himself that Duan Xiubo was not paying attention to his body. The weather in the autumn had already turned cool and soaking in a cold pool was just seeking self-inflicted hardship.

Duan Xiubo allowed him to lecture, and he felt that he had really gone crazy. When Luo Ding just left, he was clearly angry. His hands were really cheap, and he had no self-control! What had he been trying to do? After a short period of addiction, he had almost embarrassed them both. It was okay to get hard when filming a bed scene in a drama or movie but how could he also harden while filming this kind of fight scene. Who knows how people in the crew will discuss it?

“Luo, Duan, come here for a second.” Clovis spoke, and Luo Ding, who was silently angry, and Duan Xiubo who did not dare to go see Luo Ding, both had to let go of their personal emotions.

Clovis showed them the playback screen, pointing at the kiss that fell on Luo Ding’s shoulder after he had been splashed with water, and asked , “What was going on here?”

The corner of Luo Ding’s mouth twitched, and the anger that he just extinguished rekindled again.

But Duan Xiubo was even more unreasonable: “I have carefully studied Alston’s personality. He is abstinent, self-disciplined, tenacious, unyielding and values emotions. He has been so lonely, yet even when facing the Elven Queen, he was so sincere. Do you not think that in his heart, the unique Alfred is more than just a friend? “

“…” Luo Ding was stupefied.

“…” Clovis’ face twitched, “it seems …”

“Right.” Duan Xiubo’s expression was business-like and full of seriousness, “I just tried to show it with this kind of small action that does not cross the boundaries too much. Of course, if you feel it’s bad, I will not insist on it.”

Clovis was silent, turned back and stared at the monitor for a while, then he opened the script and looked at it for a long time, and then finally nodded: “I think you are right.”

Luo Ding’s eyes widened suddenly.

Clovis sincerely praised him: “Your suggestion is very meaningful, and I had not thought of it before. Very good, this action can also be added when shooting a few other shots later. Luo, this guy often improvises when filming so I would need your cooperation.”

“… Of course.” What else could Luo Ding say? Clovis had spoken. He couldn’t help but reach up and touch his shoulder, and after less than a second, he realized that something was wrong and quickly withdrew his hand. In addition to the anger in his heart, there appeared to be other things as well.  

Several additional scenes went smoothly, and the first few shoots marking the start of filming were a great success. As a reward, the two lead actors were able to end work early and went back to rest.

Luo Ding’s body was really in bad condition. After soaking in cold water, he was a little dizzy. Although he did not sneeze, it seemed like a precursor of a bad cold. If he fell sick, his mental state will definitely affect subsequent filming.

After taking a hot sweaty bath, Luo Ding drank a large bowl of thick ginger soup cooked by Wu Fangyuan and threw a piece of ginger directly into his mouth to quell the irritation in his throat. Because he was afraid of hurting his throat, he didn’t dare to swallow it directly, but the burning sensation in his mouth made him sweat again, making him feel better.

Showering once more, he dressed up, climbed into bed, and turned on the bedside lamp and his computer.

Waiting for the computer to boot up he sat in a silent daze.

His palms subconsciously covered his shoulders. Here, over the whole day of filming he had been kissed countless times. A tiny itch crawled slowly out of the bottom of his muscles, and swarmed around like a group of multi-legged ants shuttling between the hairs on his skin, which was disturbing and uncomfortable.

This was work.

Duan Xiubo this bastard.

Relying on the fact that this was his home ground …

Luo Ding stretched his hands into his clothes and rubbed his shoulders in confusion while his scolding ability diminished. In fact, … once he got used to it, this feeling was not so annoying …

Someone knocked at the door and called back his wandering thoughts. Luo Ding sat up and said, “Who is it?”

The person outside seemed to fall silent for a few seconds, and then whispered, “It’s me.”

Duan Xiubo.

Luo Ding regretted that he had not pretended he was not in the room.

Duan Xiubo said: “Open the door, I have something to say to you.”

