Thunder TV Announces Drama Adaptation of Best-Selling Novel “Manner of Death” (พฤติการณ์ที่ตาย)

Manner of Death drama cover photo

Thunder TV Announces Drama Adaptation of Best-Selling Novel “Manner of Death” (พฤติการณ์ที่ตาย)

Fans of Thai drama adaptations are plenty excited over the upcoming adaptation of the thriller romance novel, “Manner of death” (“พฤติการณ์ที่ต”).

Manner of death tells the story of Dr. Bahnjit, a medical examiner at a provincial hospital, who is invited to conduct an autopsy of a woman believed to have committed suicide by hanging.

Following an examination of the body, Dr. Bahnjit concludes that the death was a murder and not suicide and as a result becomes the target of a powerful outside force who seeks to suppress the results of the medical examination.

As the plot progresses, Dr. Bahnjit is faced with threats from this unknown force until eventually one of his friends, a prosecutor disappears.  

Following this disappearance, Dr. Bahnjit begins to secretly conduct a personal investigation into the alleged murder which leads him to a suspect, and his eventual love interest Tan.

Tan, subsequently denies the murder and eventually joins forces with the good doctor to resolve the case. While the investigation is ongoing, Dr. Bahnjit also wrestles with questions of his sexual identity, a romantic relationship with Tan, career challenges and societal pressures.

Written by fanfiction author Sammon, who is also a medical doctor by profession, Manner of Death presents an interesting chapter in the development of the Thai BL industry as it breaks away from the usual formula of high school and university based coming-of age romance story lines.

Here, the story revolves around a mature and accomplished main character and a thrilling murder-mystery is the main driving force of the plot.

In a break from the traditional BL structure, the actual romance and self-discovery which normally is the thrust of every BL, will likely take a back seat and act as a foil and compliment to the thrilling story-line.

This adaptation is therefore indicative of the growth of the industry and is proof that scriptwriters and directors are increasingly willing to ignore bankable and rote plots in order to challenge the status quo.

Manner of death novel cover photo

Manner of Death will be fronted by Thunder TV’s powerhouse duo Max Nattapol and Tul Pakorn who attained popularity through the now-classic BL series Together with me and its sequels.

This drama adaptation is scheduled for release in November 2020 on Thunder TV in Thailand and on WeTV for international viewers.

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3 years ago

bittersweet feeling, excited because Maxtul will rock this but also a bit sad as it will possibly be Tul’s last venture

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