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Recapture The Entertainment Industry – CHAPTER 47

Zheng Kezhen probably lost a pound of flesh this time. Broadcasts during CCTV’s prime time has always been calculated by the seconds. This publicity footage was more than five minutes long and had been broadcasted back and forth after all the hot programs. If this was not a drama being supported by CCTV’s own allied Chinese-language station no amount of money would have been able to achieve this.


“Are you crazy?” After steadily earning 27 times the profit and avoiding the terrible stock market plunge. Xiao Yun had just sighed with relief but who knew that Chen Yuanming would actually rush back into the stock market again at this time. He only felt that his temples were suddenly jumping. He just wanted to discipline the elders of this ignorant boy who seemed not to know the immensity of heaven and earth

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