Luo Ding had to get up to open the door for him. Duan Xiubo wore a white shirt without a tie and  a pair of casual pants, his eyes fell slightly on Luo Ding’s robe, and then he looked into the room: “Can I enter ?”

Luo Ding backed away, the other side came into the room holding a small medicine box in his arms. He turned on the lights, locked the door and then sat on his bed more naturally than he would have in his own home

“I brought you some medicine, for cold prevention.” Duan Xiubo saw that Luo Ding did not speak, so he had to take the lead in opening his mouth while carefully paying attention to Luo Ding’s movements, “I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.” Luo Ding nodded at him. “You can go now.”

“I’m sorry.” Duan Xiubo didn’t leave, instead he sat closer to Luo Ding and stared at his eyes. “On the set today, I’m sorry.”

Luo Ding was silent.

“I shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong to seek personal gain like that in public and affecting filming.”

His attitude while admitting his mistake was too natural, but Luo Ding didn’t know what to say. If he continued to care about this, he would seem small-hearted but could not just let it go. He could not swallow the anger in his heart.

Duan Xiubo sat closer and lowered his head: “I was wrong.”

He leaned closer to Luo Ding: “I was wrong.”

Staring into Luo Ding’s eyes, “I was wrong.”

“I admit it.”

“Okay, okay!” The other party was almost attached to himself, and Luo Ding felt that if he could remain indifferent anymore, he would be a god-like man. He pushed Duan Xiubo away, slid away a bit and sat further apart, “I know, I’m not angry! I accept your apology, don’t lean closer anymore.”

Duan Xiubo looked at him and smiled quietly.

The smile grew bigger and bigger, showing white teeth. Watching Luo Ding angrily say that he no longer angry, the sweetness in his heart even overwhelmed his uneasiness.

“I meant, I shouldn’t have touched you while filming. I was a little excited at that time …”

“Don’t say anymore.” Luo Ding’s felt like he was going to faint, “I accept your apology! Duan ge, you go back quickly, I’m going to rest!”

Duan Xiubo stared at him and sighed slowly.

“Why do you always do this …” Duan Xiubo did not even know why he was sighing. His tone was gentle and helpless like he was complaining that his cat was always picky about eating cat food.

Luo Ding lay on his back and when he heard the comment he raised a hand to cover his face: “Don’t say it.”

“Do you know what I want to say?”

“I know!” Luo Ding who couldn’t bear it anymore, turned over, sat up, and stared angrily at him. This kind of helpless feeling, that he couldn’t beat the boy next-door who came to his house to steal and smash things was really uncomfortable! Did Duan Xiubo not see that he wanted to avoid this problem? Still talking about it, say less! Why have so many words!

Seeing Duan Xiubo’s tolerant gaze, Luo Ding’s anger was like a balloon that had been punctured, and shriveled quietly.

“I really don’t want to talk about it now.” No more anger, Luo Ding rubbed his eyebrows calmly and began to reason with the other side, “It’s fine now, don’t bother anymore, you can go back.”

“It’s not good.” Duan Xiubo replied stubbornly. “What are you hiding from? Are you not tired of pretending?”

“Not tired.”

Duan Xiubo was stupefied into speechlessness, and it took a while to find his voice: “You just don’t want to … why? Am I not good enough?”

“You’re fine.” Luo Ding sighed, reached out and patted the other’s face. “It’s not your problem, it’s my problem.”

“Why?” The other stared at him, his brows gradually wrinkled, “Do you have someone you like?”

Luo Ding shook his head.

“Is it because … because I am a man?”

He shook his head.

Duan Xiubo’s pursed his lips and stared at Luo Ding for a while, then he suddenly reached out, grabbed his wrist and turned it over, revealing a scar on Luo Ding’s wrist: “Because of him?”

Luo Ding wanted to retract his hand, but Duan Xiubo had grabbed it too tightly. When he tried to retract, the other party grabbed it even harder.

