Review: “Until We Meet Again” is a Gripping Tale of Redemption and Second Chances


Review: “Until We Meet Again” is a Gripping Tale of Redemption and Second Chances

  • Until We Meet Again is a heart-wrenching drama that explores important social issues in Thai Society.
  • The drama tells the story of second chances and redemption through the reincarnation of a pair of lovers who were pushed, in the past, by desperation and helplessness to commit suicide.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Minor Spoilers in the review

The other day, while watching “TharnType”, a Thai BL drama on which I will be doing a deep dive soon, I came across, in the comment section, references to yet another BL drama named “Until We Meet Again” which I decided to watch because of its interesting reincarnation premise.

The opening episode was dramatic. Within the first twenty minutes we had two young men sobbing and crying, two older men pouring abuse, there is rain outside, its ominously dark and the characters are in the basement and before long it all culminates in gunshots. We have a double suicide.

That day I had just wrapped up on TharnType, which was also filled with twists and turns and my heart was not ready for an excess of emotion, so I switched off my television and made myself a bowl of cereal to recuperate.

Four days ago, I decided that I was ready and jumped back into the story and let me tell you, the plot line of Until We Meet Again gave me the most pleasant surprise, and I would, most assuredly, have been filled with regrets had I not completed my binge.

Until We Meet Again Series Trailer

Until We Meet Again tells the story of four protagonists “Korn” and “Intouch”, whose love story takes place decades ago and ends in a double suicide, as well as “Dean” and “Pharm”, who, in modern times, are joined by the red thread of fate and live burdened by their memories of Korn and Intouch‘s star-crossed love.

The story takes viewers on a journey as Dean and Pharm explore their intense love, their identities and sexuality, all while grappling with the effects the memories of their tragic past lives have on the present.

The dramatic First Episode of UWMA

Until We Meet Again is not an easy watch. The drama takes on the nearly insurmountable task of addressing some very important social issues like domestic violence, suicide, homophobia, as well as family and societal pressure. It also has the onerous task of balancing these difficult topics with its exploration of love and forgiveness, personal growth, friendship and family support.

The story cuts across three decades and highlights the changes in societal conceptions on homosexuality and shows how the lives of young LGBTQ+ individuals can be impacted when acceptance is the made foreword.

It is a heavy subject matter. But the cast and crew, barring a few hiccups in execution, do an excellent job of embodying their characters and adapting a story that for the most part avoids falling back on harmful stereotypes of LGBTQ+ relationships. Additionally, the plot respectfully puts front and center the conversation on homophobia in Thai society as well as casting a gaze on the traditional family construct and the societal pressure to conform, which is the norm in most minority communities.

A still from UWMA showing leads Dean and Pharm

The pacing of the story is slow, and in certain parts feels overly dragged, particularly towards the end where viewers, wearied from the emotional turmoil of the previous 14 episodes, would begin to want a resolution of the complex story threads.

There are also many periods throughout the drama’s 17 episodes which have deliberately awkward silences that lead, occasionally, to stilted acting.

Additionally, unexplained developments in the story, such as the relationship between “Win” and “Team”, which is probably fully fleshed out in the original novel, but is presented as a “fait accompli” in the drama adaptation are a missed opportunity.

Finally, another minor gripe would be that the production team’s execution of the past love story of “Korn” and “Intouch”, on some occasions, feels just as modern as the depiction of the present.

A still from UWMA showing alternate leads Korn and Intouch

However, other than these relatively minor issues, the script-writing and the production of this drama is a triumph.

All the actors do an excellent job of showing a full range of emotions and their hard work behind the scenes to fully understand what drives their characters is completely visible on screen.

In key emotional moments, I was especially bowled over by the acting of “Pharm” played by Fluke Natouch Siripongthon, who’s ability to cry on cue was a never-ending source of heartbreak for me.

Another great casting was the introduction of veteran, award-wining actress, Tarika Thidathit, who played “Ahn”, Dean’s grandmother and Intouch’s older sister and who’s presence further elevated the quality of the drama.

Lastly, the elements of Thai culinary culture woven through the story is an additional source of joy.

All in all, Until We Meet Again is a well-written and well-adapted drama that deals with some very important topics and if you are ready for angst and heartbreak as well as some very well-timed comedic moments, I highly recommend watching it.

If you enjoyed this review, please let me know in the comments of any shows you’d like reviewed next.

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Title: Until We Meet again

Original Title: ด้ายแดงซีรีส์ Until We Meet Again the Series

Original Novel Title: The Red Thread

Author: Lazy Sheep

Director: New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Youth, BL

Release Date: November 9, 2019

Number of Episodes: 17

Status: Completed


Rating: 4/5 stars

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