Nodding first and then shaking his head, Luo Ding sighed: “Don’t ask.”

“Is it Su Shengbai?” Duan Xiubo was still talking to himself.

“Why are you asking so many questions?” Luo Ding was helpless. This man was thirty years old but was still like a child. When he encountered a problem, he would break the dish to ask questions in the end, but he did not understand that certain things were no good for everyone. Luo Ding also simply did not want to enter into another relationship when his own feelings were unclear. Such anxiety was indeed brought to him by Su Shengbai and Xu Zhen. But how could he explain this concern? Facing a man who was pursuing him and asking questions about loyalty, could one imagine the other person’s answer?

It was Su Shengbai! Sure enough, Su Shengbai! Duan Xiubo’s mind was buzzing with this question, and he was about to suffocate himself with it. What kind of vision did Luo Ding have? What was so good about Su Shengbai? He was fake and a sycophant and was not very good looking. He was a white lotus and had a bad character. How poor was his vision!

“You tried to commit suicide for him?” The roar in his heart had vented his anger, so Duan Xiubo recovered his reason and calmly continued to ask, “Because he disbanded the group? Do you still like him in your heart? So you were happy to see him again?.”

“I don’t like him anymore,” Luo Ding replied very seriously, “but he has made me distrust my feelings.”

“And?” Duan Xiubo was very wronged. “Why should I bear his sins for him?”

Luo Ding glanced at him. Where did this man’s conviction come from? So sure, that without Su Shengbai Luo Ding would certainly accept him? Was it not common for confessions to be rejected? In other words, how could he be so aggressive as to ask why the person he was confessing to did not accept himself as if it was a heinous thing. From this point of view, Duan Xiubo’s self-confidence was somewhat abnormal.

Although Duan Xiubo was angry, he felt much better after he determined that Luo Ding had let go of Su Shengbai. Luo Ding was not a phony person. If he did not want to let him know the truth, he will only use silence to prevaricate. This kind of private explanation, as long as he had spoken out there was no need to question the truth.

The past years cannot be brought back, which is the most helpless and unattainable thing for those who come later. Luo Ding’s history was not within the scope of his anger, because at that time he had never appeared in the life of the other party.

Seeing Duan Xiubo mournfully preparing to leave, Luo Ding couldn’t bear it and stopped the other party.

“Duan ge, I’m sorry.” Luo Ding sincerely apologized, “You are really good.”

“But you don’t like me, so what good is that?”

Until the other party’s footsteps gradually left the room, Luo Ding still kept the motion of sitting upright on the bed without moving.

I like him … I do not like him.

He sighed softly.

It was just that he did not like him yet enough to be daring in the face of danger.


The filming of Blade Warrior III was busy and hard, and soon the two men who had talked about their feelings could no longer afford to spare energy to deal with things other than filming.

Duan Xiubo was still gentle, as if not overshadowed by the failure of his confession. When he got along with Luo Ding, his posture was also very natural, but the excessively close physical contact from the filming of the first scene never happened again.

Luo Ding was relieved, but deep down, he felt lost.

Towards the end of the year, around Christmas, the peak of the artists’ work came again. Both crews of “Wolong” and “Tang’s Biography” sent publicity invitations to Luo Ding. The popularity of his EP had also not disappeared, and this allowed Luo Ding to also be shortlisted for the annual Chinese music festival held at the end of December. In addition to the filming of Blade Warrior III, splitting one person into two may still not be enough time for all of this. So, during this time, Wu Fangyuan and Gu Yaxing were busy arranging the most reasonable schedule for Luo Ding.

This also makes Luo ding more relaxed.

While busy with work, he had less time left for his private life, which also prevented him from suffering a headache as a result of his emotional struggle with Duan Xiubo. Although Duan Xiubo’s disguise, was watertight, the atmosphere had become stranger than before when the two were in private. Often, Luo Ding felt embarrassed several times only to stop talking to look at the other party but say nothing at the end.

Shortly before Christmas, the filming of Blade Warrior III finally came to an end. On the day he got time off, Wu Fangyuan booked a ticket for a later flight, and Luo Ding prepared to return to China.

They did not have much time, because the crew’s filming could not be delayed.

Luo Ding was sitting in the waiting room and using wifi to browse his mobile phone. As the New Year was approaching various domestic entertainment news agencies were reporting on the topic of the Spring Festival. If he had guessed correctly, “Wolong” will be one of the films to have a piece of the spring festival pie. Alas, “Tang Biography” was also scheduled to start broadcasting on New Year’s Day. After several promotional activities by Zheng Kezhen, the audience had shown a very enthusiastic attitude towards the official broadcast of the TV series.

A shadow came from far to near and stopped next to him. Luo Ding smelled the thick scent of a wollen overcoat and tobacco. When he raised his eyebrows, he saw Duan Xiubo sitting beside him while wearing a mask.

He was surprised: “Duan ge ?!”

“You didn’t wait to leave together with me?” Duan Xiubo didn’t show much in his mild smile. He was as close as ever, but the emotions in his eyes were a little more complicated. “I am also returning to China for publicity for “Wolong”.”

Luo Ding forgot to ask him. Or maybe he deliberately did not ask him.

Luo Ding was a bit embarrassed. He wanted to temporarily distance himself from Duan Xiubo. Since he had not accepted the other party, he didn’t intend to use an indecisive attitude to keep the other party hanging like a spare tire.

After a few words of greeting, the two did not speak again, playing with their cellphones, as if they couldn’t lift their heads.

Mi Rui sat silently while chewing gum. The curiosity in his heart was overwhelming but he tried to straighten his expression without showing the slightest trace. Passing over Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo, he looked at Wu Fangyuan, who was sitting on the other side and was doodling on his notebook, and sighed. Sure enough, the more stupid the person, the simpler the world.

On the plane, Duan Xiubo crossed the aisle to go to the toilet, and his eyes fell on the man who was wearing a blindfold and sleeping under a blanket by the window. The partition of the window was not lowered, and the warm glow of the sun hit him, exposing the delicate skin of the face.

He couldn’t help pausing his footsteps and sighed.

Luo Ding had lost weight again. During this time, in the film crew they had a delicate relationship with each other and Duan Xiubo could no longer care for him as carefully as before, but every move of the other person’s daily life was taken into account by him. Looking at Luo Ding who was pretending that nothing had happened and devoting himself to filming, his great temper was also ground away.

Luo Ding was a tough guy, the more he got along with him, the more he realized he was also stubborn. Because he had been betrayed once he no longer believed in his feelings. Duan Xiubo was angry, but he was angry with Su Shengbai, who had left Luo Ding with this shadow. For Luo Ding, his feelings had changed from being unhappy at the beginning after being rejected, to his current heartache.

The other side moved his body and seemed to be a little uncomfortable while sleeping. His arms had been tightly bound by the blanket and he couldn’t it pull out.

Duan Xiubo bent over to loosen the blanket for him. After thinking about it, he also pulled down the partition of the window, and then he left in three steps.

They were probably seen while waiting for their flight abroad, and as there were fans at the domestic airport waiting for quick news, Luo Ding was not surprised when Wu Fangyuan came back and told him that the airport was full of people. He had gotten used to it after it happened several times.

Duan Xiubo who was accompanied by Mi Rui passed him and then stopped after taking two steps. He looked back and asked, “Why are you not leaving?”

“Duan ge, are you not leaving through VIP?” Luo Ding pointed to the ordinary channel. “There are fans waiting for me at the pick-up point. You go through VIP first, I will not be going with you anymore.”

Duan Xiubo paused and looked back at Mi Rui, who was contacting the company, and suddenly smiled: “That’s a coincidence. He just said that my fans had come to the ordinary channel, so forget about it. If I leave through VIP for sure I will be scolded for having airs. I should also go through the ordinary channel.

“…” Luo Ding glanced at Mi Rui in doubt but seeing that the other party was on the phone and was seemingly in contact with the company, he let go of the little doubt in his heart.. Duan Xiubo had no need to lie to him.

Since they were going out together, it was not necessary be separated. The two walked side by side, letting Wu Fangyuan explore the road ahead. He then took off his mask and followed closely behind.

Mi Rui wiped his sweat, and was slightly shocked. The company’s assistant had told him that there were many fans at the airport who were picking up Luo Ding now. In order to avoid being accidentally injured and mistakenly photographed, he should hurriedly sneak away with Duan Xiubo, otherwise, the ensuing riot would be bad. Mi Rui recalled that Luo Ding was still a little artist who might not have been recognized on the street without sunglasses a few months ago. How long was this? How fast things have changed? 

Turning around

Where was Duan Xiubo?

The expressions on Duan Xiubo and Luo Ding’s faces froze the moment they left the terminal. Wu Fangyuan’s blond hair was now quite recognizable among the fans. The moment they saw him, the fans who were originally just making noise suddenly broke out in short and high-pitched screams.

Then Luo Ding and Duan Xiubo walked out.

There was a brief silence in the crowd.

Everyone stared at the two people standing side by side. The first glance was naturally to see Luo Ding, and then their widened eyes fell on the well-built man wearing who was a half a head taller than him and wearing an overcoat.

Duan Duan Duan Duan Duan Duan Xiu Bo! !! !! !!

What the hell was this!? They came back on the same flight? !! They came out of the station together?  They are so close together? They were both laughing?! !! !! !!

The fans were stunned and felt that it was easy for them to suffer indigestion after being stuffed with such a large piece of sugar in one breath. After confirming that the scene in front of them was not an illusion, they collectively boiled—

-“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

Duan Xiubo looked over at the spot where the yelling was the loudest. Fans wearing masks were holding their super-professional cameras, had widened their eyes and were shooting wildly in their direction. He froze, then smiled even more. He reached out and held Luo Ding’s shoulder and pointed to the other side, then naturally took the other side and waved at the camera together.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

A group of fans with blood-red eyes screamed and screamed. Luo Ding did not understand at first, and then in horror recalled the CP fans. Looking at the ray-like hot eyes from the crowd, his muscles began to stiffen inch by inch.

This was the kind of panic shown by chicks who had been cornered by a weasel.  

The author has something to say:

Winds and waves …

Translator Notes

Not much to say except that I hope Luo Ding can work out his feelings. Xu zhen and Duan ge are not the same. Sob.

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2 years ago

Once bitten, twice shy – and in LD’s case it’s like ten times shy! I’d say the betrayal he experienced is only part of the reason why LD is so wary of a new relationship. Another part may be his greater psychological age – it’s no longer easy for him to fall in love or make new friends (I mean, real meaningful friendship).
Thank you for the translation ❤

2 years ago

Thanks for the update

2 years ago

Thank you for the update! 💕💕💕💕

2 years ago

Waiting for a happy relationship together!

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

2 years ago

I enjoy the journey DX has taken from the beginning of this novel haha

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

casual reader
casual reader
2 years ago

oh no, it’s great he didn’t just jump back into a relationship despite it feelings, gives more development. but at the same time it’s so really sad, I hope he learns to move on properly soon? Oh that sounds a bit wrong. Anyway, thank you for the update!

2 years ago

Really Interesting. Thanks for the translations.

2 years ago

This story is so good! I love how much thought the author obviously put into everything, but especially the relationship development—Luo Ding is really trying to do right by himself as well as Duan Xiubo after a recent and frankly traumatic breakup, and while Luo Ding gets a lot of benefits from his “older generation” personality he also has the associated detriments of a big gap in understanding when it comes to how people handle gay interactions more currently. He’s coming from the point of view of a gay celebrity who hid his marriage for well over twenty years and… Read more »

6 months ago

Thank you so much for the chapters

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